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Found 5 results

  1. tk6917

    Is it a bug on flea market?

    I had placing a filter on flea market of the price of 43,333 rubles. After I enter the price, it automatically switch to select my RIP ammo which have 150 rounds. I pressed place order without noticed it, and I finally found out the 150 rounds RIP ammo cost me 4,000,000 rubles and at least 1 reputation on flea market lol. It f me up and I uninstall this stupid game, I type this topic to remind all new comers to be careful of all stupid settings on this game.
  2. Im so sick of dying from someone behind me that is maybe 5-7 footsteps away.. because i could hear there footsteps while i was standing still... while hearing a headset in game....Your audio in this game is trash.. getting real sick of it and fast... Fix your games footstep audio already isnt that hard cmon already....
  3. Dbl0Douche

    Stop making NPC's spawn behind people

    This is straight retarded i actually have to make a post about this... How in a realistic fps do you think it is a good idea to have scavs spawn right behind people after you clear an area??
  4. DanExert

    PSA: Don't uninstall launcher lol

    Guys. Had an issue where my launcher wouldn't open so I thought a fresh install might fix it, seeing as I just 'uninstalled the launcher' I thought everything would be fine after a quick reinstall Well Turns out I may have deleted the game currently redownloading, hopefully haven't lost all my stuff (haven't reset game profile after all) Will post updates...
  5. LennyPlays

    Spawns and Team Killing

    The spawns should be fixed, so they are random or something else. It is stupid to wait 30 minutes for your Scav to complete and then you spawn in and someone is facing you with a shotgun. This is unfair and a complete waste of time. As a Scav you shouldn't be able to team kill, again they will wait for you at the designated spawns to kill you for crappy loot. This is a huge problem for my friend and I. I think other people would get my point and that this is going to make them want to refund.
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