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Found 12 results

  1. ToshTosh

    Tarkov Team Finder (18+)

    Just looking to expand our growing 18+ Tarkov community (1200+ members) to create a chill stress free experience. Noobs welcome, 1200+ members active staff. Dm me for more info at PHNX-RAY #6942, or join at https://discord.gg/DKPP4VPQKk The server has a copious amount of channels for different uses, along with have experienced and trusted players always on waiting for questions or requested help. Both Chads and Rats are welcome to join, or if you are new to the game and need assistance. PHNX-RAY #6942
  2. Mecki

    Teams of 3-5

    Ok so id say I have an issue with how many people are actually allowed in as a team, ive downed 3 people or 4 people just to get rolled by a 4th/5th man when thinking its safe, personally I only have an issue with a 4 or 5man squad being allowed into raids like interchange, ideally id like to see a map soley for 2man squads at a max, ive never done anything more than being solo so I know ill be a minority of players having this issue. I do get a thrill after soloing triple/4man teams but for the most part its not exactly fun goibg broke and having to be a rat to go back in and get mowed down by a 5man team. Just wish we could get some solo player friendly maps having a max of 2 ppl in a team, not for every map.
  3. Nach längerer Pause sucht KSK Germany neue Mitspieler zum rocken und zum zusammen Zocken. Wir sind ein Multigaming Clan, der sich auf Spaß und Team Play spezialisiert. Voraussetzung sind 21+, Teamspeake und Aktivität in unserem Forum und natürlich Spaß am zocken. Bei Interesse einfach auf www.ksk-germany.de schauen und ins Ts kommen
  4. PotatoAcog

    Riot Gaming E-Sports Recruiting!

    Riot Gaming E-Sports is a new up & coming NA team with rosters in multiple games. We are mainly looking for players with experience, motivation and dedication to always get better, and who have passion for gaming! If you think it has what it takes, you can DM me on here, join our discord https://discord.gg/228KJmT or on, Discord: PotatoAcog#1769 Twitter: PotatoAcog IGN: PotatoAcog
  5. reckhouse

    The Sick Nation Gaming Community

    The Sick Nation is a mature gaming community for everyone! What we offer? -A bully free and harassment free environment to play games with other people. -It is a mature community, jokes and mature content is tolerated. -We have giveaways with prizes ranging from steam gift cards to entire games. -We have a website and a discord channel for organization and chating. -We offer gaming streams to either watch or join in on. If any of those intrest you then join The Sick Nation through either http://thesicknation.com or http://discord.gg/XKZRBMH
  6. Hello and welcome, my name is Mr2kay. Looking to play Escape From Tarkov? Well your in luck I host a small but growing community of gamers that play a large range of games. Come chill on our server and invite your mates. Stay for as long as you want and drop by anytime for a quick game or a talk with one of our friendly members or staff. We have a unique levelling system within the discord the more you spend on our discord and type in chat you will gain new roles with new exciting permissions. Once becoming Trusted (level 7) you can create a private channel for only you and your friends or use the channel specifically for Trusted players. Interested? Discord link: https://discord.gg/Ax7DhCr Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/seizedmr2kay Discord user: Mr. 2kay#4281 ~Have fun and happy gaming! ~Thank you
  7. t3hjustin

