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Found 10 results

  1. Scav on Scav killing is too easy to get away with. Every time I open a crate or box or body or door, 7/10 times I'm attacked by a scav, AS A SCAV! and if I am on Factory 9/10 times. Sometimes I'm shot at and they miss so I kill them first for which I'm penalized. Other times I'm wounded kill the attacker and another scav thinking I started it comes and kills me. The benefits don't out way the negative effects when it comes to REP with Fence. Yes you get a discount on certain things, Yes you get a higher chance of better scav loot on spawn. But what does it matter if you are just going to kill the other scavs who don't get a fair chance because if they fire first or retaliate to poor aim because they get penalized. I believe the punishment for this should be higher and go as follows: 1st offense: you lose rep (.05 points) and lowers scav starter loot quality until rep is raised. 2nd offense: you lose rep even more (.05 points) and lowers scav starter loot quality until rep is raised increased scav wait timer. 3rd offense: you lose rep even more (.05 points) and lowers scav starter loot quality until rep is raised increased scav run timer and start with a fractured leg (because fence punished you for killing his scavs). I may be angry, but I have crowd sourced among a few groups of fellow players and this seems adequate. thoughts and opinions?
  2. Hello battlestates game. As the title states, please allow players sell weapons obtained by killing other players in the flea market. I bought this game in 2019, and being able to buy & sell the weapons players obtained by killing other players in the flea market was a extremely attractive feature to me. It was fascinating to see so many different versions of a same gun being traded by players. With the being removed in mid 2020, I found the game is not attractive as it used to be. Please consider taking it back. I understand this "new" setting was add to stop RMT, but consider let players trade weapons obtained from dead players, it was really fun.
  3. Zynx

    Thoughts and suggestions

    Hello guys! There are some thoughts and suggestions for overall better game experience. Maybe some of them will be useful. Sorry for the poor english. - Prevent players to stand each others head: Prevent players to reach spots which normally unavailable for them. In that case less "glitching feature" will be available for the players. - Auto sell to Fence: It will be a nice to have feature, when a SCAV raid ends and the players leave some stuff on the scav character theese items should automatically going to sell to Fence. It is a small thing I know, but in the long run this methot spare tons of time for the players and grant extra money for them. - Ear and other hitbox size correction: IMHO the ear hitboxes are way too large. It is a common problem, when somebody using face shield and die because of an earshot which comes from an enemy who stands in front of him. - Bot scav jump ability: They sprint, prone, reload, check magazine now, which is great. The only missing feature is the jump. Now if I hear some jump noise I instantly know there is a player somewhere around. If the bots start to jump sometimes this „knowledge” will gone and recommend more attention for me and the other players. - In game ammo damage and penetration display on the "Inspect" view: In game there is no clue which ammo is better then the other, and why. Now if I want to figure it out I need to use third party help. (e.g: Wiki Tarkov ballistic page) - Exploration XP buff: I think the exploration XP need some serious buff. Now, I only get reasonable XP for killing. So If I exit camp and kill players is more benefical than playing game in normal way. If I loot every crate on the map, and run trhough and back to the entire map at the same game, and extract I get almost no xp, whitch is bad I think. Players must be rewarded for exploration and pushing through the map. It is also nice to have if players get XP to injure enemy players. (no xp if the player is a teammate) Little bit annoying when a 3 man squad come for me, and I almost kill 2 ppl and the third gets me and I get 0 XP because I dont kill anyone. (I caused 600 flash damage and 400 armor damage which shared between the two players)
