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Found 114 results

  1. ЧВК БРО ( Братское Объединение ) Тег { Bro_ } ______________________________ ( дата создания клана -18.08.2018 ) (дата создания сервера BroTark 18.12.17) История создания клана : В городе идёт вооруженный конфликт между двумя частными военными компаниями: USEC защищает интересы корпорации TerraGroup, BEAR — формально нанятая властями Норвинской области, по слухам, созданная Правительством России. Наемники которые отказались поддерживать интересы ЧВК , BEAR и USEC начали выходить из их составов и создавать в собственные объединения , для захвата и контроля важных продовольственных и военных объектов, в Норвинской области.Одной из таких организаций стала ЧВК БРО (Братское Объединение) . Основной целью которого является: захват важных стратегических военных объектов в г. Тарков и удержание их под собственным контролем, а так же распределение сфер влияния в городе в свою пользу. Началом создания ЧВК БРО лежит за плечами 2х братьев, которые имели большое влияние в городе и бизнес в Норвинской области до начала военного конфликта !Пользуясь большими связями и поддержкой серьёзных людей в г.Тарков было решено создать свою частную военную компанию, которая будет защищать свои интересы в городе и контролировать важные объекты инфраструктуры, рынка товарооборота , а так же защиты объектов которые принадлежали участникам объединения до начала военного конфликта ! ЧВК БРО подтянула серьёзных людей в свою компанию которые имели опыт в военных конфликтах, а так же людей из криминального мира и бывших людей из правоохранительных органов которые не успели или не захотели покидать город в сложное время ! Клан Bro бойцы с самообладанием, уважающие товарищей по отряду, а так же других игроков. Сообщество создано для совместной игры по голосовой связи в EFT. Клан состоит из Главнокомандующего, офицерского состава, рядовых бойцов. Перейдя по ссылке вы попадаете в наш клан , встретимся там: https://discord.gg/Sd6NpBT Так же по мимо клана имеется свободные комнаты для игроков которые не желают состоять клане , для них созданы отдельные комнаты в которых можно найти себе напарника для игры на локациях Норвинской области ! Наш канал на Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_yfKZ8XVlV075gtwHRGcaQ?view_as=subscriber Основные требования : Скилл средний уровень вполне сгодиться; Адекватность при любых раскладах и в любых ситуациях; Чувство юмора; Время для рейдов в нашей компании! Детальнее ознакомиться с правилами вступления можно здесь : https://discord.gg/3tEDJjg Так что давай к нам Bro )
  2. LVL 21. I know shoreline, customs, interchange fairly well and somewhat factory. Really trying to get disgusting at the gunfights in this game. Need someone up for the challenge and that learns from when they die. Also not looking for people that think sitting in a bush for 20 minutes is a viable strategy lmao let's game dudes InvertedGamer#0645 Also...not trying to join your "tarkov gaming community"...thanks
  3. Supercharger116

    Too hard for beginners???

    I have a couple friends that recently got the game but they can’t really figure anything out because at this point the game is very hard to learn, I love this game and I encourage to fix this to maybe add some sort of tutorial and maybe a map included with players less than level 10 that have not played the game before then. Does anyone else agree?
  4. Sheeno

