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Found 59 results

  1. Tomanation

    Upgrading Problem

    Hello. I had the Standard edition of EFT and upgraded on the 14th to EoD. I was under the impression that i would automatically get a bigger stash and all the items would be sent to me in-game yet i received nothing. is there something i need to do after buying this or what. i have contacted support but have yet to get a reply
  2. having unhandled exception error, been trying multiple fixes for the last 5 hours and none have workedhttps://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/667495152821993527/667496865805238282/ERROR_1_16_2020_4_32_05_PM.png
  3. Verangian

    Not getting emails

    I bought the game when it was on sale(the 1st) and still haven't gotten any emails for my security code or anything, I bought the game and my email confirmation just fine but after that nothing. Opened a support ticket and still nothing so figured i'd ask the forums what to do. Any help? Am I the only one experiencing this issue?
  4. Upon the purchase of EFT the launcher downloads just fine, but after that I cannot install the actual game. After pressing install and directing the location to the same folder "Battlestate Games" which contains the folders "Bglauncher" and "EFT" the latter (EFT) being an empty folder. I have tried to direct the installation into the folder "EFT" and also into the regular "Battlestate Games" folder to no avail. I have disabled all anti virus and protection programs including my firewall while also whitelisting the launcher and folders. I have attempted to download the ".zip" directly from Chrome, but it gives the prompt "Failed - File Incomplete" after about an hour of download time. I have browsed all forums regarding this issue and have found no help. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the launcher and all relative files (even hidden files) from every account on the computer. I have run the launcher as an admin and I have granted full access to all accounts on the computer. It seems like there is nothing left to try. I will not purchase a VPN, which was suggested by another forum. (Images related) I left the game alone for about 5 hours last night to do whatever and that didn't work either. Also, do I need to get 7zip in order to download the direct ".zip" file? >http://cdn-11.eft-store.com/ClientDistribs/ !!IF THERE IS ANY OTHER MEDIA YOU NEED TO SEE, PLEASE MENTION!! As of 8:34 a.m (CST) I have sent in a support request, but I am quite new to everything going on here and I don't know how long it will take. It says "several days" in the support info screen, but I want to try the Forum as well. Please help with this issue, and I really think I have tried everything.
  5. So on the 24th I paid 100USD to upgrade to EoD... My buddy who has been around since alpha told me I had to reset my account before doing so. (I know now I didn't have to.) So I logged out, closed the game and launcher. Reset. Loaded up the game, profile and launcher state I have EoD. But I still started out with just the basic gear, 10x26 stash and alpha container... What gives? I have heard some say it takes 3 days. Others say it is instant. I've opened a ticket for support and nothing... Kinda disheartening to drop so much on this game and not get what I've paid for...
  6. TristanArnold

    Unable to Join Raid - Invalid URI

    Hello! All functions within Tarkov are working perfectly for me, I even had a successful scav raid ... Now however, every time I try to join a raid, I receive an error stating ''Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.'' ... I tried uninstalling, fresh wipe, reinstall .. I still receive this error however. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks, Tristan.
  7. ImFrosty15

    Connection Issues

    So as the title suggests i am having issues playing the game with the absurd amount of connection issues i'm having, its not the server either. When i'm playing the game my Player RTT will spike upwards of 25000 but my ping will remain sub 50. The big issue with this is that everyone else can see me moving around like normal, but i can't see them. Has anyone else encountered this and can you explain it? Much Appreciated.
  8. Upgraded to Edge of Darkness on Dec 27th and i have not received my bonus items from the in-game mail. I have opened a support ticket almost a week ago but still have received no reply.
  9. Hi, as the title says I can not get into my account because every time I tried I did not receive the email with the security code. This problem is driving me nuts, anyone knows how to fix it? I have a gmail account.
  10. Every time I try to load into a match I get a server connection error and occasionally an authorization error. My internet connection is perfectly fine and I have literally no connection issues with any other game but this. Does anyone have a fix for these constant errors that prevent me from playing? This is really upsetting for me as I bought this game yesterday after anticipating a sale for so long. I just want to be able to play a game, I've already lost some starter gear because of this. I know this game is still in beta and is a "pre-order at your own risk" ordeal, but there should really be a grace period for a game like this to get your money back after a day or so. I've really wanted to play this game for a long time and now that I finally buy it I can't even play it. If I knew this would have happened I'd had just saved my money and bought this game another time.
  11. dkeys97

