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Found 25 results

  1. Hello there, seeing as a new gas mask was added to the game, I think it would be really cool to perhaps add an area or two where the area is "poisonous" and a gas mask must be worn. A good map for this would be woods, as with the new expansion, there are some very large areas that feel very empty. This could be incorporated into a special recovery mission, or maybe getting samples of a bioweapon or something similar. It would be unique and interesting and give those customisation items some real value. Also while on the subject, it would be cool to see the British style Avon F
  2. I understand graphic cards are crushing our economy but would it be necessary to hurt the people who just want their quest done? I had paused my generator at 2hours left progress last night and now it need 11hrs to finish crafting MY FIRST QUEST ITEM. How about change it to maybe request 2 graphic cards to complete this quest or you know, just simply change it to not need to be found in raid, if you have to do something to control the bitcoin yield?
  3. Is there a reason in raid Quest items don't move to off raid once you've successfully extracted out of a map? I had picked up the Docs case for Skier's Chemical Part 1, but didn't want to hand it in so I could complete Prapor's Polikhim Hobo task. But because I died while in raid I now have to find the docs again. This is silly, I should be able to at least move it myself into off raid if not have it automatically move over. It means some tasks are going to be repeated if someone forgets to hand items in and dies in that map again.
  4. It would be good if you could sort the tasks by either type (find, kill, etc) and by location (Customs, Shoreline). This would help players with a lot of active tasks plan what they are going to work on in a raid on a specific map.
  5. Im not sure what is ahppenign as i am still a new player. i have completed the 15 scav kills on woods and got the rewards i was 2,000 away from leveling to 8 when i went into the raid and did the task. i came ou and got the rewards but havent recived any exp from the task and am still level 7. i have logged in and out and it has been a day and i have the ak an the empty magazines but no exp. this happend to my friend for the water task from therapist he got no exp? is thi my fault or is something wrong here?
  6. juicebox_tgs

    Found In Raid Tasks

    As of the latest wipe all items that are not extracted out of the raid will not receive the 'Found In rad' tag. This means that putting an item in your secure container during a raid, and then dying during the raid will result in that item being 'Not Found In Raid'. My Suggestion is that items that have been found in a raid, but were unable to be extracted from the raid will have a different tag, maybe something like 'Secured In Raid'. This would mean that for tasks like Farming - Part 4 you could find the item that needs to be 'Found In Raid', put it in your secure container, and if
  7. Firstly sorry for my bad english it's not my first language. I was thinking about how tasks could be made more interesting in EFT, and I actually have an idea that could be quite interesting. The "Folder with intelligence" in EFT is currently just a barter item used as a trade for the scav case, this is actually pretty nice as an end-game item but I think EFT could give to this item a totaly different purpose before the player reach the point where he is done with every quests: they actually tell you informations you need to know in order to complete tasks. Aight here is an exem
  8. Okay, so I have been playing this game for about a month now. Last wipe there was an exploit where everyone had infinite money and best traders in the event. That is when I started playing...... Now, I do love the grind of earning my money, and growing my inventory slowly but surely.. Although I really don't know how BSG expects me to easily spend as much as 1 mill rubles on Prapor to get him to level 2 alone. I'm fine with the tasks, doing missions don't bother me.. In fact I love a little challenging mission (don't get me started on the pocket watch xD). But I still don't know extractions fo
  9. kcmiller1260

    LVL 23 LFG Quests,Partners etc

    Hey Guys, Looking for a partner to join up with to knock out some tasks together or just simply squad up. I've been getting killed a lot trying to do the golden Zibbo quest and thought maybe I'd reach out. HMU on tarkov RippleMcSahgs thanks
  10. Deafman

    Hideout and tasks

    So in my opinion Tasks give poopy rewards. So I thought of an idea, why not have the task help you build the hideout. So for example the first task from proper is kill 5 scav's and get 3 shotguns. So the reward could be like some wires for like the the lights or whatever you want to use them for. plus the work stations could help you out better for what level they are on. so like level 1 nutrients table could make something that only hydrate and feeds you for the lowest amount. then as you go up in level's you get better over all things. The workbench could start out making like t ammo for 5.4
  11. NOTE: This was originally posted in the Beta Testing Forum. I forgot that section is not open to all users, so I decided to move it here instead. Also, the original context of this discussion is a post I made on Reddit. The formatting is a bit easier to read there, so feel free to go that route if you prefer. Now, onto the show ----- What if the traders were to come to you from time to time and say, "Hey, I need you to run into Interchange for me and get a bunch of loot. Here, take this weapon, rig, backpack, and armor and put it to good use. If you come back with the goods, y
  12. DanExert

    Reduce 'Place Task Item' Timer

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before, though after searching the forums I could not find a suitable topic to bump up! One major issue I see with the majority of tasks which require the player to place items in certain places, is that it takes way too long to perform quite simple actions. For example, placing 2 balaclavas and 2 pairs of sunglasses on Woods pier causes the player to be exposed for a minimum of 80 seconds to 2 minutes (unsure whether they are 20 or 30-second timers though they are indeed long) - same goes for placing gold chains and lighters in microwaves, under mattresse
  13. MAP868

