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  1. Hi I have no idea where to post this, and this is the only one i can click. I am trying to log in to the game and the launcher is not sending the verification code to my email. I am receiving codes from the main website for password reset etcetera, just not the BSG launcher. can someone please help? it's not in my junk folder i checked.
  2. roflcakes3503

    Tiny item update crashing my game?

    I have had no issue playing the game literally every day since well over a year ago. This morning the game downloaded a quick 14mb update, and ever since I can't load into a raid. It goes to Loading Map, gets to like 2 or 4% then the game just closes completely. No error messages, nothing. Tried updating drivers, trying to reinstall now. Any ideas? Really sucks not being able to play. Thanks
  3. Only post fixes on this post please, if you have a fix then please post but don't post that you're having the problem so as to not flood it. That said, I think maybe the issue is that you need to verify your account/account email directly on the escape from tarkov website. I signed into the website again, this time not through any links but just from google, it sent me a verification email followed immediately by another one for the client. My best guess here is that your battlestate account needs to be verified directly instead of through the client. I hope that fix works out for you.
  4. DragonSeb911

    Game Aborted, Try Reconnect

    Since 12.6 went live I have been unable to join any game regardless of Scav or PMC I get the same error "Game Aborted, Try Reconnect." well reconnecting does nothing and closing the game and starting it back up doesn't change anything, I have already uninstalled twice and made sure no files got left behind for good measure, I have fiber so I doubt its my internet connection I'm at a loss and just want to play. Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.
  5. my account under the email REMOVED i cant access right now as i needs email verification but my email i have to delete cause i got hacked with the email forcing me to delete the email now i would like to change my account email address to REMOVED witch is my new email so in short i can not get into my account as i no longer have access to the verification email and would like to change emails
  6. Купил видеокарту rtx 3060, снес винду, скачал дрова. Запустил Тарков, и наблюдаю такую картину что на минималках 80 фпс это максимум. Пробовал менять блок питания и проц, все тоже самое. На данном скрине ryzen 3 3100 16 gb 3000 MHZ, ssd m2 256, gigabyte b450 M H. На прежней видеокарте а именно gtx 1060, было 70 фпс, на тех же настройках и нагружалась до 95%. Прошу помочь, не совсем понимаю что происходит. Менял все настройки в таркове все бестолку. Менял винду 2 раза, переустанавливал дрова, пробовал менять параметры в NVIDIA, все тоже самое проблема никуда не делась.
  7. Whenever I'm playing a big map like Reserve, or woods, I get framedrops down to 13 fps, or my game just freezes, Outside of that, the game runs good. Specs: RTX 2060 Super Ryzen 5 3600 16gb of RAM
  8. Bitzer5p5

    Cant change my email

    I have lost access to the email address I had when I purchased Escape from Tarkov and have tried to contact support in helping me assign a new email address to my account but so far to no avail. For the past three months I have sent emails containing my account name, email address previously used, copies of paypal statements showing the date of transaction and amount paid with reference numbers to the products purchased. Contacting support seems to be the only option when changing emails. Is there anything I can do to regain access to my account with a different email?
  9. BobbeHickerson

    Strange Issue

    im getting "bad service version" constantly. to the point that i cant actually play the game and every time i load into a raid be it scav or pmc, i get booted once the game loads. once booted it is impossible to reconnect, i have spent 40 mins trying to reconnect only to have been shot while loading. initially i couldn't host a game and now i cannot play period. no one else seems to be experiencing this. it does give me an error code it either says "bad service version" or "server connection lost" i cant seem to fix this issue either i have reinstalled the game twice and the problem persists. i have found another person on reddit with the same problem (https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/d4dz7y/strange_battleye_issue_bad_service_version/). they think its an issue with battle eye, but i have uninstalled and reinstalled it and also uninstalled it then deleted the file and redownloaded it to see if that fixed the issue, but i have had no luck, if anyone has any idea whats going on or has a possible fix pleas let me know.
  10. Tomanation

    Upgrading Problem

    Hello. I had the Standard edition of EFT and upgraded on the 14th to EoD. I was under the impression that i would automatically get a bigger stash and all the items would be sent to me in-game yet i received nothing. is there something i need to do after buying this or what. i have contacted support but have yet to get a reply
  11. I've just bought EFT and currently as I'm writing this, I'm installing the game. As of right now an error keeps occurring where it is saying my connection is too slow and it is unable to download a .zip file related to the install. The image attached is what pops up every 5 seconds after hitting "Continue" If anyone knows a solution to this issue or knows what might be causing this, please let me know.
  12. i got EOD gifted but after resetting my account i still havent received anything regarding EOD
  13. Upon the purchase of EFT the launcher downloads just fine, but after that I cannot install the actual game. After pressing install and directing the location to the same folder "Battlestate Games" which contains the folders "Bglauncher" and "EFT" the latter (EFT) being an empty folder. I have tried to direct the installation into the folder "EFT" and also into the regular "Battlestate Games" folder to no avail. I have disabled all anti virus and protection programs including my firewall while also whitelisting the launcher and folders. I have attempted to download the ".zip" directly from Chrome, but it gives the prompt "Failed - File Incomplete" after about an hour of download time. I have browsed all forums regarding this issue and have found no help. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher and all relative files (even hidden files) from every account on the computer. I have run the launcher as an admin and I have granted full access to all accounts on the computer. It seems like there is nothing left to try. I will not purchase a VPN, which was suggested by another forum. (Images related) I left the game alone for about 5 hours last night to do whatever and that didn't work either. Also, do I need to get 7zip in order to download the direct ".zip" file? >http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ !!IF THERE IS ANY OTHER MEDIA YOU NEED TO SEE, PLEASE MENTION!! As of 8:34 a.m (CST) I have sent in a support request, but I am quite new to everything going on here and I don't know how long it will take. It says "several days" in the support info screen, but I want to try the Forum as well. Please help with this issue, and I really think I have tried everything.
  14. See above. Is there any way to fix this? I contacted BSG and they just gave a copy paste email. I have checked the spam folder, i have made sure i have space for the mail, I dont have any addresses blacklisted, and i have tried other things like running the launcher as an administrator. I am not able to get on the website because i am logged out there aswell, but i can get onto the forums without logging in?
  15. PinkyPuppet

    Verbindung zum server verloren.

