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Found 18 results

  1. kimchiguy09

    how about make magazine loadout save!

    everytime right before raid i fill my magazine for example 4 m955 rounds and 1 tracer i repeat this 6 times or 12times... how about add magazine fill loadout it will make it easy to fill our magazine more efficient
  2. UnidentifedGhost

    Idea of a 'Bounty' System

    Hello all, after chatting a bit in twitch chat and watching Veritas video I thought it would be good to put my two cents on a system I think we should consider. So the bounty system would try to encourage (and reward) players to bring in high level gear to pvp with. The Bounty system would reward players (based off their gear) for killing other players. I do not know what the ratio should be, but if you kill 2-3 people you should revive money equivalent, or more than your gear is worth. This bounty should be more if you survive the raid than if you did not. The bounty that players get for killing other players would be calculated much like the insurance system in the game. Additionally you could take this system a step further and make it so that when killing other players you not only get a bounty worth of your gear but also the other players (I.E if you have a 750k kit and you kill a guy with 500k kit you should receive 250k bounty of that player in addition to your own bounty). This system probably needs to be refined since players could probably inflate their kits value (like having a mag case in gamma, and leaving all of the mags in their bag/rig when they start the raid so they get the maximum bounty). If you disagree with my idea for this system feel free to criticize it after all this is just a nuanced idea. Pros -Encourages pvp -Encourages bringing expensive kits -Allows players to get money for bringing in expensive kits -Works similar to the insurance system (so not a lot of developing) Cons -Could be abused -(ETC)
  3. woodsleader

    Game dropping FPS

    Hello. I bought the game yesterday and I love it so far. But there's a big problem. Before buying the game I checked the system requirements and I thought I would have a smooth experience because I have the following: GTX 750ti i5-4460 8GB RAM So, my system met the recommended requirements, but to my surprise my game constantly drops to 5-10 FPS on the lowest settings and with V-sync off. Why is this happening? I even dowloaded a memory cleaner but nothing changed. It's very frustrating that whenever I meet another player and aim at his head, the game just turns into a powerpoint.

    Medical System Improvements

    The current state of the medical system leaves alot to be desired for a few reasons. I'll continue to list some challenges below: 1) In order to get detailed information about your medical condition you have to open a separate window and doesn't always feel very intuitive. Please have a look at improving how your medical status is implemented. e.g. you could have varying levels of a RAG indicator on your player avatar in the top left corner indicating the severity of damage. Right now you have grey , black , red ? 2) Where's the healing animations for using medkits , bandages , morphine etc ? As it stands a player hotkeys the medkit and just spams it while carrying on running / shooting / moving without any issues. Performing ANY other action while using medics should stop the effect from being applied. Same as searching containers etc. EFT is meant to be realistic , not selectively so. This is massively game breaking and counter-immersive 3) The last suggestion is to look at the bleed out effect. Instead of weird looking veins across your screen, perhaps look at slowly fading out the colour, sound and so on until death. CP out
  5. This is a heated post as I just got screwed out of one of my few successful PMC runs (and I had an AWESOME haul) I have been having MAJOR issues with the extraction system in this game 1- to a new player (me), when an extraction is titled "ZB-1011" how the duck are they supposed to know what/where that is? Apparently I need to buy a map, hopefully that will show me what I need. But if you NEED a map, why not just give a ducking map in the first place? And it would be nice if that was something ducking told to players 2- Explain what the hell your extraction system means In other words, the damn question marks. I googled what they meant, but too late (I hate googling to figure out things in game, but apparently, THERE IS NO OTHER WAY TO FIND OUT AS THERE IS NO GODDAMN EXPLANATION OF THE ducking SYSTEM!) I spent too much time trying to figure out why "Old Gas Station- ??????" wasn't working for me and ended up running outta time. Because apparently, the question marks mean these spawns are under conditions (again, HOW THE duck IS A NEW PLAYER SUPPOSED TO KNOW?!) TLDR- Players should not need to rely on google to figure your game out Devs, you GOTTA give more info to new players like: -Buy a Map -Question Marks means spawns are dependent on certain factors such as: BTW< this auto profanity filter is silly This is a game about killing people Your telling me you will portray death, but god forbid someone uses a naughty word
  6. All people say something different which ammo is better... So I do some research and it looks like some sort of ammo have not always the same DMG and AP. Can somebody tell me how this works? Is it just Random or is there a system behind or am I completely wrong?
  7. Does every body part lose hps if you are hit in (1) of them? lets say you are hit in the left arm why do your legs and both arms lose HP as well ?? This doesn't make sense.
  8. HypraZombie

    Why I Love The New Health System*

    *I dont Carrying 5 bandages and loads of health kits have become the new meta it seems Feel free to post some of your funny health scenario screenshots below
  9. I started playing the new patch today, and after around 40ish games I noticed several things: Scavs don't take more damage from headshots anymore ( its takes me 6-7 bullets all hits to kill a scav, no matter where I hit) I don't know if this is intentional, bug or desync. The adjusted medical item values fit the old system, where only the hit limb would be damaged. Now when you need 1-2 car medkits (the best ones i have available to me atm) to heal back from a single engagement where you were shot twice is kind of ridiculous. PVP feels kind of random for me. I have killed players with single headshots, while others take a couple of mags of hits to die. This might be due to desync because everyone wants to try the new patch, but still an issue. I am also unable to hear player footsteps, scav ones work just fine.
  10. TechoverMana

