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  1. stuarth

    sea tarkov discord

    KIBA Gaming Cafe is now Open for Business for Customers in [OCE] [SEA] [ASIA] Regions to come join its Discord! [ENG] KIBA Gaming Cafe is a Discord Community catered towards ESCAPE FROM TARKOV (EFT) players in ALL experience brackets [New and Veterans!]. •ASIA Community • Squad Finder/ Looking for Group Channel • Brag About your Loot • Weapon Build Guides • Tarkov Economy and Ammo Discord BOTs • Limited Voice Channels for Duos, Trios, Quads, and Full Squads • Unlimited Voice Channel • Tarkov Game Discussion • Laidback and
  2. calvin012

    Dutch Tarkov Operators recruiting!

    Hallo mede tarkov spelers! Ben jij toevallig op zoek naar een Nederlands sprekende tarkov community zoek dan niet langer en join [DTO] Dutch Tarkov Operators. wie zijn wij? Wij zijn een gezellige community die nu rond de 70 leden telt en snel groeit. Onze actieve Moderators en Admins helpen je ook graag bij al je vragen. Omdat wij een innovatieve groep zijn word jullie input op de server dan ook zeer op prijs gesteld. Wat kun je bij ons doen? Bij ons heb je de vrijheid om te doen wat je wilt! Wil jij liever gaan questen, ga je op pad als een rat of voel jij je een echte ch
  3. xMrocha


    Hallo, Do we have any information about the OPEN WOLRD from TARKOV, it will actualy be in-game, it will be soon or later in time and how it will be ? Thank you
  4. DonWojnar

    Szukamy ludzi do grania i pogadania

    Gramy razem od kilku lat i mamy przegrane wspólnie tysiące godzin. Na discordzie możecie liczyć na luźną i kulturalną atmosferę (często kilkugodzinne rozmowy o wszystkim), jeśli dopiero zaczynasz we wszystkim ci pomożemy lub jeśli nie masz gdzie pograć to nasze kanały głosowe stoją otworem. Obóz Radykalno-Taktyczny to nazwa oddająca nasz styl gry, w rajdzie staramy się grać zgodnie z zasadami jakie opracowaliśmy na bazie naszego doświadczenia. Fun czerpiemy z dopracowywania naszej rozgrywki i poprawiania popełnionych błędów. Poza rajdem możecie liczyć na śmieszki poza kontrolą . Każdy na di
  5. ЧВК БРО ( Братское Объединение ) Тег { Bro_ } ______________________________ ( дата создания клана -18.08.2018 ) (дата создания сервера BroTark 18.12.17) История создания
  6. Rawvvi-

    BEST FPS Settings 2021

    O sa postez aici setarile pe care le folosesc eu pentru fps-uri bune in Escape from Tarkov. Sper sa ajute pe toata lumea. Spor la joc.
  7. Wejmin


    Клан SFK собирает людей вместе так как по своей природе мы являемся очень социальными. У нас в клубе есть очень интересная инфраструктура ролей и даже возможно продвижение по карьерной лестнице. Мы все очень дружные и помогаем ребятам с квестами а так же помогаем новичкам поднимать валюту. Есть комнаты с лимитом и без. Бывают конкурсы и есть много разных ботов. В клане уже больше 100 человек а так же про-игроки которые не хуже известных стримеров. Если вы интересный человек и сами заинтересованы стать частью нашей виртуальной экосистемы, то оставьте свои детали в комментарии и мы ответим вам.
  8. WITAM GRACZY! Chciałbym serdecznie zaprosić was do dołączenia na serwer : Szwadron Cieni - Escape from Tarkov! Jesteśmy jednym z najstarszych, polskich i otwartych dla wszystkich serwerów discord, poświęconych w całości grze EFT. Zapraszamy zarówno tych raczkujących na tarkovskiej ziemi jak i zaawansowanych graczy - każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie, z mocnym akcentem na początkujących - bardzo dużo przydatnych informacji, które wprowadzą was w świat EFT, a dodatkowo macie też do dyspozycji graczy którzy siędzą w tym od samego początku, czyli głębokiej wersji alpha gry. Po nadan
  9. Zauda545CZLP


    Hey lads and dear Nikita, I am experiencing a lot of desync which complicates me tasks and gameplay. (From Yesterday 7.6.2020 to today 8.6.2020) I started quest for Therapist Sanitary Standards - Part 2 which wants me to Find in raid 2 gas analyzers and Hand them over to Therapist so i decided to play Interchange and thats when the problems begin... First raid is always without problem and fast loaded. From the second raid it all went to sh*ts i am getting Desynced. Even if reconnect i am still desynced The worst part of it all is i must find in RAID that means i have to surviv
  10. golestar

    LFG-Singapore server

    Country :Vietnam Timezone: GMT+7 preferred play time: 6 pm to 12 pm Looking for discord servers or individuals who play on Asian severs, specifically Singapore servers without issues. I play CS:GO, Division and Tarkov. I am not all that skilled in FPS, and i just gotten into it, not to mention i rarely play, so any tips and tricks would be of immense help as well.
  11. becuase all the work you put in all gone if that is going to happend i give up playing this poo game becasue this happend so many fuicking times its ducking annyoing fix your poo BAttlestate because this is not fair level 1 no flee poo market bullcrap this game is paid for win duck this poo if u do it im cheating at end of the ducking die duck this game really if this is going to happen
  12. Shad0wAVM

    Why Arena mode??

