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  1. Markku

    Esittelyssä: Operaatiot

    Esittelyssä: Operaatiot! Operaatio-tehtävät on lisätty peliin! Kauppiaat tarjoavat näitä ajoittain ja tehtävät tulee suorittaa tietyn ajan sisällä (esimerkiksi 24 tunnin). Nämä tehtävät on merkitty 'kello ikonilla' tehtävälistassasi. Kuten tavallisissakin tehtävissä, saat ne kauppiailta ja palautat samalle kauppiaalle, jolta sait tehtävän. Nämä operaatio-tehtävät aukeavat hahmollesi heti kun saavutat tason 5 PMC:llä, tällöin ensimmäiset ajastetut tehtävät aukeavat heti ja niiden ajastin käynnistyy. Seuraavat tehtävät avautuvat, kun edellisten ajastin päättyy suorititpa tehtävän tai et. Myöhemmissä päivityksissä tullaan näiden tehtävien mekaniikkaa kohentamaan eri osilta, kuten ajastuksia ja suoritettavuutta. Tehtävät koostuvat useiden muuttujien ja niiden yhdistelmien variaatioista, vaikeustaso määrittyy PMC tason mukaan. Tällä hetkellä tehtävät ovat pääasiassa PMC ja Scavien eliminointia, tiettyjen tavaroiden löytämistä ja eri paikoista selviytymistä. Tulevaisuudessa tehtävien sisältöä tullaan laajentamaan huomattavasti, kuten lisäämällä sisältöä ja tarinaa, vaihtoehtoja, yhteistyötä, sekä huomioimalla pelaajan edistymisen muissa tehtävissä. Tehtävien palkkiot ovat seuraavia: Kokemuspisteitä, Rahaa ja erilaisia tavaroita. Jokaisella pelaajalla on omat ajastetut tehtävät. Nähdään Tarkovissa!
  2. After completing a mission this bug happens to me everyime, and it's starting to get really annoying. So basicly after turning in one of the quests, I could no longer accept or turn in other quests. My inventory would also freeze, leaving me to restart the game for each quest. So it does not leave me other choice than to restart the game. Any Ideas how to fix this
  3. D3st1nY_00

    Sorting tasks-list!

    A good QOL improvement might be to be able to sort the Tasks in the "Character/TASK"-Tab. The Tasks-List should be sortable by Trader / Type / Task(Name) / Location regards D3
  4. Hello there, seeing as a new gas mask was added to the game, I think it would be really cool to perhaps add an area or two where the area is "poisonous" and a gas mask must be worn. A good map for this would be woods, as with the new expansion, there are some very large areas that feel very empty. This could be incorporated into a special recovery mission, or maybe getting samples of a bioweapon or something similar. It would be unique and interesting and give those customisation items some real value. Also while on the subject, it would be cool to see the British style Avon FM12 gas mask added... I really love S.A.S. style gear. Thanks for reading
  5. I understand graphic cards are crushing our economy but would it be necessary to hurt the people who just want their quest done? I had paused my generator at 2hours left progress last night and now it need 11hrs to finish crafting MY FIRST QUEST ITEM. How about change it to maybe request 2 graphic cards to complete this quest or you know, just simply change it to not need to be found in raid, if you have to do something to control the bitcoin yield?
  6. Is there a reason in raid Quest items don't move to off raid once you've successfully extracted out of a map? I had picked up the Docs case for Skier's Chemical Part 1, but didn't want to hand it in so I could complete Prapor's Polikhim Hobo task. But because I died while in raid I now have to find the docs again. This is silly, I should be able to at least move it myself into off raid if not have it automatically move over. It means some tasks are going to be repeated if someone forgets to hand items in and dies in that map again.
  7. It would be good if you could sort the tasks by either type (find, kill, etc) and by location (Customs, Shoreline). This would help players with a lot of active tasks plan what they are going to work on in a raid on a specific map.
  8. Im not sure what is ahppenign as i am still a new player. i have completed the 15 scav kills on woods and got the rewards i was 2,000 away from leveling to 8 when i went into the raid and did the task. i came ou and got the rewards but havent recived any exp from the task and am still level 7. i have logged in and out and it has been a day and i have the ak an the empty magazines but no exp. this happend to my friend for the water task from therapist he got no exp? is thi my fault or is something wrong here?
  9. juicebox_tgs

