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  1. ChessieSeaboard

    B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+ Laser

    I think BSG should add the B.E. Meyers MAWL-C1+. It is a top-tier IR laser designator, and not only would I personally love to see it in Tarkov, it could help by adding to a larger variety of lasers in Tarkov. Maybe it could support LPVOs and long-range scopes for the offset mount capability? What do you guys think?
  2. I think it would be a great idea, to add different kinds of graphicscards, so there would be a low tier, mid tier (could be the existing) and high end which would be very rare.
  3. The various community events that have been coming out is certainly a cool way to promote the game, have some healthy competition and also give some prizes as an incentive. But i feel they also push a mindset that has nothing to do with EFT. People running around killing others just for dogtags or some other "points" downgrades the experience into a pew pew run around -fest. I would love to see some more of EFT's (and RAID mini series') mindset into the mix: Teamplay, more organised firefights, with an objective or some form of goal that requires the team to work together at the forefront, and most of all, survival in that environment. Since the hosts of the most recent event (punisher) mentioned the use of private servers, i think the ability to make some more organised/team-oriented events would be more than doable, showcasing how teamwork and communication can be a lot more helpful than many might see it as hassle.
  4. I do like tarkov, its a fun game with a good atmosphere, its challenging, its rewarding, But sometimes if you dont get that reward its a bit annoying, every time you play a match as a Scav, you have to wait another 20 minutes to play again, Its setting it up for some microtransaction BS that I am not into, If you're gonna put a time constraint on Scavs at least make another option during that counter with either little or no reward.
  5. graliv111

    Some thoughts / Suggestions

    Just stuff that's trotted through my head just want to get them out if you understand me: No complaints in fact far from it. Perfect! Would be good if a player (or team) receive an announcement or klaxon when all un-friendly PMC's have been killed (or exited) a map, its hard to justify (realism) but could generate an interesting change in player behaviour. Note: This could of course be one of a number of game mode options that could split players into smaller pools for map allocation. Love the sort option in the inventory. Would be good for the lazy gamer if we could have a max stack option within money case and ammo box's to combine same items and also for early game in main. Are other items things that can stack? (Intrinsically smaller objects like for example: Flash Drives in to 3's, CPU's or many others. Also while I am on inventory, Ever considered having 4 smaller slots within a larger box, for those smaller items like keys (if 1 smaller slot is taken up then a larger item will not fit obviously). Ever considered Phosphorus Heat grenades, these put out a lot of heat in a 5-10 Meter radius and allow an individual to hide from thermals for 30 seconds wonderful thing to see spheres of heat in woods when scanning for bodies for example. Also potentially could cause fires if its possible to designate objects in the code as flammable and extend heat emission times . Additional Currencies Like Yen, Australian Doller, GB Pounds that would exchange for roubles. Variable exchange rates between currencies linked to real world stock exchange rates daily (obviously this then creates an economy of sorts and exchange rates can be ruinous in a war zone, cant they?) Certain valuable objects could exchange only to new currencies and have to be converted. Anyway, will post again if anything occurs.
  6. There should be a option for unlimited time for offline raids. It could help new/returning players to explore the maps more without having a time limit.

    IFAK heals heavy bleeds

    I feel like the IFAK should heal both heavy and light bleeding. The job for the IFAK in the military if to save a life and stop heavy bleeding. This should be a one time thing for heavy bleeding since in real life there is only one tourniquet in the IFAK. This is obviously just a suggestion but it would make it more realistic
  8. stevenchenmy


    不知道有没有人提过,中文版的宋体真的很难看清 为什么不像英文版用无衬线黑体呢


  10. Hello, I have a suggestion to make a feature where u only can see wepon parts that is accessable buying through vendors when using the "Edit Preset" functionality. After "Found In Raid" got tweaked, wepon parts has increased dramatically in price, and it would be nice for new players to be able to see what wepon parts u can buy from traders and not the pricy markedplace. This will also make progression more visible, when you clearly can see your guns eventually get better as you level your traders. Sincerely Pink3lEphant
  11. Mirohslav

    feature suggestion

    i was thinking if we can have the Helmets presets ? i think it would be a bit better a quicker and can add something more in the game.
  12. AceOfShaws


