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Found 111 results

  1. Hello everybody, I wanted to warn you about some guys team killing squad members right after spawn. The host of the groups name was "swe1338" and his partners name was beginning with the first three letters "swe" too. All this happened in european servers. This thread alone will surely bother other people, because it's a subject often discussed. But if it helps people not too loose their gear, my intention is fullfilled. Thanks and good luck! snyd3r
  2. penalties for team kills

    hello, please consider giving big penalties for people who instantly kill teammembers. I joined a team and was instantly killed by that dude. this immediatly wants me to quit the game... those people exploit the games intention without getting punished... another suggestion maybe: I'm playing for a couple of days now and I'm really poo! I get killed all the time. I could extract only once... make different servers for the different levels... This game doesn't inspire me to keep going if you lose all the time in the beginning. 3th suggestion: make a good tutorial. it's not clear in the beginning what to do and how to extract... (e.g.: the double tap 'O'... did not know that)
  3. The Asylum [community discord]

    Our community is looking for members to fill the gaps of the games we support. atm the only person who plays EFT out of about 200 members is myself. I have not played much of the game but i have a general understanding of it and would like to form a decent team of 18yrs+ players. if you are interested or you play other games like pubg, overwatch etc.. we support those as well. come say hello! The Asylum -
  4. A la recherche de joueurs!

    Bonjour, bonsoir à tou(te)s! Je suis un tout nouveau joueur sur EFT! Je me présente très rapidement donc; mon nom sur le jeu est HeliosTm et j'ai 27 ans! Je suis donc à la recherche de joueurs avec qui passer du temps sur le jeu car seul comme vous le savez surement c'est pas toujours drôle et, quand on ne connait pas les maps, les spawns, les loots etc... , il est très difficile de survivre! J'ai tenter beaucoup de parties sans jamais réussir à sortir... pour le moment. Donc tant que vous êtes majeurs et que avoir un débutant dans vos pattes ne vous déranges pas, faites moi un petit signe .
  5. Team play

    something that indicates another player in your party would be nice. something like a gamer tag or something.
  6. [AS] - Aww Squad - Recruiting

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ - Looking to make an active organised Tarkov team, and community. - We have alot of experience playing Tarkov and several other Hardcore survival genres. - Add Aww#1187 on discord to join up! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Requirements to join: - Be a mature player (No age requirement). - You must have a brief knowledge of the maps, and mechanics. - Understand or be willing to learn callouts. - Be active on Tarkov - Good attitude and sportsmanship when it comes to dying. - Willing to play as a team and not a lone wolf. - Fluent in English. - Be able to hold your own in high pressure situations. - Must have Discord / Mic
  7. EFT Needing players add me if you want to play EFT
  8. I looked around the off-topic and general forum and couldn't find anything regarding ways to Identify squad members vs. Non squad members. Will there be any form of clothing,Armband, or Name system in the future to better identify squadmates? I have killed my friends many of times due to not being able to properly identify until it was to late, Any links to a forum post(If one already is up) I will remove this post. Thanks
  9. [AUS] Looking for a group?

    Are you looking for a group to play EFT with, well so am I. Im 16 love the game know a the majority of the game but find myself dying alot to teams join or ad my discord LINK: USER: Mr. 2kay#4281
  10. LFP to play with!

    Looking for people from the US to play with, Fairly new to the game and just wanna have fun! add me on steam Thormander or join Ill be there waiting send me a message if im not in! Small Notes: Im 20, requesting mature players who can duck around. New to this game but came from games like arma and siege.
  11. Squad

    někdo pro hru?
  12. Looking for group in a large Discord?

    If your looking for a group? Feel free to join our discord to find one! We currently have 1700+ members in our discord, we also offer help in other games as well to keep our discord diverse and to keep modivated players coming. This helps make matchmaking easier for you! Join us today to find a team for tarkov! We also have key maps and extraction maps for anyone that needs help even if they want to play solo! Our discord link:
  13. Team Tagging

    Something that happens far more often than I think most of us would like to admit; we kill our teammates. And no I'm not talking about Scav on Scav crimes... It would be nice to see some sort of system implemented where teammates could recognize one another. A couple of ideas I had was to take colored armbands and tie them on the PMC. Another idea I had was maybe for night time operations, teammates could use IR strobes to indicate a friendly. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
  14. Hey! I'm a 19 yo guy from Austria and relatively new to the game. I'm looking for people to play with so if ur interested just add me or comment my IGN is marlowe
  15. F16 LF active people

