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  1. I’m looking to help newer players or players that are early into their account complete the starting task. If you’re interested just add me on discord. @John.Blink#3819 You guys can also reply with your discord below and I’ll add you.
  2. JoeRollz

    New Task Ideas

    Car repair, p. 2 Young man, I need your help again. There has been a hiccup with securing our transport. Some of the vehicles have flat tires and we will need replacements. In addition we will have to travel further than expected. Extra fuel will be necessary. I don’t know if you’ve experienced the fuel shortage recently, but I can’t rely on my normal suppliers. Four tires and four fuel containers. Can you get that? Or …travel further than expected. The vehicles are having difficulty running. I’m told they will need fuel conditioner to insure they can make the trip. Four tires and four fuel conditioners. Can you get that? Tires would be a 3x3 item similar to the air filters and would spawn in places you'd expect to find tires. Gas stations, tire piles on interchange/reserve would be obvious places. Maybe in a scav bag because they're scavs. After completing Car repair, p. 2 you unlock another task General wares, p.2 Everyone is grateful for what you have done. They decided to have a small celebration to honor you before departing. As you already know the evacuees are in no position to gather the supplies for the party. They still haven’t accepted the harsh reality that is their own and I would like to keep it this way. Here is a list of things we will need. The list is 1 of every food & drink. FIR. Maybe this unlocks a level 4 nutrition unit. You can make super water why not add some super food? Or the old people just give you their jewelry/keys. Woods could use a locked house similar to HEPS. Theres only two keys for woods why not add a third? Change to kappa quest. Instead of a set list of tasks change it to a percent completion of all available tasks. That way all play styles have a choice on how they want to approach kappa.
  3. This change should be adjusted in the beginning, rather than when I spent most of my time to do the task, suddenly found the prize value, is this your players of these efforts we do the task very negative reply, we are not the host, freelancers, we also need to work, spend more time to live, only to survive, we can have the rest of the time to play your game. I am very sad about your change. I hope you can file back. Это изменение должно быть скорректировано в начале, а не когда я потратил большую часть времени на эту задачу, внезапно обнаружил, что приз девальвирован, и вы это для нас, эти усилия, чтобы играть роль очень негативный ответ, мы не ведущий, свободных профессий, мы также должны работать, тратить больше времени на жизнь, только жить, Мы можем остаться остальное время на игру. Мне очень жаль, что вы так изменились, и я надеюсь, что вы сможете вернуться. 这个改动应该在刚开始时进行调整,而不是当我花了大部分时间去做这个任务后,突然发现奖品贬值了,你这是对我们这些努力做任务的玩家十分消极的答复,我们不是主播,自由职业者,我们也需要工作,花费更多的时间去活下去,只有活下去后,我们才能有剩余的时间去玩你的游戏。你这样的改动让我十分难过,希望能进行回档。 Thank you for listening
  4. I had two MBSS bags in the item case and put the item case back inside the bag. However, during the skier task, the skier asked me to submit two MBSS bags, and I submitted two MBSS bags that appeared right in the submission window. However, when I checked the warehouse again, all the MBSS in the item case disappeared and most of the items I had in the MBSS disappeared. It's not just me that's been a problem since 2018. Please do not allow everyone to submit bags containing items in Skier Quest again and thank you for returning my items.
  5. So im doing the first skier quest - hand in a fort armor and kiver-M helmet with no less than 80% durability. I've handed in the fort and i have a Kiver-M helmet but cant hand it in. The message 'Find a kiver-M helmet with no less than 80% durability is blue and has a tick next to it. But, when I try and hand it in i get an error '228 items moving - bad durability for item'. I think this is a bug as it should either let me hand it in, or the message for 'Find a helmet with no less than 80% durability' should not be blue and have a tick next to it. Edit: I also tried logging out and trying again but it still happens. Thanks,
  6. wardearth

