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Found 9 results

  1. TFB Community recruiting

    Hi all, Are you sick of the solo runs and looking for a squad? Tired of getting one tapped and then having nothing to show for your efforts........ .....I'm form Task Force Bravo (, we are looking to grow our Escape From Tarkov wing of our gaming community. And help you enjoy the game Are you 16+ & speak English. We have players from all over the world - UK / EU to the USA to Australia........... and everywhere in between. We are looking to recruit - from new to Tarcov players, to vets looking to join a squad to bring back some of that sweet loot. We have a wide range of play types with multiple Team speak channels for different run types and player counts. Every thing from run an gun, to Mil sim. We can help you complete tasks and make some money along the way, so do not worry if you are brand new to the game, we welcome all levels of skill. If you are interested in joining, go to our TS channel - and one of the community leaders will get you set up and in a squad. We look forward to speaking to you shortly. - Loudnoizez
  2. ''To the guy at ...'' Compilation Thread

    I just wanna know who are you man you came outta no where but you didn't shoot me even tho you were fully geared out and we killed everyone still alive together if there was a form of talking to give you my username i would've but thanks man at least we both made it out together // will there be voice chat so i can talk to this man if i ever find him again
  3. Looking for Squadmates

    Currently have two members who are on relatively constant and another three who are on only a few times during the week. Looking for a few more experienced members to raid with. Trying to get enough to do full stack raids as often as possible. If you are interested send me a friend request and I can throw you the discord. Don't worry about your play style, we all have our own ways of clearing a raid. Still looking for quality over quantity, so no bambis. Looking forward to meeting new players
  4. Hey guys! Love this game! I think it is great and I am having an amazing time playing this. Only problem is I do not have a lot of friends that have this game. Does anyone want to team up and work together on such a good team based game? Please let me know what you guys think. Thanks, Nick
  5. VOIP, The wonderful idea