    Bought EOD and nothing happened

    So i bought the EOD this morning and my game edition says i have the EOD edtion. I did not receive any of the money, items or most importanly the gamma container. I bought it this morning at 7am Eastern time.
  12. BobbeHickerson

    Strange Issue

    im getting "bad service version" constantly. to the point that i cant actually play the game and every time i load into a raid be it scav or pmc, i get booted once the game loads. once booted it is impossible to reconnect, i have spent 40 mins trying to reconnect only to have been shot while loading. initially i couldn't host a game and now i cannot play period. no one else seems to be experiencing this. it does give me an error code it either says "bad service version" or "server connection lost" i cant seem to fix this issue either i have reinstalled the game twice and the problem persists. i have found another person on reddit with the same problem (https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/d4dz7y/strange_battleye_issue_bad_service_version/). they think its an issue with battle eye, but i have uninstalled and reinstalled it and also uninstalled it then deleted the file and redownloaded it to see if that fixed the issue, but i have had no luck, if anyone has any idea whats going on or has a possible fix pleas let me know.
  13. SwissArmyZH

    Maus Anzeige Im Game

    Guten Tag, Ich habe heute mein Game neuinstalliert, und seid dem habe ich jetzt IMMER (Im Raid nicht im Stash) meine Weiße Windows Maus Anzeige. Jetzt würde ich gern wissen ob jemand das Problem schon mal hatte und wie ich es beheben kann. Besten Dank SwissArmyZH
  14. Liebe Escaper! Eines unserer Community-Mitglieder - GraphiksInk braucht unsere Hilfe! Graphiks ist seit langer Zeit in unserer Community und er hat vielen anderen Mitgliedern geholfen und im Moment braucht er Hilfe. Er hat sich bereits mehreren Operationen unterzogen und muss jetzt eine weitere, sehr teure, operation über sich ergehen lassen, oder er ist möglicherweise gelähmt Diese Operation heißt S1-L2-Mehrebenenfusion und bezieht sich auf das Entfernen von Bewegungen um oder durch einen Bandscheibenraum, indem eine Knochenbrücke vom verebrae zum nächsten erstellt wird Viele Tarkov-Streamer und Community-Mitglieder haben sich entschlossen, Graphiks zu helfen und kamen auf die Idee Geld zu sammeln, damit Graphiks die Operation erhalten kann. Die Streamer sind Deadlyslob, KiiNGS, ScavWithAnM4, ClaymoreTV, DottyHack, Bksal, OnepegMG, Tweak, Baddie, Slushpuppy, Vaeriah und mehr - das ist großartig, vielen Dank! Die Veranstaltung dauert eine Woche, und jeder Streamer hat dort einen Link oder Befehl zum Chat mit einem Link zur GoFundMe-Seite (https://www.gofundme.com/f/supporting-graphiksink), auf der Leute für das spenden können Ursache. Alle medizinischen Informationen und den Plan findet ihr auf der GoFundMe. Selbst der kleinste Betrag kann helfen. Man muss nicht spenden, aber man kann un es steht jedem frei dies zu machen. Wenn ihr also möchtet, könnt ihr unter folgendem Link spenden https://www.gofundme.com/f/supporting-graphiksink GraphiksInk, bitte sei stark! Escape From Tarkov Community ist bei Dir! Gruß und ein herzliches "OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooopatchki" Link zum englischen Text:
  15. ReflexxxD

