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Found 13 results

  1. JP3885

    Add a button to do Push-ups

    While prone, hold this key to do push-ups and expend arm stamina to gain strength xp?
  2. Rekonsile

    51 Str is Broken

    No mention of armor and other misc things not counting towards wieght Not to mention im only wieghting 3.6 pounds with the current items i have equipped my wieght the only wieght values that count now are tactical rig pockets backpack and the pouch which to me seems very broken. Example of the gear in those 4 areas adding wieght ^
  3. -Tkullberg-

    Bug or what? (Strength skill)

    Hello. Was playing on shoreline, trying to lvl strength skill, i got to lvl 2 (yaay, finaly i can upgrade my hideout (vents).. I thought.. I got killed... Checked the skills.. im at lvl 1 again with same score (12.3/20) What have i missed..? Did i lose my lvl in skill bc I died? have played 2 more hours just to trying lvl up it but no luck.. Any clue guys? I mean.. it would be fun to actual build my hideout.. Anyway, love to you all ♥
  4. So I got Tarkov a few weeks ago and have been grinding away at the normal Tarkov journey when I hit a pretty hard roadblock in upgrading my stash: Vents 3, and by extension, Strength 3. I did some research and math, and it seems like the most efficient way to level my strength (it’s level 1 right now) would be to throw 553 grenades across 90 raids, which would cost at least 500k rubles. As it stands, the only other options would be tons of melee attacks or 60+ kilometers of walking overweight. I’ve studied exercise physiology since I was 15, and strength training since I was around 20, so I thought I might be uniquely qualified to share some thoughts on how Tarkov could implement a solution that is simultaneously fun, realistic, and balanced. (I’ll add a TLDR at the bottom as well) Measuring Strength The first problem we need to solve to link Tarkov to the real world is to quantify how we measure strength, and how that measurement ties into physical performance. Fortunately, that’s relatively simple. In the real world, tons of studies show that exercises like squat, deadlift, and clean and jerk are heavily correlated with both jump height, load carrying, and sprint speed. A couple links to scientific studies if interested: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/8551766_Strong_Correlation_of_Maximal_Squat_Strength_With_Sprint_Performance_and_Vertical_Jump_Height_in_Elite_Soccer_Players http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi= This is pretty much what Tarkov does: more strength = faster sprinting, higher jumping, farther throws, bigger loads carried. Strength is Tarkov would probably correspond to deadlift, squat, bench, and possibly overhead press (also likely relative to bodyweight) in a real world PMC. Pretty straightforward. Increasing Strength So Tarkov has a fairly realistic set of outputs for strength: great! How do we model growing it? I’d suggest we start by looking at the Westside Barbell method, a training method which has resulted in numerous record breaking lifts, helped me personally hit a 400lb deadlift, and fittingly enough, is HEAVILY inspired by Soviet weightlifting methodology (clearly a fit for Tarkov ;). Link to a summary of the ideas: https://www.westside-barbell.com/blogs/2007-articles/strength-training-methods Basically, strength can be trained in 3 ways (2 of which most lifters don’t know or think about). Maximal force, maximum velocity, and repitition (usually to failure). Repitition is the classic 8-12 reps to failure, maximal force is 90-105% of 1 rep max in 1-3 rep sets, maximum velocity is 40% of 1 rep max in 1-3 rep sets (cleans, jumps, and other explosive movements can do this too). What does this look like in tarkov? Strength should increase when you -Sprint or jump (anything that decreases lower body stamina) with more experience gained when going to failure. If you’re overweight or critically overweight, the experience should go up even more to a point. -Hit or aim a weapon, more experience again gained when going to failure. Grenades should drain upper body stamina if they don’t already -Walk while overweight, with a significant increase in experience gained while critical overweight (see further balancing below) A quick note that extremely explosive movement (jumps/throws/sprints) from full stamina should be significantly more powerful than movement at low stamina since force output is at maximum, AND should also generate more strength experience than movement in the mid-range because the velocity is higher. A cue might be required to help players be consistent with grenade throws. Balancing this in Tarkov So how do you balance this in Tarkov? From what I’ve heard (before my time), streamers found ways to quickly level strength to max using sprinting/jumping and other means. It sounds like the response was removing some ways of gaining strength experience (not good) and the addition of diminishing returns on skill experience in raid (very good). I’d propose the answer to this problem is really simple: why can’t someone become super strong super fast in real life? The answer is pretty simple: they get tired and burnt out. Westside’s training methods (and Russian training methods) tend to pretty sharply limit the amount of intense workouts that happen in a week (or at least regiment them heavily with large volum). In fact, if you workout enough, you can actually stunt the progress you’ve