    Chemical Pt1 weird bug

    Issue has fixed itself currently. There was a weird bug i just encountered where I went into a game to do this quest(Chemical Pt1 from Skier), as soon as I picked up the Documents from the Train, I got an Error which forced my game to close (can't remember what it said, but the option was to close game). (At this point i was asked to send a report which I did do, idk if it was the cause for my fix) Once that happened, I could not re open the game, as i'd got an error saying my Account ID was not Authentic. After restarting the launcher, i would get a Error 213 where I could not download latest file, thus preventing me from opening the game. Then I logged out and tried logging in but it said my Account could not be authenticated, so i tried logging into the website and it sent a verification link to my email, varified and everything but the same issue occured with logging in, after like 10 min i was able to log into launcher, and then into the game normally. So as of now the issue seems good. it's weird cause it seems as tho the quest item triggered a strange set of issues, but if anyone has this issue, where the game crashes upon picking up the item and it allows u too send a report, do it and then i guess do what i did with authenticating, then waiting alittle bit and it may fix itself.. still don't know if the report helped at all, but it worked. As of now I logged back in with 10 min left, picked up the item and escaped and turned in the quest with no issues.
  5. Welcome to out recruitment thread! We here at XCM salute you soldier! We are a fairly new clan existing of some very oldschool players. The core of us date back to the launch of the game and have mostly seen it all. As a community we focus mainly on Escape from Tarkov but we try other shooters on occasion. As a clan itself we are based in Europe, but we will accept anyone in our community! We accept anyone and everyone as long as they are willing to act mature and follow some basic guidelines explained in our Discord. English is the main langauge we use, however we also use a system where tags are added for the languages spoken to keep track of this more easily. More about this will be explained in the Discord section. All in all, we have a fun little community wich we seek to expand with more like minded people! If you have any further questions, leave a message, PM me or just join the Discord! - A mature and friendly environment for new and veteran players alike - Designated Squads / Ranks ( Example; Quest oriented, loot oriented etc ) (**Being implemented**) - Training Sessions / Mission Sessions / Money Sessions - Training Missions (**Being Implemented**) - Well organized Discord server with all sorts of fun gadgets / Language cards / information and much more to be implemented - A friendly and capable staff - Extensive game knowledge - In depth theory crafting / testing armor and weapons - Kills hall of fame - And MUCH MORE to follow! - A working microphone - Basic English speaking / writing - A mature attitude - Teamspirit! - Willing to follow some basic rules / guidelines in our Discord - A short interview after joining our Discord - A little Cheeki Breeki! XCM Discord Server - CLICK HERE to Join Upon entering our Discord, please contact someone from Staff for you're interview. We hope to see you soon!
  6. balasycroquetas

    Ragnarök Legion

    Hola! Estas aburrido/a de jugar solo/a y que tus "momentazos tarkov" solo los veas tu, algún scav y algún bobo que cree que esto es tarkov duty? Pues vente con nosotros, que no aumentaremos tus posibilidades de supervivencia, pero seremos los que estemos ahí pa reírnos cuando la cagues (siempre desde el buen rollo y el respeto). Nos gustaría contar contigo si crees que cumples unos mínimos requisitos básicos de convivencia como puede ser RESPETO, paciencia, jugar y HABLAR con seres humanos como tu, intentar NO imponer tu forma de jugar.........cositas de ese tipo que garanticen una experiencia divertida. Somos unos poquitos (6) los tarkovitas, tb le damos a mas shooters/juegos como el R6,rpg,mmo.... asi que por eso tampoco te desanimes. En Ragnarök Legion no te vamos a exigir ningún horario pro, ni conocimientos de supervivencia, solo respeto al resto de jugadores, al staff y a las normas de convivencia. Tanto si no sabes ni como se coge un fusil, como si eres capaz de limpiar un mapa "insane" tu solo a pipa y cuchillo, aquí nos honrarás con tu presencia. Si te llama nuestro rollito puedes venirte al discord y probar.....no pierdes nada. Discord: https://discord.gg/t8J25Wp PD: Cabe mencionar que varios somos personas adultas con trabajos y familia, así que si eso es lo que te retiene recuerda que somos personas como tu xD. Un saludo, futuro compañero!
  7. SpecterXDRE

    offline mode commands

    i would like to ask if there is any plans to add simple commands to offline mode so you can practice and use all the guns and attachments in the game and if there is any plans for open world in the game
  8. GigxFitz

