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  1. Is it possible for next wipe to have a new XP system, One where lower levels to the average level people are at get higher XP per quest to help those who have less time to put into the game. I feel this would allow people to progress and reduce the incentive for paid carry's on Tarkov and reduce the demand for RMT as players would be playing on an even playing field. Thank you for taking the time to read this
  2. It would be very useful if there was an option in the Edit Preset menu to see the weapon parts only available to unlocked traders. That would be a way of modding according to your level and not having to buy expensive parts at the flea market. After all, as a player, I want to be able to buy the best parts available to me at a reasonable price. This is only possible via the traders. Would be great if you could implement that.
  3. SuperStimpak

    Rangefinder In Compass Slot

    This is my suggestion for the new Rangefinder item in 0.12.12. The PMC character has the compass slot next to there pockets. I would like to see this changed so that the Vortex Ranger 1500 Rangefinder can be put there. I believe that this would be super helpful for different types of players, some people don’t use the Compass at all in terms of gameplay while others do. I personally don’t use it but being able to pull out the rangefinder instead in game when I am sniping would be awesome. I made a poll so that we can see how people feel about this, please vote in the poll.
  4. I've been playing this game for a couple of days. I'm starting to survive and extract. I really like the gameplay but I noticed there are some things making this game very unwelcoming to new players and to non-hardcore players in general. I'm by no means a crybaby who's complaining that the game is too hard or too unforgiving. I used to play shooters semi - professionally back when esports wasn't really a thing in my country and I specifically chose this game because of the permadeath and consequences of losing all your gear. That is what I'm looking for. This post is about the chores and hoops you have to go through to play this game. I can do all these things sure, but they are very unappealing and tedious, games are supposed to be fun. If to sell an item you would have to click the confirm button 25 times it would be doable, but it would be less fun. -1-It’s bad game design if to play a video game you need another monitor/laptop/phone with all the necessary information. It's one thing to calculate optimal build in excel and then apply it, outside resources are fine to an extent but it's another thing to be constantly going back to the ammo sheet. Or keeping the map of a location because the in-game one is so much worse. Or alt tab to wiki to check if this item I found is usable in quest/barter/crafting. All that information should be accessible in game. I'm going to get it anyway, why make me jump through hoops? -1a Simply add a tag in the tool tooltip "quest item" or "barter item" or "crafting item" and a way to expand it to tell you what is it used for specifically. If that is too much information to give up to reveal everything about an undiscovered quest just keep the "quest item" tag but block the additional information behind "undiscovered quest" or recipe. -1b have a better map in the game, without buying it and taking space in the inventory. Unrealistic? Is it more realistic to have the information and better anyway by having a detailed map on the second monitor? If you don't want to reveal positions of extracts and stashes and the like or spend time adding them all and creating an interactive map that will mark them when you discover them, just give us a map and allow people to make the markers themselves. Maybe even let people share those maps with other players if you feel charitable. We all have all that information on the second monitor or phone. You are not making the game easier just more accessible and fun. -1c make the ammo sheet visible in game. Just have a picture of it show up when I'm pointing at ammo with the relevant one highlighted. And let the experienced players hide it if they want to. 2 I had no idea what I'm doing in the first couple of raids and I have watched and read multiple tutorials. I felt like a lamb lost in foggy woods packed with wolfs. This game needs a tutorial. Very basic one. Spawn someone offline on factory put a marker over some stash with "pick it up" text and when that's done, do the same thing for an extract. Then lvl 2, same thing but no markers the player had to find the quest item themselves and find the extract themselves (explain the O menu), lvl 3 same thing but with scavs running around. 3. Meeting expert players as a newbie is demoralizing because of just how much steamrolled you get. You can't pick the sounds of footsteps yet, they have headphones so good they hear your bowel movements. Your ammo is trash, they are in a Ironman suit. You have no understanding of the map, they have enough grenades to clear all the corners without even showing themselves. (I started avoiding medical on customs, everytime I'm in there someone throws like 7 grenades and if I manage not to get killed and even get a drop on the guy he's going to soak up entire mag from my garbage gun without dying anyway). I'm not sure how to balance this, maybe new players should have some above average starter gear that's double insured for 5 raids or maybe just let new accounts run as scavs without timeout for some time. Something to let newbies ease into the game without getting sore about losing stuff because they don't know what they are doing. 4 traders only buying certain things or having different buy prices. Why? It doesn't add anything other than the amount of clicks I'm doing. No skill or fun involved with checking the price of a an item in 4 different windows. It's just a chore to click through. Have them all buy everything at the same price. I understand criticism often seems like complaining and whining, but I'm really having fun in this game, it's great. It just makes me do some tedious things that make it less fun than it could have been. Keep up the great work.
  5. (THIS SHOULD ONLY WORK IN THE STASH AND SHOULD NOT BE IMPLEMENTED INTO GAME PLAY!! ) (Like in other programs such as google drive, and other software (also sort to bottom)) This component will allow the middle mouse button to activate a select rectangular geometry for items in the stash, and dragging them into a box, bag, or otherwise container, shift click would work where you would hold shift in the stash and it will select all the items that fit within that geometry, clicking outside the clicked items will cancel the selection. For a shift click, you will click (SHIFT+RMB) it will keep all items in a collection as long as they have been clicked with (SHIFT+RMB). If you want to un-select your collection , you can do that by clicking off the items selected without hitting shift, it will cancel the collection and NOT start a new one. These options work with the stash filters as well, as to not accidentally select a bitcoin to join your helmets inside an items container, or if you want to select all the craftables you got from raid and put them into a scav box without having to worry about missing one. Or let's say you're crazy about efficiency and you want to drop all of your items into your stash after a raid but you want to skip (CTRL+RMB) everything into your stash. Sometimes it could also be helpful when doing some spring stash cleaning and you want to move your items. (BIG POINT):if you are moving your items into a smaller bag and there is not enough room, it will not say (Not enough space) and cancel the transfer, it will say (Not enough space, X items transferred) like how it does in the flea market. Small rant, when you filter your stash it always filters to the top, meaning you have to scroll down to get to any free space in the stash after the filter, so making it where an option to filter starting at the bottom would allow for an alternative to the issue, and saves time for players, also allowing the stash to sort easier.
  6. NiiKoloo

