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Found 30 results

  1. germanwarrior

    Server Connection Lost

    Alright im not here to cutie about the state of the Servers but what i can in no way,shape or form understand is why there isnt a fail safe?? Seriously whitin this week alone i lost 7-10 Kits each worth about 500-700k. Friend gets sniped,i kill the sniper and am super happy because of the crazy loot he has but then server connection lost. I try to reconnect (first time it ever happend that i even had the option) but get stuck on wating for session start. 5 minutes later i close the game to retry and it says i left the game and went awol. Similar things have happened so many times now. Im just your average joe so loosing that kind of gear really hurts,cant even imagine how it is to someone who already has an empty stash. Jus tthe last raid i was doing a lenghty Quest killed a decently kitted player and then Server Connection Lost. Back to menu,lost everything and can go do my Quest again. Seriously,why wont you just let us reconnect? Or why if the server fuckes up just count it as extract or at the very least reset it to before your Raid. Just dosnt get in my head. I dont even want to play anymore because i never know if ill make it out or loose everything to bs...
  2. Solo, had a 41 min raid on Interchange, killed a big boi squad, got 6b43 (class 6) armor, tons of guns, 5 backpacks and all in all tons of loot. I chilled for a while for the clock to go down so most of the pmc's will get out of this raid, went my way for emercom extract, I check the roof, dont see no one, proceed to run towards extract only to be camped by a duo sniping me from across the roof with no immediate real cover to hide behind, honestly that frustrates me so much. that roof position is too safe tbh and should be removed.
  3. First of all I am writing this topic as a user with a frustrated experience and as a website developer. In 25/11/2019 i create my account on the website with my hotmail account, unaware that battle state games had a problem communicating with mail servers. At this point everthing for me was going pretty well. At 28/11/2019 i realize a purchase of standart edition, and from that my e-mail stop from receive emails from battlestategames. From that day starts my frustating experience. After starting to search the forum, I not only find out what the common problem is, it happens to many users over a long time. and among these many topics most of the answers are always the same list of recommendations that don't solve the problem as the end of this journey boiled down to "email support". I can assume that the delay in response from support (which can be up to 14 days from the replies I followed by the forum) is certainly influenced by the large amount of people having to change their email because they just can't log in to their accounts. In my case since i bought the game, me experience resume in go to twitch.tv and watch people playing the game that i can't play. Before any explanation saying that the mailing system is ok and that the problem is not on your side but on the mail servers. I can tell from experience that as much as this is true, it does not mean that it is causing a problem of dissatisfaction and certainly a support overload that has to deal with these problems. So here's my suggestion that I think will alleviate the problem: Just as the game has a very expressive warning that the game is incomplete and therefore does not represent the final version of the game, it writes a very big alert when a new user is registering a new account saying there are problems with the servers. hotmail, yahoo and others ... and the development team advise registration using gmail (I'm saying gmail, because for countless topics, it seems to work best in this case.) In my case this suggestion will not work, because i am alredy duck waiting the reply of support (8 days at this moment), but i have a hotmail, a gmail and a yahoo. if I had seen a very expressive warning on the registration page advising me to use gmail, I would probably use this email at registration. Is this a perfect solution with 100% effectiveness? NO , but in my humble opnion as a web developer this solution will mitigate the problem of people having a horrible first experience with the website. PS: Sorry for the bad English, it's not my first language. PS²: As a developer I understand the thousands of problems that exist in building applications. I am not here to say that I am better than anyone and I know there is certainly a lot of work being done and to be done. As the topic tag itself says, I am making a suggestion to avoid headaches and discontent with future users. PS³: Keep up the good work with the game, the development team is very open to feeback and I think that's awesome.
  4. Faraven


    Multi buy just like multi sell. done
  5. Wirenn

    Quality of life menu idea?

