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Found 17 results

  1. PC Specs : Intel i5 10400 CPU 16 gb RAM Geforce GTX 970 I've been playing tarkov a while now and it seems this is the only game it happens on and has only started as of recently and seems to be getting progressively worse imo. I get around 100+ FPS when playing. What happens is when in a raid randomly it will start to slowly stutter and then get progressively worse the longer I play the game without restarting, it will just freeze / stutter and I have noticed when it starts to stutter and I get into combat or even get shot at, the stuttering will rapidly get worse during that gun fire, making the lag and stuttering even worse to where I am sometimes froze with 1 fps not being able to move which has happened a lot so far, sometimes looking at the floor / sky while this happens will help with increasing FPS while freezing. This isn't the only thing that happens, once I restart the game ALL of my desktop processes such as my browser become extremely slow taking ages to refresh a single page or to even unpause a youtube video, nothing will register for about 3-5 seconds. The weird thing is when I restart Tarkov and get back on, it won't freeze / stutter for a while and will play as normal but my desktop processes will all still be very slow and even if reset, only thing I can do to make everything fast again is to have a restart on the PC. At first, I thought this was a PC issue which is still could very well be but I only recently talked to other people that have this same issue so I cannot be the only one. I have stress tested my GPU, made sure my SSD was healthy with R/W inputs, ran tests while it was stuttering to see if anything was diminishing and also looked at Task manager to see if there was any noticeable changes. Oddly enough, nothing was wrong with the PC it showed on all tests. So here I am, here to ask you fellow EFT players if anyone has any helpful input or has had this exact issue happen to them. Any help on how to fix this issue would be helpful as it's making the game unplayable for me and I will soon have to stop playing if it continues without any fix or recognition on how this issue is happening. Appreciate any helpful responses.
  2. Michael_787

    Micro Stuttering / Freezing /

    Hoping for some assistance. This game used to run smoothly up until around a month or 2 ago. No lag, solid FPS 70+ on high graphics settings on all Maps, standard temps on hardware. I've been getting 1-5 seconds of random freezing with no audio then the game seems to catch up with itself for a minute or 2 then another freeze. Sometimes after returning to the game performance is perfect. plays well with no issues then after a few raids or even a few days it's back to constant freezing and stuttering. At this point I'm certain its not FPS related. I've tried the below options. 1) Vsync / Gsync options / uncapping FPS 2) full windows reinstall as well as EFT reinstall. 3) increased and decreased graphics settings. 4) full hardware diagnostic tests (no faults in hardware found) Setup 32GB 3600Mhz Ram RTX2060 8GB GPU Ryzen 5 3600XT Any ideas?
  3. Dear BSG and EFT Community, After Patch 0.12, I'm still having stutter and freeze issue in Online Raid. It's even lot worse than Patch 0.11.7 😢 Strangely the Offline mode is incredibly smooth and stable, no issue at all (I can even run high amount of AI as well and still got high fps). So I'm quite sure it's not due to my hardware limitation. This issue only happens in Online Raid, especially when the server is highly populated. Everytime I shoot someone or everytime I'm being fired upon, the game will freeze for 2 - 3 seconds. But when the server is empty (i'm the only player), the game becomes somewhat smoother. Is this a connection issue? Does it have something to do with my connection? Is there any possible way to reduce Stutter and Freeze in Online Raid? Please help me out.... Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  4. เห็นเป็นมานานแล้วละก็พวก streammer ดังๆก็ยังเจอกันปัญหานี้แต่ developer ก็ยังไม่แก้เป็นหาเลย และก็ยังเป็นปัญหาที่ผมหงุดหงิดและคับแค้นใจมาก https://youtu.be/In-5oVyxY5g
  5. Hello guys, I have a problem, when I first launch the game it runs pretty smooth (40 to 60fps) on most maps (except for reserve wich is choppy but still playable. But as soon as I launch a second game (whatever the map is) I have a massive dop in perfs : loading the map takes ages, and when in game I'm between 1 to 20 fp depending on map. If reboot the game everything works fine again, until I play the 2nd game... I tried a lot of things : changing the pagefile size, setting the windows clean memory task, tweaking in game and radeon settings, re-installed the game 5 times on different drives (currently on a SSD), activating "Clean ram auto" and "Only use physical cores", using a batch to launch EFT in high priority... kinda out of ideas here. EDIT : also, I have no over-heating issue, I applied new thermal paste to both my GPU and CPUl, they go up to 70° max on full charge. EDIT 2 : System Specs: Interl I5 6500 3.2Ghz Radeon RX 570 8gb 8192 mo SSD 1 TERA Playing in 1080p Anyone can help me ?
  6. To start this video was recorded in offline raid as I have given up on playing online raids till I can figure this out. This has been happening me for months and last two updates have made it unplayable for me personally. My specs are as follows GPU: GeForce GTX 1080 Ti CPU: i7-8700K CPU @ 4.7GHz Memory: 16 GB RAM @3200 Current resolution: 2560 x 1440, 144Hz. My settings don't see to affect this at all I have tried all low, high and mixed settings nothing helps in that regard. I have tried so many things in the last two months to help this and it either doesn't help or makes it worse. I will post a video of me playing in offline (happens worse online, but I am sick of losing loot to full on freezing every time I look at a player.) At around 14 seconds in the video you can see what I mean. Game freezes for 2 seconds and that is a low freeze compared to some lasting 4 seconds plus. I play tons of other games single player and multiplayer and do not have any problems like this at all. Any help or insight would be great. Before anyone says it's shadow play I never use it only to record this video, I also always have it turned off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HIHPa5ktXwY
  7. uscgpeterson