    When I heard in the podcast that Nikita was going to add a new game mode called Arena for competitive players I did not quite understood his decision. The current gamemode is incredible, only needs some minor adjustments. I believe that Arena mode will not suit Escape from Tarkov. I believe that adding a 50vs50, 40vs40 or 30vs30 PMC war would be amazing. The gamemode could be stealing some usb drives, secret files, briefcases, packages, taking control of an objetive or simply killing other PMC´s. This gamemode would fit the Raid Series, because there is no looting and the main focus is the gun
  13. SwiftnessPvP


    Hey guys I uploaded a video a bit ago and it seems to be doing decently I just wanted some real feedback on what people enjoyed about it and what people didn't like. Any feedback all is really appreciated
  14. If you are 18+ and want to play, new or advanced, Join my Discord Server: https://discord.gg/sn9rhGKvsY
  15. adroitAIlias

    Looking for Group or Players to play

    Hi people, I play on Singapore/Seoul servers or others that are of the same ping. I've played tarkov on and off years back, new to this wipe. (could call me new cause of all the recent changes) Looking for chill people to play with, so let me know and we can get on discord and get into some raids!
  16. Edgar_Sanchez


    Compré la versión estándar en otra region, cuando volví a mi pais me sale el error "208 Bad Region". Quiero actualizar a la version Europea, pero cuando lo trato de hacer siento que me van a cobrar nuevamente el juego, cuando ya lo tengo solo que en una region distinta. ¿Es real que tengo que comprar nuevamente el juego cuando le doy en "Upgrade to Europe version"?
  17. Edgar_Sanchez

    Change Region to Europe

    Hello. I bought Tarkov in a different country, but when I returned to my country the game indicates the error "208 bad region". When I want to upgrade to the Europe version indicates payment methods when I really already have the game purchased. Do I have to buy the game again when I want to upgrade to the European version?
  18. I´ve searched everywhere for this problem but couldn´t find anything: When i´m playing tarkov i randomly get black screens, after 2-5 seconds the black screen is gone and everything is back to normal but it gets really annoying. I´ve noticed that i get the black screens more often in the menu, in between raids but it does also happen mid raid sometimes. At first i thought it might be my drivers or even my gpu but i dont get those black screens in any other game. So far i´ve updated my drivers, reinstalled the game, restarted my pc and ran a stress test on my gpu to see if it get
  19. SpecterXDRE

    offline mode commands

    i would like to ask if there is any plans to add simple commands to offline mode so you can practice and use all the guns and attachments in the game and if there is any plans for open world in the game
  20. Hello guys & girls! Hope everyone is staying safe during these times. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Jack and I am 22 years old. I have come here today Representing Tarkov Tactical Division, a newly formed group looking to play in a relaxed but still serious way. We aim to be your place to chill after school/work. We have a Discord server where you can join in order to do raids, scav runs, share knowledge about the game and last, but not least, do quests. We usually take things rather slow, but we have moments where we rush in to get kills. Our way of playing tends to a
  21. StarBoy-251

    Raider Boss for Streets of Tarkov

    Hey guys, last night a buddy of mine and i were thinking about streets of Tarkov. We kind of thought about the Boss, that could be roaming the map, and we got a little bit deeper on the topic. So imagine a rich guy, that took advances of the circumstances in Tarkov, buy smuggling guns, ammo, drugs whatsoever... He has the personality of someone who doesnt care about the lifes of others, just cares about the highest bidder or something. We had this idea of him being a suit & tie guy, who has five bodyguards (also suit & tie, sunglasses and stuff) that has to cross the m
  22. Supercharger116

    Too hard for beginners???

    I have a couple friends that recently got the game but they can’t really figure anything out because at this point the game is very hard to learn, I love this game and I encourage to fix this to maybe add some sort of tutorial and maybe a map included with players less than level 10 that have not played the game before then. Does anyone else agree?
  23. gamekillaz

    Discord for squads

    https://discord.gg/3fTFGqs If you need a squad this is the discord for you. We have tarkov vets and new players alike in here and always looking for more people. I have Kappa this wipe so if you have any questions let me know
  24. Abschatten

    Tarkov is actually an ODST from Halo

    Just something funny I noticed
  25. Hi guys, I am from India and i play on in singapore servers. i am level 40 and been playing this game from 8 months. So Hit me up if you wanna play sometime. You can join my discord from here https://discord.gg/7UsF3Cm
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