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Found 6 results

  1. When as scav player killing other AI scav, He must tag as a scav killer, and we need to have an open fire option at him. In that case, if we kill or hit him, other AI scav DOES NOT need the activate a triger to kill us. It's as simple as that.
  2. hoodedpatriot

    Weapon Tag and Icon Graphic Idea

    I think it would essentially be a good idea to add metal weapon tag and icon graphic for Escape From Tarkov weapons. Now some may say that is a bad idea which I agree if there are no restrictions to this idea. Restrictions: Reach a specific level Complete a quest Design boundary limits on the weapon Weapon Tag 6 characters long Benefits: Can be kept as a trophy case if eliminating top level twitch streamers or people in leader-board. Weapon has a name and it is becomes more precious to you and because why not? Graphic Concept attached
  3. For some items tags are usefull, but hard to read. For example on Keybars. I see only first 2 letters of tag "San". Minor thing, but I guess easy to fix. Screenshot for reference: <- please make it so TAG's background (red here) covers item's SHORT NAME ("Keytool" here).
  4. paintedbird

    Discreet way of indicating teammates

    Since i started playing the game with my friend, i noticed that the game miss the system of indicating friendlies. I know, that some people will say, that this option would decrese the realism of the game, but i think i got an idea bout the system that will show if a player is your friendly or not in a polite way, without ruining the realism. As we all know, the more hud you will see on the screen, the less imersive the game would be. So i tried to figure out how to indicate friendlies without showing any popup, an arrow over a player or his name while looking on him. With my friend we found an idea - maybe a system of armbands, which would differ the collor, depending if the player would be in team with you, or not. Blue for example, when you are with someone in team, but for other players it would be appearing as red or not at all? We all know, that in real soldiers are using uniforms, and even partisans and millitary groups are wearing those kind of bands to recognize themselfs from the other. I know that the system might be problematic to implement, not sure if possible at all in the enviroment that the game is being created. But in my opinion, since game is still a game, and we have limited perception and possibility to recognize the characters in the game - we need some augumentation. In normal life people are different by look, height, weight, voice and other things, that cannot be used to recognize people in the game. By the way - im having statement that the game really needs a system for customization of how your character looks. Despite the fact that all characters that we see are clones of Ivan Ivanovic, really - most of the characters are ugly as possibly they cant be. No matter - USEC or BEARS - all looks like neanderthals who just gone down from the tree. It should rely on pre-made elements, to avoid turning the game in simulation how the society would look when everyone would look like Adolf Hitler, but i really think that the game need to have an option to change your look.
  5. flanneryfrost

    Dog Tags changed or bugged?

    Just finished my first raid after the most recent patch, got three dog tags, wanted to sell them, only worth 1095 roubles each to Therapist. Inspected the dog tags, all of them are level 20+, so is this changed OR is it bugged? Couldn't find anything on the patch notes.
  6. I hate confusion while playing with friends, too many times we have to resort to friendly wiggles and jump checks to see who is who. Tarkov is hardcore game so having these unrealistic team icons ontop of team-mates like you see in other games, would not do justice to it. However there must be some way of making individual squads reckognizeable from the rest, as in real life you would most likely reckognize your friends from foes. In tarkov everyone looks more or less the same which makes it a pain in the ass. Patches, i really hope that this could be done, imagine seeing an arm patch of your own color/icon on friendlies, im sure this would save alot of confused people from murdering their friends in cold blood. Perhaps it would be easiest to do like this, any player can design his own arm patch, maybe for a cost even. When said player invites people into his squad, all the invited squad members will have this arm patch in the raid. Would be realistic enough, and very helpful. If its a patch, maybe it doesnt have to be just an arm patch but you could have it on your chest or helmet or where ever. Another option could be different colour arm bands, so that you could color-code your teammates and remember who is who.
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