    Instead of always having to drag and drop certain items if you want the stack them together, could we not drag a certain amount of items at once and move them in one?
  6. Hi everyone! I know that the developers intend to incorporate a relevance to which faction you chose and develop the lore. I know that some of the ideas I will explain below might have been already submitted so please look at it as a whole and not just the individual points. The suggestion is a bit complex so I will try to unpack it as best as I can. 1. CHOSE YOUR FACTION Nothing change from how it is now; you choose which faction you want to join when you first open your game: either USEC or BEAR. 2. PEARK OF YOUR FACTION Depending on your faction, you are aligned with different traders, giving you access to different weapons at first. 3. EVENT / SPECIAL RAIDS Have special raids/event that take place on a particular map for each faction as such: The events would last a week before they disappear/get replaced by another one. You can try the event as many times as you want, but when you succeed you will need to wait for the next event to go at it again. The event would have some background related to the lore like USEC PMCs holding up a position in the construction site in Customs. They are in possession of documents about Terra Group, you have to extract those documents as a team. The opponent Team is made up of NPCs which could lead to the introduction of PMC NPCs, some USEC some BEAR. The rewards could money, leveling up a trader faster, unlock certain items at a trader, etc. You can have two events taking place at the same time, one for each faction. Team killers would be punished (that would be up to discussion if you have ideas). 4. END GAME CONTENT When you reach a certain level, you unlock the ability to join in the enemy faction special raids but siding with the NPCs and other PMCs like you to fight off the opposing faction. That option would be limited to a few times per special event, so that the event stays somewhat balanced. If you succeed you gain a reward.
  7. momentofbruh

    Suggestions for USEC and BEAR voicelines

    So, you know how the BEAR can only speak russian in voicelines and the USEC can only speak english? What if there was another menu, exactly the same as the voiceline menu we have now where USEC soldiers could speak broken russian and BEAR soldiers could speak broken english so that if they were ever to team up ingame, they could communicate with each other? Random thought I had while listening to USEC voicelines
  8. D_are_l


    At the moment there is no Case to put nades in. Why nades dont fit into Ammocases? I dont fill in entire Icase with nades.I think we need an Nade-Case
  9. Beanerrr


    Hello! First, I'd like to thank whoever is reading this, and I hope you either agree with or can make changes to help better my suggestions! Please feel free to leave feedback! Physical Quest Items; Needlessly Aggressive Scavs;
  10. GhostSpartan117

    PVE Endgame?

    We need some kind of endgame for those who like killing scavs and avoiding players, Tarkov is more or less an MMO and the most important part of most MMOs is what you do once you have hit max level. Tarkov is really lacking any endgame past level 40 and I have come up with a decent solution. First off I think most locations should be locked by level. For example you can't do Labs until level 40 or you can't do interchange until level 25 or something just so that you have more to look forward to while leveling in Tarkov. I also think that there should be unique end game raids that are strictly PvE similar to other MMOs such as World of Warcraft where you go in with a minimum of 5 PMCs or something and you go through a linear location killing scavs and a few scav bosses which drop unique loot that you can't get anywhere else in the game. These locations would be locked behind a cool-down of a day or maybe a week so after you have finished killing all the bosses you have to wait a period of time before you can go through that location again. I really hope there is some more adjustments in the near future to how level affects your character and some improvements on how the game is played once you have gone through the whole leveling process.
  11. JetSkyy


    Hey guys, I love the new scavs but everytime you engage a group and one scav sees you, all scavs instantly know that you are here and exactly where you are. If a scav sees you, he should shout out to the other scavs and after the shoutout they should start to look for the player but not instantly know where you are. Imagine I would engage a group of scavs and the first scav would notice me right in the moment that I kill him silenced. Then the other scavs shoulndn't know where I am, if they noticed my shots, they could go in a attention mode or look for cover if they saw their friend die, but they should not know where I am because the scav saw me for a second. Then you could be like a secret agent and kill them one by one.
  12. CapShawns

    Squad Deploy Button

    I sometimes find myself loading in much later than my friends. It can sometimes lead to having my teammates being left in the path of other players because they were waiting for me. I have also been spawned in-front of players because of the late spawn. I was thinking that right before it would spawn a person in a group, it can hold that person until all group members are ready. It can also give the player a button to force deploy if they don't feel like waiting.
  13. dajordanator