    I've been seeing a lot of players running on top of walls and fences. I'm not sure about concrete walls, but it doesn't seem too realistic for players to be tight-roping on top of the picket fence around the sanitorium at shoreline, for example.
  13. piciulica9

    Custom extraction points

    Now with the new compass item, every player should get a custom extraction point on map (maybe random) that you can find using the compass. For example, North 103 as extraction point, and you should follow that path using your compass untill you see the extraction message.
  14. would it be nice to have toggle between PSO scope to irons, any variations side mount scope or high profile scope that able to use iron sight like the Mosin Nagant with 3.5x scope or AR A2 carry handle with Primary Arms Compact prism.
  15. mister_rice

    Visor Blood Splatter

    It would be cool if when you got shot head-eyes or head-jaws through a visor some blood would splatter on the inside of your visor; and if when you picked up a helmet with a visor off of a player that got shot head-eyes or head-jaws through a visor that there would be some blood splatter on the inside. Not enough to obstruct vision significantly and it could be removed when you exfil with the helmet, but I think it would enhance immersion. I'm imagining a way less severe version of what happens in the opening scene of The Hurt Locker, maybe just some speckles of blood.
  16. DCXLVI

    Just a thought

    I think it would be cool to see a more accurate depiction of weather patterns in the pre-raid screen. I know weather is not something that is constant however it does effect what people do or do not bring into a raid. For an example night runs on shoreline if there are heavy clouds in the sky you need to bring NVGs however if there are not you can make do without NVGs. My point is that heavy overcast with no rain and light overcast with no rain are depicted as the same icon. It would be nice to have a typed description of the weather in raid, at least when it starts. Also a better photo icon of the weather in raid would be helpful as well.
  17. DCXLVI

    New meds

    Hey a cool new med would be quikclot combat gauze to stop heavy bleeds as well as Israeli bandage to stop heavy bleeding. I know we don't even have the new mechanic yet and it might not even workout but when I was a medic those where go too bleed stoppers as well as tourniquets.
  18. As someone whose played Escape From Tarkov for a couple years, it feels like the maps are devoid of action , there are no scavs and the main action is people hard holding corners cause they sprinted to the loot areas and hold it. There is no scavs to make people stop and open fire on them , the matches feel silent. its as if i PIVIT on my feet everyone in 30 metre radius hears me and sprints to me because theres only rain sounds and ambient noices going on . ( Alot of people are using silencers ) I no we've all complained about the scav's but now that there gone. WE DONT KNOW WHAT WE HAD TILL ITS GONE. Scav's drive the combat in this game and force players to not camp in corners. YOU GUYS HAVE MADE INCREDIBLE ADVANCEMENTS to the point where i dont even know if the scavs are players or PMC's. THE SCAVS pick up weapons, run around , you've done so much amazing work on them, but why are they non existant on maps... please bring them back and let the players be confused ( seeing a scav with 2 weapons , and getting 3rd partied by another group trying to take out that scav as well ) Lastly... On Reserve im wondering why did you take away the raiders from underground ? its liturally a rat haven now... when there were raiders down there there was good pvp down there but now theres only people camping D-2 and sitting behind doors... Please Re Add the amount of scav's there were before... the game is running smoother on the new engine and people wanto have enjoyable Combat encounters. ~Cheeki Breeki Mondetta
  19. it would be a simple and extremely convenient function if we had a "back" button on the flea market page. just a button that will take us back a page to our last search or item in the flea market. this would allow us to link search an item to find its counterpart, and if we decided to buy both items (for instance an altyn and its face shield) i can just purchase the item on the screen and then instead of having to link search again or type into the search bar for a second time, we could simply click "back" and it would take us back one page to the last flea market page we were on. this may seem small but that out of raid time really starts to add up.
  20. Pryzies