    Quest Keys as Static Spawns

    Hi BSG, New player that started on 0.9. I've played for a bit and have been grinding quests with one hiccup, keys. I think that any key that is halting player progress should be made a static spawn. Example, I was stuck on Health Care Privacy, the one where you need Resort key 316 West I think and also the quest for Prapor where you need a Customs Key. These keys are solely needed to complete these quests. If the issue is that these areas have decent loot and you don't wish to upset the game economy then remove/lessen the loot spawns in these areas. The end r
  14. LonestarAUT

    Standard & lower Edition Wishlist

    Hey there, for me as a standard edition buyer (and loves Tarkov for its ideas and atmosphere) there would be some sort of things I personally would like to be able to achieve while leveling up ingame: I'd like to see: - secure containers can be upgradet in their size much earlier by solving tasks ect. - stash any player can expand by solving tasks ect. (prevent getting pay to win) - ammo boxes, pisol cases, medcase ect. can be easier to get in early game Especially the Alpha Container in early game is really annoying because I have to make su
  15. Sacc

    Prapor task no. 4

    This task caused me depression :') I leave this game...
  16. BFF_Takahashi

    Expandeble stash and none RNG tasks

    Expandeble stash I bought the Standard Edition of this game and after just one day my stash was completley full of weapons, money and gear. Everything takes up way to much space so by adding some feature making your stash expandle would honestly probably bring alot of players back. From my experience it's the same thing over and over again, I go in with some gear, kill someone get their lot. Later, after maybe just 2 or 3 raids I have to purposely go in with armor and weapons to lose it because there simple isn't any more room left in my stash. That just makes the game feel repetetive and
  17. Hey guys, Another "Sherpa" post here. I've completed all of my tasks, and have been successfully raiding for quite some time. After looking into the Sherpa Program's development, I want to get started early. I am looking to help new players get into the game, understand the mechanics and tactics, as well as economy & inventory management. A few things about my style: I don't hand-hold, but will do my best to teach a player how to assess risks, decide on a plan of action, and how to survive. I will also eliminate any "gear fear" you might have, and will teach you how to buil
  18. Da_Ru55ian

    Fix Punisher Part 6!!!!

    So after about 2 weeks of preparations (gathering weapons, gear, waiting for a 3 hour slot to complete the task) I decided to take on punisher part 6 (kills 25 bears in 3 hours). I looked up various videos and forums for tips. I also did a couple of test runs practicing my technique for the most efficient way to complete the task. And finally I was ready..I accepted the task and quickly set about killing the bears 3 hours later I had failed with 24 bears killed Now this wasn't what made me annoyed what really is infuriating about this is that in the 3 hours I killed over
  19. Zergburger

    Punisher Pt. 3 mechanics

    So i have completed the 25 scav kills for "The Punisher Pt. 3" twice now and have been unable to extract fast enough to turn the quest in; which results in a fail. This is one of the most challenging tasks in the game at present and getting the task completed sound after the 25th kill then extracting to see the task available for acceptance again and a message from Prapor saying "better luck next time, [email protected]!" is pretty demoralizing. I would like to see the timer pause when the 25th scav is killed or something along those lines to allow a late turn in. I'm sure some of you will say "just
  20. d0gday

    Insurance missions

    This came up while i was playing with friends doing scav runs. It could be interesting to add objectives to a scav run. Maybe it's 'retrieve a dogtag' or 'bring skier 2 attachments' or 'bring prapor some 5.45 ammo'. Even use prapor's insurance messages as a motive. He's always telling me he's got guys out looking for my dropped gear, so why not actually let the scavs be those guys? You get sent in as a scav to retrieve players insured gear for prapor. But you can't equip or put it in your backpack - insured gear would be designated a quest item and go in that bag so you can't just steal prapor
  21. Make players responsible for insurance returns as a alternative transaction between them and Prapor as an insurance claim. It could be a combination where the player returning another players insured items must return it with the players dog tag. The player returning the item then gets a slightly better monetary value for the items than they would have from selling it to the vendors.
  22. vivalau67

    Prapor task

    There´s a bug in postman pat task, I completed including survive and exit Factory Location, but the game didn´t complte...anyone have the same problem????...
  23. There is a serious problem having timed tasks in this game. It kind of goes against what this game is suppose to be. It is suppose to be a slow paced realistic game, right? Not a run and gun game? Not another CoD? Am I right? Just as an example, having a timed task where you have to kill 25 BEAR, (or 25 of anything for that matter) in 1 hour, is ridiculous. Having timed tasks that are based on real life time doesn't really work, as long as you think the majority of the players have nothing else to do in their life then playing this game. What this does is that players will try and e
  24. I think we should implement a crafting system in the game, only for a limited amount of items though, so gun accessories(Sights,Grips,ETC, and very basic armor) a example of basic armor would be like a heater plate armor(western showdown in back to the future), you would need 2 heater plates any kind of rope but different kinds of rope influence weight by a small margin. or a sight would be a small pipe, metal scrap,a screw, and wire. I will have some concept art below of both the armor and sight after i restart my computer cause my tablet drive isn't responding. also all these self-made item
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