    Shotgun Reloads

    With the way your character loads a shotgun, there is a shell in the chamber immediately ready to fire for the mp153/133, however when reloading and pressing the fire button your character does not interrupt the reload to begin firing whatever shells have been loaded, instead he will not fire until the reload is finished or cancelled from another action like sprinting. Unsure if this is intended, but for the love of god let me interrupt a shotgun reload to begin firing without having to sprint or check my inventory first
  14. TheTruSergei

    A bunch of suggestions for development

    Just a bunch of things that I highly recommend for the game's longterm development to improve gameplay and to fix clearly broken things in the game. ALot of this has probably been mentioned before me but I wanted to compile everything on my mind into one large post. Some of it may not necessarily be viable in the current build, I have no access to the code or the knowledge of how skilled the dev coding team is, but these are things I know exist in other games, including at least one game on the unity engine that I know about. Many of the things that I mention shouldn't be difficult to do, such as everything I mention about scavs. This kind of stuff is all based on other games who's AI is leagues above what I see in tarkov in it's current state. - Add a "TRAITOR" penalty for SCAVs that kill other SCAVs. The penalty is simple, if you kill 1 scav your cooldown for scav is 150% of normal (30mins instead of 20mins) and if you kill more than one scav it is 200% (40mins) This only applies if you kill scavs as a scav, and then manage to escape. It'll represent your scav having to escape and you need to now hire a new scav to go do runs for you because the old scav will never be able to go back without all scavs being hostile to him. - TRAITOR penalty in addition to penalizing cooldown time also changes your status from SCAV to PMC, meaning if another player scav kills you, he doesn't get scavs to aggro on him. Currently if a player scav gets attacked by another player scav, and he kills him in self defense, he will still get all other scavs to aggro on him regardless. Makes no sense, especially if the scavs are already aggressive towards the TRAITOR scav. - Add proper scav leveling, scav has better skills or gear because of exp gained. (No current noticeable reason for scavs to earn exp?? ? ) or transfer earned exp to player ? - Add the ability to give your scav items from stash, risky but realistic, if he works for you, you should be able to give him stuff. Perhaps limit it to low level items (Shotguns, PACA armor, etc.) - Change the gear and overall skill level of AI scavs to better represent their appearance. Fully kitted scav with body armor, backpack, chest rig and SKS should be more accurate than the light kit scav with only a pistol. - Make scavs aim only at chest, no more randomly blowing out your legs or instant headshots from long ranges. This is realistic, nobody trains IRL to cap headshots like people do in video games. In real life anyone who trains with a gun of any type other than maybe a sniper rifle will train to shoot center mass (chest.) - Lower scav accuracy at long ranges (50m+) all across the board. These guys are CIVILIANS, not PMCs or SOLDIERS so they should not be terminators ever, even if they are skilled. Right now I still encounter scavs that have accuracy FAR BETTER than players in the game, meaning the AI accuracy level has been coded to be better than a player. the only players I have seen replicate such impossible aim and spotting skills has been hackers using ESP/aimbot to spot your prone, unmoving body through trees and foliage to headshot you with a pistol from 100+ meters. - Buff helmets across the board. Seriously, people wear helmets for a reason IRL, they aren't made of tin foil. Your helmets are tin foil, that maybe magically stop a gun once in a blue moon. - Make the face hitbox the same size as your face, sections of helmets are useless due to face hitbox being too big. - Change scav coding so that scavs either A. are limited to the amount of ammo (number of bullets) in their inventory. Or B. Use the actual weapon in their inventory. Currently scav AI is clearly coded to use an AI weapon rather than the weapon they are holding. This may be what is also causing the accuracy problem as their guns seem to have zero recoil when scavs use them. This also means that scavs will run out of ammo instead of being able to fire their gun forever. - Add scavs yelling about being out of ammo, have them run away or switch to knife and charge the PMCs. - Add melee scavs (Civilians with bats/etc who couldn't get a gun.) Because I know that guns in russia are not as common as in the US so many scavs would not have ready access to Saiga-12s. - Add more dangerous scavs in specific areas of maps (such as a military checkpoint) that have military grade equipment from looting military areas. - Set scav spawning to specific waves, no more