    New Player Perspective

    New Player Perspective: I'm sure the game has been out long enough that folks have had a chance to give beginner feedback but here goes mine. Honestly, I'm not new to the genre or FPS. I've been playing these kinds of games for a very long time. Now Tarkov seems to provide a fresh face to the mechanics of 'shooting people for fun' but there are particularly daunting holes in the beginner player experience that most likely have already been exhausted but I guess I'll put my gripes up on the heap along with the rest. First off - The game is hard; I get that. Well, hard isn't the word for it. Unrealistically hard? Perhaps that's the best way to put it. The single most important aspect of a game like this, in my opinion, is map awareness and for the life of me I can't understand why learning a map was designed to be the hardest part. The in-game map that you can purchase from a dealer is woefully inadequate and doesn't even resemble a realistic map you would happen to chance upon in a game which purports to be as realistic as possible.. If you take a map into offline mode it gives you next to nothing already but with so little amount of effort you guys could have done a lot better. Which brings me to my suggestion: Allow me to explore the map sure, but if I find a loot cache or a landmark just automatically indicate it on my in game map. This way I can earn what you guys call "exploration" experience more intuitively and make it a lot more beneficial to me as a newer player. Even better, preserve those icons, labels, indicators on my map when I find them so that it becomes a useful tool for me to continuously learn and make my way around during online mode. Just this feature alone would probably increase the likelihood that a newer player, such as myself, will stick around long enough to enjoy their experience with the game - god knows dying a billion times to lvl 40+ players at lvl 5 is enjoyable enough(sarcasm). In short, the game already has an extraordinary learning curve and a feature modification like this shouldn't even be a blip on the radar of the hardcore folks that relish in the challenge that this game provides. Perhaps even it might enhance the challenge they get as newer player will become proficient faster rather than fizzle out and quit shortly after purchase. Again, I get that you set out to provide a game that caters to the hardcore FPS guys out there but in the quest to become that you've alienated the better part of the millions of other casual folks out there. With a few tweaks you could better their experience and deepen your pockets but that's entirely up to you of course. Make the maps better please.
  21. iYeetmeister

    Please Do Something BSG....

    It feels like this game hardly rewards you for anything. I understand that the game is meant to be incredibly difficult and unfair at times, but it's also a game. The harder this game keeps getting, for example the weight update is a big one, the less and less fair fights you see. I've barely had any good GG moments in this game because 9/10 of the fights people get into are just people Exit Camping or just hiding in a bush near a popular spot with nothing but a mosin killing you in 1 shot. The other 10% are people I actually engage and have decent fights with... Gear vs Gear. From what I have been experiencing; I just don't want to go out geared anymore. There's no point if most of the time you're gonna get one shot by some dude hiding in an unseen spot. It feels shitty to play and if you stoop to that level of desperation than it's just boring. Sitting there for 40 minutes? I just want there to be a way of removing that kind of gameplay. Like marking Hatchet runners was a good change, but it shifted over to bush camping with a mosin and letting people bring loot to you. It's incredibly lame. (Yes, this rant is because I found a GCard as a scav and died with 1 minute left to an exit camper... so im pretty frustrated.)
  22. HulkTheUnicorn