    Task Backpack Bug

    I fell victim to the bug where you lose everything in your backpack when you trade it in to fulfill a task. All my dollars, euros, and rubles, plus keytool and keys. about 20 mil rubles total. Any chance support may be able to roll back my character a day or something? Been trying through support but it seems pretty automated. It is what it is, i know, but damn that stings.
  7. Universal any level achievements the grant an medal/some xp/brag rights. IE: Get 20 head shots in a row without dying. Cripple 10 PMC's before killing them. Have no missed shots for 4 raids. etc. Hard, but doable non level restricted task. In addition you could add in a weekly/daily challenge that any one can partake in.
  8. Let us choose do we want to do quests that dont have anything to do with Tarkov lore, like punisher task series, its basically killing people for Prapor and his friends fun or the gunsmith quests. So i think if you dont want to waste time on that series you can just skip those tasks but you will never get any experience or rewards that players who finished the quests got. You can make task skipping by players have negative effects on players popularity at certain players traders, also this way you give player option to choose does he want to grind quests for the reward or he will get to the reward on some other way, and the player that skip the task might get the reward on more or less difficult way, but he will never get the EXP points and trader popularity points that he could get if he did all those quests. If this gets enough attention i hope it will be reviewed and considered by the dev team as this could be a night little option. Thanks
  9. Hello Tarkovich! Down to business! Okay so this new feature in Escape From Tarkov to find task items in raid and turn them in after this latest patch is wonky to say the least in English. So to start of this i gonna write down 2 different tasks that i'm on currently and what worked differently with each of them. Task number 1 "Friend from the West 1" Skier: ~In both of these tasks states quite litteraly to "Find" and not "Find in raid", now keep that in mind. -Kill 5 USECs -Find 2 Flyye MBSS Backpacks -Hand over 2 Flyye MBSS Backpacks -Find in raid 4 AVS vests -Hand over 4 AVS vests Note number 1: Even if it states "find" If you recive a MBSS backpack from the insurance it's okay to turn it in, but if you recive a AVS from insurance it's not okay to turn it in. Note number 2: It is okay to turn in both items if you find them in-raid. Note number 3: You can buy both from flea market and traiders and turn in MBSS backpack but not the AVS vest. Task number 2 "Ice cream cones" Prappor - Find 6 60 rounder magazines and turn them in to Prapor: Note number 1: Even if it states "find" you can buy them and turn them in, again both from flea and from traiders. Note number 2: You can find them in-raid and turn them in. Note number 3: If you get one back from insurance you can turn it in. Conclusion: Take your time devs and introduce this more in patch 0.12... Reworking tasks and task text in all languades takes time... Right now it's not specific at all what needs to be found in-raid and what you can just buy and turn in. I love the concept of farming items in raid instead of buying em alot!
  10. Having to find task items yourself from the raid is not good for the market function ,because those items would be useless if you had the task done and no one else could use them. You would just have to sell them to a trader.
  11. Willem

    Sew it good Part 1 Bug

    Salut à tous, Juste un topic afin de vous faire part d'un bug que j'ai subi dans cette quête. Vous devez fournir 2 sac à dos "Pilgrim tourist backpack" à Ragman, seulement voilà j'ai pris l'habitude de les empiler comme des poupées russes dans mon inventaire (4 ou 5 je ne me souviens plus) avec le dernier contenant naturellement un peu de stuff. J'ai pris la précaution d'en retirer un avant de faire ''TURN IN'' pour vérifier si le jeu sélectionne celui qui est retiré de la pile mais non il semble qu'il choisit un sac aléatoirement. Comme un abruti j'ai "TURN IN" le deuxième pour valider la quête et bingo: tous mes sacs Pilgrim avaient disparu de mon inventaire Je ne fais pas ce post pour réclamer le stuff perdu ou quoi que ce soit, je le fais juste pour vous avertir afin de vous éviter cela... Si vous devez fournir des sac à dos pour une quête, sac à dos que vous avez pris soin auparavant d'empiler alors séparer les avant de les rendre! Bon raid à tous
  12. SPAJR99

    Polikhim Hobo

    I know in earlier patches, the Polikhim Hobo task was timed. I received it last night (3/21/19), and it says 30 scav kills in customs and if failed you lose .06 rep with prapor. I don’t see a time limit anywhere, was that changed in a recent patch? I’d hate to leave it to complete as I play and end up failing. If there is no time limit, how do you fail (just to be sure I don’t do it accidentally)?
  13. PEPINO999

