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Found 102 results

  1. Tavva

    Lost Stuff

    Today, while organizing my inventory, I collected some money from Ragman from something selling on the flea market. After doing so, about 8~mil in roubles vanished from my money case. Is there any sort of way to return the money that I randomly lost to a bug? Or give some sort of compensation?
  2. Title basically says it. I forgot to update my tarkov account email before i migrated from gmail to outlook. Couldnt remember my password after an update asked me to log back in. I tried to reset password and realized i dont have access to that email anymore. Ive sent in emails to support and done plenty of research on what info they would need, and sent it all in. Its been a few days and no response. I understand a big patch is coming and the team is probably as slammed as ever with much more important issues than my account. Im just looking for any way or anyone that can help at this point. Appericiate it in advance if anyone can. If not i understand. Thanks. Also, i made this account so i could access this forum and play on a standard acxount atleast while i work on retrieving my main account.
  3. So apparently like the tilte says, after some months not playing the game cause my pc wasn't ready for the game I tried playing again, when I updated the launcher it said that I don't have the game purchased, and I won't pay for another new key.
  4. Does anyone know if the email address [email protected] is associated with BSG ?
  5. Bobflob6

    "You got a PMC in me."

    Fellow Escapees! Looks like command is still yet to care about us left here in this district... Sad times indeed. On my raids I've noticed some green PMCs leaving their hideout to brave Tarkov. I understand your struggle as i was there at one point. I'm not an expert on this region, but i can help you scrounge for the essentials. Oh. Most importantly not get your melon popped. Please do not give up, and hide! Grab your weapon, and a bag! Try again, 'cause ol' lady therapist will take care of you. =] Radio for BEAR PMC SquidStar. My radio is equipped to receive most transmission! Reserve... gets static. Haven't figured that out yet. Good luck on your raids! [ TLDR: Dont give up! Radio for Bobflob6#1306 on "Discord" frequency]
  6. So i'm pretty new to the game and still learning the game, but after a while of playing all of a sudden my graphics settings reset and so did my sensitivity. On top of that, using the scroll wheel to adjust your walk speed / your crouch height position no longer works. I thought it was my mouse that was the problem, but the scroll wheel seems to work fine with other applications. Anyone know how to fix these settings? I tried revert the controls list back to the original and nothing really happened.
  7. andresto

    Como reportar un bug del juego

    Escape from Tarkov se encuentra aún en constante desarrollo por lo que cada reporte ayuda a visibilizar y cuantificar los problemas que puede tener el juego. La siguiente guía explica como crear un reporte sobre un bug del juego. Abre el launcher, sobre el botón de Jugar podrás encontrar el botón de Reportar bug. Presiona el botón Reportar bug para abrir la ventana de reporte de bugs, la misma tendrá el siguiente aspecto: Selecciona la Categoría (1) que mejor acompañe al tipo de bug que quieres reportar. Ingresa una Descripción detallada (2) del bug que estas teniendo, que tan seguido ocurre, si ocurre bajo ciertas circustancias y de ser posible los pasos para reproducir el bug. En caso de tener video para adjuntar al reporte lo ideal es agregarlo a la descripción en forma de enlace. Asegurate de que los logs del cliente del juego (3) estén seleccionados (3), estos les proveerá a los desarrolladores información técnica sobre el funcionamiento del juego en tu PC. Presiona el botón de Añadir archivos (4) para adjuntar capturas de pantalla de ser posible donde se pueda ver el bug en cuestión. Presiona el botón de Enviar (5) para enviar el reporte. A tener en cuenta: Debido a que el equipo de Soporte no cuenta con especialistas que hablen español, es recomendado redactar la descripción del bug en inglés. Eviten crear varias solicitudes idénticas y/o actualizarlas mediante mensajes innecesarios. Por favor, esperar una respuesta: cada solicitud se procesa una por una. Si la actualizan, la solicitud se colocará al final de la cola y su tiempo de procesamiento aumentará. Es posible que el equipo de soporte o emisarios te pidan el ID del reporte que has realizado, el mismo lo puedes encontrar en la ventana de confirmación luego de crear un reporte o bien consultando la Sección de Soporte del sitio web oficial.
  8. FatherGuac

    Error 205 bad player ID

    Recently have decided to play and get back into Tarkov after a break. But every time I try to connect to raid I take about 10 steps and get the message "Game Aborted, Try Reconnect" I tried a VPN but that did not work. I cannot figure out what is causing this issue. My only idea is that I recently purchased a new Wifi adapter and that it could be causing issues. But my connection is fine everywhere else and a Wifi speed test tells me everything is fine. Has anyone solved this issue or know what causes it?
  9. Yeffreyy

    Need help with an issue!