    Scav spawning

    So, and this was only maybe 10 minutes ago, but I did a scav run on Customs. I spawn in and I spawn right next to 2 guys who were pretty geared up. Scav backpacks, tricked out AKs, a Saiga, the works. And I mean, I spawned in like maybe 20 feet away from them. By the time they realized something was amiss both guys were dead from my MP-153. I looted them and ended up being killed by a scav camping the exit and I got distracted looking to see if I found the docs holder. But I think that's a major issue with the spawns. Those guys were being careful, taking their time, clearly came prepared and lost because I spawned in right next to them looking at them already. I barely had to move my mouse to kill them. If I had spawned else where and snuck up to that distance that'd be one thing but I literally teleported right on their asses and they never had a chance. I never should have been allowed to spawn in such a favorable position, and so close that I could easily shotgun them both down without having to make a move. And that's an issue where scavs can just spawn in right next to you. I really think that needs to be addressed where scavs cannot spawn in direct line of sight of players, as well as scavs can't spawn inside a certain distance from the players, because it was so close that it seemed like one of them gave birth to me with that spawn and it was absolutely never ever fair for them. And to those 2 guys I gunned down, I'm sorry because that was really dirty but it wasn't my fault the game put me in such a spot. I'm just a little sad that I didn't take your great stuff but at least you can sleep easier knowing that I didn't walk away with it either.
  11. hakunamavodkatv

    Mein Gaming PC

    Moin Leute, ich möchte euch meinen PC vorstellen - meine komplette Hardware mit der ich EFT spiele. Zudem, bekommt ihr meine Grafikeinstellungen vom Game. Und das aus welchem Grund? Weil das Spiel bei mir läuft ohne den geringsten Lag, ohne den geringsten Standbildern, ohne Arbeitsspeicher Problem -> und wer von euch ein vergleichbar gutes System hat, darf auch keine Probleme haben. Denn ich bin zu 100% der Meinung, eure Lags kommen von eurem System. Weder von dem Spiel noch von der Hardware. Mein PC: Mainboard: MSI Z170A GAMING PRO Carbon Z170 CPU: Intel Core i7, 7700K, 4.500 MHz CPU Kühler: Alpenföhn Olymp Grafikkarte: Pali8GB D5X GTX 1080 Gamerock Premium Arbeitsspeicher: Corsair DIMM 16GB DDR4-2133 Kit So, seht euch mein Mainboard an - ist das aktuell? Ohne BIOS Update würde meine CPU nichtmal erkannt... müsste dringend upgragen, aber läufts? EXTREM gut. CPU - ist eine Leistungsstarke CPU und ich selbst habe daran nichts verändert. CPU Kühler - Ordentlicher Brocken, nenne ihn auch die Ballz meines Rigs Grafikkarte ist natürlich ne 1080 aber ohne TI, wozu auch, ein normalsterblicher benötigt nicht mehr. Arbeitsspeicher - Trommelwirbel Achtung jetzt kommts ........ 2133....Mhz.... reicht vollkommen aus - auch von den Mhz. Jeder der meinen Stream kennt, weiß wie geil das Spiel bei mir läuft - und das bei jedem Patch/Update - ich habe noch nie Einbußen erlebt. (Meine Internetverbindung: Kabel Deutschland, 200down und 10up) - Screenshot mit Grafikeinstellungen Ingame liegt auch bei - Fullscreen ist aus wegen Screenshot Bei einer Beta kann es natürlich vorkommen, dass bei einer Update Installation einige Fehler auftreten, das möchte ich nicht bestreiten.
  12. StarFish_AC

    DirectX 12 support?

    The approximate system requirements are saying currently, that a graphics card, that supports DX 11 is recommended. I am just wondering, if there would be a DirectX 12 support for EFT? Maybe not on release, but sometime in the future.
  13. Guylussac

    New Scav Protection System

    While playing as SCAV I'm sick and tired of being killed by player SCAV brothers. You need to disable friendly fire for SCAV's because it is not good for the whole idea. SCAV's must kill PMC's not each other. I'm always try to kill PMC's but other SCAVs always kills me. Right now as a defensive I'm killing player SCAV's too. Then all other scavs attacks me. This is the most boring thing in this game. You also reduce the timer to 30min. Right now everyone is killing each other. What a pitty. Here is my idea: -When you target a SCAV Brother our character will lower his weapon. -Of course some players will try the grenade way(Because they are so poor. OMG Scav PM!!!). If they killed a SCAV somehow by a grenade or something: -This will have a negative inpact od their main characters exp (Like -15.000 exp for per kill) -They will not going to be a SCAV for 3 day(Maybe a week) -They can't exit the map and lose their gear anyway. This changes will make the game much more fun than right now. SCAV brothers please don't kill each other. Please!
  14. ViscontiRogue

