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Found 52 results

  1. Pryzies

    New Player Perspective

    New Player Perspective: I'm sure the game has been out long enough that folks have had a chance to give beginner feedback but here goes mine. Honestly, I'm not new to the genre or FPS. I've been playing these kinds of games for a very long time. Now Tarkov seems to provide a fresh face to the mechanics of 'shooting people for fun' but there are particularly daunting holes in the beginner player experience that most likely have already been exhausted but I guess I'll put my gripes up on the heap along with the rest. First off - The game is hard; I get that. Well, hard isn't the word for it. Unrealistically hard? Perhaps that's the best way to put it. The single most important aspect of a game like this, in my opinion, is map awareness and for the life of me I can't understand why learning a map was designed to be the hardest part. The in-game map that you can purchase from a dealer is woefully inadequate and doesn't even resemble a realistic map you would happen to chance upon in a game which purports to be as realistic as possible.. If you take a map into offline mode it gives you next to nothing already but with so little amount of effort you guys could have done a lot better. Which brings me to my suggestion: Allow me to explore the map sure, but if I find a loot cache or a landmark just automatically indicate it on my in game map. This way I can earn what you guys call "exploration" experience more intuitively and make it a lot more beneficial to me as a newer player. Even better, preserve those icons, labels, indicators on my map when I find them so that it becomes a useful tool for me to continuously learn and make my way around during online mode. Just this feature alone would probably increase the likelihood that a newer player, such as myself, will stick around long enough to enjoy their experience with the game - god knows dying a billion times to lvl 40+ players at lvl 5 is enjoyable enough(sarcasm). In short, the game already has an extraordinary learning curve and a feature modification like this shouldn't even be a blip on the radar of the hardcore folks that relish in the challenge that this game provides. Perhaps even it might enhance the challenge they get as newer player will become proficient faster rather than fizzle out and quit shortly after purchase. Again, I get that you set out to provide a game that caters to the hardcore FPS guys out there but in the quest to become that you've alienated the better part of the millions of other casual folks out there. With a few tweaks you could better their experience and deepen your pockets but that's entirely up to you of course. Make the maps better please.
  2. Can something be implemented where on a crash or close after a raid, we can still get to the post raid screen and get out items?
  3. Ubspy

    Weapon configuration saves

    I know you guys get a lot of suggestions, and you're working hard on the game, but I wanted to give some opinions on something that's been annoying me recently. Whenever you buy a weapon, it always is set to single fire, and the only way to change it is during the raid. I think it would be nice if there was a way to change this before going into raid, since usually when you spawn in your first instinct is to start moving. I think it would be helpful to do the same for zeroing your sights. Every time I get a new sight, it seems like it's at a random zero number. One last note, I'm pretty certain that my sight zeroing doesn't save between raids, I always find myself having to change it back to my preference. While with the full auto or single fire thing, I can just press b. Zeroing is a lot more tedious. I think it would be cool if you could change that stuff out of raid, and made zeroing persistent across raids. Thank you for reading, keep up the good work.
  4. So I've had the idea to increase the amount of ammo that can be bought per restock based on the level of the trader level, because the limit for some better ammunitions feels quite low for some. Of course 150 LPS Gzh rounds are going to last for longer than 250 AP 6.3. One can last 10 raids for someone with a Mosin and the other is going to last someone with a MPX just one, maybe two raids max. And those limits force some diversity of a playstyle if you don't want to pay the gap in price compared to the flea market. So my complete suggestion would be, that the limit increases each time you level up the trader. For example a ammo type you unlock at level 1 will increase 3 times from 150 -> 200 -> 250 -> 300. Those intervalls could also be another way to balance the way people play, like it's done with the Mosin right now by adjusting prices of the ammo and weapon.
  5. It would be good if you could sort the tasks by either type (find, kill, etc) and by location (Customs, Shoreline). This would help players with a lot of active tasks plan what they are going to work on in a raid on a specific map.
  6. devast8r


    Damage Value system -Length Barrels and Damage values Stash Container -Unable to swap between bags when you do not wish set in empty square spaces and then swap Wallet issues -Unable to stack cash in Wallet when all square spaces occupied not exceeding 50,000 rubles value Weapon system issue -Unable to toggle sight between Carry Handle Top Scope mount and Iron Sights (AR-15 pattern Rifles/Platform) -Unable to toggle sight between Rail Side Mount System and Iron Sights (AK/SKS Pattern Rifles/Platform) -DSA SA58/FAL not able to fold with folding designated stock -SKS reloading animation need to redo and can be able to top it off with rounds with new animation -Kedr PP91 has two sights system Peephole and a U Notch -SKS, Mosin Nagant need to add Stripper Clips ammo -Smoke need to rework -Knife sounds need to rework when contacting with different materials stop reusing bullet ricochet sound -add animation of injured Scav and Players from other point of views After Action Review Replay system Division player skills tier system -prevents smurfing and able to equalize between expierence players and friendlier to non experience players
  7. Gartenzaun