    Found In Raid Tasks

    As of the latest wipe all items that are not extracted out of the raid will not receive the 'Found In rad' tag. This means that putting an item in your secure container during a raid, and then dying during the raid will result in that item being 'Not Found In Raid'. My Suggestion is that items that have been found in a raid, but were unable to be extracted from the raid will have a different tag, maybe something like 'Secured In Raid'. This would mean that for tasks like Farming - Part 4 you could find the item that needs to be 'Found In Raid', put it in your secure container, and if you happen to die halfway through the raid you will still be able to turn the item into the traders since it will have the 'Secured In Raid' tag. I believe this suggestion allows people to be able to complete some of the more difficult tasks, as well as making sure people still wont be able to flea market said items, since it wont have the 'Found In Raid' tag.
  10. Firstly sorry for my bad english it's not my first language. I was thinking about how tasks could be made more interesting in EFT, and I actually have an idea that could be quite interesting. The "Folder with intelligence" in EFT is currently just a barter item used as a trade for the scav case, this is actually pretty nice as an end-game item but I think EFT could give to this item a totaly different purpose before the player reach the point where he is done with every quests: they actually tell you informations you need to know in order to complete tasks. Aight here is an exemple. Prapor have a task for me: he is mad because a scavenger on customs stole him a case full of grenades, but he have no idea who exactly. So Prapor wants me to figure out who is that scav, kill him, loot the case on his dead body and return it to him. In order to identify my target, I have to go on customs and look for intels in order to gather informations. When I pick up an intel, it will update my quest log and tell me for example: what is that scav wearing, is he smoking, what weapon does he lik to use, where is he usually patrolling on the map etc etc. Not every player will have to identify and kill the same scav, maybe while collecting intels my quest log will tell me to kill a scav with a sport jacket, but for you it will be a totally different one. With that change in mind the way this item work will have to be tweaked: There will be intels specific to each map (If I have to investigate a task on Interchange, I will have to explore interchange to find intels for that task here), Intels can be consumed while in raid, will not be able to sold on the flea market, will not be able to be crafted in the hideout but will still be usable for the scav case so they don't become worthless when reaching end-game. I think this could be good for 2 reasons: Avoid every single player rushing a very specific location to complete the exact same tasks. This is very boring and have really low replay value on the long term, each wipe I do the same things and at some point I will get bored and not come back to the game for a wipe. Encourage the player to explore the map in order to complete tasks. I personnaly didn't learned much about the game while doing my tasks, because most of the tasks in EFT don't encourage me to explore the map. All I have to do is watch a 2 minutes video on youtube showing me where the task need to be done with an easy reference point, go here and press F for 45 secondes. That's it. I learned nothing, I didn't explored the map, I don't even have to fight or bring a gun with me. It's like I don't even have to play the game in order to complete some of the tasks in EFT. I know there is a lot of balancing that will come with it such as: "yeah but I can just gun down every scav on customs and, loot my quest item and GTFO" no because you can make the quest item drop only if the quest has been investigated and you identified your designated target. Tell me what you guys think about this idea, have a nice day.
  11. Okay, so I have been playing this game for about a month now. Last wipe there was an exploit where everyone had infinite money and best traders in the event. That is when I started playing...... Now, I do love the grind of earning my money, and growing my inventory slowly but surely.. Although I really don't know how BSG expects me to easily spend as much as 1 mill rubles on Prapor to get him to level 2 alone. I'm fine with the tasks, doing missions don't bother me.. In fact I love a little challenging mission (don't get me started on the pocket watch xD). But I still don't know extractions for either woods nor shoreline. I don't get how I'm supposed to make money, learn maps. do challenging tasks, and have fun at the same time. I feel like this process would go a lot smoother if No.1 there was a tutorial for each maps extractions. No.2 A stable way to get a cash flow, or just lower the amount of money required to level a trader. As of right now I'm on Prapor's 3rd mission, I have to kill 14 scavs in woods. I don't know the extraction and I'm doing this mission as I'm learning this map so I usually go in... Either get spawn killed by a hatchet who knows spawns and has the game downloaded on an SSD or get some kills and loot and die trying to navigate the exit. Please help! And also... Who agrees?
  12. kcmiller1260

