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Found 3 results

  1. Hey devs, are there any plans to have a better inventory system in the game ? What i mean is, it's very annoying to have to search for a specific item and go through the whole inventory of a vendor just to find something. A lot of times i miss an item i'm searching for, just because everything is so cluttered and not organized. You should make you tab system not only higlight items, but filter them out completely. For example, if i click on a weapon icon, the inventory should only show weapons a vendor has, and hide all the rest of the stuff out. If i can make one more suggestion, th
  2. While I was playing the game, I came across this peculiar bug: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/168046491 What happened was I had my Inventory set to the Health tab, I accessed the Safe, closed and re-opened my inventory and ended up with both my Gear and Health tabs stacked on top of each other. Both are visible and both are functional.
  3. Binnie

    inventory glitch

    Couldn't find a glitch report in the forums so I'll put this here. I was in the factory, (which, can you give us a flashlight... I can't see anything) and tabbed into my inventory. I clicked the top tabs around (map, skills... all that) the screen went basically blank and all I could do was make the sound from tabing again happen but I couldn't do anything. Even ESC wouldn't bring me out. I have to Alt-Tab out of the game and close it from windows and re load the whole thing.
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