    We are looking to add people to our group of players to go into raids and come out more stacked than we came in. The only requirements are to be 18+ and not new to FPS games and have knowledge of EFT and can effectively callout.
  16. Hey all, EVOL is a multi-game gaming community that is currently looking to expand within Escape From Tarkov. Our main goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new players/teams and dominate the game! We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way. We don’t like to take the game to seriously and enjoy it as much as possible. REQUIREMENTS - We require our player base to be 18+ so we can keep a mature environment. - We require the player base to be English speaking at all times. (if your English is not good I’m sure someone will help you along) - Any knowledge of the game is accepted members of our community will be more than helpful should you require it. - Positive attitude and willing to learn and adapt. - Be active regular within the server. Our discord has multiple sections that players can learn all aspects of the game and a really good current player base that are more than willing to help at all times. If you’re bored of playing alone or just looking for a new clan today then join us at EVOL! We look forward to you joining us soon! Thanks, Dutch. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EVOL – Dominate The Game!!
  17. Team Spawn Bug ?

    Hello Guys, I went Factory with a friend. I spawned Barrels and my friend spawned Redlights. Somehow some other guy spawned with me barrels and some other guy spawned with my friend redlights. I think they was probably mates. Unfortunaly I got no Screenshots or videos. Just wanted to ask if you guys know this maybe already. I will try to bring next time I got this a video or at least screens. Cheers
  18. Looking for Battle buddies

    Hey guys im 20 years old, level 29 in game, and looking for a person or group to play with on occasion. Let me know if you guys are interested!

  20. 1st i would like to say that we are a new clan so im learning how to do all these things im open to changes and suggestions all i ask is that you give Ns a chance 2nd the clan owner aka me is not a kid im in my 20s and would like to have people join the discord and just game AS ONE also the more people we get to be active the people you will have to play with so...... discord link
  21. add me in game dtzero looking for some new people to play with add me dtzero in game
  22. Hallo und herzlich willkommen zu meinem kleinen Post! Meine 3 Freunde und ich spielen nun seit knapp 9 Monaten aktiv Escape from Tarkov und genießen nichts mehr als dieses großartige Spiel wachsen zu sehen! Da wir sehr oft und gerne Neulinge durch ihre anfänglichen Schwierigkeiten begleiten, meistens sehr spendabel mit unserem Loot umgehen, und auch Leuten beim vervollständigen ihrer Quest-Lines oder auftreiben ihrer Quest-Items helfen wollen(da wir wissen wie frustrierend es sein kann diese nicht zu finden), stelle ich euch hiermit unseren Discord Server vor! Der ShatteringCerberus Discord Server steht ab sofort allen Spielern zur Verfügung, egal ob ihr neue Kameraden sucht, Tipps oder neues Wissen erlangen wollt, oder einfach nur Hilfe beim Beschaffen bestimmter Items braucht! Wir bieten euch einen Server mit (halbwegs) netten Gründern, einem XP und Reputation System das zukünftig für Giveaways oder andere Events genutzt werden soll, eigenen Trading Channel, einem Platz für die Suche nach Mitstreitern, und auf Wunsch auch eigene Channel für Teams oder Gruppen! Da wir KEIN Clan sind und auch gar nicht sein wollen, sind auch bereits bestehende Teams oder Gruppen willkommen! Falls wir euer Interesse am Aufbau einer kleinen Community wecken konnten findet ihr hier unseren Discord Server: und falls vorab noch Fragen aufkommen könnt ihr mich auch gerne auf Steam adden : ! Wir hoffen darauf so viele neue Gesichter wie möglich zu erblicken und freuen uns auf euch! MfG umizumi und der ganze ShatteringCerberus Staff
  23. 1st i would like to say that we are a new clan so im learning how to do all these things im open to changes and suggestions all i ask is that you give Ns a chance 2nd the clan owner aka me is not a kid im in my 20s and would like to have people join the discord and just game AS ONE now after that being said the link
  24. 1st i would like to say that we are a new clan so im learning how to do all these things im open to changes and suggestions all i ask is that you give Ns a chance 2nd the clan owner aka me is not a kid im in my 20s and would like to have people join the discord and just game AS ONE now after that being said the link
  25. Hey everyone! I would like to invite you to the discord server named United Gaming Center to let you meet players who plays Escape from Tarkov and be able to squad-up with each other and also make some friends. They also host other games but Escape from Tarkov is a game they now announce to people to be a good and prefered game for players who want some action. There's over 700 members and everyone is required to be mature and I can say I like everyone over there, they are helpful and very polite to eachother. I hope you want to check in to ready up for some action! /Regards Matheo Invite link: