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Found 13 results

  1. MBS606


    The game has a lot of depth, at least as it appears in clips. My suggestions is that in the game could bit Drugs but I do not think drugs like grass, cocaine and more like that. But more like cigarettes, alcohol, various pills,... how should it look like? Easy example for alohol is a cheap alternative for painkillars with its own side effects. you can imagine themselves what side effects are by alcohol. Now regular alcohol consumption may lead to addiction and the character can not work normal without drinking alcohol so you need to loot or trade for alcohol that the needs be content. and sorry for my English i am not so good at it
  2. If I were to live in a true post-apocalyptic world, one of my biggest priorities would be to get food, water and meds. Whatever you do you always have this in mind, how much of these supplies to pack, where can I find them next? Who do I have to kill to get access to them? In Tarkov I just don't feel a need to find food/drinks/meds, as there are so many ways to work around finding them in-raid. I personally feel like finding these supplies should be a big part of the game, on par with questing even, as you will always have to fight the clock of life in order to find the supplies before you die of starvation/dehydration. Of course I understand that this is vision isn't realistic currently. I can only imagine how angry people will get if food/water suddenly became something you had to look for in-raid in order to survive. However, for those of us who are looking for a more immersive experience, there should be a setting that makes food/water a bigger priority. A way to make finding supplies more important. The current ways of getting food/drinks/meds are: 1. Buy them on the flea market. - Whatever you need, you can get on the flea market. Cheap meds, cheap food, cheap drinks. If you have the flea market, you have unlimited supply of these things. 2. Buying them from Therapist. - Although a bit more expensive than the flea market, and a more limited option of stock, this will always assure you that you will never run out of these supplies. Fair enough. If you want a more immersive experience, just don't use the flea market nor Therapist. Similar to the hardcore challenge where you can't use the flea nor traders. Problem solved right? Well no, because there is one more method of getting food/drinks/meds: 3. Wait a few minutes for the hideout to replenish your hp/food/water. By default, you have a passive increase of: 7.61 hp per min 1 water per min 1 food per min This means that you will be getting back some hp/food/water just by being in the hideout. If you're constantly out raiding you wont really notice this all that much, but if you don't have all that much time to play every day, you might only get in a raid or two per day. Often you won't get to use up the 100 food and water that you have on your character in this time. When you then log off you only have to wait a maximum of 100 minutes before you're back up max hp/drinks/food. And this only gets worse if you upgrade your hideout, as the amount of supplies you regenerate per minute increases. So if you log off for a couple hours and come back, you're character has full supplies and is ready to go again. This completely removes any need for food/water. And regarding meds the situation is honestly a lot more stupid, as most players use Therapist to heal after the raid anyway, so these people never even use the passive health regeneration. It's only the hardcore players who limit themselves from using Therapist, that actually gets to use this passive regen, but these are the people who don't want this system as it removes a massive part of survival! What's even the point in having passive regeneration then? Helping out people who are completely broke and can't even afford these things? Well, these people won't be able to afford a weapon either, meaning that their only real choice for being able to do a run is by taking a scav raid, and using that stuff. In which case they also have the opportunity to sell some of that gear to buy meds from Therapist or the flea market. From what I am able to understand, there just isn't a good reason to have a passive health regeneration system in the game. In conclusion, because of this auto-replenishment feature, a very big part of survival is taken away from the people who want to have a more immersive experience in Tarkov as there just isn't a need to struggle to find these supplies. What's the fix? - Add an option in the settings or somewhere where it fits, that disables the auto-replenishment of health, food and water. Doing this allows the people who want that immersion an option to disable auto-replenishment, making finding supplies a bigger priority. I personally would greatly appreciate this feature, and I think many more can say the same. This feature shouldn't be hard to implement at all, and it doesn't take anything away from the game for those who don't want it. In other words, it has only positive effects. TL;DR: The auto-replenishment system that gives your character hp/food/water while your out of raid, removes the need for food/water and to a degree meds, for those who can't play all day long, as when they log back in, their character is at full hp, food and water. For those who wants Tarkov to be a more immersive experience, having a setting to disable this auto-replenishment would make finding meds/food/water a necessity and will help increasing immersion as you now need to go out of your way to find these supplies, where as before you could just go for a break and you were good to go again for another raid. A simple setting to disable this shouldn't be hard to make, and it doesn't take anything away from those who don't want to use this setting. There's no downside to having this in the game.
  3. Adrenaline_Bodo

    Escape from România™

    Salut, jucatori de Tarkov Romani ! Numele meu este Bogdan, majoritatea ma cunoasteti drept Adrenaline_Bodo. Sunt membru fondator al Comunitatii de Tarkov “Escape from România™”. Vă aștept cu drag pe discord: https://discord.gg/AFBrfmK
  4. Yes, I get it gets more realistic and so, but don`t you think that not having your health back after you die or get hurt in a raid can and will make a lot of people stop playing the game or just refrain from buying it. Something else is probably the thirst, hunger and radiation, I think all of those should go back to normal after you die or leave a raid. Any thoughts on these issues?
  5. TheSzeckler

