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  1. I jumped on some garbage bags to get to the bathroom at doors and crouched and it got me stuck in the wall and pushed me to the corner of the bathroom and won't let me move, please help!
  2. NorthernFist

    Is Tarkov Killing my SSD?

    Hi all, while running EFT my system gets stuck every few minutes for 10-30s. According to task manager it looks like the SSD where EFT is installed onto is at 100% but there is nothing read nor written during that period. I had this issues occasionally since I started playing 2 month ago but since the last patch it is like every few minutes that my SSD gets stuck. I am concerned that this could damage my drive. Do you have similar issues? Do you think this is bad for drive health?
  3. jburke620

    Exits not working?

    Asking this for a buddy of mine, gamer tag world_premier We have played many scav missions & usually don’t have any issues escaping. But he has contacted me many times when going solo scav & regular player that he cannot Escape. Not as in he’s getting killed, but that the exits are not working. He will get up to the door and nothing happens, no countdown, nothing. If it matters, this has been happening on Customs, he has been too worried of losing more gear to test this on other maps. He ends up losing everything he has because the mission timed out. I’ve had him completely uninstall & reinstall the game but the same issue still happens. Has this happened to anyone or something similar? Is there a fix? Thanks!!
  4. At first I have to say something. 2 days ago i posted the exact same topic. We had a really interesting disscution with many people that had very interesting things to say. 24 hours later, my post got deleted. For NO reason. I wasn't disrespectful. So I post it again hopping it will not get deleted again. Moderators, you know free expression right ? Cant I say anything I want without getting deleted ? Maybe banned this time ? guys really I swear someone deleted true proof about how this game is broken. So that's what i said in my last post : I was stuck in the reload animation. Couldn't do anything. It happened in the middle of a fight, i couldn't shoot, reload or even heal. This is not the first time it happened to me. I can't anymore with those types of bug. Here is the video
  5. Hey everyone, I'm stuck on Delivery from the past. I succesfully extracted the documents case from customs, but after that I died and didn't know you would lose the case if its still in your ''raid inventory''. No problem you think? Well the problem is that the documents case doesn't respawn in customs. I tried now around 10 times and all the times I was the first in Big Red and unlocked the door. So to summaries I found the documents case, lost it and can't get it again? Anyone know how to help me? Thanks
  6. jungmin940

    Stuck in "Awaiting Session Start"

    i7-9700k CPU RTX2070super GPU 32GB RAM Windows10 64bit 256GB SSD 1TB HDD Hey, I haven't played game properly since three days ago because of stuck in "Awaiting Session Start" or "Deploying in 0 seconds" I've been searching through forums and communities for solutions to this bug, tried everything that might be helped,(changing my DNS,reinstalling the game, windows, whatever) I couldn't solve it after all. This problem occurs 100% when playing pmc rather than scav. But today, my friend used his account to play four games on my computer, and there was no problem at all. SAME NETWORK, SAME COMPUTER, SAME OPTIONS I don't understand this situation very well, It was so absurd that I wondered if my account was banned. I don't use vpn except when I play games with my friends in other regions very often. Is there anyone who can fix this bug or anyone who can give me some advice? So stressed that I am about to give up and delete the game. 2020.09.21_7-51-41_0.12.7.8922 application.log 2020.09.21_7-51-41_0.12.7.8922 backend_queue.log 2020.09.21_7-51-41_0.12.7.8922 errors.log 2020.09.21_7-51-41_0.12.7.8922 nvidia.log 2020.09.21_7-51-41_0.12.7.8922 traces.log
  7. AwkwardLefty

    Stuck Spot on Interchange

    I was messing around on Interchange and managed to get myself stuck in a shelf outside of OLI it was easy to get into but I couldn't get out and tried everything I could think of. YT Link of Video https://youtu.be/FBbutnqx-Rc -if I could get my stuff back or something that would be very cool Thanks,
  8. ok i have tried many things to fix my fps, and the thing thats confusing me the most is that i can drop the settings all the way down to low or all the way up to ultra and the FPS sticks around 30-40 give or take 5 FPS, i have seen many forums where people say they have less powerful pcs and get 60-70 fps. i have tried with v-sync and without, with z-blur on and off, and many more tweaks to see no improvement, maybe 3-5 fps improvement at most. tried everything and cant figure it out plz help if you have secret techniques or suggestions. Thank You ❤️ my specs are CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2990wx 32 core processor GPU: Geforce 2018 ti Ram: 63.88 GB
  9. Hello, In the past two days, i have tried to load into raids but to no avail... I load in as PMC or SCAV and everytime I do, i go through the typical loading screens/tips and loading map/loot etc. After that is all loaded and you load into the raid, I hear my PMC/SCAV rack their gun and the Exfil locations and time comes up in the top right as if it would when loading in, but the screen is stuck on the loading screen minus all the Tips and tricks..... I have uninstalled and reinstalled, someone please help.........
  10. So apparantly I am no longer allowed to spawn propperly.. I always spawn outside the map flying and cant do anything. Scav runs also dont work and I get the empty main menu background but the ingame sound and am stuck.. Anyone had that before and any suggestions? I tried clearing the cache, game integrity and also reinstalled the game.. Really sucks
  11. escape from tarkov profile data loading stuck I waited 15 minutes Nothing happened Help me pls T T My pc spec cpu i5 9400 ram 16 gb vga gtx 1050ti hdd 1t wd psu 650w os windows 10 64bit
  12. Hallo alle miteinander, ich wollte fragen ob ihr vllt eine lösung habt, dass wenn man das spiel startet dass man dan einfach die ganze Zeit im Ladebilschirm stuck ist und nicht weiter kommt. Ich würde mich über jede hilfe freuen

