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Found 15 results

  1. Pumbadinho

    Full Auto Weapons

    Hi, it is absolutely annoying, that full Auto Weapons are set on single shot when buying off the dealer. Please make full Auto Weapons in full Auto b default or at least let us define the fire Mode in stash. This is absolutely stupid. Btw Same with mode of taktical devices. It makes no sense that u first have to switch through the modes when entering a round.
  2. Hello there, We are so young as a server I personelly like to play tactical and quite as possible.I am a old Arma player and I have experience from army. Our projection is to have some serious players, there is no age limit on our server, everyone feel free to join. We have special regiment its called Black-Ops they completing some uneasy missions for everyone. We want to create a training team for newcomers on Tarkov. We aim best gaming experience on our server, we can help, we can rise and fall together. https://discord.gg/uYFpbN7v When you enter please select a role and read the rules I will be get contact with you A.S.A.P. Cheers, see you guys inside.
  3. Hello guys & girls! Hope everyone is staying safe during these times. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Jack and I am 22 years old. I have come here today Representing Tarkov Tactical Division, a newly formed group looking to play in a relaxed but still serious way. We aim to be your place to chill after school/work. We have a Discord server where you can join in order to do raids, scav runs, share knowledge about the game and last, but not least, do quests. We usually take things rather slow, but we have moments where we rush in to get kills. Our way of playing tends to adapt to those of the ones around us. We also have a hierarchy system which will see you increase in rank (in order to be a more trusted member) and help you even take over raid leadership. All our members are always there to help and play with each other, so settling in shouldn't be such a big issue. The kind of players we are looking or are: 16+ NA based Microphone and being able to use it Mature Good comms If you think I have convinced you by any chance, leave a comment here with a small introduction and I will send the link to join the discord via PM. Enjoy your day/evening!
  4. Hey everyone! We are a newly formed clan looking for players to help us create something new and fun. The current members of the clan have been playing together for nearly a decade. We are looking to re-create the experience and close friendships we all made and experienced so long ago, since you do not find communities how they use to be. There are currently only a couple of us who play Tarkov so we are always looking for people to play with who are both Tarkov veterans and beginners. We have a ranking system of sorts to keep organization but it is not at all necessary to participate, if you want to have fun we welcome all to be involved in a fun community with a diverse group of people. We would also like to pursue a more tactical experience in Tarkov when possible. Thanks! Discord: https://discord.gg/ftVtcKC
  5. Vinificient

    Need a Realistic tactical squad

    Hey EFT Community! My name is Vincent and I'm new to the Tarkov scene but not new to the military simulator scene, I'm a very tactical and coordinated player looking for a full time squad or group to run raids with, I prefer groups with more of a slow and tactical outlook more than a fast run and gun mindset, if this interests either you or your team please feel free to message me as I'm looking to jump right in and learn this game quickly and efficiently. I'm currently 33 years old and run a A50 headset and i9 processor and gtx 1080ti graphics card with 32 gigs of ddr4 ram. -Vincent
  6. Vorcheski


    I'm sure some of you are rather annoyed by how restricted the jumping is. I know the game is realistic and it's to prevent things like bunnyhopping, which is fine. No one likes that stuff in most shooters, like BF or CoD. However, because of how restricted the jumping is, sometimes it's hard to get over basic obstacles. I have flashbacks to STALKER getting stuck on every single piece of rubble trying to navigate Limansk. I played the Customs map, and there was one really frustrating part that could've ended in my death, had I not already cleared the area. I'm sure most of you know what I'm talking about: The ramp that scales a fence on the railroad tracks. Anyway, a simple, yet effective solution: A vaulting/climbing option. Things that are waist-high should be scalable, and hell, maybe you can even climb over fences if they're low enough. Climbing/vaulting speed should be dependent on how much you're carrying. This should compliment the jumping, where if there's something that's rather easy to jump over, you can. There's a certain warehouse in Customs where you can get stuck behind them without jumping around to find the sweet spot. I suggest just ever so slightly increasing the jumping height to circumvent this problem. Or add a step-up when you're next to things that are shin-high! Not necessary, of course. This could also open up some escape options, as well as new ways to enter areas that might surprise the enemy. Same goes for descending, if you're near an edge, you should have a "drop down" when you jump, to lessen the impact and sometimes even completely prevent breaking your legs. This will add a whole new tactical aspect to the game, because now some places might not be safe if you can climb around. Although, this climbing is just a suggestion. I'm not suggesting that we all become mountain climbers, but instead do what makes sense. A chain-link fence? Climb over that sucker. 2 meter-high wall? Jump over that business! Waist-high wall that can easily be circumvented? Vault that thing! What's really necessary is a simple vaulting prompt. If climbing over fences and walls is a bit too much, vaulting is the only thing necessary. Although it might make for more engaging combat strategies if you could climb over certain walls and fences, as well as get the drop on enemy if they're underneath a rock, you know, if you don't break your legs in the process. They'd better have a splint on them.
  7. 1st i would like to say that we are a new clan so im learning how to do all these things im open to changes and suggestions all i ask is that you give Ns a chance 2nd the clan owner aka me is not a kid im in my 20s and would like to have people join the discord and just game AS ONE also the more people we get to be active the people you will have to play with so...... discord link https://www.discord.me/notoriousgamingsociety
  8. Blackbeard06