    New gear ideas

    A tactical belt or gun fighting belt would be a really good idea to add to the game. The new pouch system would work well with this gear item. The belt allows for the addition of different pouches/holsters. Rifle/pistol/mag dump pouch could be added for extra carrying capacity or way to run a light weight kit. -Drop down serpa holster could allow for faster draw time. -Dump pouch could allow for rapid reload without throwing mags on the ground. Draw backs could be that the reload Isn't as fast as a regular rapid reload but not as slow as a regular reload. Once mag goes in the pouch it must be physically removed and put back in your vest to use/reload. - The addition of light leg armor could be attached as well.
  9. [email protected] Llevo bastante tiempo jugandolo y, ahora, con el boom que ha tenido en twitch estas navidades, me he animado a comenzar una guía desde 0 para que, el inicio de futuros nuevos jugadores, sea lo más "ameno" posible. Sé que esto, hablando de Tarkov, es un poco contradictorio pero he puesto esmero y ganas y solo espero que pueda serviros para que, con el tiempo, nuestra comunidad hispana aumente. Nada más supervivientes. Nos vemos en el Flea Market.
  10. Pipboy17

    how to upgrade package

    how do you upgrade to a new package i have the standard edition and thinking about upgrading to a better package just dont know how
  11. As the title says, a recent update has made it increasingly difficult, mostly for the casual players, for an already difficult game. I don’t mean difficult in the unforgiving game style, that is one of the reasons why I love the game so much, but the player and skill levels that are incredibly grindy for a beta test game who still wipes their characters. For a streamer or someone who has a lot of time on their hands, it might not be as huge of a problem, since they can put 8+ hours in the game per day, but for a lot of people who have work, school, and other responsibilities outside of the game like myself, we can only fit a few hours per day if even that. Because of that, it takes months just to get our USEC and BEAR characters to a good position in the game. And it only gets worse for people the closer to the next wipe that they decide to play the game. Keep in mind, even the streamers agree that leveling skills in the game is grindy, one streamer GhostFreak said it can take 100+ raids just to level one skill(Forgive me for not going into more detail, i don't remember which skills he was taking about). What used to be having workarounds to offset that time grinding out skills, now you can’t even do those methods anymore, which makes leveling take even longer now. Pestily said in a recent stream after someone was complaining about the skills "Well, what would you want, them to work 6 months to rework the skill system, or to progress in the game". But it shouldn't take that long to fix, next wipe the developers can lower the xp requirements for each level for skills and for the character, or make the first 30 levels very easy to achieve, and make the last 20+ the normal or an increased amount so that people who put in more time into the game can still be rewarded, but give every player a chance to effectively test every aspect of the game, skills and end-game gear. The game is still in Beta, it’s a spoken(and unspoken) truth that people who buy and download Alphas and Betas are all testing the game, so it’s only reasonable that every player should be able to test all aspects of the game, not the handful of people who can make it to the endgame items and effectively test them before the wipe. My respects to the developers for creating such an amazing and unique game, but they need to treat the game as what it is, a Beta, not as a complete game. Once the game officially releases, and there is an option for a character that doesn’t wipe, then the developers can and should revert the player and skill levels to how it is now and make it the realistic hardcore gameplay they have in mind, but until then, leveling shouldn’t be unreasonably grindy just to get wiped a month after landing in a good point in the game, and the game shouldn't have an architecture that overwhelmingly benefits streamers and people who can put a lot of time into the game, not yet. If the developers truly don't take all the opinions and ideas from the streamers, please keep this forum post in mind for when the next wipe happens in March.
  12. This video is my attempt at explaining the general route I take through Interchange to maximize my money making potential as much as possible. Included in the video is a list of appropriate items to bring, what to loot and look for while in the mall, and finally the broken down math explaining the total values for each run. The general route starts at the South-Eastern entrance to Goshan, but can also be picked up from any spawn point on the map and can even be run exactly backwards if spawned near the North-Western section of the map. Included in the description box of the video is a link to the Official Tarkov Ammo Chart and an updated Value Spreadsheet of every item. Average Roubles p/Hour: 1.00733 million Average Time In Raid: ~13 minutes As it is my first video ever made, please allow your criticisms to be constructive. Any info./advice you feel you'd like add to make future videos better can simply be left in a comment here, and I'll make sure I read 'em all!
  13. vekongmaster

    Please Fix SKS Reload Animation!