    The Karma System

    Perhaps I haven't learned or gather enough information about the upcoming Karma system, but my current understanding is this: Killing scavs and opposite PMC players gives you good karma, while killing friendly PMC players gives you negative karma. If this understanding of what the Karma system is mostly going to be, can someone explain how this would work in an effective way in EFT? Since it is rather difficult to distinguish PMC factions unless there is a clear line of sight, and enough time to make an assessment of another players team, it seems incredibly risky to leave yourself vulnerable and open to fire. I would hate to be shot and lose my gear for the sake of "not losing karma" because another player took advantage of a precious second. Would a karma system really encourage players to refrain from shooting another player if they are unsure of their faction just because of a negative karma penalty with the stakes high as they are? Once again, I may not have all the details of how the karma system is planned, but I don't see it stopping the majority of players from firing on others when it's such a risk. What are your thoughts and do you think a karma system will help or not work?
  15. Frantic

    Post your RIG.

    The System requirements (approx.) are already out but i think that its more than fair requirements for such good visually game. While we're waiting for the final sys.req's, its a good chance to post our RIG's and tell(?) if we are good enough to run this game at MAX Settings. So i start with mine.Its an "outdate" LGA1366 one, but still does well on most cases. MoBo: RAMPAGE III EXTREME LGA1366. CPU: Intel Core [email protected] 4.2Ghz O/C. RAM: CORSAIR DOMINATOR GT 6GB 1600.(Triple-Channel) VGA: Gigabyte GeForce GTX770 4GB WindForce 3X OC. PSU: Cooler Master V1000 80 Plus Gold. Storage: 2x SSD's 128gb / External USB 3.0 500GB. CPU Cooler: LEPA AquaChanger 240. My guess is that i will run most of graphic settings at high (if we suppose there is an ultra option) and some medium on MSAA 4x at max. Anyway just speculations for now!
  16. TechoverMana

    Possible balance to medical items

    First of all, I would like to point out that I am loving this game. I feel even in the state it's in, I've gotten my money's worth out of it. But we are here for testing and helping shape the game and giving feedback to devs, so here is one suggestion I have that I think would add to the realism aspect, make firefights more interesting and intense, and add even more weightiness and a feeling of tension to combat. As it currently stands, medical items, such as the AI-2, Car pack, Grizzly, ect, heal far too quickly. You can hot bind these items and heal yourself on the go as if you were Wolverine and effectively have regenerating health like in Call of Duty. There is a progress bar, but it doesn't really mean much or impact your movement or ability to fight. I think this seems very odd for a game that is built on and advertising itself as having a high level of realism in its gameplay. My suggestion, would be that when using a healing item, you would not be able to move or fire as your hands are busy actually applying the bandage, splint, meds, whatever. I think it would be appropriate to have a 30 second freeze, where you couldn't move or engage and go into a healing animation (although maybe cancelable like with searching) to remove a status effect such as bloodloss, pain, fracture, ect, and then for items such as the Grizzly that actually restore health, it you would be in this healing state for one second per point restored. So, as the game stands right now, you get in a fight, get shot up a little, and you just spam 4 to heal up or quickly open tab and drag the Grizzly and in seconds your shot up body is restored to full health without much issue. Gunfights don't mean as much when just ducking behind cover and spamming a button will fix a lot of damage. If such a system as I've suggested were implemented, you'd take damage, and then you would have to limp on over and find a safe place to actually have the time to patch yourself up. If you'd been knocked down to say 200 health overall, and you've got bloodloss and fracture on your leg, it'll be 30 seconds to apply the meds to fix the blood loss, 30 seconds to splint or fix the fracture, and 235 seconds to fully restore the lost health with an item. I think that would be a first step. I also think possibly that some health should be permanently lost, where say you could only heal half of what you take for example. So if you get shot and get hit to 235 health, you could only heal back 100 of that 200 you lost, so you now would max out at 335 no matter what. If you were knocked down on deaths door and survived with only 35 health, you could only heal up to 235. Only way to fully restore health would be to extract and fix inbetween raids (and I know part of this might already be in the works for having to heal between raids but not sure for the other parts.) Anyway, those would be some suggestions I think to have a more realistic health/damage and medical system in the game. It should actually take time to set that bone or bandage that gunshot wound. Right now it feels like you have regenerating health as long as you remember to bind meds to the 4 key.
  17. skullhead51

    Scav spawning system?

    How will scavs, both player or AI spawn? Do they appear on the edges of the map or anywhere where there are no players or is there a set amount from the start?
  18. I am just wondering, if 8 GB of disk space would be really enough for this game. I mean look at the 16 km^2 big map, with several buildings, structures, nature and so on. And it is not only the map. There would be many weapons and gear with a huge amount of costumizability and the very detailed physics. And last but not least there is the trading system with the NPCs. What do you guys think. Would 8 GB of disk space be enough? I spontaneously thought, that the game would be 12 - 16 GB big. And do anyone know, how i can change my nickname ._. i missed the "i" in StarF i sh_AC. So it became StarF u sh_AC. That really bothers me...
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