    Stratigic Raid Group

    Whats up guys and gals. I am putting together a group of like minded players who favor serious strategy and communications. This is more of a group and our only requirement is for interested players to want to play the game in this way. We don't want to play this game in a grinding way, rather we want to play in a way that involves strategy, plans, and slow-is-smooth-smooth-is-fast type raids. Have a quest you need to complete? We got ya covered, we will work with you to get your quest done, as well as help those who need specific loot or kills. Are you experiencing greedy players who rush the scavs or players for loot? You will not find that here! Do you like your kit and gear? No one moves with out cover (guardian angels on over-watch) to help ensure you survive crossing that danger area! If this is what you are looking for check out our discord and introduce yourself. https://discord.gg/u52rN9r We accept all player levels, need help? We will train you. Requirements: English speaking Microphone mature, no unnecessary chatter in game, remember seconds count clear comms and communicate! Preferences: Veterans / Active Gunnuts: love them guns, and know how to use em! Strategy play style Disqualifies: Douchebags and Mortys....
  9. 1st i would like to say that we are a new clan so im learning how to do all these things im open to changes and suggestions all i ask is that you give Ns a chance 2nd the clan owner aka me is not a kid im in my 20s and would like to have people join the discord and just game AS ONE now after that being said the link https://www.discord.me/notoriousgamingsociety
  10. 1st i would like to say that we are a new clan so im learning how to do all these things im open to changes and suggestions all i ask is that you give Ns a chance 2nd the clan owner aka me is not a kid im in my 20s and would like to have people join the discord and just game AS ONE now after that being said the link https://www.discord.me/notoriousgamingsociety
  11. https://www.discord.me/notoriousgamingsociety 1st off i want to say is the clan leader aka me is 21 years old would like like to let you guys know that We only have one rule Don't Be A Dick Have fun and just treat others like you would like to be treated Requirements To Join You must 18+ to join or if under aged must have a one week evaluation before joining the clan for the over 18 members you can rock the clan tag right away if you want but 1 week after you join and you name hasn't changed then you get a warning if still no change you get kicked from the discord Game Requirements: Team Player English Speaker Respectful Able to follow orders Must be able to communicate to teammates Please be respectful To Others And Have Fun
  12. yozaman

    Really Annoying Bug

    Whenever i try to turn my tactical on/off it does not work and my mouse blinks in the middles of my screen. I tried Ctrl+T and it does the same thing. I then tried changing my game to full screen, still the same bug. Tried escaping and trying again on offline and it did not work. Then i changed the key bind for Tactical from T to M or something. n o p e. Then, out of desperation i restarted my game. IT STILL DOES THE SAME poo. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH it is so annoying and idk how to fix it. someone help me pls.
  13. Much like how many of the weapons are modular in what attachments you can add I would like to see a vest, or all molle style vests, where you have to assemble it with parts. You would be limited to X number of slots and add a variety of pouches. Ideas for the "attachments": Single or Double depth rifle magazine pouches Alternate single-depth may also have a pistol magazine pouch built-in Pistol Magazine pouch Grenade pouch Med pack Sapi plate (Armor) slots If you want to go further in-depth Kevlar inserts Camel Back (possibly as an attachment to specific backpacks as well [inside]) Drop pouch (empty magazines) Molle butt pack Also, same idea for a leg pistol holster but limited to pistol magazines. So as you see a vest can be just as complicated as some of the weapons but I hope at least some of this comes about.
  14. KREION

    Tactical options.

    Hello guys, some thoughts (questions) As I'm new to this project I tried to find as many info as I could about it and how the gameplay will feel, not being able to read on the Russian section will certainly help to lose a lot of Dev info. All I know for sure is that the Dev team is aiming for a great attention to detail skill based hardcore game ,so as an ex green berets airborne in reserve I also know that being effective in a mission isn't 100% based on the tools available, but how do you use them. Meaning that having all those weapons, skills and animations in the game will not make it a tactical one necessary if the game doesn't give you a variety of options on how to use them. So I have a few questions/suggestions for the Devs. 1:breaching options/equipment. do we have flashbangs, smoke grenades ant such? can we breach doors, windows? can we through them through windows? can we vault windows, fences, cars and others 2:Verticality. do we have the option to go up on a rooftop or other vantage points? maybe breach/through a flashbang from a glass roof, or climb a tree. rappelling from a cliff, roof, bridge. 3:setting up tripwires, mines. using claymore stop protect retreat roots or ambush points. making some simple boobytraps with some tripwire and a grenade, staff like that. 4:camouflage. is there different types of cammo for our gear? Uniforms, weapon paintings. can we set camouflage nets over observation points? 5: Maps. do we have grid maps that we can make notes on them? can we set waypoints on our teams map? 6: communications. can we interest, jamm enemy comms? 7:heavy support weapons. will we have access to RPGs, grenade launchers, mortars? Things that will give us a variety on how we can engage enemies and approach missions.
  15. Alpha-30k

    Swapping firing hands?

    Dear Devs, Is it currently or will it be possible to swap weapon hands in EFT? For example, I'm firing on a corner with a right-handed stance, but then want to swap to a left-handed stance where my left hand is on the pistol grip of the rifle instead of the right. This is something I've always wanted in a game and no game has really done it that I know of (CS:GO allows this mechanic, but it is statically set through the game menu and not changeable on the fly). Thanks and have a great day/night, Silent
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