    Trader Fleamarket from lvl 1

    Hey I think it would be great if you open the fleamarket ONLY for Trader Products at level 1. As a Player who doesnt know all Weapon extensions, the function "linked search" (only for trader attachments) would help a lot. Same goes for "Required Search" for Trader Barter-Items, i dont think it makes the game easier, because both think can be found in the wiki, its just more annoying 😃 Greeting from Germany (P.S. I would love a Hardcore-Mode without non-Trader fleemarket aswell)
  8. This change should be adjusted in the beginning, rather than when I spent most of my time to do the task, suddenly found the prize value, is this your players of these efforts we do the task very negative reply, we are not the host, freelancers, we also need to work, spend more time to live, only to survive, we can have the rest of the time to play your game. I am very sad about your change. I hope you can file back. Это изменение должно быть скорректировано в начале, а не когда я потратил большую часть времени на эту задачу, внезапно обнаружил, что приз девальвирован, и вы это для нас, эти усилия, чтобы играть роль очень негативный ответ, мы не ведущий, свободных профессий, мы также должны работать, тратить больше времени на жизнь, только жить, Мы можем остаться остальное время на игру. Мне очень жаль, что вы так изменились, и я надеюсь, что вы сможете вернуться. 这个改动应该在刚开始时进行调整,而不是当我花了大部分时间去做这个任务后,突然发现奖品贬值了,你这是对我们这些努力做任务的玩家十分消极的答复,我们不是主播,自由职业者,我们也需要工作,花费更多的时间去活下去,只有活下去后,我们才能有剩余的时间去玩你的游戏。你这样的改动让我十分难过,希望能进行回档。 Thank you for listening
  9. American_Gamer

    Suggestion For a Raid Boss

    So my friend and I have been playing and we absolutely love the Scav bosses. However we find their AI and difficulty lacking on their own. Don't Get me wrong their fun however I think they could be more fun. So hear me out we add a Raid Boss with the following: Armor - Altyn w/ Visor - Gen4 Full Weapons - AK-74N -- Completely Decked Out -- BS ammo - Saiga 12ga -- 20 round magazine -- Tormix Monster Claw -- AP-20 Slug AI Movement Spawns randomly in a room. The boss will not move from that room until it has been triggered with nearby gunfire noise. Upon hearing gunfire the boss breaches the door of the room it is in and proceeds to head in the direction of the gunfire. Upon locating a player the visor on the Altyn lowers and the AI will proceed to rush the player. Usually initiating combat with a stun grenade followed shortly by a lead for a normal grenade. While at mid to long range the AI uses the AK-74N however if a player gets too close it will duck behind cover and swap to the Saiga. Its overall ability to target players borders on AIMBOT. This is intentional as players are not after the boss itself. Instead they are trying to get away. If a player manages to get out of site of the AI it will proceed to call the player a "pussy" and will proceed to go from door to door breaching them looking for the player. The catch being that there are doors that players cannot breach down nor is there any key for however the AI can. The AI also contains the ability to use stims and other medical equipment varying their use dependent on the situation. The AI will be intentionally designed to hunt and absolutely destroy players and provide a difficulty that requires multiple players in order to kill. It would also help to have friendly units in the area with little to no armor however very powerful guns that have great amounts of penetration or damage to tear apart player armor. Again this is just an idea we'd like to see and I hope the community also finds the idea appealing.
  10. I think that a good balance to add to the game would be to change the amount of time it takes to use medical supplies depending on what kind of gear you have. If you have no gear on then the time to use the meds should be as it is now but as you put on more and more gear it should take longer to use the meds and heal up. This would make it more realistic as it would be difficult to bandage your head if you had a helmet on or chest with body armor on, the thicker and heavier the armor the more difficult it would be to use meds. This would also make it more challenging for players that are in the late stage of the game and would make getting into firefights more risky as they wouldn't be able to regain health as quickly.
  11. BeardedFeels