infinite scav spawning. (Factory for example has infinite scav spawns.) - Increase numbers of scav spawns on certain maps (Interchange is sometimes devoid of scavs. I've done runs through the entire mall and only found maybe 3 scavs.) - NERF FORT ARMOR BECAUSE THERE IS NO SUCH ARMOR THAT IS THAT STRONG - Increase price on armor piercing rounds due to a very clear reason why people would want that. Simple capitalism at work. The traders are running a business to profit. AP ammo of any kind (other than useless pistol ammo, looking at you makarov) should be more expensive accordingly. PMCs are going to want armor piercing ammo a TON to fight other PMCs so it's in high demand and very hard to get ahold of due to that high demand. - Create an in game economy. Currently already can be seen with Fence except fence is just where everyone sells their junk basically. Make trader inventory to sell limited, meaning that all items now have a greater value and MUCH greater value to lose. Will force people to not act stupid in the game anymore, and will make SURVIVAL more important in the game. After a certain point in the game currently you kinda lose the "gear fear" and stop trying to conserve anything because you can replace it from the traders instantly and just roll out again in seconds. Good number of people are now playing the game like it's call of duty instead of like it's EFT because dying and losing all your gear means nothing when you can just replace it easy. Can't replace it if the trader runs out of stock. Traders currently have infinite stock of everything because they somehow have infinite money and their own private weapons factory where they manufacture all the guns they sell to you. - In game economy also encourages everyone to sell to traders a bunch, to replenish items. Items in high demand cost alot to buy and should also earn you alot of $$$. This would add a new element to "Gear runs" in the game. Going in, grabbing up a bunch of gear in high demand, escaping, and selling it to rake in that dough that you'd then need to get gear. - Modify and add quests that aren't the most generic RPG quests I've ever seen, please. (Go get this item, kill 10 of these guys, etc) Either that or just remove it completely and in addition to the in game economy in the game, have "IN DEMAND" quests that happen when a trader comes low on stock. These quests could offer bonus rewards for bringing the trader new stock, such as money and items for your character. - Add additional things to do in the game to increase options and replayability. The repetition in the game is going to make people leave if there's nothing to do, and alot of end game people have nothing to do but make up their own challenges and do PvP. - PvE gamemode with some kind of penalty (50-25% exp for example.) - Add penalty for killing PMCs of the same team as you (TRAITOR cooldown equivalent for PMCs.) such as some traders hating you because you killed fellow PMCs of your own group. - Add a method of taking all those computer parts you can get (CPU, RAM, etc) and combining them to make your own computer. Using the computer you could then gain access to specific traders that you CLEARLY could not access otherwise (such as Mechanic who only buys with digital currency [bitcoin] on high items) and possibly add other things for the computer to offer. - Add user generated tasks for people to complete. You can complete them using the computer and this will add more replayability to the game (Example: I need a suppressor for my AKM, will pay 25k roubles.) Once you have the item/s that the player wants, you can HANDOVER the items for the mentioned reward, provided your scav is alive to transport them for you. - Add an ability to hire people to support your missions, such as additional scavs, delivery men, etc to offer bonuses. Trainers could for example make your scavs better skilled so they will do better in a raid. - Add better descriptions and effects for all skills across the board. Currently with the exception of strength and endurance there is not any particularly noticeable differences in leveling in the game with any other skills. As of currently, the RPG elements in the game are 100% useless, and nobody seeks to level anything other than the aforementioned str and end skills. - Add the ability to only squad with people from the same PMC as you in a new "operation" mode. - Remove the time limit that makes no sense to be in the game. Unrealistic, your character doesn't "go missing" or "die" in real life because you were inside a factory for more than 30 minutes. - Prevent scavs from seeing through objects and being able to see perfectly at night. Scavs should be virtually blind at night when not looking at something with a flashlight. - Modify all quests that can currently be completed by literally just buying the items from another trader. Defeats purpose of the mission entirely. - Remove dumb quests (go look at water in this one room on dorms to get instant moneys) - Add a bounty system to allow players to