made. What this would look like in Tarkov: make the skill progression speed reduction MUCH more aggressive… and in some cases even going negative. I’d advocate a higher starting progression speed… possibly as much as 200% because limited workouts/training consistently can have a huge effect. Then drop down to 100%, but then drop progressively to 25%, 0%, or even -25%. Potentially make the time penalties larger if you want too. Realistically (thought maybe not practically) those penalties would extend across raids if you did a lot back to back. That might be implemented however. You might tie the penalties to energy and hydration at some level as well. This would incentivize players to consistently train their skills during normal play because the initial skill leveling is so high, BUT heavily punish grinding. This makes sense in real life: consistency wins in strength development, and overtraining has serious consequences and diminishing returns vs simple consistent work over time. Further balancing while making the game more interesting Let’s be honest though, there are MUCH more interesting and immediate consequences to the activities leading to strength growth though. Anyone who’s every done a squat workout that leaves them barely able to walk can attest to this. I’d suggest part of the approach balancing grinding is actually around the gameplay mechanics here. Sprinting/jumping/running has serious consequences and has the opportunity to make Tarkov more interesting… and even more hardcore. The guiding principle is to turn the physiology stats (health, energy, hydration, arm stamina, leg stamina) into a dynamic system that works together. Change list -Stamina regen is proportional to current health (which represents the cardiovascular system). This allows for gameplay like wounding an enemy player in the woods so they’re slower and easier to track down and catch, and adds more tension to taking damage in combat. -Blacked limbs significantly reduce total stamina in the appropriate area. You might even be able to replace the normal limb penalty here since you’re effectively getting locked in the red part of the stamina bar if this happens, or at very least have basically a few milimeters of green before you go to red. (See below) -Add the fatigue effect for low leg stamina, and the tremor effect for low arm stamina, which can go through painkillers (though stims might be able to take this away). Make the tremor effect reduce melee damage. -If you zero arm or leg stamina, add a pain effect that persists until the stamina isn’t red anymore. -Increase energy and hydration drain when moving, any time stamina is below max, and significantly when in the red. -Optional: increase jump height/move and sprint speed/aim steadiness and other forms of physical output near the top of the stamina bar -Optional: make the stamina bar regen faster at the bottom, slower at the top to balance the above. It takes longer to recover peak strength than to recover basic strength. -Optional: any time stamina is drained, and ESPECIALLY when drained in the red, temporarily reduce the total size of the stamina bar. Somewhat covered by energy, but there should be some long term cost in a raid. Might be better to just make stamina regen proportional to energy and hydration in addition to health in some way though. (Easiest way to model this IMO is to create a differential equation where stamina regen amount is proportional to energy and hydration loss, and make it so stamina regens faster in the red, slower at the top. This would create a smoother system with fewer thresholds, but would be harder to understand). TLDR Summary -Strength goes up when sprinting, aiming, jumping, throwing, melee attacks, walking while overweight (more experience while critical overweight). -Health damage reduces stamina regen, blacked limbs reduce total arm and leg stamina -Actions with a full stamina bar are more powerful/faster/stronger and generate more XP (while the bar is close to full) since the speed is higher. -Actions with a low stamina bar generate more XP, but also trigger a tremor/fatigue affect in the red (tremor for arms, fatigue for legs) and pain if they zero out, and increase energy and hydration loss. -Skill progression speed starts at 200%, but goes down to 25%, 0%, or potentially even -25% over the course of a raid (to simulate overtraining vs consistent training) I hope this was interesting, and hopefully Nikita sees this :) Please share any comments, questions, or suggestions below.
  5. I've been thinking about a possible solution to the great need for strength since the weight changes. My idea is a gym section in your Hideout. Have a treadmill for the endurance stat and weights to lift for strength. Either make them clickable and you gain a huge amount of XP for using them to the stat they are intended for with a huge cooldown so you can only do it about 1-2 times a day, or make it so that you have to manually sit and do the workout and gain stuff slowly over time. Sure the last idea with manually doing it will lead to a lot of macro abusers, but I'd rather have those people doing that in their Hideout instead of taking up raid PMC slots. ^^ Also as a little bonus speaking of stamina and stuff alike... why not make it so that leaning slowly drains your body stamina and blind-firing draining your arm stamina. I mean if A.D.S. is "heavy" for your character, then lifting the gun over your head is slightly heavier, no? xP
  6. H4ilToTheKing