    Funny Dance

    I don't know if anyone posted something like this already, but I saw this and maybe someday Nikita and his brave team of warrior developers will grace us BEARs and USECs with this dance from this video.
  12. Hunter6986

    new player servers

    Would it be possible to get servers for new players. I just started the game and i'm barely a lvl 6 but i keep getting killed and losing my gear by lvl 50+. For a new player it's a bit discouraging and makes me not want to play, knowing that i have a ton of progress to try and get threw to be on par with the veteran players. If we had lvl based servers/npc servers till a certain lvl, or till we catch up with real players in lvl we could get the XP needed without it being to easy jut not being super hard trying to contend with people who have had it from the start of the testing. Not being able to progress in a game where you can lose everything from one gun fight with someone so far ahead of you, as they are for me, makes it hard to want to get on everyday.
  13. hi, just had an idea about an grendae belt that probably is allready in the works so you have more space for specific types of grenades , but also a grendae quickdraw option so you can choose the type of grenade you want to use in specific situations might give the game mechanics more variety entertainment and quality of life and give more use to less used grenade types in the game overall. thought i bring it up here keep it up but please fix the game its current state is very broken specially the fact that sometimes magazines and or backpack bug out weapon ammunition that then deal no dmg at all without knowing it. keep it up and stay safe over there
  14. Where do I start...well, I LOVE this game, I really enjoy playing by my own or with my friends, and when i listen that you guys are having problem about servers and bug I thought: "Why don't give them advice as a beginner developer and an old player?", so here I am. STOP ADDING THINGS, I know it makes the game better and more full of content but STOP, concentrate on the optimization, making the game more playable on old graphics card, because many of the people who play this game aren't too rich to buy the new graphics card to play the game at its full magnificence, like me. I know that i isn't a good idea, but i think that if you'll continue this way the game won't be able to play on old computers, and this is not good. Also, you might resolve some bugs in the meanwhile and make the servers less heavy, so that if you're going to add more things, the game will be at his best and you don't have to resolve too many bugs. Hope you're going to listen to my requestes, I mean, this game in beautiful, don't ruin it please. A big fan from Italy. ❤️
  15. itsJohnnyLegend

    Show new stats during hover in Presets

    I would just like to see the info screen in Presets update with the new stats of the gun as you hover over different options instead of having to actually equip it first.
  16. GiantPrizm

    Scav Players

    We all know about the pmc extracts that can happen when you have a friendly scav around. I feel like those extracts should have some change. It can stay the same and include minimum of two pmcs' or two scavs' to extract. Or allow scav players to queue up with either pmc players or scav players, for those pmc and scav extracts to be used more. Of course scav players queuing with pmc player or other scav players would only be allowed on certain maps that have the extract.
  17. xweaponx

    Flea Market App

    How about you guys make a real mobile app for the Flea market, it would really be useful for the players to trade without starting their PC, it would surely blast in the tarkov's community.
  18. METAKON2434

    Key drop Ideas

    I'm not good at English, but I came up with an idea, so let me suggest it. As the title says, it's about dropping keys. Currently, there is a problem that only the key room opened and stole by the knife runner. So, What about killing someone unlocking the door and turning it into a system that drops the key in there? By doing so, I think fewer people will see only the key room without securing the surroundings.
  19. DougieB

    Thermal Scope Resolution?

    As per the stream just now, i agree that the thermal scopes adds an element to the game that is not constructive, however they do have their place. They just need to be implemented with more mechanics. Thermal Scopes: Why don't they instead of having a repair mechanic as Sacriel suggested - they run out of batteries? Either we purchase/raid batteries for them perhaps milspec or we can recharge them in our hideout with a special hideout mod? That would consume generator fuel and time. Therefor the way for use would be; find or purchase thermal scope -> enter raid and use, battery drains when thermal is turned on (new mechanic required to turn on and off thermals mid raid) -> similar to armour once the raid finishes you will need to charge the scopes batteries therefor you enter the Hideout and charge via hideout and the scope is stored within the hideout until charged. This would require generator to run. Other option would be to buy batteries or find in raid batteries for the scopes, this would then bring in a cost for running the scope similar to the above. Thoughts?
  20. TeenyTinyWyvern

    Voice Acting Community Competition

    I appreciate the amount of lines we have in game, but I do not at all think quantity over quality can apply here. Bears and Scavs clearly have better work put into their lines, which makes sense, seeing as how this is primarily a Russian made game, however, we should all know by now that the USEC voice lines just sound like the english speaking developers went into the booth to record the lines and threw them in later on. My suggestion: Create a competition for members of the community to make voice lines for the USEC Forces. Im sure a lot of people would be interested, and it would not take away any of the money obtained by the devs. I dunno, I just think that the USEC forces dont sound... real?
  21. For now, the defibrillator is only used for trades/quests. To add a further use for this item i though of an idea that would need tweaking. So, my idea is that when your teammate dies you have 2 minutes to use the defibrillator on them. The base chance would be 50% of it resurrecting the person. Each 15 seconds the success chance would decrease, for example , by 10%. After 2 minutes it would be 0%. If your teammate stays in the death screen then the rule works, however, if the player leaves to the main menu then the chance of resurrection drops to 0%. Each use of the defibrillator will destroy the item, regardless if its successful or not. When a player is resurrected their arms and legs will be blacked out, how ever, they will be able to run for 15 seconds. Also, the max hp will be halved. The use time of the defibrillator should be long and the noise when using it should be loud. This feature will let players get a second chance.
  22. LayZ_Gamer