hunt down notorious bad players, this can help combat griefing, hacking, etc in game, as well as offering significant rewards for trying to fight high level players. - Add a less serious mode like old school contract wars, will allow respawns with your gear in raid, but you cannot loot bodies, gain exp, or escape with items. - add the ability to have assets from your respective PMC deployed to help you (AI PMCs? Mortars? etc) - Change the traders system so that selling items to them no longer ranks up the "spending" tiers for leveling the trader up. Currently unsure if an exploit in the game's design or if it was deliberately made like that. Makes leveling the peacekeeper trader easy and extremely lucrative (you have thousands of dollars to spend at tier 2 peacekeeper. - Change the AVS chest rig to a plate carrier/rig hybrid in the update where you add the armor plates. It is now capable of being inserted with armor plates and can offer armor protection. The IRL rig is a plate carrier not a rig. Make it so that only soft armor can be worn beneath the rig (PACA) due to large armor like UNTAR and FORT not being able to fit. - Add pouches that can be placed on body armor that has MOLLE weaves, as visible on FORT and UNTAR - Add american grenades (M86) - 1911 or other form of .45 pistol please. please. - reduce price of all SMGs to %50-75 of current price to increase their viability. Serves no point to roll with a MP5 if you can roll with a vepr that does more damage, more range, more AP damage, etc. - add story/lore based missions that are faction specific. USEC still needs to destroy evidence and help protect terragroup stuff. BEAR still needs to gain intel on terragroup. Might be a survival game, but the survival element is gone for alot of players already when they are going in over and over again for missions. - Make your stash an actual location that you can visit. - Make traders an actual visit-able location if they are in tarkov, if not, the aforementioned computer should be needed to have access to them. Traders on site can have a shooting range that'll allow you to practice or test weapons before you buy it. - Add a way of playing offline that's separate from the online multiplayer mode. Be it a singleplayer story or just having a separate singleplayer stash for playing singleplayer, it'll offer more for practicing.
  15. Hi there, I absolutely love Escape From Tarkov, honestly well done BattleState Games, your game has serious potential. However, there are a few bits that really impact the fun of the game, two of them being the most important: First, the tediousness of buying and fitting again weapons over and over again, and second the loading times, made even worse by the fact that there is absolutely nothing to do at all during loadings. Let's discuss these issues one by one. 1. Tedious gear shopping and fitting Do not get me wrong, creating a new weapon with the best possible stats, with the best possible modules (flashlight, laser, etc...) is really interesting and is indeed a good addition to the game. I love spending some time checking out the possibilities, making a new build, starting an offline match to test that and improve it. So yes, making new weapons is indeed cool. What is much less interesting is to have to buy again the weapon, all of its components that you have to buy to every vendor individually, then take care of fitting them, then go sell the previous pieces that you replaced, etc... This is such a tedious process, we also have to remember who sells what otherwise we'll end up trying to figure out why that damn piece refuses to fit this time and many other stuff that are simply fun crushing chores. Add that to the fact that sometimes you have to refit a weapon because you just died of a stupid death, so our frustration and annoyance levels are sky high, and we are now condemned to spend the next 5-10 minutes in menus to get something that we already know and already had... To be entirely honest I don't really mind dying in games, but in EFT I do because I know there will be some menu browsing imposed on me right after. So how to solve that? Well some people would advise to make stocks, like fitting a few weapons and keeping them ready and yeah that can help a bit but first my stash is very limited and second that still means there will be significant time spent in boring menus to make them and all. The very perfect solution in my opinion would be shopping and fitting lists, that we could create and save, to later be able to buy that neat weapon setup we created in one click, hassle-free. This way we keep the fun of weapon making, yet we don't force players to spend their time in boring menus every time they die. This could be developed in different steps: - First, we could have a system of shopping list only, that would buy specific items from specific vendors in one click, this would speed up the weapon rebuilding process a lot, leaving us only the fitting to do before going back to Tarkov. - Second when the first system works correctly, we enhance it by adding the feature to fit automatically the weapons and gear. - Lastly, we could add an option to equip everything that has been bought The ultimate goal of this system is to be able to die and go back to raid in a matter of seconds, so we can make what EFT is meant to be: a shooting game, not a menu simulator. 