    HONESTLY There has been so many times where I run into another player in raid that I wish I could communicate with. For instance I was playing Customs and ran into a weaponless player, I had only a P226. We danced then worked together to take out AI on bridge by spawn, great teamwork.... Until I wanted to ask him if he had water We survived PvP at buildings but i took a few hits and of course he thinks I am making grunting noises do to lack of health which in reality I just needed a damn drink! I GET IT Some People, dont quote me, seems like they feel VOIP would ruin the experience. Hear me out. The game IS A HARDCORE SURVIVAL, so why not give the ability to survive with others? I mean having to search forums or dark tunnels for some friends is not always easy and maybe you are an old school person and enjoy meeting your buddies on the battlefield! Yea more people would team than usual but there will always be that suspensful PvP action, I can almost assure you people still would want to kill each other. I mean think about it, think about how many people you killed on instinct, impulse. Meeting someone friendly can sometimes be a rewarding moment, let there be friends! Let there be bottles of water to share! PROXIMITY BUDS Obviously I feel the only in match chat would be proximity voice. Feel like it would make the match even more bone chilling! Imagine walking through factory but you hear feint whispers from your left, just the idea of what could happen next makes it more thrilling I would think. Will they be friends? Or will they disagree and draw? FINAL SUMMATION VOIP is something that I have always found interesting and useful in survival games. Makes for a much more thrilling and sometimes goofy adventure. Nothing is better than the ability to talk to the man with a big gun next to you, no need to be strangers.
  6. Ive played less than ten matches. In 7 of those I played with "team mates" who either immediately, or some random time during the raid, decide to shoot me in the back of the head. Is this where we are going? All this work on a great concept to be ruined by idiots? Its like this game would be awesome if no one was allowed to play. At this point I don't even want to play with other people and I guess its solo only. Dear Devs: Remove option for inviting people to a "team". There is no such thing and anyone that wants to play together will just TS each other anyway. This is only serving as a vehicle for non-skilled 12yr olds to take your gear.
  7. I feel that we should have to have a headset or radio (or any other item that allows for communication) equipped on our character in order to create or join groups and play with teammates. In real life you would not be able to work with teammates and squad-mates successfully without a means of communication. -IRL, there would not be a high quality voice channel like Discord or Teamspeak - there would be no communicating over the internet in the heat of battle and people would actually struggle to communicate effectively. They would however use actual radios and headsets! Pros: -Encourages the use of the in game communication devices. -This means that the devs can put into use their own items for communication and widen the actual working and useful content of the game. - This would allow for highly realistic combat scenarios where you will not know if your teammate got killed, who killed him and from where. Furthermore, those with the most high end communication items would be able to use encrypted channels which cannot be listened into by other players. (Simply because these other players do not have good enough gear, maybe only basic civilian radios) -Could allow for interesting side quests -Would allow for meeting up with a random player and making an alliance in the middle of the raid. A bit like how radios work in dayz currently... -The devs would be able to determine for how long after he has been fatally shot the player is still able to speak and use his comm's. There could even be skills which allow the player to speak for longer after he has been 'killed' ('killed' meaning the animation before death screen.) -The devs have said that they want EFT to be a game where your chances of survival are increased by playing in a group. Cons: -Might make the game too boring and difficult for the average casual gamer who just wants to have a fun time playing with his friends. This could be stopped by making basic communication items the starting gear so that they are not too difficult to get your hands on. SO; I realise everyone will respond to this differently, so please tell me what you think below. -I personally think that EFT needs this to be a feature, in order for it to be the realistic game that it is supposed to be. (Not the be all, end all, just something I feel would work well with the other features already in EFT.) P.S. The devs have mentioned that their anti-cheat program can detect if Skype is being used, perhaps it can also detect discord and teamspeak and other programs. Just a thought, but maybe specific server owners (in the far away future of free roam mode) could choose whether or not they make their server a hardcore enabled server where people HAVE to have a headset or radio equipped on their character and not be running TS or discord in the background. All in order for players to be able to group up or not. So they could choose whether or not the anti-cheat kicks players who are disobeying the communication realism rules. Also, maybe different raid locations may not be available for teaming up in the future (during full game release) and then 'groupable' raids will be unlocked after the first 1, 2 or 3 raids completed.
  8. Getting close to Beta

    As we all know this game is getting bigger and better, I have an idea what about if the Dev's add in hand and arm signals for the team leaders for exp if the mic cuts out or dies so they team knows what the squad leader is trying to say.... Here are a few pictures thought for exp... Cheers, TAW_LemonK
  9. CZ/SK experienced Clan - Storm Hunters - SH -

    Přidej se k klanu ze zkušenými hráči online her z Česka a Slovenska! Join a clan of experienced players of online games from the Czech Republic and Slovakia Náš Team speak 3 pro 500 hráčů. Adresa Our Teamspeak 3 for 500 players. Adress: Po tříletém testování čekání na freeplay z jiné MMO FPS hry přišel Escape from Tarkov jako naše nová naděje pro lepší coop v otevřeném online světě. After three years of testing and waiting for the free play of another MMOFPS game came Escape from Tarkov as our new hope for a better co-op open online world. Těšíme se na Close ALFA a Close Beta testování. We look forward to Close ALFA and Close Beta testing. Pokud rádi hrajete co-op, máte na hraní čas a je Vám alespoň 21 let, tak máte slušnou šanci se stát naším členem klanu Storm Hunters. budem těšit na slyšenou na našem TS3 - We look forward to Close ALFA and Close Beta testing. If you like to play co-op, if you have got time for playing and you are at least 21 years old, then you have a decent chance of becoming a member of the clan Storm Hunters -SH- We look forward to hearing from you on our TS3 - Clan leader Shadow Warrior CZE Technical Specialist TS3 and our parttime Webmaster xPakrikx SVK Great team pleyer and Commander with some knowledge of Russian language Ikar CZE and many others...