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  1. Bastian3790

    Clan Argentino: The Ultra Violence

    THE ULTRA VIOLENCE: A vos, joven jugador exitoso con buen sueldo, trabajo estable, buena pc, conexion de internet veloz y novia que parece modelo, a vos... no me interesa hablarte... PERO A VOS, joven rata, manco, pre adolescente con problemas emocionales que tenes una pc batata y le robas el wi fi a tu vecino, A VOS QUIERO HABLARTE: Estas cansado de que te maten a los 30 segundos de raid? Enojado todo el dia porque las 30 balas PS que le pegaste al pmc full gear no lo mataron? Vos que tenes problemas de violencia intrafamiliar en medio de la raid con tu equipo, a vos te digo: UNITE A THE
  2. Welcome to Havoc Zero, a well-established global gaming community participating in hardcore shooters, striving to build a gaming environment grounded by maturity and loyalty. We’re a quickly growing community, full of both new & experienced players. For us, it’s all about having a fun, engaged, mature community. We pride ourselves in having open doors and being easily accessible, allowing for growth & an interesting member base, with a good team to keep it well run. We also play plenty of other/similar games and hardcore-shooters. We have various members taking on specific role
  3. furkan70

    New to Escape from Tarkov!

    Hey community of Tarkov. My name is Furkan and im new to the game. I bought it went on a few raids but got killed in 6 out of 7. I find the game hard so is there anyone who would wanna team up with me to make the experience a bit more easy? Im playing in the EU server. If u wanna teamup just drop ur discord and i will add you. Thanks for your time and i wish you guys a nice evening.
  4. DutchGG

    EVOL - Recruiting new squadmates!

    Hey all, EVOL is an Escape from Tarkov community clan that is currently looking to expand. Our main goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new playersand dominate the game together. We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way. We don’t like to take the game to seriously and enjoy it as much as possible. REQUIREMENTS - We require our player base to be 18+ so we can keep a mature environment. - We
  5. Anybody wanting to play with people in the Asia region, pls reach out to me Discord server link https://discord.gg/qXeK8NueCS
  6. pet3art

    EFT Senior Players

    Ahoj, hledam partaka(y) do teamu. Preferuju nekoho v dospelem veku (sam sem 50) a mivam cas pozde vecer az v noci 22:30 - 02:00. Zatim jsem hral jen sam, a jsem total krmivo, ale bavi me to Pozadavky: neKokot, neUcitel, nekdo kdo si to chce uzit a nevadi mu ze nejsem Pestily nebo Grimz. Discord, TSko, nebo cokoli ... P3A Out
  7. Anyone looking for a Team. That plays this game Serious But Not to Serious. Looking for a Community that plays more like a family then just friends. Tired of signing up on Websites to join a clan. Then your looking in the right place. We are looking for new/old players to enjoy this game Community. We use teamspeak 3 and anyone is welcome just dont be a dick or a troll. Send me a Message and ill send you the Address. Happy Hunting AboveDeadly
  8. Hello all, this game will be played in clans or a group of friends which are using communication platform like teamspeak, discord, skype etc. So this would be a unfair for players who are playing alone because you can't hear them talk. Thats what me and my friends are doing. Because this game is a hardcore realistic one, i would really appreciate when all sounds captured of the connected mic would be forced into the game. In Arma there are mods to do so and i really like the idea. Maybe thats something the developer should consinder? Thank you for your time!
  9. Eggsys

    Looking for teamate

    I am level 5 and new, Am looking for someone to show me around and to learn from a little bit or just someone to play with. Message me on discord at Eggsys#2509
  10. Zeroa

    [ENG][21+] Never Play Alone

    NPA is a group of aggressively average tryhards, content creators, and tech enthusiasts looking to win, grow and connect. We have supported EFT for many years, and look to coordinate with chill folks who enjoy tactical shooters and want to play to win! https://discord.gg/NPA What makes us unique? [We are a mature community for adults 21+ years old and over] [We have more than 6,800 active members and a dedicated staff] [We aim to help content creators and streamers grow their brand] [We enjoy teaching. If you're new to EFT, you're welcome here] [We are inclusive,
  11. Salve a tutti, sono un player neofita che cerca gente per giocare a tarkov, Ho un discord interamente dedicato a tarkov, in cui sono presente 24h, per qualsiasi informazione contattatemi, NoeL#2857 questo è il mio contatto di discord. Questo è il link per il discord. https://discord.gg/E5shWwhx scade tra 1 giorno quindi se non vi funziona contattatemi direttamente sul mio profilo discord.
  12. List of the Forum Moderation Team (English and Multilingual forum) Head Moderator Koinonia - English Speaker - USA Deputy Head Moderator TheWhistler - English Speaker - USA Forum Moderators Swats73 - English Speaker - England Vampy - English Speaker - England Lendyr - English/Japanese Speaker - England BillSyntax - English Speaker - England TheLynxster - English Speaker - England Zeroa - English Speaker - USA MylesE - English Speaker - USA TheWhistler - English Speaker - USA Saint Crystal - En
  13. RileyCompany9