2. Loading times and loading screen I am a developer, so I know that loading are necessary and improving loading time can be a task technically challenging, so I'm not just going to complain that loadings are too long. First, we can improve the waiting times during loading by 2 different ways: (1) make loadings shorter, and (2) make loadings less boring. To make loadings shorter, several things are possible. The first one that comes through my mind is to keep the map loaded in memory after the raid and to unload it only if the player goes for a new raid on another map. Since unloading is quasi-instantaneous this would give a speed boost to all players going on another raid on the same map. Perhaps some of the loading steps don't need to be sequential and can be done in parallel, with multi threading for example (e.g. loading the map while loading the loot at the same time). I don't know the internals of your net code or anything but spending 1 minutes and 30 seconds or more on "Awaiting players" is ruining the whole thing, try to get rid of that, let's just not wait for players, we all spawn when we're done loading at our pace, I'd rather that than staring at a loading screen for a minute and a half every beginning of raid. To make loadings less boring please give us access to some of the menus, perhaps not the inventory since that could generate bugs if we move objects during loading, but why not have access to the overview, to the skills, the map, etc... This way we would use the loading time to wander in the menus, read descriptions of skills, think about strategies to improve our stats, etc... I am sure it would make the time feel shorter. If these two bits were solved EFT would neighbour perfection to me. I hope there's something valuable in these suggestions. Have a good one.
  16. I run a Escape from Tarkov Trading Discord that is nearing 10,000 members( https://discord.gg/gJUZ6JR ) , we have always talked about how the game gets stale after you are done all the quests. After all the quests are done, you just go killing people and only collecting the best loot. It becomes stale and people leave eventually. So on our discord we came up with an idea that could be implemented in EFT with great effect. We already implemented it into our discord with great success, and people are actually doing quests and creating them. Player Made Quests  Here is an example: __________________________ A scraggly set of flyers seems to have been stapled to every power pole and tree in a 5km radius. Pink fluorescent paper and an irritating font, whoever put these up knew what they were doing in terms of getting attention. *The text is in Russian and English, as follows:* - Hello Comrades, Compatriots, and Money Makers!* Have you ever wished make money? World is open to you in make money! Personal PC Computer prices skyrocket! We export PC, you build PC! Don't know how to build PC? No problem! Get all PC component, put inside computer box, mark computer box's location and we do rest! *After looking over a few flyers, you finally find one that has a note attached to it. Written in English and far more coherent.* - Alright, so. These guys are cornering the market on pre-built PC's. It's one big scam, just not for us. They want a PSU, 3x fans, 1x CPU, and 1x HDD. You leave them inside a PC case in the office near the pier, along with a bribe for the customs officials. Then they pick it up, ship it overseas, and you get a gun out of the deal. Quest Instructions: Deliver 1xPSU, 1x CPU, 3x PC fans, 1x HDD Reward upon completion: 1x Fully Modded AK74UB 3x 6L31 Magazines ________________________________________ The only way I can think of this working is if have a "Setting Board" when creating Quests. You can have like "Quest Dialog" = Any Kind of "Flavour text" to make the quest interesting "Requirements" = Kill 10 scavs/USEC/BEAR, collect X items, Drop Off items (in set locations that BSG Chooses), Survive for x Mins etc "Rewards" = Anything you are wanting to give as a reward. "Total of times this quest can be done" = If you only have 1 reward to give away then it needs to have a restriction so 20 people cannot do the quest. "Quest Completion Dialog" = Where once you turn in the items or finish killing it will say a thank you or Proceed to another Quest line like "Part 2" if the Creator has another quest to issue.
  17. it‘s wasting too much time to search keys because of many keys in Tarkov, as the new maps opened.we should be focused on how we could shoot happily.the another reason is that is not good for new guy to find keys under the pressure of finding them with high level player because the limited usage times for keys
  18. GingerCyclops