    Loading screen remake

    I think it would be nice to do a remake of the loading screen, that's my humble suggestion, it could be something more dynamic and visually beautiful. Thanks
  7. Bondisle_Kid

    Buying Loadouts

    Make it so that you can save a loadout meaning that you can purchase the full loadout in a few clicks instead of buying each piece of armour, meds, ammo, mags and attachments. Please implement this it would be soooo much better and my teammates wouldn't take years to be ready for a run.
  8. WarLee

    Crafting overlay clarity

    Hi devs! Nikita. Thanks for your awesome job around Tarkov. I'd like to make an suggestion about crafting menu. Could you please make it more organized? Current state isn't really user friendly. Always, when you wanna craft something and you lack materials, you need to click to Flea, buy it, then back to crafting menu, roll all the way down, find the craft and start it (also it may change it's order, so you are searching longer). It would be nice to have it for example as a template of outcomes what you can craft and after clicking on them overlay would show what you need to buy. Alsod it could even somehow cooperate with Flea so you don't need to click back and forth all the time. I know it's really minor detail and you got probably much more important things to do. But I believe that comunity would appreciate this small improvement. Thanks for reading this. Have an awesome end of the year! Best regards, Mark
  9. stevenchenmy


    不知道有没有人提过,中文版的宋体真的很难看清 为什么不像英文版用无衬线黑体呢
  10. 390912721


    1、反作弊: ~所有作弊玩家不封号,而是关进小黑屋,小黑屋内的玩家可以互相对战,不影响市场功能。 ~这样做最终反外挂所需的人会越来越少。 2、增加收入: ~开放游戏内现金购买游戏币,抽取佣金。 ~出售武器及人物皮肤,更炫酷的外观总是更容易死。 ~出租服务器,其他玩家可以随机用scav进入 ~不管是否承认,线下买游戏币都大量存在。 3、游戏内金融系统: ~加入大战场模式,类似2042,玩家可以用大量游戏币或道具兑换飞机坦克RPG ~每隔半年删一次存档肯定是不健康的,需要一个更可靠的稳定游戏内金融系统 4、新玩家引导: ~所有新账号前50小时有队友标志,物资点高亮显示
  11. Nevesmann

    Tactical Leg Bag

    Hello everyone! I was playing and in the middle of a raid I came up with the idea of an item that could be a nice addition to the game, the tactical leg bag. When I served in the army we used a lot and in tarkov it would be of great importance and help. In the in-game functionality, I thought it could work as an extension of the pockets, varying by type and model of the tactical leg bag adding double, single and maybe triple slots. could be a quest item, received in the quest and sold by traders. In case of death in the raid, the item would be lost functioning as a backpack. It would also affect inertia, generating weight and altered character mobility. I don't know if this was already thought to have in the game or not, but I believe it would be a very interesting item with great possibilities for use. If it's a thought item, I apologize. See you in a raid.
  12. Tarkohn

    Range finder

    pretty simple idea i dont know how much i could elaborate but i think a range finder would be cool for long range sniping and also identify good targets for SBIH more of a quality of life thing over any thing i think. let me know what you guys think
  13. yejosheph