    Trader Services

    Hello Awesome Devs at Tarkov and awesome community, I recently discovered that in Tarkov you have a Service Tab for Traders(Ragman only one active) to get cooler clothes which gave me the Idea that maybe I should pitch some ideas for some of the Traders and what they can offer you in exchange for your money . Let's start with Prapor : Option 1 : Make it so at services you have a better detailed on what insurances are about to arrive and see a small status of what will you get back in exchange for rubles (only weapons found, some armor pieces retrieved) which will indicate if you need to spend money on making yourself another weapon or wait 3 more hours and your old baby will be back into your hands . Option 2 : While I still want to see better details on what insurances are pending to come.. how about a function that will let me spend x amount of rubles to get my items right away . Now this I can see why it's not an awesome idea as people with 100mil rubles will just instantly press that button . But if you can implement an algorithm that for example..my insurance was 100k , and I should get my items in 24 hours.. Make it so if I want to get something back and it's over the 24h mark it would cost me : insurance + (hours left *30k) and I don't think people will abuse it that hard then since it would cost 820k rubles just to get your stuff faster with 1 day.(or you could devise a better formula) Or just add a mechanic that I can pay X amount of rubles which is calculated based on how much my insurance was to just take 5 hours off my time of return. Why ? it's like in real life sometimes.. IF you want "priority/express services " you pay extra than everyone else right ? Option 3 is basically a bit of both and maybe even a "cancel insurance" why ? maybe If i remember this will only bring me back a mosin and a backpack I can cancel and get x percent back out of my insurance . I see a lot of people complain about quests that involve mosin and when they flood their stash and another dozen come from insurances Next Up The Therapist : Option 1 : Sometimes I forget to heal myself up so having to go to her and pay that amount of money for her to heal me..I like that..it's simple and worthwhile Option 2 : Is having her inject you with combat stims pre raid . What does this mean .. Let's say you go in raid..buy yourself the stim that gives you movement speed and instead of taking it with you in the raid.. Therapist gives you the shoot and you start the raid with it Active.. I don't think it will be major game braking + I have very few ideas for Doctor Lady as usually with doctors you either Heal or get buffs and I don't want to ask for some "unknown stims" that might feel ..unrealistic. Let's go for the Mechanic as he is cool : Option 1 : As you can unlock clothes for your PMC based on rep and money and level the same can be done for your gun, like I would like to pain some of my handles pink..cause I can. Or put a sticker on my AK (yes I know you will lose it but it's nothing wrong in having some customization options for your favorite gun) Option 2 : And this again is based on rep/money/level Is you give him a weapon.. let's say an AK and you give him some money and he will deliver you a custom AK . I got this idea from his Gunsmith quests that since he doesn't have time for it does not mean he does not know how to do it. So You can even add a thing in which you ask for specific parameters to be obtained like Recoil under 40 and he will do the best to add the best in slot items so your recoil will under 40 but maybe at the cost of other things like a cheap ass sight or what not. Option 3 : Is have him be like a Once every 4 hours he will have a custom weapon for sale at X amount of rubles. And you just go and buy it and use it. For Skier and Peacekeer atm I have no real good ideas and I hate Jeager soo much I don't want him to have a Service (would be nice that everyone has at least something) I'm really excited to hear what everyone has to say about it
  23. Hello, I would like to see ingame few Czech weapons. Our guns are worldwide famous like CZ75 pistol, Scorpion 61 submachinegun, SA VZ.58 assault rifle. Now we have new models, whose popularity rising. I would love to use them in EFT, CZ 805 Bren or CZ 806 Bren (CZ BREN 2) and Scorpion EVO 3 A1. CZ 805 Bren Scorpion EVO 3 A1 CZ BREN 2 - CZ 806 Bren
  24. Can something be implemented where on a crash or close after a raid, we can still get to the post raid screen and get out items?
  25. Ubspy

    Weapon configuration saves

    I know you guys get a lot of suggestions, and you're working hard on the game, but I wanted to give some opinions on something that's been annoying me recently. Whenever you buy a weapon, it always is set to single fire, and the only way to change it is during the raid. I think it would be nice if there was a way to change this before going into raid, since usually when you spawn in your first instinct is to start moving. I think it would be helpful to do the same for zeroing your sights. Every time I get a new sight, it seems like it's at a random zero number. One last note, I'm pretty certain that my sight zeroing doesn't save between raids, I always find myself having to change it back to my preference. While with the full auto or single fire thing, I can just press b. Zeroing is a lot more tedious. I think it would be cool if you could change that stuff out of raid, and made zeroing persistent across raids. Thank you for reading, keep up the good work.
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