    Great way to improve the game, easily.

    Right now Tarkov does not have the best reviews or outlook. The servers aren't good and bugs are still present. But a great way to make this game much more enjoyable in the mean time is to add Voip! I know they will add it sooner or later, but adding it as soon as possible will help distract everyone from the bugs while they fix them. I believe voip will bring a whole new level of comedy and enjoyment into the game, and will create a much better stance for the game currently.
  19. Nikola_Stark

    An idea of a new mode

    Dear BSG, These days when playing the EFT, I gradually feel boring in raiding and raiding again. This mode begins to lose its charm because of repeating. Which also will make the game become boring. For the love of this game, I come up with a new and charm mode that not only makes the players feel fun but also is easy for you to add in. That is the Rescue mode. The followings are the details: 1. Backgrounnd: Some citizens are kidnapped by several SCAVs at random places of the Tarkov. We Usecs and Bears are trying to rescue them. 2. The Number of each side: Scavs: 5 to 7 ; Players: 5 to 10; Hostages: 3 or 5 3. Preparations: All weapons that in players’ stash can be used. 4. Determinations of victory: a. The hostages are safe and healthy without any damage. b. Scavs are all dead. c. All actions should be done in 20 minutes. 5. Locations: Random buildings of Customs, Shoreline and Interchange.(Tarkov street later) 6. Rewards: The concrete things depend on you. But there should be a determinant system of completion. The better and faster you complete the better rewards you will win. And there will be a ranking list of each mission, the faster and more accurate will have a higher ranking. PS: The equipments will not lose after players dying
  20. Electric_Tiger

    Forums Banner

    Hey, developers! Right now lots of details are by word-of-mouth and along the lines of "I just heard that.." So I'm thinking that a good ol' fat banner at the top of the forums would be beneficial for everybody. You could drop a quick status report on a patch taking a little too long, or even hot new announcements with a link to the announcement embedded in the banner itself. This could cover anything from Reddit and Twitter announcements, to Twitch streams involving developers and even things that are note-worth inside the forums themselves. I honestly think this idea will help spread the information you want to faster, and more reliably that what is currently being done. Every informative source seems to be random and scattered across different media platforms. Having a source for all information developer-related in the home of your game, the forums, that lets us know where to look for anything we might be interested in could help eliminate this lack of information a lot of people are feeling.
  21. Hello my friends in armor ! ! ! ! BEFORE WE START MY ENGLISH ISN'T PERFECT ! ! ! (make sure you understand) I have 2 great suggestion for hardcore and better gameplay and LOOT system ! ____ There is suggestion number 1: Containers (alpha, beta, gama ...) ,usually things for better looting for someone extra storage ... for someone pay for win ... everyone have right ! Now about my idea : (how is possible when i was killed, always my character had container in storage / profile page, how is that possible, my dead body just let container teleport with stuff into my storage page and let me take all great loot i collected before). I would like to see when your character die, your container arrive (like insure system) when someone from traders company find your body with stuffs or without, but container always remain with result from search. [because players can't loot it because it's too heavy and they can't open it] + Better gameplay, less chance find naked person with knife or tomahawk RUN for loot (because current situation is, i am gonna take my gamma loot some containers and look i am rich) + More hardcore more action and point for storage more Beta , alpha containers in case when someone kill me and i want atlast make sure something always come with me and mission my last mission wasn't just bad dream ! + More future for traders, for extra money trader send sooner search team for collect your container and your remain stuff from raid (different discount and time, maybe something like send search team for container, [when return stay in inbox / message page for permanent until player don't take it] ...) + Better ECONOMY - For new players or solo veterans this game without team UP (talking about solo players) gonna be hell ___ I hope you like it because there is suggestion number 2: Durable for keys You know when someone find Factory, Mark, Miliatry ... or different keys for maps and players no more care about these keys ? Yea its bad. So my idea is durable for keys. For example player can find: 1. NEW key ( with 90-100 durable) fast opening doors, 1-5 % damage when you open door with this typ, can be repair once when its come change status for used key 2. Used key (50 - 90 % durable) fast opening doors, 5-15% damage when you open door with this typ 3. Damaged key (1 - 50 % durable) slow opening doors, 5-15% damage when you open door with this typ When key reach 0% its change for unusable key, and you can no longer use it during mission, you can repair just new typ keys other keys you can sell for few rubbles + Better gameplay, less chance find naked person with knife or tomahawk RUN for safes or mark zones ... + Better ECONOMY and for future ECONOMY for keys in black market ... + Players start look in wardrobes, boxes, check dead scavs - pocket ... for fine (better) keys ... ______ EXTRA suggestion: When you eat painkiller you gonna be thirst soon ! 1. USE - (-10 water) duration painkiller effect 5min 2. USE and MORE USE - (-20 water) duration painkiller effect 4-2 min because body ADAPT ! (ADRENALIN different stuff) + WATER GONNA BE necessary for raid not just for CAMP whole time or for long missions ! I hope you like my suggestions and i am prepare for opinions from you !
  22. Hello, I would like to see ingame few Czech weapons. Our guns are worldwide famous like CZ75 pistol, Scorpion 61 submachinegun, SA VZ.58 assault rifle. Now we have new models, whose popularity rising. I would love to use them in EFT, CZ 805 Bren or CZ 806 Bren (CZ BREN 2) and Scorpion EVO 3 A1. CZ 805 Bren Scorpion EVO 3 A1 CZ BREN 2 - CZ 806 Bren
  23. TozkoparanSahin

