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Found 4 results

  1. SushiVII

    Solution To Alleviate Campers

    People who camp the extractions can get irritating and are ridiculous. Although that is a tactic, (and a poor one at that) it makes things feel cheap. So a way I've thought where it could make sense on each map is if anyone who is hiding out in one spot for, lets say, 30 seconds to a minute, they release a loud beep/ping once every (about) 5 seconds, which can be heard from a far distance in the same ways you can tell the direction and distance of bullets being fired, until they move from that small radius to stop the sound from emitting. The radius of the zone could be about moving 15-25
  2. "Little Less Conversation a Little More Action Please" - Great song by the way. If you want to listen to it while you read, go ahead. (Classic King of Rock and Roll, Elvis) Welcome Reader, In this written tutorial, I'm going to assume you know abso-freaking-nothing about communication. You can't even tie your tie without looking up a Youtube video on how the rabbit comes out of the hole, goes around the tree and comes back into the hole again. If you just read this and went "huh"? - well you are exactly what this tutorial was made for. "Spoiler: For those that don't know
  3. UKxSharpshooter

    Tier One Warfare

    About us What We Require Discord Link https://discord.gg/7CBJRn9
  4. as most of you know camping is a huge taboo in the gaming community, however this is just securing a position and possibly scouting and feeding intel to your squad. snipers in real life are doing this on a scale you cant imagine or understand as the stereotype gamer. these people wait for the target some times days sometimes weeks or even longer, just to take that well aimed shot to take out that one guy everybody is trying to find. camping can also be done by a machine gunner. either to pin you down or as an arial denial strategy. if you use common sense you can easily fla
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