    Guías de Misiones / Tasks

    Hola gente, les traigo una lista de reproducción de las guías de misión / task que estoy haciendo. El plan es abarcarlas todas y actualizarlas en caso de que algo cambie (en cuanto el tiempo y la salud me lo permitan). Espero que ayude a los que van iniciando y si son veteranos agreguen sus recomendaciones para mejorar la experiencia de los que van iniciando. Saludos. Guías de Misión EFT: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHOcSzrfCb38rteteVz3HOsTODbIRqkPg
  14. MisterHades

    Ragman task bug

    For the Ragman task Sew It Good, he requires you to hand over two Pilgrim backpacks. I had 12 Pilgrims, 1 Attack 2, 13 Trizips, and 4 Zsh with faceshields stacked together. When turning in the backpacks for the task, it also gave him everything inside the backpacks. I now have 5 Pilgrims and that is it. Just a warning to other players and maybe they could make you unable to turn them in with things inside them, like they made regular trade?
  15. Aloha zu Zeit besteht das Spiel aus : Suchen,Markieren,Töten,Sammeln,Ablegen. Für mich fehlt da definitiv noch Zerstören aber ich gehe davon aus das bei der Umsetzung es auf das gleiche rauskommt wie beim markieren, aber es würde zumindest suggeriert das etwas anderes gemacht wird.Ja ok das wurde schon selber gesehen und wird gerade etwas schöner gemacht zb Wifi Kamera anbringen etc. Ein Grafisches Feuerwerk brauche ich persönlich nicht was diese Dinge angeht da diese immer Einbußen in anderen bereichen erfordern und die Sache an sich ist ja nicht verkehrt ist, es geht ja um das Spiel im Ganzen mit der Einbindung des Verstecks,Blaupausen,Bauen,Kombinieren etc. Ein rumlaufendes Rind auf einer Karte zu finden und eine Kugel mit dem Rind zu kombinieren es danach in eine Leere Dose zu stopfen und es zu würzen etc. fände ich witziger aber ok so sammel ich halt 30 Thuchonka Dosen um nicht wieder Scavs auf der Karte zu verlieren. Kuh,Ziege etc fangen und lebend aus der Karte bringen ,alles dinge die vielleicht gehen würden im Anbetracht des Verstecks und der Versorgungs Möglichkeiten.Holz fällen etc. eine Menge Potenzial und Spaß wäre da. Der eine muss was aus de Drohne Hollen der andere ist gerade zufällig auf der Karte um diese zu zerstören. Zumindest was die Kuh angeht würde das mal etwas anderes darstellen als nur eine Namensänderung. Gehen wir mal davon aus das der Heilige D bald Geschichte ist und die Leute nicht mehr Nervt hat es potenzial der Shooter überhaupt zu werden .In meinen Augen ist das Grundprinzip des Raids Genial wie es gerade ist ,aber was die Missionen und die Langzeitmotivation angeht kann es nur das Versteck retten und ein umfangreiches Bau,Kombi,Beschaffen Prinzip .Das ist zumindest meine Meinung über den Momentanen Stand der Dinge. Was mich angeht prügel ich mich am Anfang selber durch das Spiel ,30 Scavs hier und da etc. Lustig ist was anderes gerade die Scavs auf Interchange nerven mich und zwingen mich zu Pistolen Läufen damit auch mal einer noch Lebend anzutreffen ist.Ja das Wort Task passt wohl doch wie die Faust aufs Auge .Erst ab der Möglichkeit eine Untar Rüstung zu erwerben und hier und da zu Modden kommt dann bei mir feuer auf, dann kommt der schon wieder Modus Krampf bis ich endlich Peacekepper Missionen machen kann ,es wird eine Gewissen Zeit mal wieder Lustig und spätestens bei Spar Tour Part 3 ist dann die Luft ganz Raus.Und ja es ist im Aufbau und nur eine XY Version und ja dafür schreiben wir hier um frühzeitig etwas dazu zu sagen wo unserer Meinung nach der Weg hingehen soll . Vielleicht habt ihr ja einige gute Ideen wie man gute Quest erledigen kann die umzusetzen sind und nicht einfach eine Namensänderung darstellen.
  16. Hier hatte ich folgendes Problem: Nachdem ich beim ersten Versuch, Spawn Road to Customs, gleich den Ambulance am Resort und den ersten Ambulance beim Tunnel markiert hatte, fiel mir auf, dass ich mit diesem Spawn wirklich ein Problem heraufbeschworen habe. Denn: Man kann dadurch den letzten Ambulance nicht markieren! Das rührt daher, dass er im Extraction-Bereich liegt. Die 7 Sekunden reichen eben nicht aus, um den Sender anzubringen und schnell aus der Zone herauszulaufen, um nicht zu extracten. Tja, dachte ich mir: Gehst eben noch mal rein. Und wo spawn' ich? Road to Customs! Und das 5 mal nacheinander. Das war schon ziemliches Pech. Einzige Lösung die mir hier einfällt: Man muss eine Taste drücken, um den Extract zu aktivieren. Oder die Ambulance woanders platzieren.
  17. Pink_