    Dear BSG Devs (especially weapon department) & EFT Community, I just found out that SKS reload animation is totally wrong (especially the Tactical Reloading animation when we reload non-empty mag). When reloading non-empty mag, our PMC character will pull back the bolt carrier and magically the bolt carrier stays locked to the rear, then he'll insert the new magazine (or rounds) and he'll pull the bolt carrier further back to let it go forward chambering new round. It seems like somehow the bolt catch inside SKS magically hold open the bolt carrier. You can see SKS goofy reload animation here in this video (starts at 1:01:06). Afaik we can't lock the bolt carrier to the rear when the magazine is still loaded with bullets (coz the bolt catch won't hold the bolt open until the magazine follower pushes it up when all the rounds are out). SKS bolt carrier will get locked to the rear only when the mag is out of rounds (when magazine follower pushes the bolt catch up locking the bolt carrier to the rear). So what's the correct animation for SKS Tactical Reloading? Our PMC character should HOLD the bolt carrier back with his hand while reloading new mag or rounds. You can't just pull it back and "it'll magically stay that way". The bolt catch won't hold the bolt open while you still have rounds in the magazine. I know most of the players here won't even understand a word I'm saying So here's a video demonstrating how the SKS works (what's inside an SKS): I really hope BSG Devs will fix the animation! Well, they have to! Coz realism should be number one priority in EFT! Apparently this SKS goofy reload animation has been mentioned by @Sam_ (an SKS owner in real life) since 2 years ago. And BSG Devs haven't fixed it till now! >_< Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  14. Dear BSG Devs and EFT community, After using my beloved AKS-74U Krinkov for so long, I finally got my first Weapon Jam in EFT it's a freaking STOVEPIPE, ladies & gentlemen! Yihaa!!! But then I soon realize that there's something really weird going on with this Stovepipe (as attached picture below) My AKS-74U stovepipes a full cartridge though rather than an empty cartridge case, which shouldn't be possible! In order for the casing to extract out of the action (unsuccessfully to stovepipe), it needs the recoil from the actual bullet being fired to cycle the bolt carrier. A full cartridge would not come out of the ejection port, just the empty case! So BSG Devs (especially weapon department), with all due respect, please fix it! Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  15. Dear BSG Devs (Weapon Department) & EFT Community, I just found out that the animation of "Manually Putting One Round into the Chamber of Unloaded Weapon" is kinda wrong. This only happens to guns that have Bolt Catch mechanism like M4A1, ADAR, HK416, SA-58, etc. In this video (at 5:00 & at 6:33) and in this video (at 0:24) , you can clearly see that our PMC has unloaded his magazine outta his ADAR, HK416, & SA-58. He also has extracted the last round from the chamber. Then he wants to manually insert one round into the chamber. So He needs to pull back the bolt open to feed that one round into the receiver. What really weird is that he just pulls back the bolt by racking the Charging Handle with his left hand (while holding the pistol grip with his right hand) and magically the Bolt Catch locks the Bolt open by itself. Our PMC doesn't even touch that Bolt Catch button, it just works by itself. He pulls back the Charging Handle and the Bolt magically gets locked to the rear by the Bolt Catch. This animation is correct only when the gun is loaded with an empty magazine (magazine follower will go up and push up the Bolt Catch as you pull back the bolt). But when the gun is totally empty (no magazine at all), the Bolt Catch has to be activated manually with his hand! So imho here's the correct steps to manually put one round into the chamber (the animation should be like this): 1) Hold your gun with your left hand and pull back the Charging Handle with your right hand (it'll pull back the bolt as well) 2) Push down on the Bolt Catch button with your left hand (while you pull back that charging handle with your right hand). It'll free the Charging Handle so you can push it back forward with your right hand. It'll also lock the Bolt to the rear exposing the Receiver so you can put one round into it with your right hand. 3) Put a round through the ejection port into the receiver with your right hand, then you strike the Bolt Catch button with your left hand to release the bolt forward chambering that one round into the chamber. Here's a very good video to demonstrate the correct way to pull back AR Bolt and hold it open: The animation of Guns that have no Bolt Catch (like AK) is already solid! To insert a round into the chamber of an AK, our PMC braces the stock of his AK against his shoulder, then he holds the bolt back with his right hand, and then he inserts one round with his left hand. That's already correct! i know this is just a tiny detail that most players will never ever notice. Hell, probably most players don't even realize their PMC can manually insert one round into the chamber lol XD But hey, BSG Devs gotta do the Gun Porn right coz they claim to have the most realistic hardcore FPS simulator I'll keep checking all the guns mechanic here to see if there's anything else goofy. Stay tuned! Thanks in advance, -Vekongmaster-
  16. Marvelin