    High Tier Items/Endgame Improvement

    So I was watching Sacriel just now and as always he gives good game advice and some good discussions about what could possibly be changed within the world of Tarkov. I give all credit of this idea to Sacriel himself and I feel compelled to share it here for the devs to see and consider doing. The idea is quite simple in principal. Make high tier items like the best ammo, thermals etc only obtainable inside raids and non-tradeable. This would make the end game content feel much more rewarding and in my opinion give relief to a few issues within the game, like being 1 tapped 90% of the time with max class armour and helmets (i know this is realistic but it seems a little unbalanced for a game to be honest). TLDR; Make high tier items like the best ammo, thermals and the likes only obtainable inside raids and non-tradeable. atleast between players. I beg, Developers, consider this idea worthy of much consideration!
  23. germanwarrior

    Server Connection Lost

    Alright im not here to cutie about the state of the Servers but what i can in no way,shape or form understand is why there isnt a fail safe?? Seriously whitin this week alone i lost 7-10 Kits each worth about 500-700k. Friend gets sniped,i kill the sniper and am super happy because of the crazy loot he has but then server connection lost. I try to reconnect (first time it ever happend that i even had the option) but get stuck on wating for session start. 5 minutes later i close the game to retry and it says i left the game and went awol. Similar things have happened so many times now. Im just your average joe so loosing that kind of gear really hurts,cant even imagine how it is to someone who already has an empty stash. Jus tthe last raid i was doing a lenghty Quest killed a decently kitted player and then Server Connection Lost. Back to menu,lost everything and can go do my Quest again. Seriously,why wont you just let us reconnect? Or why if the server fuckes up just count it as extract or at the very least reset it to before your Raid. Just dosnt get in my head. I dont even want to play anymore because i never know if ill make it out or loose everything to bs...
  24. Solo, had a 41 min raid on Interchange, killed a big boi squad, got 6b43 (class 6) armor, tons of guns, 5 backpacks and all in all tons of loot. I chilled for a while for the clock to go down so most of the pmc's will get out of this raid, went my way for emercom extract, I check the roof, dont see no one, proceed to run towards extract only to be camped by a duo sniping me from across the roof with no immediate real cover to hide behind, honestly that frustrates me so much. that roof position is too safe tbh and should be removed.
  25. First of all I am writing this topic as a user with a frustrated experience and as a website developer. In 25/11/2019 i create my account on the website with my hotmail account, unaware that battle state games had a problem communicating with mail servers. At this point everthing for me was going pretty well. At 28/11/2019 i realize a purchase of standart edition, and from that my e-mail stop from receive emails from battlestategames. From that day starts my frustating experience. After starting to search the forum, I not only find out what the common problem is, it happens to many users over a long time. and among these many topics most of the answers are always the same list of recommendations that don't solve the problem as the end of this journey boiled down to "email support". I can assume that the delay in response from support (which can be up to 14 days from the replies I followed by the forum) is certainly influenced by the large amount of people having to change their email because they just can't log in to their accounts. In my case since i bought the game, me experience resume in go to twitch.tv and watch people playing the game that i can't play. Before any explanation saying that the mailing system is ok and that the problem is not on your side but on the mail servers. I can tell from experience that as much as this is true, it does not mean that it is causing a problem of dissatisfaction and certainly a support overload that has to deal with these problems. So here's my suggestion that I think will alleviate the problem: Just as the game has a very expressive warning that the game is incomplete and therefore does not represent the final version of the game, it writes a very big alert when a new user is registering a new account saying there are problems with the servers. hotmail, yahoo and others ... and the development team advise registration using gmail (I'm saying gmail, because for countless topics, it seems to work best in this case.) In my case this suggestion will not work, because i am alredy duck waiting the reply of support (8 days at this moment), but i have a hotmail, a gmail and a yahoo. if I had seen a very expressive warning on the registration page advising me to use gmail, I would probably use this email at registration. Is this a perfect solution with 100% effectiveness? NO , but in my humble opnion as a web developer this solution will mitigate the problem of people having a horrible first experience with the website. PS: Sorry for the bad English, it's not my first language. PS²: As a developer I understand the thousands of problems that exist in building applications. I am not here to say that I am better than anyone and I know there is certainly a lot of work being done and to be done. As the topic tag itself says, I am making a suggestion to avoid headaches and discontent with future users. PS³: Keep up the good work with the game, the development team is very open to feeback and I think that's awesome.
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