    Changes to Team Play, UI

    Hello Everyone, I can't help but feel that EFT is promoting single play rather than group play, and in a game with as niche of a market as this one I would like to see some changes made. Picture this: You are new to EFT and these style of games. You hop in with squad mates who are going to show you the ropes. They plan to give you a run down of maps and looting locations along with extraction points. Great! lets do it!. Now you load into a map you know nothing about but know you just need to follow your squad, easy enough right?. Your squad comes under fire and mass confusion starts. Was that you? Where are you? Can you tell the direction the shots came from? "HELL NO, I don't know where the shots came from! I don't even know where you are in relation to my location anymore because I don't even know where I am". Now this happens over and over and over while you are just trying to learn the map with friends. I would feel far less worried about going in with a squad if I had SOME way of knowing their location without knowing the maps like the back of my hand. Yes, I know there is an offline mode to explore the maps and I do that from time to time but it does not prepare you for what happens in a team firefight. I don't have hours and hours to dump into this game to learn the maps right away, so it's going to take time. I enjoy the game and play an hour or so a night. But I feel like this game wants me to play alone so I can only worry about myself. Team Play/UI - When two player PMC's can look 100 percent identical (I am talking combat uniform, body armor/helmet here) there NEEDS to be a way to tell them apart. I can't always make out gun models from a distance which adds to the confusion. I know arm bands or something along those lines are in the works but I feel it may not be enough especially if they are not in my line of sight. I would like to see an actual outline or maybe even one line of text above my teammates head with his name to know his location. If that is not a direction you would like to go then maybe give me a compass? At least a teammate can tell me his location or enemy locations based off that compass. We are soldiers in a mil sim style game, give me a compass, because no soldier would wander into unknown territory without a map and compass. I am not saying that the communication between my friends and I are rock solid and this is all the games fault. It's not, we suck at talking sometimes and squad mates wander off on me all the time, but if I had some way of knowing where they went with either a compass, or marker, I and maybe others would be grateful. Thank you for your time and energy you have put into this game.
  8. DjDaemonNL

    Teaming with others

    Hi, First of all, LOVE the game! I havent been this scared to run around with a rifle since.... ever! My idea/suggestion: I like to play this with friends, more than i do solo actually. The only thing about teams that is really bugging me is the need to re-invite all players from the lobbyscreen when we start a new match (because we arent the best players and give away our dogtags for free) It would be so much easyer for us, and im hoping a lot of other players too to be able to invite my friends from the main menu / chat and just have a pre-setup group going before we join a match. Thanks for reading, Have a good 2018 - Daemon
  9. Cudzy696


    Looking for a team or group that could help me get better at the game...can anyone recommend any?
  10. FosterFox

    Squad Spawning In

    So I just recently had an encounter on the night time version of Customs, and I ran into a person who I started to shoot at but then suddenly 3 more guys popped up right in front of my eyes. I was wondering if it's possible to spawn groups farther away from solo players? Or at least spread them out a bit instead of stacking them on top of one another? It makes the play session much less fun and even though I only lost a PACA, KIVER, and Vityaz. I'm still annoyed that people can just pop up right in front of me, and that I don't have much of a chance to run through the map. I understand that if I took a different route I might have avoided them but I don't think groups of 4 should spawn so close to the edge of the spawn where the map begins. I feel like solo players should have at least the head start advantage... EDIT: Video brightness and contrast was increased afterwards to help you see what happened.
  11. luftkorps

    5-Man Teams

    5 man teams in maps that the max player count is 7 (customs for example) is just ridiculous. Its a 5vs2. Where the hell people think its "fair"? You can solo all scavs, how a 5 man group would even be fun? Teamemrs never loose their gear, because his budy would take it if he dies or because of the insurance system. This is a major problem in this game for me. The maps doesnt support 5 man groups just because it isnt big enough for more players. For me, the max group it should be allowed is 3, MAX! The ideal would be 2, but 5 is just insane. You could say: "Life is unfair", well, sorry buddy, but this is not IRL. Or you could say: "Pick a team yourself": Well, then I suppose I should pick a hack too, right?! Teams the way its is now is broken, nad need a fix in order to make the game fun and enjoyable. Take PUBG as exemple. It have a good MM system. 4 mans squads max, on a HUGE map with 100 players. You have 4% of the man power in the match, not 71% like here in EFT. *I did found some topics talking about but they were closed. So I made a new one, because the problem obiviouly still.
  12. DangerousDead

    People to play with

    Teams to play with now8
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