    FPS Stuttering

    PC: I5-7300HQ, GTX 1060 MAX-Q 6GB. As far as I can tell my hardware should be able to run the game smoothly around 50 to 60 fps and it will but not without constant stuttering every 20 to 30 seconds. I have almost seen 100 fps in some cases. Now some raids I will only get a few stutters but most games it is consistent and I have tried almost everything to fix the problem. Driver updates, reinstalling the game, changing the HDI Settings. I have watched so many YouTube videos on helping the performance out and have done everything I have been able to find and I cannot fix the issue. I hoping somebody on here is a guru and can help me work away these stutters because as of right now I cant win a gun fight with these stutters happening so often. My roomate is running a ryzen 9 I believe and a gtx 1060 pretty much same graphics card and he isn't getting any stutters. My game also crashes very frequently as well. I also tried to access the frequent questions part of the forum and it just keeps given me an error.
  8. You hate to see it happen but it's EFT, it happens Just glad that it happened this way round... I'm lucky so far 0-1
  9. Jeffy14

    Random Stutters

    Hello, My Config: Windows 10 RTX 2080ti i7 7700k The game runs quite well overall since the 0.12 patch but I always get those random stutters every 1 or 2 min and it is very annoying. It lasts about 1 to 2 sec and it is very annoying. I updated my drivers but it did not change anything. When it happens during a fight it really makes me rage. Can the Devs please look into that? Anyone else experiencing this issue? Thank you very much
  10. Since either the last mini patch or the one before that, my FPS is getting absolutely destroyed by stuttering to the point I can't play anything other than Factory now, and even Factory is bad. I have a 1060 Ti, i7700 and 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, and this was never a problem before. Even on the absolute lowest settings, the problem is just as bad too. Basically I will be running totally smooth and then every 30 seconds or so, I just get crippling frame drop to around 3-5 FPS for around 2-3 seconds. I can't aim or do anything competently in this time and if an AI scav appears I usually die 90% of the time, let alone a player. It's frustrating, I've basically had to tell my buddies that I can't play anything except Factory, maybe Labs. Even then, I get the same problem but maybe half as frequently. Anyone else getting this too?
  11. When playing with my one friend we get worse FPS by almost 20 or more but when I played solo last night I got much more FPS, also if anyone has advice for settings I would love to be informed I see some people mad them out and some keep it all low.
  12. Bashtati

    Aim Stutter

    Pretty self explanatory. When i aim down the sights there is always a sudden stutter and it makes my experience very uncomfortable. I have observed streamers and none of them seem to get the same problem. The general specs of my pc: Intel core i7-6700 3.4 ghz GeForce GTX Nvidia 6gb 16gb's of ram And also is it possible to put more ram into the game ?
  13. I made a video earlier today on how to increase frames and reduce lag in escape from tarkov, please make this guide useful to you and others around the community
  14. Hi there, so when im using the 4 Times scope and always when i start to Aim i get a frame drop, like a small freeze of the picture. I have the Game settings on mid/high with LoD on 3.5 I have also 16GB Ram and a 970 GTX Anyone an idea?
  15. CrimsnBullet

    Bad Performance for GTX 1080

    PC Specs: Windows 10 Pro, Intel I7 4770k, 16gb DDR3 RAM, and NVIDIA GTX 1080, (also running on a SSD) I am getting really bad lag, and stuttering, especially when around players and scavs. At first I thought it might've been a RAM issue but the most RAM it uses is 13gb on shorline,(lower on other maps, but same lag) Then I noticed that my gpu usage was only at 20-30% and when I get the lag it was actually frame drops. During the frame drops the usage on gpu goes down to as low as 3%. The weird thing about this one is that the drops are somehow triggered by being around other players or scavs. One time a group of three were shooting at me from a distance and I could only run like a madman hoping they would miss. Luckily they did , but the lag was horrible until they ran away to the other side of the map.(or I did, can't remember) Side note: cpu usage doesn't exceed 35% either, but there isn't a drop in usage when the fps drops.
  16. Wiele osób od update z zadaniami skarży się na nasilenie tak zwanego memory leak'a. Oto sposób jak go ograniczyć na Windows 10. 1. Wchodzimy do folderu z EFT. 2. Znajdujemy plik escapefromtarkov.exe 3. Klikamy PPM > Właściwości > Zgodność 4. Zaznaczamy opcje " Wyłącz optymalizację pełnoekranową". 5. W ustawieniach graficznych gry opcję cieni dajemy na najniższą a LOD na 2. Mam nadzieję że pomogło
  17. eXistenT

    Super stuttering?

    So I got my 1080 TI today, swapped out my GTX 970 and installed the new GPU. Running a few games and everything seems to be more than perfect with more than 100% fps gains. But when playing Tarkov I have an INSANE amount of stuttering, it's like microstuttering with quad GPU's. the game shows a stable 60 fps, but wont go above 60 even with v sync and 60 fps cap off. It is literally unplayable for me like this. Does anyone know why?
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