    Place to get stuck (customs)

    Just noticed a place that you can get stuck at on customs, it's the south-west corner of the wall at the red building between two containers. Sorry for the bad quality of the GIF i should have used some kind of recordning software.
  14. OhmegaXx

    Can we plz fix this

    I got stuck trying to jump onto the dumpster. The opening will not allow you to run through and the dumpster will not allow you to jump back on.
  15. El compañero minhaven desde reddit nos crea un video sobre como evitar quedarnos atrapados en los contenedores de customs. Aqui os lo dejo https://streamable.com/akr8u
  16. Hey guys, I'm having some trouble getting into a game. I haven't played since last update and decided to get back into it again today. When I loaded in a game however, the game would either freeze, or CTD when loading in the map. Sometimes around 50% and other times at 75-100% I updated my graphics drivers and even reinstalled the game and the launcher. Nothing worked so far.. I have 8gb of Ram if that makes a difference. I used to play the game on ultra no problem, so it shouldn't be that. Cheers
  17. Hey there I bought this game today and can honestly say that I'm having a great time; though I've no idea what I'm doing. Nevertheless, I came across a few wooden wire coils which looked like they would help me get over the fence to the neighbor house. Sadly, the coil was far too round to land in the middle without falling so I slid to the other side. If I had a map, I would be able to tell you where this was, but I sadly don't own one yet. If anyone recognizes where this is, please let me know. It's on the Shoreline map; the only one I've tried so far. I'd more so like to get people aware that this is a problem and hope no one does the same thing as I did, on my main character sadly. Thanks for stopping by.
  18. Snowflake1989

    Stuck in Awaiting Session

    Einen schönen guten Abend, mein Mate hängt immer im Awaiting Session Screen und des öfteren wenn er mit mir in einer Gruppe ist und in das Spiel kommt, sieht er mich für ein paar Sekunden und dann freeze ich auf seinem Bildschirm. Wir haben schon einiges ausprobiert, PC neu aufgesetzt, Server gewechselt, verschiedene Server genutzt, die gleichen Server eingestellt. Aber das Problem besteht immer noch und im Forum habe ich zu dem Thema kaum was gefunden. Hat irgendwer von euch auch das Problem? Ich selbst habe selbst nie die Probleme gehabt, er leider schon. Sowas führt halt zur Frustration und mittlerweile ist er schon so weit, dass Spiel einfach zu löschen. Somit hoffe ich auf eine Lösung oder jemanden der uns evtl Tipps geben kann, damit er bei dem Spiel bleibt.
  19. LGHungLo


    I can't get past the Terms of Service screen and nothing i have done has worked. I select accept and nothing happens. Can anyone help?
  20. Well... i keep ending up in these fucked up one way travels, jumping over a fence.. "wupsi, you've jumped in to a invisible hole with invisible walls." yay! this had happened to me quite a few times now, either by sliding off the edge of something, or as mentioned before jumping over a fence. anyone else having a issue with these invisible pitfalls? here is a short recording of one of my encounters with these 'invisible pitfall' https://www.twitch.tv/videos/240843283 i know it's JUST A BETA, before people start picking at me about that, but wouldn't you find it stupid/irritating/frustrating with all these invisible pitfalls, if it was you that kept landing in them?
  21. The-Angry-Gay

    lanuch menu not working

    Upon launch of game and loading of the start menu. I'm prompted to select language, so I select English and click accept and it just clicks and does not let me proceed to any other options. Just bought the game. Please help me NVidia graphics card: Zotac GTX 1080 CPU: 6 core AMD processor All drivers are up to date
  22. Vigilant

    Doors of Tarkov

    How many of you have been killed through the door when for you the door still closed but for the enemy it's open already. Same when your friends opens the door and you have to open it again. I've died fully geared a couple of times because of that stupid error. It's really annoying and I hope it getstays sorted soon. The list of things to get sorted must be getting long.
  23. Salutations, So I finally went and got myself this game, mainly to play with friends. The first few matches were fine, but the last 3 times we attempted to play Scavs, I end up in an infinite "matching" screen. My two friends load in just fine. We are all situated in Ireland with the same ISP with 360/30Mbit connections. Hardware should not be an issue, neither. Would anyone have any tips or information if there's any port fowrarding, network settings etc. that may aid in making the matchmaking/loading more reliable? I've disabled Nagle's algorithm in Windows, but can't see how that'd affect it negatively. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
  24. CaptainRiik

    Getting Stuck In Doors

    I don't know if anyone else has experienced this. On my last scav run after looting the area around the gas station exit i opened the door and turned around to close the exit door behind me. (the upstairs door) when i closed it, my character popped into the door and went prone. i couldn't open the door or move out of it in anyway. I force closed the game twice, hoping when it spawned me back in i wouldn't be in the door. each time i was still in the door and as soon as i moved i went prone and couldn't get up again. I did try to open the door without moving on spawning and moving away from the door that way. but it just de-synced me back into the door. Just thought id post to see if anyone else has had the issue. good luck guys.
  25. Valhalla_Gaming

    opening of doors

    we need to be able to open doors from the side, like the scavs do. currently when u open a door, your kinda stuck there in the fatal funnel. giving door campers an easy means to kill. thihs is supposed to be a pretty tactical style of shooter, they way in which you open doors is far from tactical. would love to see something updated on this by the open beta.
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