    Individual Scope Settings

    Please please please add detailed settings for individual scopes and sight sensitivities! Other games like CoD and R6 already have this implemented, while we're still using a stupid slider. On that note, can we also be able to numerically type in sensitivities instead of dragging that slider that for some reason can't even increase by singular increments.
  14. Hi! While playing with the weapon preset creator I found that it is difficult to know which parts are expensive and which aren't without having to exit the creator and check the price manually. What would be nice is if there was a price tag over each part in the opened combo box. I realize that it might have some performance related issues due to loading times but even if it was an avg. day price that would be nice. An option to tick box to turn it on or off would also work well. I know there is a find parts button that lists all the parts and their prices, but for a new player it makes it really difficult to make a good and cheap preset without spending too much time checking. I know that tarkov is a hardcore game with a steep learning curve but lack of that kind of feature is more annoying than anything else. It would be great to see something like that get implemented as a quality of life change. Another thing that i found annoying is the order of parts changing when picking a new one. I would like for them to stay in their place and maybe blackout the one that is currently on the gun. It would be also nice if there was an option to arrenge the parts by their price/name/type etc.
  15. ChessieSeaboard

    B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ Laser

    I think BSG should add the B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+. It is a top-tier IR laser designator, and not only would I personally love to see it in Tarkov, it could help by adding to a larger variety of lasers in Tarkov. Maybe it could support LPVOs and long-range scopes for the offset mount capability? What do you guys think?
  16. I think it would be a great idea, to add different kinds of graphicscards, so there would be a low tier, mid tier (could be the existing) and high end which would be very rare.
  17. The various community events that have been coming out is certainly a cool way to promote the game, have some healthy competition and also give some prizes as an incentive. But i feel they also push a mindset that has nothing to do with EFT. People running around killing others just for dogtags or some other "points" downgrades the experience into a pew pew run around -fest. I would love to see some more of EFT's (and RAID mini series') mindset into the mix: Teamplay, more organised firefights, with an objective or some form of goal that requires the team to work together at the forefront, and most of all, survival in that environment. Since the hosts of the most recent event (punisher) mentioned the use of private servers, i think the ability to make some more organised/team-oriented events would be more than doable, showcasing how teamwork and communication can be a lot more helpful than many might see it as hassle.
  18. I do like tarkov, its a fun game with a good atmosphere, its challenging, its rewarding, But sometimes if you dont get that reward its a bit annoying, every time you play a match as a Scav, you have to wait another 20 minutes to play again, Its setting it up for some microtransaction BS that I am not into, If you're gonna put a time constraint on Scavs at least make another option during that counter with either little or no reward.
  19. graliv111

    Some thoughts / Suggestions

    Just stuff that's trotted through my head just want to get them out if you understand me: No complaints in fact far from it. Perfect! Would be good if a player (or team) receive an announcement or klaxon when all un-friendly PMC's have been killed (or exited) a map, its hard to justify (realism) but could generate an interesting change in player behaviour. Note: This could of course be one of a number of game mode options that could split players into smaller pools for map allocation. Love the sort option in the inventory. Would be good for the lazy gamer if we could have a max stack option within money case and ammo box's to combine same items and also for early game in main. Are other items things that can stack? (Intrinsically smaller objects like for example: Flash Drives in to 3's, CPU's or many others. Also while I am on inventory, Ever considered having 4 smaller slots within a larger box, for those smaller items like keys (if 1 smaller slot is taken up then a larger item will not fit obviously). Ever considered Phosphorus Heat grenades, these put out a lot of heat in a 5-10 Meter radius and allow an individual to hide from thermals for 30 seconds wonderful thing to see spheres of heat in woods when scanning for bodies for example. Also potentially could cause fires if its possible to designate objects in the code as flammable and extend heat emission times . Additional Currencies Like Yen, Australian Doller, GB Pounds that would exchange for roubles. Variable exchange rates between currencies linked to real world stock exchange rates daily (obviously this then creates an economy of sorts and exchange rates can be ruinous in a war zone, cant they?) Certain valuable objects could exchange only to new currencies and have to be converted. Anyway, will post again if anything occurs.
  20. There should be a option for unlimited time for offline raids. It could help new/returning players to explore the maps more without having a time limit.
  21. C0MBATM3DIC68W

    IFAK heals heavy bleeds

    I feel like the IFAK should heal both heavy and light bleeding. The job for the IFAK in the military if to save a life and stop heavy bleeding. This should be a one time thing for heavy bleeding since in real life there is only one tourniquet in the IFAK. This is obviously just a suggestion but it would make it more realistic


  23. Hello, I have a suggestion to make a feature where u only can see wepon parts that is accessable buying through vendors when using the "Edit Preset" functionality. After "Found In Raid" got tweaked, wepon parts has increased dramatically in price, and it would be nice for new players to be able to see what wepon parts u can buy from traders and not the pricy markedplace. This will also make progression more visible, when you clearly can see your guns eventually get better as you level your traders. Sincerely Pink3lEphant
  24. Mirohslav

    feature suggestion

    i was thinking if we can have the Helmets presets ? i think it would be a bit better a quicker and can add something more in the game.
  25. AceOfShaws


    I've been seeing a lot of players running on top of walls and fences. I'm not sure about concrete walls, but it doesn't seem too realistic for players to be tight-roping on top of the picket fence around the sanitorium at shoreline, for example.
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