    No email for AUTH code being received

    Hi, I've been trying to log into the launcher and the website for 2 days now, asking for email after email with the AUTH code in, i have not received it. I know my password and email to log in, but the AUTH code is not being sent to me through email, any help?
  16. I have noticed that when I try to list USD or Euro's on the Flea Market my game locks up entirely and doesn't allow me to list them. I've had a friend try as well with the same result. Has anyone else experienced this or know a work around?
  17. Fe203

    Anti Cheat Glitch

    Hello BSG team I know you are all working extremely hard, but even I have had some errors. I am sorry to say but the Anti Cheat seems to have bugged out I keep crashing and it says Anti Cheat Connection failed. Then a new page opens that says this" 19:36:11: Starting BattlEye Service... 19:36:15: Launching game... 19:37:00: Note: File blocks can be ignored if they don't cause problems with the game. 19:37:00: [INFO] Blocked loading of file: "C:\Battlestate Games\EFT\BattlEye\BEClient_x64.dll"."
  18. ImJustDark

    Error 403 Forbidden

    Hi! So wipe happened, i gave away my Gamma like a good guy, went to the webpage to reset, and was met with a timer... When i tried to enter the "contact support" link, i got the error "403 Forbidden", and the same thing appeared when i tried the browser bug report... What should i do, and has anyone else gotten this error message?
  19. darthbushyhair

    Fixing BattlEye

    So for no reason at all, battleye is now failing to initialize. no changes to my computer or the program that I know of. I have looked up fixes for this and I cant find the BEsetpup file, and I have reinstalled Tarkov. Any Ideas of what to try next?
  20. I tried searching for another post with a similar issue, but couldn't find anything. I apologize if this question has already been posted. When I tried to "RECEIVE ALL" with Ragman, I get a black showcase screen. I am unable to drag anything over. I know I have items that can be received. In order to receive the items, I have to individually select every "incoming package" and cannot use the "RECEIVE ALL" option. I have attached a screenshot of the issue. I buy/sell alot of items on the flea market and this creates a massive hassle, any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit 1: I have restarted my game multiple times, I have restarted my client multiple times, and I have restarted my PC multiple times. It occurred earlier in the day, probably 6ish hours ago.
  21. Hello guys, I purchased 57 condensed milk for 5 ES Lamps and never received my items but I lost my lamps. I didn't find any support options under account so I'm looking for help in retrieval for my items purchased. Thanks. Edit: Forgot to add, I had space for all 57 items and the Lamps came out of my scav junk box.
  22. Escapers, wir haben eine Mission für euch, eine wichtige und wir sind auf euch angewiesen um diese zu meistern. Wir benötigen hier Informationen von euch, wer wieder vermehrt Dsynchs hat. Falls ihr betroffen seid, schreibt auch folgende Daten hier rein: auf welchen Servern ihr zu dem Zeitpunkt unterwegs ward zu welcher Zeit wir brauchen die Logs aus diesem Raid. Bitte sendet die Logs an @Cyver damit wir diese mit euren anderen Informationen direkt an die Devs weitergeben können. Auch wenn Ihr Disconnects im Raid oder vor dem Raid habt, bitte dies auch hier melden mit den Daten: Auf welchen Servern Zu welcher Zeit Logs dazu auch an @Cyver Alternativ könnt ihr eure Logs auch hier Hochladen: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1AvxQHDZmenVJyuRcjJtgJw_3v8ruOV2O?usp=sharing Bitte mach ein Zipfile daraus (rar geht auch) und bennt es nach eurem Forumnamen. Dann könne wir die Logs zuordnen. Sollte ein File in diesem Ordner auftauchen das nicht den Anforderungen entspricht. Wird es gelöscht. Dieser Thread wird sich nicht selbst zerstören, solltet ihr die Mission annehmen. Danke!
  23. I have a hearing problem, my right ear is completely deaf. I cant tell which direction sound comes from and i cant hear many of sounds (example: someone stepping on metal). Are there any recommendations or anything I can do to make the hearing part better for me? I know hearing is a big thing in this game
  24. My game keeps crashing upon load in, it wasn't crashing every time on my old build (Athlon II X4 860k (not overclocked), GTX 1050ti, and 8 gigabytes of DDR3 ram) but now on my current computer (Ryzen 7 1700 (3 ghz to 3.6 ghz overclock), GTX 1080, and 16 gigabytes of DDR4 ram) it has crashed on "Interchange" in between "Map Loading" and "Awaiting Session Start." The map "Factory" loads no problem, but obviously it is a much smaller map (note: I have not tried to load into any other maps, but I assume if one big map isn't loading neither are the other big maps). The errors I receive are listen below mostly containing the line "EscapeFromTarkov.exe caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005)." This has been ongoing since 03-19-19 when I came back to play update 11.5, in the duration up to Saturday I assumed it was my sub-par computer and looked into the upgrade which I installed on 04-06-19. The new computer had the exact opposite impact on my game's performance that I had hoped for. error 3 (GTX 1050ti).log error 1 (GTX 1080).log error 1 (GTX 1050ti).log error 2 (GTX 1080).log error 2 (GTX 1050ti).log error 3 (GTX 1080).log
  25. PIG-Mathieu