    LVL 23 LFG Quests,Partners etc

    Hey Guys, Looking for a partner to join up with to knock out some tasks together or just simply squad up. I've been getting killed a lot trying to do the golden Zibbo quest and thought maybe I'd reach out. HMU on tarkov RippleMcSahgs thanks
  13. Deafman

    Hideout and tasks

    So in my opinion Tasks give poopy rewards. So I thought of an idea, why not have the task help you build the hideout. So for example the first task from proper is kill 5 scav's and get 3 shotguns. So the reward could be like some wires for like the the lights or whatever you want to use them for. plus the work stations could help you out better for what level they are on. so like level 1 nutrients table could make something that only hydrate and feeds you for the lowest amount. then as you go up in level's you get better over all things. The workbench could start out making like t ammo for 5.45 ammo and/or pst gzh for 9mm ammo. Plus you could have it make the like starter guns to lol a pistol or even an SMG. I don't just an idea what do you peeps think?
  14. NOTE: This was originally posted in the Beta Testing Forum. I forgot that section is not open to all users, so I decided to move it here instead. Also, the original context of this discussion is a post I made on Reddit. The formatting is a bit easier to read there, so feel free to go that route if you prefer. Now, onto the show ----- What if the traders were to come to you from time to time and say, "Hey, I need you to run into Interchange for me and get a bunch of loot. Here, take this weapon, rig, backpack, and armor and put it to good use. If you come back with the goods, you can keep the gear. If you don't come back with enough loot, then I'm going to start thinking twice about giving you these types of opportunities going forward..." And from here, maybe the user must extract with a certain number of a particular loot item. Or maybe they can mix and match whatever loot they want as long as its value equals at least $X. The idea is that each success could open higher levels of gear sets for later offers. So let's say early on, you're given a nice pisltol or SMG with low-tier armor. If you bring back the value of loot requested, maybe next time he swaps out the previous gear he gave you with you a rifle, mid-tier armor, and larger backpack to come back with an even larger amount of loot from the raid. (EDIT6: To clarify this point, the idea being you always ever have ONE free gear set at a time that you immediately take in with you to a raid. You can't just collect the items, stash them, and use something else. You accept the task, are given the items, and boom, immediately moved to the lobby for a raid on the designated map. When you extract, the trader expects you to give him back the non-disposable/non-usable items in order to progress further. Thoughts?) There could also be requests that require more than one player. For example: "Hey, find a buddy willing to take the risk with you, and I'll give you both a Labs keycard and set you up with some good gear. But in return, I want every single Raider killed. Every. Single. One. Which means you need to make sure every alarm is triggered before you extract and then go hunting. And remember, if you turn on me once you get in there and run away like a coward, I will not forget. What do you say, want to give it a shot, cowboy?" The goal here is to give players a chance to use better gear than they currently have, while also facing penalties for "failing" the task at hand. This way, if they just spawn in and rush for extract in order to keep the gear, that decision will "stay with them". Maybe the trader demands his gear be returned to him upon extract, maybe his karma takes a negative hit, maybe his rep with that trader goes down quite a bit. Something to punish provide a disincentive* for "not even trying" (* See EDIT4). Think of it kind of like a "gun game" mode, but included through intermittent quests from the traders. Each success "levels up" your next gear offer. And if you fail badly, your next gear offer drops in quality, etc. And again, the key word here is INTERMITTENT. These wouldn't happen all the time or be available 24/7 like current uncompleted tasks. Players would still have to find and risk their own loot the majority of the time. But every now and then, maybe these types of tasks could pop up for the player. Thoughts? Improvements? ----- EDIT1: Or, maybe the offers keep coming back to back to back and you upgrade/exchange your gear sets as long as you stay on a "win streak"? I can hear the player reactions now: "The other day I got one of those 'free gear' questlines from Peacekeeper... I ended up going into six raids back to back and got all the way up to a tricked out ADAR with Level 4 armor. In my last one, I had to kill and loot an item from 10 different scavs and make it out with $X value of loot. I didn't make it out, but man, was those were some sweet runs! Have you received one of those quests yet? How far were you able to get? What kind of gear did they give you each time?" The balancing act for the devs, then, would