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Found 4 results

  1. Big-Aniki

    Not getting exp from tasks?

    Im not sure what is ahppenign as i am still a new player. i have completed the 15 scav kills on woods and got the rewards i was 2,000 away from leveling to 8 when i went into the raid and did the task. i came ou and got the rewards but havent recived any exp from the task and am still level 7. i have logged in and out and it has been a day and i have the ak an the empty magazines but no exp. this happend to my friend for the water task from therapist he got no exp? is thi my fault or is something wrong here?
  2. I had two MBSS bags in the item case and put the item case back inside the bag. However, during the skier task, the skier asked me to submit two MBSS bags, and I submitted two MBSS bags that appeared right in the submission window. However, when I checked the warehouse again, all the MBSS in the item case disappeared and most of the items I had in the MBSS disappeared. It's not just me that's been a problem since 2018. Please do not allow everyone to submit bags containing items in Skier Quest again and thank you for returning my items.
  3. TheVonCleaver

    The Survivalist Path: Cold blooded

    I have tried multiple ways of getting tremors and each time getting a confirmed headshot kill but it does not count towards the task. Is there an in game fix I can do to help this problem?
  4. Ji_Qi_Ren

    task Chemical, p. 4 BUG

    as what did u see in the image, and i've try to escape with PMC, not working, and i try to put new MS2000 Marker on the box, still not working, i can't put it on the box again, plz help me
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