    All of a sudden I have extremely slow map loading times. I have free space on my drive, but now the game takes 5+ minutes to load the map. Not sure what to do or if this is a common problem. Additionally, the game installs without a cache folder. I've tried reinstalling but I am still having the issue. (This mainly happens on customs, shoreline and reserve where I spawn in way after my teammates)
  10. I have had the game for around 2 months now and i have been playing it alot but recently i logged in and it says i havent baught the game. i dont know what to do, i can ofcause buy the game again but dont want to same thing to happend or lose all of my progress can someome please help me.
  11. At the moment im pretty sad and i have no idea what to do next, i dont have access to my account for two months now and i'm getting 0 response from the support. Two weeks ago i've written them a second time but no luck at all, they completely ignore my problem and dont seem to care at all. I have no idea if someone has similar problems or if somebody knows what i could try next, i really wanna play the game again but i for sure wont buy the game again. I dont think this is a good way to treat a paying customer...
  12. DragonSeb911

    Game Aborted, Try Reconnect

    Since 12.6 went live I have been unable to join any game regardless of Scav or PMC I get the same error "Game Aborted, Try Reconnect." well reconnecting does nothing and closing the game and starting it back up doesn't change anything, I have already uninstalled twice and made sure no files got left behind for good measure, I have fiber so I doubt its my internet connection I'm at a loss and just want to play. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  13. DecimatorZA

    Server connection Lost

    Hey all, Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but since yesterday (2020-06-24) I've been getting disconnected in literally every single raid I attempt with the message "Server Connection Lost". I have 2ms to the server I connect to and watch stream while playing and chat to people the whole time. My comms dont drop and neither do the streams but yet I disconnect every 5 mins ingame. I checked the game logs and found this: 2020-06-25 18:48:14.078 +02:00||Error|Default|Interaction is not confirmed. Door: autoId_00144. 1.009766 time has wasted. RTT: 0| 2020-06-25 18:48:14.642 +02:00||Error|Default|NetworkGame.StopCoroutine error:Server connection lost| 2020-06-25 18:48:14.683 +02:00||Error|Default|Game stopped error:Server connection lost| Not sure if that means anything to anyone but yeah. Thats the case over and over and over again. Already cleared the cache and flushed DNS and restarted all my net equipment and no change. Side note: When I enable fps 1 in game, my ping stays at 3 - 20ms. Even right when the connection to server is lost. Would love any help. Thanks
  14. DoG_McNasty

    Email auth not recieved

    So its been since the update and ive replied to various forum posts and nothing emailed support nothing I cant log in to make a ticket ive tried direct messaging devs nothing. I cant log into my account because I cant get an email to auth. 140.00 us dollars wasted so far and this is the simple issue holding me back. ive posted on your twitter and every other site asking for help no one has reached out to me. so hopefully someone will see this after a week of not being able to play and will somehow magically fix my no email auth being sent. as of now not recommending this game to be played due to the lack of support.
  15. Hallo zusammen. Brauche hilfe von der Community. Dieser Ignat Roshin bastard hat mich jetzt 5 wochen warten lassen um meine Email zu ändern und was macht er ??? Er ändert sie auf eine meiner email adressen die mit C. beginnen worauf ich aber auf keine einzige mehr zugriff habe Ist dieser Typ behindert im kopf oder was stimmt mit ihm nicht ? Habe von anfang an geschrieben er muss sie auf meine hauptemail ändern aber er tut es nicht. Er trollt mich und so langsam bekomme ich ausraster wegen diesem scheiß support... Die geben mir meinen account nicht mehr und im Tarkov profil kann ich auch nichts mehr ändern ey... was zum teufel soll dieser Bullshit ?????? die ändern meine email nicht UND ICH KÖNNTE SO LANGSAM AUSRASTEN >> da schaut im anhang den email verkehr.. IST DAS NOCH NORMAL ????????????? Die Ticket Nr. ist 6563443 Bitte helft mir irgendwie...
  16. Hallo zusammen, Nach 5 Wöchigem hin und her schreiben mit einem Supporter der sich "Ignat Roshin" nennt , habe ich einen punkt erlangt wo ich keine Nerven mehr habe um sachlich auf english mit ihm zu kommunizieren. Ich habe den Zugang zu meinen Emailadressen verloren und wollte sie demnach ändern da beide verifikation´s email´s auf diejenigen laufen, auf denen ich keinen zugriff mehr habe. Der Supporter hat meine email nach 5 wochen bitteln und betteln genau auf so eine adresse geändert... Nun geht das spiel wieder von vorne los und ich bekomme es langsam mit den nerven zu tun.. Er wusste in 3 Emails darüber bescheid das er die email auf meine Hauptadresse ändern soll. - hat er nicht gemacht. Nun bitte ich nen anderen Supporter zu bekommen bzw. einen Mod zu bekommen der mir endlich meinen 133 Euro account zurück gibt bzw. unlockt. Ich halt es nicht mehr aus hier über wochen hinweg getrollt zu werden obwohl alles klar und deutlich beschrieben wurde. Meine Daten dafür kann ich in ner PN an einen Mod weiter geben. Bitte helft mir irgendwie. Mit freundlichem Gruß MC_BLEED
  17. Hallo ! ich habe versucht das 12.7 Tarkov update durchzuführen , dabei ist beim update schon mein wallpaper engine und der taskmanager öfter hängengeblieben. nach dem der download auch hängengeblieben ist und ein launcher neustart nicht geholfen hat habe ich meinen pc neu gestartet. Nach dem neustart wurde mir ein fehler angezeigt das der unc pfad zum launcher nicht gefunden werden konnte. Nachdem ich im Explorer meine D:/ festplatte nicht gefunden habe habe ich in der Datenträgerverwaltung nachgeschaut und der erkennt nur meine 2 SSD's und die HDD(?) wird mit nur 3,86 GB angezeigt und nicht zuzgeordnet und nicht initialisert , beim versuch zu initialisieren kommt der E/A Fehler. Ich hoffe mir kann jemand irgendwie helfen !
  18. The game was fine last night, but when I tried to play today it keeps freezing and crashing when I attempt to load a raid (scav or PMC) on any map. I can hear the game sound and can tell when its loading loot or when I have loaded into a game however the game stays frozen and I cant do anything. Eventually it crashes altogether and asks me to send the error report thing (reached the limit now). I un/reinstalled, verified integrity, opened as administrator, restarted my PC (multiple times) and have also rest it an earlier date to no avail. System contains: i7-6700 GTX 1070 8GB 32GB DDR4 2400Mhz Win 10 - 64 bit Drivers up to date, no recent system changes and NO VPN.
  19. MrOffspring

