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Found 13 results

  1. Hi guys, I am playing from Dubai. usually every after work, I need someone to play with and talk to on discord or any voice app, i guess the best way to find me is through my battle tag, the blizzard app for world of warcraft, im sure you know this but just saying you never know someone might not know it. battletag: Eparti#21873 Ideally someone with some experiance but without is also fine we can find the info together and explore. looking forward to meet you. ;D
  2. FizzySMC

    [FR] Recherche joueurs

    Bonjour ! Alors voila, j'ai acheté EFT y'a 1 mois, j'ai une dizaine d'heure de jeu a mon actif et je cherche des français pour jouer en squad. Je suis surtout un joueur FPS de base (Arma II / III, Insurgency, CSS/CSGO, Battlefield) donc je me débrouille plutôt bien en pvp, mais étant donné que EFT n'est pas exclusivement basé sur le PVP, mais aussi sur le loot/trading, j'ai encore a apprendre. Donc voila, si tu joues solo, ou en squad, moi j'suis partant pour te/vous rejoindre ! (PS : J'ai 20ans)
  3. TonyoBz

    [FR] recherche joueurs

    Salut ! J'ai acheté EFT il y a un bon moment mais je me suis mis à jouer sérieusement depuis peu et maintenant je cherche des français pour jouer en squad. Si t'es solo n'hésite pas. Mon discord : Tonyo #5666 PS : j'ai 22ans.
  4. OneHitt

    [EU] New Player Looking for Teammates

    As of making the post I'm level 14, I'm not entirely new to the game as I've played previous wipes before such as before labs got a key-card so I have some general game knowledge. But I've never really learned the game properly at all. I've never done questing or playing solo much. I just don't really play games alone! I've got one friend to play with occasionally but it never hurts to have one more, in case the other is busy! Hit me up with your discord name and tags and we can match up, if you don't mind helping out a newbie with a thing or two!
  5. Antisect275

    I want a teammate (HC ONLY) ; ) DUO

    I am 22 years old, I live in Denmark. I'd prefer it if you weren't danish ; ). either way I prefer to speak english. I also speak a bit of German. I play the game as some what call a hardcore? I simply do not use the flea market, nor do I buy anything from fence. and I haven't from lvl 1.( I want you to also be a HC. ) or I am simply not allowed to play with you.. nor do I want too. breaks the purpose. also (NO scavs, ONLY pmc). I am lvl 23 currently. I am certainly fairly experienced. I have played a few previous wipes on and off. a very good shot. I lack knowledge of Reserve.. only ever played it once, I seem to be to scared to learn it. My traits: * Great game knowledge. * I can play different playstyles, given different situations. * Reliable teammate, .. / the opposite of greedy. * Patient. More: I prefer playing Woods, Customs and Shoreline. ( in no particular order ) I normally play the raid fairly patiently, slow yet meticulous. (solo) I normally always try and complete my missions as they are given, immidietly. Disadvantages: * I am usually a bit slow post game, as I am still on the level 1 stash size, and need to repack and sort, etc. * Unfamiliar with "correct" callouts of certain places. ( I spend most of my time playing alone. ) MORE: I certainly tryhard most of the time, it's how I enjoy the game best, thus why I play this.. call it, hardcore mode. But with that, I am socially built and enjoy having a good time. Let's try playing together. and see how it works out. I am also - open for many new things, playstyles etc. etc. Sincerely Scott - Discord :: Antisect275#1226 Thanks.

    Newish Player Looking For Group or Duo

    I've had Tarkov for like 2 years now, but never played it much. Now I've recently fallen in love with the game and want a chill group to play with. I'm 21 from Eastern Canada and normally play from 2300-0400 ADT. However most days I'm also available in the afternoon as well. I don't care much for the knowledge or skill of my teammates, since those things can become better with time and experience anyways. I'm still learning the maps, but I know Customs pretty well.
  7. Jackt0169

    Searching for teammates click this topic!

    Hey, i bought this game 3 days ago. I enjoy playing the game and its very fun and sometimes also very stressfull.... I come from the Netherlands i am 15 years old and as a new player i am trying to find an duo, trio, squad to play with. I am still trying to learn the maps as its very hard for me to find extraction points. and ofcourse the other stuff in the game. The only thing you need to have is a mic so we can talk about where we are the game and other stuff.... ( a normal mic pls not with a lot of noise of you have one with a lot of noise pls use push to talk ) You can contact me trough this topic or my discord: Jackt169#9313 Oh and i dont know if i should say this but i chose for the character: USEC ( idk if i can change this ) I still have a lot of questions about the game and still dont know anything about teaming up or how that works. Server: Europa Time: Amsterdam CET Thank you for the time!
  8. TooTallLenny

    New player looking for pal...

    So I'm SUPER new, only two raids and one kill. Open to other new players too so we can learn together or maybe an experienced person who doesn't mind showing me the ropes. A buddy would be best as I get super anxious by myself and don't probably too slowly. I will never be great at this but would like to invest some time into it to become decent. I am NA EST and play mostly late night or early morning before work. Lastly, I just want to have a good time and chill. I am far from overly serious, don't mind dying (surviving preferable of course) to learn. Mistakes will be made
  9. Egnz

    Need some people to play with

    Hey everyone, I'm sorta new to Tarkov and playing alone gets boring after a while. My current friend group isn't interested in these types of games. I primarily use discord!
  10. Rambo1369

    LFG Just got the game need a buddy. :-)

    So I just got into the game and would like to team up with some people. Dont have any friends that have bought into this game.. :-( So any cool dudes would be welcome also 420 friendly is a plus.. Can Discord or TS Add me on Steam: Rambo1369
  11. RafaPalos

    Looking for people to play with

    Hey, I'm new at this game and I don't know anybody to play this game with so give me your discord and we can chat there and of course, I don't care about your skill in the game
  12. triko

    Looking for mates

    HI, im 36lvl and im looking for EU players that play at night or evening! My friends had leave the game and come back to HOTS IGN: OGTriko Discord: Triko36#8471
  13. paintedbird

    Discreet way of indicating teammates

    Since i started playing the game with my friend, i noticed that the game miss the system of indicating friendlies. I know, that some people will say, that this option would decrese the realism of the game, but i think i got an idea bout the system that will show if a player is your friendly or not in a polite way, without ruining the realism. As we all know, the more hud you will see on the screen, the less imersive the game would be. So i tried to figure out how to indicate friendlies without showing any popup, an arrow over a player or his name while looking on him. With my friend we found an idea - maybe a system of armbands, which would differ the collor, depending if the player would be in team with you, or not. Blue for example, when you are with someone in team, but for other players it would be appearing as red or not at all? We all know, that in real soldiers are using uniforms, and even partisans and millitary groups are wearing those kind of bands to recognize themselfs from the other. I know that the system might be problematic to implement, not sure if possible at all in the enviroment that the game is being created. But in my opinion, since game is still a game, and we have limited perception and possibility to recognize the characters in the game - we need some augumentation. In normal life people are different by look, height, weight, voice and other things, that cannot be used to recognize people in the game. By the way - im having statement that the game really needs a system for customization of how your character looks. Despite the fact that all characters that we see are clones of Ivan Ivanovic, really - most of the characters are ugly as possibly they cant be. No matter - USEC or BEARS - all looks like neanderthals who just gone down from the tree. It should rely on pre-made elements, to avoid turning the game in simulation how the society would look when everyone would look like Adolf Hitler, but i really think that the game need to have an option to change your look.
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