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Found 16 results

  1. LokiThecreat0r

    Intentional TK

    DO NOT group with CPitaz108 he is an intentional team killer.... my first match ever of this game i go to group up with people because hey its my first round ever why not so i spent all my money building an AR based rifle sold all my stuff to get everything i needed besides some first aid and armor and stuff but all weapons are gone now my screen just changed from black i didnt even get to look around before i was dead im very pissed about this and im sure there is nothing that can be done so this is just a warning for others out there if you go to random group and CPitaz108 is in your group leave as fast as you can i got invited from the lfg page and he clicked start so fast i didnt have a chance to do anything kinda thought it was weird he wouldnt wait for others.... well learned my lesson
  2. Leadfoot77

    Load in teamkill

    I was in a popular streamer's discord channel when someone warned that a player was randomly inviting players to his group and teamkilling them right on load in - he was also streaming it, refraining from posting his username since he really doesn't deserve viewers in my opinion. While I agree with the sentiment that you should just learn to not accept random invites, I think that's unfortunate for new players and I wonder if it would be possible to implement some measures to thwart this behavior, e.g., if you kill your teammates within a few seconds of the match starting (when they are potentially vulnerable due to PC performance and whatnot), you should receive some sort of penalty (removal of XP? some kind of new publicly visible skill/statistic people can see regarding your etiquette? ???). I'm having a hard time thinking what the downside to such a system could be, I don't see how it could be abused, it seems like it would be pretty easy to determine, I suppose accidents could happen so maybe the teammates have the opportunity to clear the persons name? I don't want to assume anything about your design/implementation by stating that it seems like it would be easy to add in, but I would hope it's wouldn't be too difficult? 3 story points? lol I tried searching to see if anybody else posted something similar, so forgive me if it's been covered.
  3. MrClownn

    turn off team kill

    if you matchmake with randoms you instantly get gunned down and loot stolen. TOXIC game so far
  4. I am just starting out on Escape from Tarkov and I am having a lot of trouble finding one good match. Since I am a low level, it takes 10 minutes for someone to decide to group up with me. I get excited, but then someone teamkills when I spawn in. I am at a point where I can't enjoy the game because of this. Are there any penalties towards players who teamkill? Also, is it going to be easier to group up with people in the future?
  5. Hello guys, So... I started my first game with some strangers and got killed instantly after spawning. Like those guys were planning to kill me on start. I don't wanna write the name although I took note. I decided to write the name, just in case, if you see this guy, inviting you, better reject: "SPG_Jamaica". What's going on with this? That's not funny. There needs to be a fix from the developer for this!
  6. A88666


    what you gonna do about teamkilling? some f**** create a team and when game start he will hached everyone down... i think there is no sense about group play because that and that happen very often. i add one image about that fag who do it and i think he deserve lifetime ban.
  7. As the title says, I have experienced getting spawnkilled by (random) people, who invited me to their group. I know, its probably my own fault for joining a random persons squad. ( I just enjoy the random coop sessions so much, so much so, that it outweighs the risk for me, I dont care about my gear lol ) After a quick forum search, I could not find any topic related to this matter, please let me know if there is. My suggestion here, is to have an option to mark a player as unhonorable, if you are squadded with them and they kill you. If a person recieved maybe 3 of such "warnings" from other players within a certain time limit, they would have like a skull or a snake or just a symbol near their name, maybe even make their color red, so you know to be careful around these guys. Or maybe if you are squadded up with a player and that person kills you, you must choose to "forgive" him after he killed you, otherwise he will appear as a "bad guy" in the lobby. I dont know, let me know what you guys think about this. Supposedly there will be karma eventually? But I think of this as a quick solution, for some of us who enjoy the random coop sessions, using only ingame voices.
  8. USMC0211

    Team Spawn Killing

    I searched but could not find a thread on this.. Really what I am basically wanting to do is get a message to the developers. If there is any chance of random teams working in this his game then you have got to address spawn team killing. What I mean is being in the lobby, just to be invited to join a group only to be killed the second you spawn by that group. Please let me know how you plan to address this and I can not be the only one to complain. I have tried groups twice, spawn killed twice, will not try that again as I lost a lot of loot.
  9. I know there's probably a ton of posts on this topic already, but here's another one. (I'm more than likely just writing this to vent as most people already know very well what I'm talking about) I like to play as a scav every now and then to mix things up, as I'm sure most others do, and I am aware that as a Scav you are not "supposed" to kill other scavs, especially other Scav players - but then again, this is also the sort of game where you're not really "supposed" to do anything. It's too often that I'm trying to be "not a shitty person" and notice that another player scav is near me, so I make myself obvious and do the friendly dance and sometimes they even do the friendly dance in return only to be quickly dispatched the moment I turn my back. I know the karma system is suppose remedy and/or reduce the amount of scav on scav killing, but until that happens I've learned two things in my time in this game 1) Never trust a player scav, 2) Never trust a hatchling Apology in advance if I kill you without remorse the moment I see that you're a player scav. Cheers
  10. Every time i go scav there has to be a player scav killing me. And on factory i sometimes spawn right next to other player scavs. It is stupid, they always kill anyone no matter what faction they are, because they don't understand the game. There should be a screen explaining the situation for everyone before being able to play as a scav.
  11. So I have had a problem, many times throughout this game. Where I walk up on someone and I have no idea if it's my friend or not. It ends up with me either dieing, or me killing him. I feel like an easy way to avoid this, and not break immersion from the game is to add scarfs or a small clothe around your arm. With this you should be able to set it to a certain color, which will help identify who your teammates are, and who your enemies are way easier and faster. I don't think scavs should have this on, and your only be able to buy it from traders. This is my suggestion. Hope you had fun reading it
  12. StonyLantern

    Team killing needs a fix

    Is there going to be a penalty system for people who team kill? If so how is it going to work? There has been multiple occasions in which I use the in game chat to signal that I'am friendly, other player either being a USEC(which I'am) or a scav(while playing as one) then signals back with either a wiggle or the in game voice system. I then move to join up in formation and will be immediately gunned down. It is very frustrating, most of the community in EFT is welcoming, respectful, and helpful which is amazing given how many cancer filled games are around. I just don't want to see another game I love get ruined by team killing and deceitful play.
  13. Goulagtime

    Escape From TeamKill

    Salut les gars, une nouvelle vidéo un peu fun !
  14. Playing as a scav ive seen hundreds of player scavs that continue to TK regardless of their faction. We've walked past each other and as soon as I turn away he head shots me. Can someone give me some insight on how the karma/punishment system will be(if there'll be one) will work? Will it benefit the people being Team killed?
  15. CykloneJack

    Team killing?

    anyone know if there is a plan to put identifiers or markers for people in the same group or even faction(s) as you? or as we all destined to shoot our friends in the heat of battle?
  16. From what I've gathered there will be quest givers in the game, who gives you missions in Tarkov. It seems strange to me that you can kill other members of your faction, sent to Tarkov with similar orders, and suffer no consequences. My suggestion is a Trust System, which is how much the quest givers trust you, based on your actions (maybe traders as well, but quest givers makes most sense) Traders become suspicious of you if other BEARS/USEC end by dying in your proximity, and this affects their rewards to you (or maybe the quality of quests themselves). In practice this could be a counter that ticks in the plus side when completing a mission (+2 f.ex) and drops when killing a teammate (-1). The money you receive from missions will be scaled with this trust-counter (1000 rubles on 0, 800 on -2, 1200 on +2). TLDR: A renowned, clean and reliable mercenary should be more highly priced than a shady one.
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