    Offline Mode / A new mode

    Factory and future similar small sized maps or areas should have a new mode called Survival Mode, where you start from the easiest level scavs and as you progress with kills it spawn more/harder to kill scavs / raiders / Bosses [at certain levels]. There should be stats when you play online mode [stats should contain the highest amount of rounds survived / most kills in survival mode and other stats as well], the survival mode should allow Co-Op with your friend OR other players. If you pass a certain amount of rounds [10 - 20 - 30.....] you should get a random pack of items according to how many rounds you survived/how good is your score. The player(s) should not be able to keep any loot they get from the Survival mode, they will only have their loadouts reset as when finishing a session in offline mode. I think creating such a mode would add to the game alot, i would love to see something like this where you survive you get some type of reward. Please let me know if you like this idea. -TheSzeckler
  6. To add a lil bit of change to the outdoor maps, maybe add a new snow map where your body heat can fall drastically in open places. Ways to raise body heat could be standing near fires (popular scav spots), using thick clothes (new body armor category), matches to slightly increase heat.
  7. Madiakz

    Ratings - Survival Rate

    Hello, Just a quick suggestion, at the moment we can search by experience, kills, raids, playtime and trader rating. I would love to see it possible to see the best survival rate, I mean EFT is a survival gme after all, it would be great to see who is the ultimate survivor!
  8. PoeticSinner

    Reward survival rate

    Currently there are a lot of people who do axe runs because of the sheer amount of profit verses risk, which is a valid tactic, but once health becomes persistent(health and food/hydration levels not automatically refreshing between raids) I imagine suicide runs will become even more prevalent in order to avoid the need to get supplies to fix yourself up between raids. In order to encourage people to value their survival my suggestion would be possibly rewarding people based on their survival percent. Offering shop discounts at higher values for the higher ranges like 20% off for 90-100% survival, 15% off for 75-90%, and 10% for above 50%. It's not a huge reward since most people who have a high survival rate usually get most of their gear from raids but would still help with staying stocked up on higher end gear. I do realize you can farm more profit from ace runs but this is about adding incentive for those who choose to value their survival. Another option would be decreasing the amount of time it takes to receive your insured gear after a raid gone bad by a considerable amount or lowering the scav timer for those who extract more then die so they can get more gear from more frequent scav runs as well as giving them more options to be more reckless and just have fun as a scav since they play more careful with their PMC to keep survival rate up. The point I'm getting at is offering some sort of encouragement that reward's people who play the survival aspect of the game instead of treating their lives as expendable. Nothing game breaking, but rewarding enough to be enticing. Thanks for reading! Keep up the great work devs!
  9. himynameislee

    Suggestion: Game Mode

    I apologizes if this has been posted before. But I have an idea for when free roam finally releases. Anyways, my idea is putting multiple squads against each other on the free roam map. Each group of five will spawn together at different areas on the map (i.e 1 group spawns in woods and another group in factory). The group must work together to survive and do as they please. A catch to this could be there are only one or two escapes. The way I see it is, five different groups spawn at different sectors of the map, grabbing loot, killing scavs, or whatever. But then, when they want to leave, they run into the risk of fighting off different groups of players. This would give players a great opportunity to test their skills, as well as bring in some great loot. Also, this can provide some competition among clans What do you guys think?
  10. Hi devs, your game looks awesome!!! But i am not sure what type of game will be? The name "Escape from..." is really misleading. Will it be like PvP action game or survival? I play CS, BF and i love survival games too but i hate these 3rd person looks like in DayZ. I play Nether (if you know) but the devs fu*ked it up. Your game with that graphic, real, looting, low sound, thrill woulde be amazing survival game. So i woulde like to ask you what type of game will it be? If you will do SURVIVAL OPEN WORLD game it will be wonderful! GL with developping!
  11. Avent


    Hey guys! Since this is my first post and I'm kinda excited about that game I would like to tell you something I would really love in this game. Since you developers try to increase the amount of realism as much possible, having some health problems you have to fight is something with would make the game better. For example if you get critically shot in in stomach you have to get some aid. Tearing cloths apart could help for the start but in the long run you have to find medicine somewhere in the city. If not so you may get infections which lower your max health or mobility. Something like that would make the looting even more important. Thanks! :-)
  12. xRAxThanatos

    Stop comparing EFT with DayZ...

    Can people please stop comparing this with DayZ please! EFT is nothing like it apart from the survival aspect of it. DayZ is a broken as hell game that should have stayed as a mod in my opinion, but for the sake of a proper survival stop comparing this game to DayZ.
  13. In the essemce of EFT Alpha soon being released, I would really like to watch some survival movies/series/anime. Do you have any to recommend? Let me start the list; Movie; Battle Royale. You could call this the predecessor to the hunger games and all the movies alike. Series; The 100. Despite what you may think about this "aww poo, another teenage drama with neverending problems" it is a REALLY good series! It gets better and more intense every episode! -highly recommend! Anime; Deadman Wonderland This anime is a psychological thriller, in the essence it is about survival. This is a DAMN GOOD series. I usually dont post animes in english, but since I think it fits better in this forum, here you go: So, do you have any media to recommend? If so, I'd really like you to post a reply
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