    Maps of Tarkov

    I made a few maps with alot of updated stuff. Customs and Shoreline were rendered by Maksen and edited by me. You find the latest versions at http://www.marvelin.se Let me know what you miss from them, they are constantly under construction when I find more spawnpoint etc.
  17. Akitosenshi

    The Tarkov shooter Part 3

    I am currently stuck with doing the "The Tarkov shooter part 3" quest. I think it's very annoying that you have to use a weapon that is designed for everything but close combat to kill PMCs at a maximum range of 15 meters. The Mosin is a really powerfull weapon but while fighting close range it is hugely inferior to any weapon that is semi or full auto or a shotgun. That is the reason why I always carry a sidearm when sniping, because I have a much higher chance of survival when engaged at close range with let's say an assault rifle. if I only had a bolt action rifle with me, most of the time I can return fire once before I have to retreat else I would be dead near instantly. I think it is not a good quest objectively because it makes no sense at all to fight with a bolt action rifle at this range (sure you can kill players with a Mosin in cqc but I think it requires far too much luck in many cases). My suggestion would be either to remove the quest completely or at least increase the max distance (to something like 30-75). PS: I don't like any other game as much as I love Tarkov but this quest just triggers pure hate in me, so much that I once stopped playing Tarkov for a full month, just because of this Tarkov shooter part 3. So I hope this gets some attention and that the devs consider reworking this specific quest. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  18. ¿Sabéis que se ha integrado finalmente la wiki en Escape from Tarkov? La wikipedia, dirigida, editada y totalmente producida por la comunidad, finalmente ha sido integrada en el juego y ha conseguido su más que merecido estatus de wikipedia oficial. Por el momento se encuentra disponible en los siguientes idiomas, sin embargo, desde la comunidad española haremos todo lo posible por implementarla también en español en un futuro más o menos próximo. Inglés Ruso Alemán Francés Estas páginas de la wiki no habrían sido posibles sin el fantástico apoyo de la comunidad que tenemos y las dedicadas cabezas pensantes que la administran. Es precisamente por eso que la página wiki está buscando activamente siempre vuestra ayuda como editores y traductores. La página wiki es un documento vivo que debe actualizarse con frecuencia porque el juego cambia a menudo, ya que todavía nos encontramos en fase de desarrollo. Con tu participación y ayuda, la plataforma puede continuar sirviendo tanto a toda la comunidad como a ti, manteniendo los contenidos actualizados. Puedes contribuir a mejorar y actualizar la wiki en cualquier momento. ¿Por casualidad te das cuentas de que algo está mal? ¡Pulsa el botón de edición y arréglalo tú mismo! Además, puedes participar de forma más activa, ayudando con los mapas, edición de gráficos y muchas otras cosas en la página wiki, junto con el resto de las fabulosas leyendas de la wiki de Tarkov. Si encuentras esto interesante o deseas participar e interactuar con el resto del equipo de la wiki, te invitamos a unirte al Discord oficial de la wiki, administrado por la comunidad de Escape from Tarkov, haciendo clic aquí. Battlestate Games y la comunidad de Escape from Tarkov agradecen a todos los que han hecho esto posible. Estamos deseando ver cómo sigue evolucionando el proyecto.
  19. xMrocha