    sight brightness

    Me and other people i know have always been thinking why there is no sight brightness setting, since some sights for example "Eotech holo sight" have this function. in the dark (or when using nvg) we would lower it, in the day light we would make it brighter. here is a link to explain it better:
  24. MrAtomicDuckTV

    A Revision to Current Spawn System

    Hi guys, This is my first post on the forums I believe, I've had a look through the last couple of pages within the suggestions thread and I couldn't see anything of this nature, so went ahead and took it upon myself to address an issue which I think has become quite prominent recently. This issue doesn't seem to occur on Shoreline from my experience, as the map is large enough to accommodate several different spawn locations, and I don't play Factory, so I can't comment on that map either. However, with Customs and Woods I find this issue regularly means a loss of gear within a few minutes of spawning in, if that. With the current state of the game, I simply find the spawns are too close in proximity to each other. In previous re-iterations of the spawn system, we of course came to know different spawn locations but they were far apart enough from each other that players can retreat to relative safety before other players showed up. I love the idea of splitting the spawns to both ends of the map, but I believe either we have too many players in one map at the moment, or too many spawns in one location. Customs features several spawn locations around the white water towers in the industrial section of the map, where several players will engage each other within the first few seconds of spawning. Not only does this cause issues for groups of players waiting for their allies to spawn with them, but in general, I don't think it makes for a fun experience. Individuals with higher quality gear are going to come out on top 90% of the time, because you haven't had time to scavenge your own gear or even try to take them by surprise. I'd like to hear other's opinions on changing the current spawn system to spread spawns further throughout the map, or simply bringing down the player count for the maps that seem to be having the most issues with this recently. Maybe just I'm experiencing this! Please share your views below. Thanks.
  25. So I can't help but see a lot of new players coming straight to the general forum to complain. Guys and gals, I'm am also a new player, I've only been playing since late November. But I've been a part of quite a few "early access" or "closed beta" games and the biggest thing you need to understand is that the game isn't finished yet, it is still in development. Right now we are all essentially game testers. Instead of complaining we are supposed to be using the forum as a platform to suggest new additions or changes to the game and have the community discuss it to help further develop the game. I keep seeing people say the game is unplayable, or they want rewards for reporting bugs, or refunds because they keep losing all their gear to T-1000 Scav's of ultimate destruction. Please stop polluting the forum with anger and hate!!! If there is a bug, report it, or use the forum as a platform to discuss it with the community but try not to make it such a negative place. There will be hatchlings that kill you when you are fully geared, scav's are gonna shoot you through walls, and Desync is going to drive you nuts, but EVENTUALLY the game is going to continue to be developed and in time they are going to fix these issues. Have faith in BSG and their development team. Alright, I'm getting off my platform now, everyone have a great day, a happy new year, and most importantly enjoy Escape from Tarkov!!!!
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