be how quickly the gear progresses after each success and/or the in-raid requirements that must be met for the tasks as they get progressively harder. ----- EDIT2: Maybe there could be an interesting interplay/reward for players who kill and loot a player currently on one of these questlines? For example, say you kill a player, and while looting him, you see he has a note or something (maybe a special flashdrive?) telling you to hand it in to Peacekeeper (or whatever trader the player was currently working with). Immediately upon extracting, the player automatically hands it over and receives a message from PK: "Ahh, you took him down did you? Or maybe you didn't, and you just found this on his body. Either way, I've got an offer for you. That player was on a mission for me. I set him up with some gear and in return, he completed certain tasks for me. Seeing that he's dead and you're alive, what do you say I extend similar offers your way?" And from here, the player is free to embark on a "free gear" questline of his own if he chooses to. Just like players can currently find Labs keys in-raid, this would essentially serve as a way for players to find a similar sort of "instant free-gear questline" pass, rather than having to wait for one as usual. ----- EDIT3: Rather than equip the player with one specific loadout each time, he could be given choices and/or allowed to choose from a limited subset of the items. "Hey it may not be pretty, but here. Grab whatever you want from this stash and make it happen." Later down the line, if the player "levels up" the gear offer, he could choose from an assortment of high level items. Mix and match attachments and items to fit how he wants to approach the next task. A sort of "gun game with options", if you will. The goal though would be to avoid pigeonholing players to a single play style while also keeping it short and sweet so they don't get overcome with analysis paralysis. For example, would you rather a decked out auto shotgun or really nice supressed pistol or mildly appointed MP5? Quick and to the point, keeping the player moving along. ----- EDIT4: As u/hanizen points out, it may be best to have any repercussions be limited to the "free gear" mini-quests, otherwise it may come across as unfair. The thought is to keep these fun and desirable -- "Yay, I got a free gear questline offer!", not "Crap, what if I die to a suspicious player or run into a four man squad? No thanks, I don't want it wrecking my trader rep!" ----- EDIT5: /u/delu_ has an interesting thought that I hadn't considered... Could something like this completely replace the Scav run? Especially once we have the hideout and multiple PMC characters, perhaps allowing these "supplied mercenary for hire" type raids from time to time could provide a more consistent experience story/lore-wise? Hmm... Interesting! (Though I have to say I really like "teaming up" with the AI as a Scav!) He goes on to say that certain tasks could "set up" the map in certain ways. The example he gives: "So, there's this asshole who keeps scaring my guys. Heard he sewn his name on his armor. Killa was it? Can you take him out?" which would make guaranteed killa spawn on your next interchange raid... Maybe even as an end of a longer series. Like first you gotta find a working gphone for Fence to arrange a fake meeting with killa, then you go clear and secure the place etc." Very cool! ----- EDIT7: Piggybacking a bit off of u/delu_'s idea of "setting up" the map... What if certain high-risk tasks provided some level of backup for the player in order to complete? For example Ragman: "Hey, I've got another one for you. This one is big. Very difficult. I need you to break into the Kiba store and place a tracking beacon on a shipment of supplies. You'll have to blow the door with this charge. Don't worry about Killa, we've already disabled the alarm. You've got ten minutes. I'll have my best guards on map providing support. We'll get you close, drop you off in a van in the parking garage, and provide some overwatch. After 10 minutes, though, all bets are off and my guys are pulling out. If for whatever reason you don't make it out, we never had this discussion and this whole deal never happened. What do you say?" And then, on map, certain blockades and/or flairs could be set in the mall, as a means of cordoning off the area (and hinting to others that something "special" is afoot). Maybe some high level scavs are stationed at certain areas to deter players (stationary machine gun mounts, possibly?). Upon map start, the player would spawn within the mall, in the parking garage, near a blacked out van. Other players, upon joining the raid, would receive a message from Ragman along the lines of, "Hey, I've got a guy running something important for me. Don't get in the way. Kiba's off-limits for the first 10 minutes. If you do kill him, though, bring me back his beacon and I'll clue you in." (See EDIT2) During the first 10 minutes, Ragman's guards would serve as a sort of "third-party" to the fighting. They'd engage both Scavs and PMC's while being friendly to you/your squad.
  15. DanExert