    Hallo, Do we have any information about the OPEN WOLRD from TARKOV, it will actualy be in-game, it will be soon or later in time and how it will be ? Thank you
  20. Elbjunge

    Wallpapers for Tarkov

    Hey there guys, I found and created few USEC/ PMC wallpapers by screenshot some fanfilms and the Live Action Trailer for Tarkov. Check out the fanfilms and feel free to share also your own wallpapers for Tarkov here. Sources: Fan Films: (Youtube) - Escape from Tarkov - A Documentary (Watts24fps) - CASTLE OF THORNS (Reticulon) - Escape From Tarkov - Factory Raid ( Fan video) (David Hanus) Live Action Trailer: (Youtube) - Escape from Tarkov - Announcement Trailer (GameSpot Trailers) Artwork: (Artstation) - Stairway (Dave Simon)
  21. FussyFangs

    Minha despedida a comunidade

    Ola, meu nome é Clarabela Rothschild, tenho 21 anos, e moro em São Caetano (SP) em um condomino fechado. Por que estou disponibilizando esse tipo de informação? depois de ser ameaçada de DDOS, Doxxing, e até mesmo de morte por estar supostamente cheatada, rumores criados por pessoas de ego fraco, e eu prefiro entregar essa informação que deixar alguém vazar ela. Eu sofro de transtorno de personalidade limítrofe (desordem bordeline) o que faz que eu seja extremamente paranoica, e que minhas emoções sejam muito intensas, o que amplifica toda a minha reação psicologia as ameaças. E nesses ultimos meses minha vida se tornou um inferno por causa desses rumores, mesmo sabendo quem são os dois principais culpados eu não tenho o suficiente para ir para a justiça e retificar isso. O Tarkov é algo que junto a streamar ajudava muito com minha depressão, pensamentos suicidas e automutilação, e isso foi roubado de mim. O estresse emocional gerado por toda essa situação tem dificultado que eu consiga me alegrar com o jogo e tenha animo para jogar. Me dói muito ter de abandonar algo que antes me fazia tanto bem, algo que eu tinha uma paixão e tentava fazer o máximo para ver ela crescer, eu pensei que poderia ser um bastião para ajudar a comunidade a um caminho melhor, mas no fim do dia minhas asas já tinham sido cortadas por quem se sentia ameaçado. Com um coração bem pesado eu os deixo, e agradeço a todos aqueles que me deram suporte e foram gentis comigo. Eu não sei se algum dia vou voltar a streamar por causa disso, eu estarei desativando a maioria das minhas redes sociais, e bloqueando todo contato que tente me alcançar, eu peço desculpa por não ser forte o suficiente para tentar ignorar a fazer algo contra isso. Eu sou grata por tudo, pelas risadas, as amizades novas, e os momentos de diversão. Boa sorte a todos vocês meus queridos guerreiros, não é a hora certa para piadas (mas é um dos jeitos que eu tento lidar com o que me machuca) mas eu acho que eu consegui escapar de tarkov. sinceramente assinado -Clarabela Rothschild, fussyfangs tl;dr garota idiota tem uma das poucas coisas que a traziam prazer tirada dela.
  22. Moin, grade nochmal meinen Acc zurück gesetzt und wenn ich jetzt starte und mich zwischen Englisch und Russisch entscheiden soll passiert nichts wenn ich auf den "Accept" button drücke. HAb jetzt schon restarts hinter mir und sonstwas probiert aber ich kann einfach nicht die Sprache bestätigen. Danke schon im Vorraus Networld
  23. MoT_AR3S

    Door locking

    Door locking, what if you could lock doors behind you if you had the key? Say arsenal room, you went in, lock the door, more safe and more time to loot. Plus when your done you could lock the door behind you so only people with the key could access the items you may have left behind.
  24. xDontTazeMEx69

    New LFG Discord Welcome to join Everyone!

    Join our Active nightly and daily Discord Community. New Players to Veteran Players all welcome. Click the link below to join. Good luck and have fun all https://discord.gg/KAkCPd
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