    Sew it good pt 2 Task Error

    Am running into this issue and have reported the bug through the launcher, whenever i try to turn in the armor it gives me this error, ive tried restarting my game multiple times and have tried different pieces of armour and still not working, people have suggested it be due to the armor being "old" (pre 65 max dura) however other people have told me "old" armor worked for them
  18. Getting a continuous bug where i cannot hand over my 20-40% condition fort armor to complete the ragman task. restarting game or entering a raid didnt fix the bug. The condition of the 20-40% fort is 12.3 out of 44.5 Any help would be appreciated.
  19. Hallo Zusammen Haben Probleme mit den Peacekeeper Tasks. Bei dem Task wo man den Bacon auf der Insel bei Shorline platzieren muss. Kann in legen. Fester mit Quest complete pop auf. Kann die Quest dann aber nicht abgeben, wenn ich zurück im Händlermenü bin. 3x versucht und 3 mal Raid überlebt. Zeigte mir auch einen blauen Hacken im Menü als ich noch im Raid war. Mein Bruder hat ein endliches Problem beim ersten Task. Er kann das SV98 und das Tool nicht platzieren. In diesem Fall kommt die "place" Funktion einfach nicht. Kann uns da jemand weiter helfen? lg
  20. Icarus_

    Skier task chemical,4 broken?

    I've ran this task 4 times now, and each time I will wait at the van until the timer hits zero, I will check my task menu in the raid and it says I've marked the med truck. But when I leave, it still says I need to go back to mark it again, and I cant hand in the task. Is anyone else having the same problem?
  21. DarakDeLaSombra

    Insurance missions

    I think it would be cool if a system where PMC's were tasked with retrieving insured items maybe have a bounty board in the task tabs under the insuring trader. This could open up more content for players after they finish all the missions and a reward system or a reputation system where successfully retrieving items gets you a boos to the charisma trait. on the other hand you could keep the items at the risk of a penalty to trader attitude. just a thought
  22. Guess this is a bug or something, but i was doing the friend from west part 1 task. Had to handover 6 AVS rigs, so i had 7, 1 extra with all my money and 4 wallet in it, it brought up the screen to transfer the AVS's over, but i couldnt tell which one had my stuff in it. So i hit auto transfer and of course it took my AVS with 4 wallets and about 1.6mil Roubles in it. Just thought yall should know, thats a bit messed up... Also sorry if this is posted in the wrong area...couldnt find bug reports or the appropriate area.
  23. Buenas tardes chicos/as. Os voy dejando los videos sobre como resolver las nuevas misiones de Therapist. Task Health Care Privacy (part I) Las dos primeras las encontraremos en la salida a tunel y la ultima, cerca del helicoptero en SPA, adjunto video:

    Quest Alarm

    Ich zeige euch anhand Videos wie die einzelnen Quests / Tasks von jeden Händler absolvieren zu sind. Thered wird in laufe der Zeit Aktualisiert. Prapor: Postman Pat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TmgIKp8FOnY&t=69s BP Depot https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fj0yJTdPCF8&t=827s Pocket Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SI4yXZPtV7I&t=31s Therapist: Supply Plans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gx4rrB3HuKE&t=565s
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