    Reduce 'Place Task Item' Timer

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before, though after searching the forums I could not find a suitable topic to bump up! One major issue I see with the majority of tasks which require the player to place items in certain places, is that it takes way too long to perform quite simple actions. For example, placing 2 balaclavas and 2 pairs of sunglasses on Woods pier causes the player to be exposed for a minimum of 80 seconds to 2 minutes (unsure whether they are 20 or 30-second timers though they are indeed long) - same goes for placing gold chains and lighters in microwaves, under mattresses, in bunkhouses etc. This is a fast action in real life, especially so if there is danger around you; I'm sure we would all stuff those chains into the gap within 5 seconds flat in our PMCs shoes. Tasks such as setting up Wi-Fi cameras, however, make more sense to take longer to complete, as you are actively setting up a piece of equipment and need to make sure it's set up correctly as to not anger the task-giver (animations when )! Of course this is not game-breaking, but it would definitely be a happier time in Tarkov if we didn't have to spend precious minutes with no cover whilst performing simple actions. Thank you for reading, and I hope my suggestion makes sense!
  16. MAP868

    Quest Keys as Static Spawns

    Hi BSG, New player that started on 0.9. I've played for a bit and have been grinding quests with one hiccup, keys. I think that any key that is halting player progress should be made a static spawn. Example, I was stuck on Health Care Privacy, the one where you need Resort key 316 West I think and also the quest for Prapor where you need a Customs Key. These keys are solely needed to complete these quests. If the issue is that these areas have decent loot and you don't wish to upset the game economy then remove/lessen the loot spawns in these areas. The end result is players can complete their quests, level and move on and not being arbitrarily kept back due to a random drop. Please consider. Thanks.
  17. LonestarAUT

    Standard & lower Edition Wishlist

    Hey there, for me as a standard edition buyer (and loves Tarkov for its ideas and atmosphere) there would be some sort of things I personally would like to be able to achieve while leveling up ingame: I'd like to see: - secure containers can be upgradet in their size much earlier by solving tasks ect. - stash any player can expand by solving tasks ect. (prevent getting pay to win) - ammo boxes, pisol cases, medcase ect. can be easier to get in early game Especially the Alpha Container in early game is really annoying because I have to make sure to get ammo boxes, pistol cases ect. to save size in stash - unable to because 2x2!! Any other ideas? BR
  18. Sacc

