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Found 68 results

  1. Change username possible?

    is it possible to change your ingame username at all?
  2. Enrage from Tarkov

    Listen to my buddy rage in the background. Hahaha He didn't actually uninstall it, he was just pissed.

    We're a no-bullshit 18+ community offering a friendly & quality experience for those who don't want to deal with drama, kids, or gimmicks. We're here to play games and screw around.
  4. Tarkov Discord Server Up!!!!!!!

  5. Hello All! i am the official owner of "Revenge Tarkov Community" Opened : 03/03/2018 To join all you need to do is join our discord and accept our rules and be a friendly member! (we are mainly EU) Our Links/Information: Discord: My Discord Account: Jack8562#5794 Thank you all, enjoy!
  6. 9x19 Ammo Buff + MP5 = HOLY S@$#

    Sorry if I sound a bit off recorded this at 1AM - Nevertheless thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  7. Пришла такая идея,чтобы создать клан только для девушек,которые играют в Тарков.Для всех стран.Отпишите своё мнение в комментариях! или зайдите в дискорд -

    NOT A GUIDE - Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  9. Zombie Mode for Tarkov

    Would be insane nice.
  10. Hello and welcome, my name is Mr2kay. Looking to play Escape From Tarkov? Well your in luck I host a small but growing community of gamers that play a large range of games. Come chill on our server and invite your mates. Stay for as long as you want and drop by anytime for a quick game or a talk with one of our friendly members or staff. We have a unique levelling system within the discord the more you spend on our discord and type in chat you will gain new roles with new exciting permissions. Once becoming Trusted (level 7) you can create a private channel for only you and your friends or use the channel specifically for Trusted players. Interested? Discord link: Steam Link: Discord user: Mr. 2kay#4281 ~Have fun and happy gaming! ~Thank you
  11. Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  12. Launcher'da haberlerde okuduğum kadarıyla Alexander Kontorovich, Predator isimli bir kitap çıkarttı. Tarkov'u anlatan ve çoğunlukla Scav konulu bir kitap. Yakın zamanda İngilizce, Çince, Almanca ve bazı diğer dillere çevrileceğini öğrendim. Tarih için Mart 2018 denmiş. Acaba bu dillerin içinde Türkçe olacak mı ? Eğer olmayacaksa Türkçe'ye çevrilmesi için yapabileceğimiz bir şey var mı ? Gerçekten okumak isterim çünkü bu tip bir kitabı. Her ne kadar İngilizce okumak benim için bir sıkıntı olmasa da insanın bir kitabı anadilinde okuması daha keyifli oluyor haliyle. Bilgisi olan ve cevaplayan olursa şimdiden teşekkür ederim.
  13. Tarkov Classifieds

    Please feel free to use this thread to try and find any players you may have had an encounter with in raid as a scav or PMC, or even just to leave kudos on a kill someone scored on you. Please refrain from using this as a hackusation thread.
  14. Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  15. This game is AWSOME!

    Hi all , I'm am literally only posting this to say I have had my eye on this game for well over a year , as soon as it was available for open beta I made my swift purchase , to find myself quickly upgrade my account to the maximum available simply because the dev's deserve my money for such an awesome game , keep up the good work I personally like the direction this game is going , its going to be a huge success !!!!!
  16. Maps of Tarkov

    I made a few maps with alot of updated stuff. Customs and Shoreline were rendered by Maksen and edited by me. You find the latest versions at Let me know what you miss from them, they are constantly under construction when I find more spawnpoint etc.
  17. Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  18. Thanks for watching! Likes, shares, and general feedback is always appreciated.
  19. Hello! The United Gaming Center -UGC- are looking for more people to join our gaming community! We do mostly play fps and battle royale games but theres a kinda good mix. We have Escape from tarkov channels but also loads of channels for other popular games. Remember to read our rules FAQ when joining. Invite link: Hope seeing you there! /Matt
  20. The Fix for Tarkov servers

    guys all it would take is a GD phone call to acquire some more servers, and then 1hr later after image is uploaded to them, we would have no wait times, with all the money you guys made in the past 2 weeks you cant do anything, ive supported the eft team im losing faith, make tarkov great again, devs get off your asses and make a phone call, make us love the game again instead of hating it
  21. I don't know what the status of wipes post-Beta are going to be, but thinking about it, once a player reaches a certain level or unlocks everything, gameplay might become a bit dull in the future... So they might honestly be a good thing. With that said, losing everything post-beta would be awful, so maybe players could get to 'bookmark', say, a certain number of items, that might allow for a sustainable always-work-your-way-back-up aspect to the game? Or alternatively, whatever items you "Escape from Tarkov" with are the ones that will be kept (and this can be done multiple times or something). Maybe even have a purchasable container for very high prices to store things in that will never be removed from your inventory? As far as these bookmarks/containers go, the option could apply "permanently" to the item until it is "unticked", or lost in the field or something, so that if the player leaves the game for 6+ months, they can retrieve their gear the next time they sign-up or play. Thoughts?
  22. I jumped on some garbage bags to get to the bathroom at doors and crouched and it got me stuck in the wall and pushed me to the corner of the bathroom and won't let me move, please help!
  23. Wait times

    Why aren't the dev's keeping players informed about fixing these god awful wait times. I know its a load test and we expect this but the game is basically unplayable when it takes you 20 min to get into a raid. At least tell us that you are working on it or something.
  24. Funshack gaming recruiting

    the members in Funshack gaming Decided to start recruiting into the clan again everyone ages 16+ is welcome. msg me on the forums or leave a comment under this post and I will get back to you asap or you can add me on steam at jmjr I will respond instantly there as long as I am near my pc. Clan rules: must have Teamspeak Must have a working microphone Respect is a primary factory in the clan, we may troll but nothing is ever serious. and have fun!
  25. no anda

    el juego no anda me requiere colas de hasta 10 minutos y yo necesito jugar ya debido a que no poseo tanto tiempo mi familia va a venir en cualquier momento y me van a empezar a molestar y eso la verdad a mi me jode muchisimo necesito mi hora diaria de tarkov ya, encima lo estoy haciendo mientras sigo buscando partida dios mio, por lo menos espero que no haya lag