    Guten Morgen, Ich hab seit einiger Zeit mal wieder angefangen zu spielen und habe nun seit ca. 2 Wochen durchgänig das Problem, dass ich mich mit keinem server verbinden kann oder nach 10 Secunden ruasgeschmissen werde auch nach mehrmaligem erneuten verbinden. Ich habe alle gänigen Tricks versucht das Probleme zu lösen und habe keine Idee mehr was noch zu tun ist. Ich bin um jede hilfe dankbar um das Problem Methodisch zu lösen. Noch ein Paar andere informationen: Internetprovider: Unetymedia/ Vodafon 200mb/s Keine geänderte Pc Hardware bevor das Problem auftrat Edit: Kein Dual Stack
  16. At the moment im pretty sad and i have no idea what to do next, i dont have access to my account for two months now and i'm getting 0 response from the support. Two weeks ago i've written them a second time but no luck at all, they completely ignore my problem and dont seem to care at all. I have no idea if someone has similar problems or if somebody knows what i could try next, i really wanna play the game again but i for sure wont buy the game again. I dont think this is a good way to treat a paying customer...
  17. I have had the game for around 2 months now and i have been playing it alot but recently i logged in and it says i havent baught the game. i dont know what to do, i can ofcause buy the game again but dont want to same thing to happend or lose all of my progress can someome please help me.
  18. GrinderBueno

    Baneo injustificado a un amigo

    Buenas, hoy le han dado ban permanent a mi colega en su cuenta con corona. Lleva al menos 3 wipes jugando y se 100% que no usa ningún cheat ni nada por el estilo. ?Alguien sabe si va a tener solución o ya puede dar la cuenta por perdida? Porque la verdad que si no la devuelven es probable que pierdan dos jugadores. Es que no es posible que le invirtamos una cantidad de horas nefastas al juego con sus momentos de felicidad, estrés y frustración que causa y de repente todo el tiempo invertido se desvanece. Un saludo.
  19. Its my first time loggin in, waited an hour and noting, Every other email from battlestate i do receive. I tried reinstalling, running as adm, changin password, verification metod. Plz help i dont wanna lose my money like that :/
  20. i cant click next after a raid i have this for 2 months and can't play properly. i posted this bug a lot of times on the discord and nobody seemed to help. ive seen this bug a lot of times on the forum and no mod that could answer. the first time it was seen is 2018 and i cant wait antother 2 years before this is fixed because i have paid for a working game. i better get a solution cuz i want to play this game further.
  21. Gorzerk

    helping a friend

    hi guys. i play alot in this game (lvl 50) and i farmed alot of money and i have friends that struggle with it and i want to help them but i remember that last wipe or 2 u could get ban even if u would give someone his gear back. did i changed and i can give them like couple millions or i cant help them at all and they need to get it by themself (they new to the game)
  22. Hi, I've been trying to log into the launcher and the website for 2 days now, asking for email after email with the AUTH code in, i have not received it. I know my password and email to log in, but the AUTH code is not being sent to me through email, any help?
  23. DecimatorZA

    Server connection Lost

    Hey all, Not sure if anyone else is having this issue, but since yesterday (2020-06-24) I've been getting disconnected in literally every single raid I attempt with the message "Server Connection Lost". I have 2ms to the server I connect to and watch stream while playing and chat to people the whole time. My comms dont drop and neither do the streams but yet I disconnect every 5 mins ingame. I checked the game logs and found this: 2020-06-25 18:48:14.078 +02:00||Error|Default|Interaction is not confirmed. Door: autoId_00144. 1.009766 time has wasted. RTT: 0| 2020-06-25 18:48:14.642 +02:00||Error|Default|NetworkGame.StopCoroutine error:Server connection lost| 2020-06-25 18:48:14.683 +02:00||Error|Default|Game stopped error:Server connection lost| Not sure if that means anything to anyone but yeah. Thats the case over and over and over again. Already cleared the cache and flushed DNS and restarted all my net equipment and no change. Side note: When I enable fps 1 in game, my ping stays at 3 - 20ms. Even right when the connection to server is lost. Would love any help. Thanks
  24. my friend was at my house and changed my nickname to something profane and i do not want to be banned. i cannot change my username until october second which is such a far way away, im scared to even play because i have put alot of work into my account and i do not want to be banned. i also do not want to reset my account, i hvae already made it to level 43 and have worked too hard to reset my account because of my stupid friend. if anyone from support could help me i would greatly aprieceate the help as i love this game and am scared i am now at risk of losing my account because of my friend. please help
  25. Verangian

    Not getting emails

    I bought the game when it was on sale(the 1st) and still haven't gotten any emails for my security code or anything, I bought the game and my email confirmation just fine but after that nothing. Opened a support ticket and still nothing so figured i'd ask the forums what to do. Any help? Am I the only one experiencing this issue?
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