  4. Hey folks, I'm new to the game and started playing about a week ago. I've been eyeballing EFT for a while now and finally decided to give it a shot. What can I say except that I am truly impressed with the vast amount of content for a game that's still in beta. I really love the general concept of the game, its complex looting and gearing system, the extensive weapon mod system and most of all -- the mind-blowing detail that went into the level design is simply breathtaking! Now, I understand that EFT is not kindergarten. It was purposefully designed as a hardcore shooter that's not supposed to be easy but sets focus on a most realistic combat experience. If you want easy, go play COD or BF. And that's fine with me. I also like the concept of losing any gear you brought into a raid if you get killed as PMC. It makes you think twice of what you're willing to risk, which makes gameplay even the more interesting. Have any problem with that? Git gud. lol 😁 However, after about a week of playing I sensed a few things that get so infuriatingly frustrating that I already feel myself starting to lose interest in the game. Which is kinda sad, because I really like the concept and would like to keep playing. So I thought I'd use the opportunity and list a few things that should be improved in my opinion. Disable Scav cooldown timer when you got killed Sure, there's a reason why playing as Scav has a timer before you can play it again. After all, scaving is a no-risk, but potentially high-reward situation. If you die in-raid, you only lose what was generated at random before the session. But if you successfully extract, you may keep whatever you found during the raid. Obviously, if there was no cooldown timer at all, everyone would just play Scav all the time without risking the life of their PMC. Nobody wants that. But: since you get killed so easily and so quickly in EFT (especially when you're new to the game), it is a real pain having to wait 20 minutes before you can scav again, even if you died. What's the point of having to wait 20 mins when you didn't get to keep any of the loot the round before because your Hypothalamus made friendship with Mr. 7.62x54mmR? There is zero reward in terms of loot when you get killed while scaving, so why must I wait nevertheless? I think the cooldown timer is only justified when you made your exit, in order to prevent people to play the game in a "Scav-only" style. Allow Scav offline mode at any time (no timer) Since offline mode is for training purpose only and doesn't change anything in your profile, it should always be available, even as Scav. But instead, when I died as Scav in an online raid the round before, I can not even play Scav offline mode without having to wait out the 20 min timer. No fun. Remove post-raid healing of a PMC that was KIA I play PMC, I get killed, and then... I have to heal?!?! Why? I'm dead. I'm bleeding demised. I passed on. I am no more. I ceased to be. I'm expired and gone to meet my maker. I am a late PMC. Bereft of life, I rest in peace. I kicked the bucket, hopped the twig, run down the curtain and joined the choir invisible. I. AM. AN. EX-PMC. Honestly, the need to heal a character that was killed doesn't make much sense to me. Just a waste of money and medical supplies. The need to post-raid heal a character should only be there if you extracted while wounded. Being killed already gives you the punishment of losing all your loot. No need to give me the extra punishment of having to heal a dead guy. Add penalty for killing Scavs while playing as Scav yourself We Scavs are supposed to stick together, don't you see? Our real enemy are the heavily armed PMCs. Carrying all this class A gear, they're hard enough to kill as is. That's why the Scav bots don't shoot at other Scavs, unless they do something stupid first. However, I regularly encounter other player Scavs that don't give a damn about a friendly wiggle but come at me all guns blazing. Immediately. No chit-chat first. While it should generally be possible to do, I think it would be fair to add a massive negative EXP penalty if you decide to do so. Fair matchmaking As far as I can tell you get thrown onto a server with other players of any level. What chances does a newbie with a 9x18mm Makarov stand against a heavily armored dude with years of experience and a fully automatic battleship-launcher? I think it'd be wise to implement a function to allow the player to only get matched with players of a comparable level. And last but not least a little optional wish that'd be nice to have: add coop offline mode, so I can train with my friends against AI only And that's all for today, folks!
  5. I have a suggestion for Tarkov: Was thinking that it would be awesome if a new boss would have militarized animals like a bear or K9 as a follower. Or make it like it's own boss roaming the map? Terra Labs maybe did some experiments on russians bears and other animals with combat stimulants? or another idea is to make a new raider K9 unit type with dogs 😈
  6. shawnlightman