    Prapor task no. 4

    This task caused me depression :') I leave this game...
  19. BFF_Takahashi

    Expandeble stash and none RNG tasks

    Expandeble stash I bought the Standard Edition of this game and after just one day my stash was completley full of weapons, money and gear. Everything takes up way to much space so by adding some feature making your stash expandle would honestly probably bring alot of players back. From my experience it's the same thing over and over again, I go in with some gear, kill someone get their lot. Later, after maybe just 2 or 3 raids I have to purposely go in with armor and weapons to lose it because there simple isn't any more room left in my stash. That just makes the game feel repetetive and boring so this feature would really be a good thing. Ps. Id really like it if it wasen't to difficult to expand the stash. Change the RNG tasks In most of the tasks it comes down to complete RNG (LUCK) which I really don't think is something that should be in the game. I personaly think that tasks (some of them) are something fun to do and making them apart of unlucking higher reputation level with the traders is good but when there is no skill involved to complete them it is really just dumb. Not only this, some tasks will remove reputation with another trader which is also JUST DUMB. Now everything isn't just RNG some missions you have to HAVE TO look p on youtube on how to complete them for example the pocket watch mission which has now information on how to find it and completeit. So if you could change the RNG missions and all the other stupid things that'd be great. Pls do all this. <3
  20. Hey guys, Another "Sherpa" post here. I've completed all of my tasks, and have been successfully raiding for quite some time. After looking into the Sherpa Program's development, I want to get started early. I am looking to help new players get into the game, understand the mechanics and tactics, as well as economy & inventory management. A few things about my style: I don't hand-hold, but will do my best to teach a player how to assess risks, decide on a plan of action, and how to survive. I will also eliminate any "gear fear" you might have, and will teach you how to build up your personal economy and maintain its growth. I am not likely to just hand out items or gear, but I will teach players how to successfully raid with a purpose, whether that be items, money, tasks, weapons, or gear. I am a pretty laid back gamer and have a loose playstyle. I am willing and able to adapt to each player's needs and play styles. Most importantly, I know there is always more to learn about Tarkov, so anyone who wants to learn from me and teach me a thing or two, DM me. Best of luck, A Sherpa Wannabe
  21. Da_Ru55ian

    Fix Punisher Part 6!!!!

    So after about 2 weeks of preparations (gathering weapons, gear, waiting for a 3 hour slot to complete the task) I decided to take on punisher part 6 (kills 25 bears in 3 hours). I looked up various videos and forums for tips. I also did a couple of test runs practicing my technique for the most efficient way to complete the task. And finally I was ready..I accepted the task and quickly set about killing the bears 3 hours later I had failed with 24 bears killed Now this wasn't what made me annoyed what really is infuriating about this is that in the 3 hours I killed over 70 PMCs. 48 USECs in 3 hours and only 24 BEARS is a joke and now I will have to wait for another couple of weeks until I can find the time again to complete this( that is if I ever want to). So after having this absolutely infuriating experience I would like to ask the devs to adjust this task. Here are a few ideas that I have: -Change the task to PMCs but lower the time limit -Change it to USECs as they are easier to find -Exclude time spent outside of the raid -Lower the amount of kills as a whole I hope you will realise how stupid this task is and I hope you will adjust it. But until then I'll have to keep trying. Thanks in advance for your time.
  22. Zergburger

    Punisher Pt. 3 mechanics

    So i have completed the 25 scav kills for "The Punisher Pt. 3" twice now and have been unable to extract fast enough to turn the quest in; which results in a fail. This is one of the most challenging tasks in the game at present and getting the task completed sound after the 25th kill then extracting to see the task available for acceptance again and a message from Prapor saying "better luck next time, [email protected]!" is pretty demoralizing. I would like to see the timer pause when the 25th scav is killed or something along those lines to allow a late turn in. I'm sure some of you will say "just die after killing the 25th scav" I am aware of this and when i decide to attempt the task again in this release i will probably do just that; but my point is this seems like an unintended mechanic. @mods Is this how the quest is intended to work?
  23. d0gday

    Insurance missions

    This came up while i was playing with friends doing scav runs. It could be interesting to add objectives to a scav run. Maybe it's 'retrieve a dogtag' or 'bring skier 2 attachments' or 'bring prapor some 5.45 ammo'. Even use prapor's insurance messages as a motive. He's always telling me he's got guys out looking for my dropped gear, so why not actually let the scavs be those guys? You get sent in as a scav to retrieve players insured gear for prapor. But you can't equip or put it in your backpack - insured gear would be designated a quest item and go in that bag so you can't just steal prapor's business. Obviously there would be a monetary incentive, or even reputation gained (that would carry over to your PMC) for completing tasks to make doing them worthwhile. I just think it could add an interesting element to the gameplay, and give scavs more of a purpose. Or even add a new faction to play (scav, PMC AND collector) and make it an entirely new option for players to choose. That way you can make some cash while you wait for your scav timer to reset. Thoughts?
  24. Make players responsible for insurance returns as a alternative transaction between them and Prapor as an insurance claim. It could be a combination where the player returning another players insured items must return it with the players dog tag. The player returning the item then gets a slightly better monetary value for the items than they would have from selling it to the vendors.
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