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Found 4 results

  1. stAKato

    container managing

    Hello BSG, IRL, bags would have several compartments (from 1 to X+1) Would it be possible in the near future to see smaller compartments (like small pouches on the top or sides) dividing the backpacks. Ex: Scav BP is 4x5 - It would be more realistic to have 2 2x5 and maybe one or two small 1x2 or 1x3 pouch on top and/or sides of BP. Thanks
  2. So basiclly I have a suggestion/Idea. When wipe happens like at the end of the month. You would be able to keep whatever you have on your body, And have the decision of what to take to you're next stash Cause there can be a tiny bit of story to the WIPE. Basicly when wipe happens I would think it would go like this... You were out taking a trip to whatever map Factory, Customs etc. There has been Scavs that have broken into you're Hideout/Stash by following you back to your home after you've extracted. They've taken everything, But the gear you had on you still survives so you get to keep it. I know there is like every wipe you get the Trizip/Rig/ And all that. But it would be cool. And mabye when the game releasaes fully and there arnt wipes anymore, It could be the same concept but you'll need to take care of you're self when you're extracting and make sure when you extract no body is around so they dont have the chance to follow you home.
  3. stAKato

    Lay-Figure Stuff preset

    Hello Everybody, Dear Devs, I know that tyding (somehow cleaning) stash is one of the moste important feature escape from Tarkov gives us... But waiting friends and mates for quite a long time between each lost RAIDs or sometimes, even those we won, is a bit disappointing and discouraging. Please, would you mind about adding some "presets" in the hideout ? Like Lay-Figures or some mannequin we could buy (with a maximum of 1, 2, or 3 idk) at a trader or find in spare parts. Then, we could equip these with preset equipement and weaponry and jump in RAID more easily and faster. Thanks for reading, Regards, Bubu, French community (this precision explains the way my "bad" english )
  4. VaelinAlSorna

    Raid in Alpha

    Hello guys, I just bought the game, and i can play to the Alpha version. So to my fisrt raid in the factory i have killed one bot and i have take all the stuff . When i reach to escape in the menu character, my inventoty didn't save what i have find during the raid. How to save the stuff, when you find it during a SOLO raid ? thank you for help.
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