    Support Technique et problèmes fréquents

    Bienvenue sur la page de support technique. Ayant été très actif dans la partie du support technique sur le forum ENG et FR, je crée se post pour regrouper en un seul sujet, les problèmes fréquemment rencontrés ainsi que les solutions possibles. Le but est de créer un document complet permettant le dépannage d'un utilisateur rapidement. Si vous avez réussi à résoudre un problème non répertorié ou trouvé une autre manipulation que celles citées plus bas, je vous invite à me la faire partager. Ce sujet étant dédié au support technique, les problèmes liés aux paiements ou aux remboursements ne sont pas traités et dépendent d'un service indépendant que vous pouvez contacter en cliquant sur ce lien. Indépendamment de votre demande, un ticket au support est toujours préférable, pour suivre l'avancement. 1: Problèmes fréquents : Plusieurs problèmes sont fréquents, et les solutions sont souvent les mêmes, dans le but de vous faire gagner du temps, je vous conseille de jeter un coup d’œil à la liste ci-dessous : Nous encourageons la sécurisation de vos compte grâce à un facteur d'authentification double (comme google authentificator) de manière à protéger vos compte correctement. Merci de nous signaler vos problèmes de connexion à vos comptes de jeux. Je ne fais pas de progression sur ma quête pour éliminer des scavs. J'ai une erreur "403" sur le launcher, je ne peux plus me connecter: Téléchargement lent du jeu sur le launcher : Problème de sons / conflit avec un logiciel tier : Erreur lors du paiement : "Something went wrong" Mon launcher ne démarre pas Mon temps de Matching est très long... J'ai augmenté ma version de précommande du jeu, mais je n'ai pas les nouveaux équipements et mon inventaire ! Ma souris est constamment sur mon écran et ne disparait pas BACKEND ERROR J'ai des crashs de jeu pendant mes parties et/ou en chargement sur certaines map. Mon jeu à été désinstallé tout seul Je suis bloqué sur l'écran de sélection de langue. Comment voir mes FPS en jeu ? Lorsque le téléchargement arrive à la fin, il recommence en boucle, infiniment. Je suis coincé sur "Profile data loading" au lancement du jeu. Problème de droit lors de l'installation Je vais améliorer mon PC, quels sont les composants qui me permettront de mieux faire tourner Escape From Tarkov ? Un marchand ne veut pas passer son niveau, pourtant j'ai toutes les conditions requises ! Erreur : Critical error recieving profile data. Problème avec le "Device ID" lors de la connexion depuis un nouveau PC Mon jeu est lent, j'ai des ralentissements. Mon personnage bouge tous seul, problème de contrôle. Mon jeu ne démarre pas. Progression non sauvegardée ‘’Error 231 - Wrong Taxonomy/Version’’ ou 'Error 102'' when using launcher ‘’Error 111 - No Connection’’ ''Error 299'' stuck in a server Erreur 230: Erreur 403 En cas de problème DirectX Problème d'affichage des items et icones : Erreur 403 sur le site internet du jeu:
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