    Riley Company

    Hey guys my names Maximus,We are clan looking to add players to our ranks and memberships we have 25 to 50 active players in lobby playing EFT together per wipe.We do a lot for our community including weekly giveaways of games and PC parts for active members.We HAVE A TON OF EX-MILITARY and Tactical players and our whole view is working as one.Riley Company has been going strong since 2012 and we have learned a lot of lessons along the way, EFT has became our main game and our main focus is to the game and the community of EFT.We are Drama free community that focus on gaming and rewarding our
  14. SupraMk3

    Meeting friendly PMC/SCAVS

    If you encounter a friendly scav/pmc you should be able to team up with them after the raid. My take on this is if you greet another player they will be shown as "recent players" in your friend list where you can have a special filter for it and then also when queuing up for a raid it should also be shown on the list. I think this would be a great addition to the game where you can interact more with friendly players.
  15. DesleyOnTV

    Coffin Dodgers GG

    We the Coffin Dodgers are a highly skilled EU fps loving community. We play all sorts of FPS games with no toxicity and we also host custom events! We also provide support for new players who need to ask questions or help with a task! We provide support for our small streamer community by always tuning in to each others stream increasing viewership. We are a small community with some very friendly players. Come have a look. Come have a play and most importantly come and just have fun. We are all here to help! Click on the image to join the discord! See you in the streets o
  16. MaNT45


    Ieškau žaideju bendram žaidimui. Žaidimo nick: MaNT45 Šiuo metu esu 34lvl bear,pastoviai žaidziu:factory,custom.Pasiekiamas nuo 18h iki 21h. TS3 ts.screw.lt
  17. isteelback

    Looking for players to play with :(

    Hello guys, bought EFT a couple of months back and is looking for any SEA players to play with, as I am residing in Singapore. Relatively new to this game, as I have been playing solo all these while. Just wanna get some loot and get a hang of this game. Able to speak both mandarin and English. I am willing to share loots as I am more into game play. Btw I believe i do not have any keys at the moment. Really hoping to hear from someone soon~
  18. Shin-obi

    Looking For Duo UK

    Hi There Looking for a duo to team up with that speaks good English, I'm not the best player but I'm not the worst either, I'm level 20 AND know all of the maps (apart from labs). Just looking for someone chill to learn and play with regularly and just in general become mates. Hmu on skype username: minibagdaddy
  19. DrunkElmo__

    Looking For Group

    Im fairly new to the game and looking for other new players or experienced player to help me out. Region: US East If interested add me on Discord- DrunkElmo#9743
  20. Myzner

    Looking for Friiends

    Looking for chill people to play with long term and learn with. My discord is CMW Myzner#0646

    Looking for squad mates

    I am tired of running into 3 mans or more. Solo life just isn't fun anyway, I'm not terrible at the game, but also not anything amazing probably average maybe a little better who knows. If you are interesting and running with a squad feel free to join my discord and we will go from there. https://discord.gg/mM99Rc
  22. https://diegaminglounge.de/ Lange Rede kurzer Sinn Willkommen bei uns in der EFT Gaming Lounge ab einem Alter von 18++ In dieser Gruppe geht es um das Spiel Escape from Tarkov es ist ein Russischer Hardcore Open World Taktik Shooter das in der Closed Beta Phase jetzt ist hier ein link zu unserer Offizielen Steam gruppe: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/die-gl TS3 Daten: ts.die-gl.de HP: https://diegaminglounge.de/ Es ist für die deutschsprachigen Spieler unter uns gedacht. Gebt euch hier Tipps, Infos über Patches, diskutiert über das Spiel, verabredet euch zu
  23. XxUnDeFiNeD12Xx

    finding friends

    well my name is josh i am from san antonio, I just got into this game because i some youtubers playing i. So i bought the game not to long ago, now i am just tryng to find a friend or friends in helping do successful raids. further more here is my discord XxUnDeFiNeD12Xx#9686. My play time is usually random but i will be willing to play more often i say between 12pm-2pm, 5pm-7pm, and 12am-2am. Please message me if willing top help me understand this game and another thing i do not know how coop would even work im sure its by being in the same server but i'll learn that in the future.
  24. Active new player, Looking for EU/dutch people to play. I am looking for other active players who want to team up! Add me on discord: SpectersEye#0205
  25. Lucif3rspimp

    wuz up guys (LATINO)

    Zup you guys this is for Latin people out there, who got EOD or any edition. you could come and join me (comunicarnos en español) im level 41 and few of my friends higher rank. lmk if you like to join us...
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