    .12 Strength Leveling Data

    Level 0 = 67.5 KG min to gain walking strength Level 1 = 67.7 GK min to gain walking strength (as I continue to grind Strength I'll update this post).
  7. I would like to propose to the developers a way around the strength requirement for upgrading vents to level 3. Given the current problem around leveling strength and taking so long to reach level 3, many players are very high level and still cannot upgrade their hideout because of the recent reset and the new leveling mechanic. I propose to be able to bypass the strength requirement in that particular upgrade by paying a big amount of money (let's say 6 to 10 million rubles, or equivalent in euros or dollars, even higher to not make it too easy) so that players can continue to upgrade their hideout and keep the current leveling mechanic. This would solve the issue with the hideout for the moment and keep the leveling mechanic until BSG can either continue to develop it or change it how they want. The devs could make it so we would pay the Mechanic or someone else to upgrade it for us or something like that.
  8. Hi everyone, I didn't see a guide on how to format these posts, so I am just going to dive right into my suggestion. I think instead of strength levels increasing the maximum speed - it should instead reduce the speed penalty from heavy armors, or being overweight. This would reduce the benefit that naked players receive by maximizing strength and incentivize people to bring in their better gear. That is all, thanks!
  9. Zardoz13

    Skill Balance - Soft Caps

    Quite a few threads relating to the strength wipe, power levelling, and macros lately. After watching the Talking Tarkov Podcast where Nikita mentions the Corprus disease in TES III: Morrowind, I got to thinking about how exploitable the skill system was in the TES games, and even others like 7 Days to Die, or Kingdom Come: Deliverance. There are quite a few posts in these threads asking for a points per level system, capping skills to player level, or doing away with skills all together. I'd rather not see it go that way so I've decided to put out my own suggestion. Given the preference for approaching realism in all the game mechanics, I feel it would be more realistic to have a max skill cap for any of the physical skills be directly influenced by the other physical skills. Strength for example could be limited by Endurance and Metabolism and maybe at the high end, Stress Resistance (for max gains). Endurance could be limited by Health and Metabolism. The idea being that no one Physical skill can be min/maxed beyond related/supporting skills. On the subject of min/maxing, power levelling, whatever you want to call it. Strength seems to be kind of a catch all kind of skill, and for all the benefits received for it, the work to accomplish progression is still only levelling one skill. Why would carrying a heavy backpack allow me to swing a melee weapon harder? Why would throwing grenades make me run faster? I propose that Strength be split into three separate skills, Legs, Core, Upper body. I feel this would better reflect the depth planned for PMC health & resilience and allow for a more accurate depiction of which benefits can be attained through actions performed in game. I'd also love to see energy, food, and metabolism see a larger role in how physical skills are levelled. The idea that you aren't able to gain any strength because you haven't eaten your tushonka just tickles me. Thanks for reading!
  10. Just strolling through shoreline heading to the customs exit and I hear some strange jumping sound over and over and can't figure it out.. Creep round the corner and what do I see... A hatchling standing jumping into a wall in a bush LOL. Please consider having some detection and ban or reset the strength level of these abusing punks. Macro jumping their way to high strength is clear abuse. Couldn't believe it when I seen it then realized what he was doing. Why can't people just play the game normally? SMH!
  11. CanondeathTV

    Strength skill changes

    Strength is one of the most imporatant skills right now and will greatly effect gameplay. The only problem is that you mainly get strength from overweighting yourself. My suggestion is to scale the experience gain with the level of armor you are wearing, this allows for a gameplay where you don't need to focus on training your skills to not lack behind other players cause they trained their skills in a manner like stacking t bags in your gamma case. Their is a risk & reward for having armor out to gain strength. I would recommend everything up to Fort-Armor to be very low in the gain of strength since it is very easy to optain. thank you for reading and maybe even considering a change Canondeath
  12. Kaddahn

    Strength leveling

    I would think that strength should lvl-up by melee attacks, especialy due to melee kills.
  13. maxed strength is just sooooo good if you put the work in to get it. i spawned on customs with full gear (fort/kiver/akm) and put my hatchet on, started running to dorms and ran past a gearless hatcheteer, and beat him to marked room. soooo good! does the elite perk actually work though? i feel like it does but im not 100% sure. supposed to be whatever in your back pack only counts as weights.
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