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Found 9 results

  1. RainmakerM4

    Clan Prefix Tags

    Since there is limitation to how many times we can change our names in the game, can we get a setting int the game that adds the unit tag on our name? So we don't have to change our names to add a unit/clan tag.
  2. I would love to se the option to tag the magazines. A color tag, equal to what we can do to the Cases would be sufficient. This is actually realistic. We do this in real life. Usually mark magazine according to the ammo type.
  3. For some items tags are usefull, but hard to read. For example on Keybars. I see only first 2 letters of tag "San". Minor thing, but I guess easy to fix. Screenshot for reference: <- please make it so TAG's background (red here) covers item's SHORT NAME ("Keytool" here).
  4. gijoeyjojoe

    Weapon tagging system

    Awesome small addition to the game would be having a weapon retain the name of the person who first created it. M4's for a example change hand constantly throughout the game it would be awesome to know if you pick up a M4 you created and lost, or a friend's M4 or maybe even a streamer you watch. A M4 could have the name of the person who originally bought tagged to the lower reciever so it could be modded and changed over time but still retain the original creater's name. I just thought that would be a fun little thing to add.
  5. Title, thoughts or other ideas?
  6. nickyarocks

    Dog Tags ruined Friendlys

    Hey Everyone, Now ive been playing this new patch and i thought right what happens if i even take my knife off just to find to see if anyone will hold back on the fire and here are my results, 50 raids in factory, killed everytime by player 40 raids in customs, killed by player 25 times and 15 times by scavs Now i know the results are small but its clear to me that no one is willing to see someone and be willing to trust them in a group because the prize of that guys dog tags is worth more then an extra hand and a friend for a raid. Tarkov needs to fix this by either bringing the price of dogtags way down or giving them a different purpose entirely because its just a get rich quick idea for alot of hatchlings and other players alike. if anyone wishes to talk to me about this or is also willing to team up my discord is as follows. Discord: https://discord.gg/PNVb9a2
  7. FosterFox

    Stacking Dog Tags

    So I noticed whenever I gather a ton of dog tags, they take up a surprisingly large amount of room. I mean yeah I get the fact that they aren't exactly small, but I feel like they should be able to be stacked. If anything, at least make stacks of 3 or more so you don't take up 3 slots worth of a shotgun from 3 tiny dog tags. It just doesn't make sense to me how that would work, so I really hope you guys consider adding a stacking option for dog tags. It's such a simple thing, and it would make the experience much more enjoyable and the dog tag hunting more desirable.
  8. I know that people will say that this is unrealistic, and that the game is the way it is for a reason, however, I just tried on a bunch of my buddies dog tags. I fit 8 of them around my neck, and that is only because I had 8 people around me. Dog tags (in my opinion) should be able to be stacked.. maybe limit it to 3.. who knows. I just know that I can fit more than 1 dog tag in my pocket/around my neck. I would like to be able to keep track of the PMC's that I kill for each mission. The way it is now, I will have my entire inventory will be filled. This is assuming that I want to collect pmc kill information, and not just sell the dog tags for cash. I dont know.. What do you guys all think?
  9. SovietSpaghetti

    Dog Tags?

    Hello EFT Devs, I had the great idea with a friend of mine who I play with on EFT the idea of implimenting a DOG Tags / Tags system... By this I mean, when on a raid and you kill and actual player and not a NPC, you can see dog tags in there inventory with player name, I.e. then you can distinguish. Then we had the idea of them being listed in inventory if you get them back safe (and then you can keep them as trophies with details of the player you killed)
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