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Found 9 results

  1. Hello battlestates game. As the title states, please allow players sell weapons obtained by killing other players in the flea market. I bought this game in 2019, and being able to buy & sell the weapons players obtained by killing other players in the flea market was a extremely attractive feature to me. It was fascinating to see so many different versions of a same gun being traded by players. With the being removed in mid 2020, I found the game is not attractive as it used to be. Please consider taking it back. I understand this "new" setting was add to stop RMT, but consider
  2. Zynx

    Thoughts and suggestions

    Hello guys! There are some thoughts and suggestions for overall better game experience. Maybe some of them will be useful. Sorry for the poor english. - Prevent players to stand each others head: Prevent players to reach spots which normally unavailable for them. In that case less "glitching feature" will be available for the players. - Auto sell to Fence: It will be a nice to have feature, when a SCAV raid ends and the players leave some stuff on the scav character theese items should automatically going to sell to Fence. It is a small thing I know, but
  3. Hey folks, I'm new to the game and started playing about a week ago. I've been eyeballing EFT for a while now and finally decided to give it a shot. What can I say except that I am truly impressed with the vast amount of content for a game that's still in beta. I really love the general concept of the game, its complex looting and gearing system, the extensive weapon mod system and most of all -- the mind-blowing detail that went into the level design is simply breathtaking! Now, I understand that EFT is not kindergarten. It was purposefully designed as a hardcore shooter that's
  4. I have a suggestion for Tarkov: Was thinking that it would be awesome if a new boss would have militarized animals like a bear or K9 as a follower. Or make it like it's own boss roaming the map? Terra Labs maybe did some experiments on russians bears and other animals with combat stimulants? or another idea is to make a new raider K9 unit type with dogs 😈
  5. shawnlightman

    Adding Polaroid in Tarkov

    I love the beautiful scene and interesting moment in Tarkov. It will add so much fun, If the dev team can add Polaroid camera in game and make the photographic paper purchasable.
  6. Cap_n_Cook

    Please developers focus on labs

    Hey there, First of all i want to tell I've been playing labs only for about 3 months already after i got kappa,and i play daily a lot of hours so i know what I'm talking about. So first of all a lot of things changed in the couple of weeks. First : I never met any hackers before ( i play in eu ) or if I did i thought they are played just better than me in that moment ,but in the last weeks i met a lot of tham and I'm hundred percent sure about it cuz some of tham unashamedly didnt even tried to hide it. The thing i met : wallhack + speedhack + aimbot. Firstly,guyz runing with
  7. This may have already been suggested but Battlestate maybe you guys should include throwable lights for the community? An alternative to a straight up flashlight or night vision goggles. Road emergency flares or Chemical Lights that can fit into a 1x2 (flare) or 1x1 (Chemical light) Road Flare example Example Chemical Lights The flare being brighter than the chemical light but it would also add an extra layer to players playing the night sessions and scavs for night instead of just rapidly flashing the lights or trying to memorize every aspect of the map at night. (Seriously an
  8. Djavan89nl

    M4 mod.

    Hello defs, I think you need to take a look at this. The scope is attachable with the hand ar carry handle still on. Kind regards, Djavan
  9. Let's cut the things short. There's a quest need you to give Ragman 2 Pilgrim backpack and 2 shamaska mask. I've stored poo load of these with Pack in pack technique. Here come's the weird thing. I took 2 of those pack out individually. But I can't tell which one is empty and which one is not in the transporting page. So I gave Ragman the pilgrim pack that is containing all my money and all sparable back packs by mistake. Really?????????? We can't trade anything that is containing anything. But we can give it to traders as a quest item... Since these backpacks are
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