    Problème installation launcher

    Bonjour, Suite au décès de mon SSD M2, j'essaie de réinstaller Tarkov, mais je suis dans l'incapacité d'installer le launcher. J'ai ce message à chaque fois que je tente de l'installer (je n'ai pas la possibilité de choisir le disque dur d'installation avant).
  20. BobbeHickerson

    Strange Issue

    im getting "bad service version" constantly. to the point that i cant actually play the game and every time i load into a raid be it scav or pmc, i get booted once the game loads. once booted it is impossible to reconnect, i have spent 40 mins trying to reconnect only to have been shot while loading. initially i couldn't host a game and now i cannot play period. no one else seems to be experiencing this. it does give me an error code it either says "bad service version" or "server connection lost" i cant seem to fix this issue either i have reinstalled the game twice and the problem persists. i have found another person on reddit with the same problem (https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/d4dz7y/strange_battleye_issue_bad_service_version/). they think its an issue with battle eye, but i have uninstalled and reinstalled it and also uninstalled it then deleted the file and redownloaded it to see if that fixed the issue, but i have had no luck, if anyone has any idea whats going on or has a possible fix pleas let me know.
  21. Rdelaura

    Player RTT

    How can you reduce Player RTT? I have over 500 Mbps download and 50 up, my ping to the servers Im choosing is generally >50ms I dont understand how my Player RTT is 100-200 all the time
  22. StickBoyy

    Missing Twitch Drops

    I've been grinding out twitch drops for the past couple days, but when I logged into Tarkov to claim them all there weren't any messages in my inbox. My twitch and Tarkov accounts are linked, and I never had any problems during the last twitch drops. I am missing ~30 twitch drops. Is anyone else having this problem?
  23. yxcvb01

    Email Adresse hacked

    Hallo! Ich brauche Unterstützung vom Support von EFT; meine Email-Adresse, mit welcher dieser Account verknüpft ist, wurde gehacked und geloescht; auf Grund dessen kann ich keinerlei Accountdaten umändern noch mich an meinem Computer authentifizieren per Code. ich habe bereits vor 4 Tagen Tickets eroeffnet, sowie vor 2 Tagen Emails mit allen Informationen inklusive meines Kaufs von Tarkov+EOD + Personalausweis geschickt und bisher noch keine Antwort erhalten; ich würde sehr gerne in meiner freizeit Tarkov spielen, jedoch bin ich dadurch, dass meine Email nicht mehr aktuell ist, gehindert. Es wäre fantastisch, wenn ich adäquat hilfe erhalten würde. Mfg
  24. My account was stolen over a month ago and I made a ticket almost instantly. I answered all the questions sent back by support and its been almost a month since then. Does anybody know how long support usually takes to get back to you? It's getting a bit frustrating, I have a friend who just bought the game again because it took too long. The person who stole my account didn't even reset my forum account so I can see their email address in settings. It's just if I try to reset my email account here the confirmation will go to their email.
  25. basically I got the game as a code for eu servers when I am na, recently wanted to get back into Tarkov after uninstalling it and this is what I get, I set the servers to Washington which is the closest btw and no, I did not limit the download speed, I disabled my ipv6 and that didnt work so I turned it back on. Screenshots are down below. Thanks all help is appreciated. https://gyazo.com/6cde25565a0f2381874683722086d18f https://gyazo.com/efcae79fdab7d0a6ff4b17d0482e5a9b
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