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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I know it was suggested before, but it is long ago. I would love if I switch modes of attachments like scopes and optics or Lasers, Flashlights if I could do it only for the active Scope. (Alt+rightclick) For Example when using Thermal and PK-06 or PK-06 and any Optic with variable zoom. If i find a Laser devise and add it to my gun witch already has one or more, ofthen the new device wont be in same mode as the others. Can we have them synchronized to same mode or set individually by rightclicking or so? What do you think?

    Switching Factions/PMC

    Hey so I really don't like how USEC looks and I also don't like how that's the pmc most people choose. I really wanna switch to BEAR, but I've heard you can no longer do this even if you reset the game profile. If you do this, the game just snatches away all your loots and xp and your just like "wtf tarkov" Is this still the case, and I just need to wait for a patch reset, or can I just reset and switch factions now. PLS NO TROLL
  3. Flaming_Ice_Tiger

    Switching Faction

    I recently bought the game August 2, and I influenced to pick USEC over Bear. But after playing the game for a little over 2 weeks and watching a few videos I realized I made a mistake. Is it possible to switch my faction from USEC To Bear? I mainly want to switch because of the amount of people already playing USEC and I like the way the Bear looks better.
  4. jayspectre

    Sidearm Quick Draw

    Hey guys, Did a quick search on the forums before posting this and I couldn't find anything pertaining to this idea. I think it would be very beneficial to add a feature such as a key to switch to your sidearm. The reasoning behind this is due to the efficiency of quick drawing to your sidearm right away to keep firing on target, as opposed to stopping to reload. It just makes more sense. This is also a widely used technique among military and law-enforcement personnel, so I don't see it being unrealistic or unreasonable. Definitely think you guys should consider adding a feature like this. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication Devs. If anyone has any ideas that they'd like to add on, please feel free to add! Thanks, Spettro
  5. DerpingWork

    Dead man's switch

    Hello, it's me, again. You know, along with other ideas i may come with something pretty useful for raids or free roams. Dead man's switch. It looks pretty much like this. It's a pressure device that works by having something heavy (weight) enough on top of it to make the top part (as we can see in image) go all the way down, once it's ready and down, you just put out the fuses and make it ready, there are some versions to which you can wire explosives or mines that you will put nearby. So, next thing. What happens when the weight is taken away? Great question! If switch will notice there is no weight, the mechanism will send electrical signal to explosives(if it has any wired to it) which will then immediately explode, taking anything near it to hell with it. So, for example. I am in raid, my mate got shot and i want to save his gear and insure noone will take it. So i will put this handy thing under his body and wire it to let's say (and i know it's not real) C4/Semtex, then put out the fuse (after body lies on it), insuring the device is combat-ready and leave it there being sure noone will take it while i will take care of the threat. Now there are two situations that will happen: A.) I wont be able to handle the situation and get shot/get forced to retreat. So, enemy will come to body of my fallen comrade with chances to take his precious gear and what happens when he puts him away to search him? Right. Dead man's switch makes C4/Semtex explode, taking everything nearby out, then, all of my friends/enemies' gear will be destroyed, taking enemies' friends with him. B.) I will manage to get rid of enemies and so i will come back to my friend to take his gear with me. What i do is that i will go to him, disable the DMS (by putting fuses back if they're near or cutting wires leading to explosives [of of course not two of them wires at once] and after insuring everything is ok, putting explosives away for later use, same as goes for DMS. Then I'm free to take what gear i want. So that's for that. I've come with several item's that would be great for this role.: Dead man's switch (wireless) - (version with implemented explosive in it, making it less visible) Dead man's switch (with wires) - (version without explosives in it, but with option to wire explosives to it) Explosives - (what to say about this one, there could be some types of explosives depending on the effect they cause) Wire - (wire connected from DMS to explosives, making circuit with sparks in the explosive that would set it off after sending electricity [there could be several types of wires, depending on voltage they can use and current, making explosives go off faster or not, depending on way the explosive will be wired]) Spark plug - (this would include standart spark plug which cars have (i think?) and would last for few sparks making C4 explode. It could be at the end of the wires, connected to them) Detonation cord - (piece of highly explosive wire that very quickly explodes, very efficient with explosives which need a strong energy to be set off [this wire explodes at speed of 7-8km's per second]) (video of this wire exploding is here, http://bit.ly/25LoM8V ) Sparking wires - (defaultly cut into two wires making a circuit which would be sparking at the end) (sparking can be found here, it's not like in the picture above, but it pretty much shows how it looks like http://bit.ly/1WcLGSB ) Fuse - (fuse that would be inside DMS and could be re-used for making sure DMS is unactive, could be taking some inv space or could be defaultly laying around, would be implemented with both DMS devices) AA battery/Button battery - (battery that would have enough voltage in it to quickly set explosives off, could be replaceable) Cutting pliers - (pliers used to cut wires if it is needed - if you need to cut wires) So, what do you guys think? (!!! This idea is entirely taken from Arma 3's explosive ACE system, it's not any guide to making explosives or pyrotechnic at home!!!) (!!! I don't support any making of this at home as everything that has been listed above was wrote by me, interpreting content normally accesible on internet!!!) Also, this could get very useful for trapping anyone in visited areas as making them bite the bait and getting themselves killed, this thing could even use it's own skill point!
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