    Adding Polaroid in Tarkov

    I love the beautiful scene and interesting moment in Tarkov. It will add so much fun, If the dev team can add Polaroid camera in game and make the photographic paper purchasable.
  7. Cap_n_Cook

    Please developers focus on labs

    Hey there, First of all i want to tell I've been playing labs only for about 3 months already after i got kappa,and i play daily a lot of hours so i know what I'm talking about. So first of all a lot of things changed in the couple of weeks. First : I never met any hackers before ( i play in eu ) or if I did i thought they are played just better than me in that moment ,but in the last weeks i met a lot of tham and I'm hundred percent sure about it cuz some of tham unashamedly didnt even tried to hide it. The thing i met : wallhack + speedhack + aimbot. Firstly,guyz runing with 100km/h jump from the upper lever and shoot me in the had in the air. After that I sometimes record but not allways cuz doesnt want to get ping drop cuz of it,especially not in labs...I met 3 of this speedhackers. Secondly,another hundred percent sure hackers camping at the hallways at the fire escape hallways cuz of the wallhack they know exactly where the people is,they killed me a lot of times that way when they couldnt hear or see me shooted throught tents and "paper strong blue barricades" . ( blue,green black room,etc area) Thirdly,I dunno about it is that a work of the developers or of the cheaters,is that ledx spawn rate nerfed? Or hackers spawn tham to thamself from kilometers away. Before i could get 1 ledx in around every 10 raids,after interchange change patch i could get around 1 from 30 matches,but i see that the flea market is full with ledx-es,and its get cheaper day by day,and belive me when I'm say no matter where i spawn I'll be the first at least one of the spawns. Also played a lot of matches where blue or green room isnt opened what was very rare before and still no ledx in there. 4. I guess a lot of people already posted about it but main elevator is bugged,u cant get inside and with the combainater of wallhack campers who shoot throught 4 door windows its very frustrating u cant get inside. 5. Also the voices radius and working is bugged probably of the new voice changes in labs. I very appriciate it that we can hear that better and differently on 0. level if some1 moves in the -1 under us,but its harder to hear from the -1 whats happening on 0. floor. Also keycard using voice is nearly silent,u cant even hear that at black room door if they opening green room. Also u nearly cant hear throught this levels when its a much less "closed levels" and thinner the wall between levels than 0 and -1. I can hear at black room if people wallking in the middle of the hallway of -1 but i cant hear if some1 silent walking exactly above me(not crouching)...Its a little bit funny. Also keykard uses like i cant hear from 2-3m away in the middle of green room hallway that some1 uses card in green room,cant hear from 1 meter away from red room main door if some1 is inside opening red. So it really should reworked or change it back before to have real voice of keycard using. 6. Suggestion against hatchlings. Like i said before in the 3. one im very sure its not the work of the devs but of the cheaters that i find a lot of games where at the end of the raid i still can open red and green and also was 1. at least one of the other ledx spawns and there is no ledx. But i see much more hatchling at the start,but after 10 minutes i running the whole map around like a crazy,running after shoots and i doesnt find bodies or players. Its like some players would join the game as hatchling spawn the ledxs to thamself and instantly going out.Also its very irritating when normally the real badass players want to go to labs,risk full gears to get full geared players,real challange etc. or going in budget build if doesnt have that much money for try hard and now suddenly every second player is a hatchling who doesnt even bother thamself to kill raider,gear up and try figth just to steal stuff from the players who are risking real money,not the crying babies on other maps who crying about losing their best stuff when our worst budget build in labs 5x more expensive than their best. Also im not crying about it i have some hundred million rubels if they take the best lootable items from map also not about they could kill me cuz they doesnt stand a change in 1m rub build when im whole naked with a good gun with good ammo,I'm just sayin normal people want to take a real fight in labs a rat way or chad way but want action and adrenalin,and it has the best atmosphere from all the maps,strong enemies,"strong" raiders etc. And now kills the feel cuz every 2. player is a hatch,so right now i we have to hunt for real enemies,when it could be 1000x better if it would be like before the worst option is that budget geared rats camping in corners at least u have a chance to find action. SO my suggestion would be add more raiders to the map at start,before opening exits,and make tham much more agressive against players who doesnt wear 1 main weapon( so not just hatchling but pistol runners too (the same for me)) and doesnt wear an armor (or armored rig)on chest(even a 0/50 peca is ok) so they should lose a little bit more and more importantly they could get speed penalty also.But at least they have a chance to take a fight.And when i say agressively i mean the closest raider to that hatchling instantly sprint to it and know its exact location. So at the end that map before was for 2 type of players : real action addicted chad players,and rats who wanted to make real money and risked even if they were scared. Now its the paradies of hatchling ad hackers. If sometimes there was a hatch they were scared as hell cuz they knew badass players around tham and watch where to step and move silently cuz they can die any moment. Now they running around like idiots cuz they know at least other 3-4 hatchling running around also just like tham. At least keep that 1 map safe from theese vermins whos are doing the exactly opposite what this game made for and try to ruin everything.
  8. This may have already been suggested but Battlestate maybe you guys should include throwable lights for the community? An alternative to a straight up flashlight or night vision goggles. Road emergency flares or Chemical Lights that can fit into a 1x2 (flare) or 1x1 (Chemical light) Road Flare example Example Chemical Lights The flare being brighter than the chemical light but it would also add an extra layer to players playing the night sessions and scavs for night instead of just rapidly flashing the lights or trying to memorize every aspect of the map at night. (Seriously anyone remember Factory at night Pre-version 11?) jesus it was dark as hell that even cranking gamma way up didn't fix it. Anyways I digress, if we could have an alternative to these things it could make the game a little bit more friendly for new players who have night time related quests. Any community thoughts on this to help?
  9. Djavan89nl

    M4 mod.

    Hello defs, I think you need to take a look at this. The scope is attachable with the hand ar carry handle still on. Kind regards, Djavan
  10. Let's cut the things short. There's a quest need you to give Ragman 2 Pilgrim backpack and 2 shamaska mask. I've stored poo load of these with Pack in pack technique. Here come's the weird thing. I took 2 of those pack out individually. But I can't tell which one is empty and which one is not in the transporting page. So I gave Ragman the pilgrim pack that is containing all my money and all sparable back packs by mistake. Really?????????? We can't trade anything that is containing anything. But we can give it to traders as a quest item... Since these backpacks are not identical to me. It is really easy to mess it up. I don't think I can have my 4 million rubles back though. But BSG pls fix it.
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