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Found 11 results

  1. Greetings all, I've been trying to find a fix for this for a very long time since I've been playing but to no avail. I've tried everything I could find online from setting up extra virtual ram for the system to use to uninstalling and reinstalling. I've tried running more ram but even that didn't work. If anyone has any ideas I am open to try them, what I've noticed is that Tarkov is using a lot of my HDD instead of my SSD but I have no files located on that drive that should allow any reading or writing to that drive. This is all just extremely confusing and I just wanna be
  2. I was wondering if its possible to run a game off a usb stick. I have a fast usb drive that I think might be faster than my hard drive. There is an option in a launcher to change a path of tarkov installation, so I figured I can just move it there. Are there any rules prohibiting running a game off a flash drive?
  3. Agent_Ice

    Technical Advice

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone else has this issue or has any advice for me. I have been playing this game since the end of January. Until today, I had a couple of instances where I would be in the game and my computer would suddenly restart on me. I play several other games and have not had that issue. Today, It happened to me once in a raid and twice in my stash. Now, pretty much as soon as the game launches, (not even getting to the main menu) my computer restarts on me. I know a lot has been going on with the game, especially with this trader event going on (which I think was
  4. Insomniscope

    Captcha not working?

    So me and my friend have tried to get into Tarkov, we have tried to change IP and weve also tried using different browsers but the Captcha wont let us through, does this mean the game will be unavailable for us both, or is there a way to fix it. We cant think of anything else to try Insomniscope
  5. I have been having trouble loading fast in EFT with massive spikes while loading and generally slow loading overall. My disk usage will spike to 100% a lot of the time, and for a good bit while loading. I also just bought a 2TB FireCuba Gaming 2.5 inch SSHD SATA 6Gb/s flash accelerated performance hard drive to combat this issue, but it didn't seem to improve my issue at ALL (I have noticed better performance in other games). Any tips? Only possibly thing I could think is my ram, but I know other people who load in fast with the same amount of ram. My graphics card also runs fine at 50% u
  6. Hi guys I recently upgraded my PC. Spec are 1070 gtx ryzen 2700x 4.2 turbo boost. adata ssd 250gb some regular 3200 ddr4 ram. I get good frames on factory and shitty frames every other big map. around 40 if i stare into the center. I heard others with the same set up should be getting around 60-80 any suggestions?
  7. Bienvenue sur la page de support technique. Ayant été très actif dans la partie du support technique sur le forum ENG et FR, je crée se post pour regrouper en un seul sujet, les problèmes fréquemment rencontrés ainsi que les solutions possibles. Le but est de créer un document complet permettant le dépannage d'un utilisateur rapidement. Si vous avez réussi à résoudre un problème non répertorié ou trouvé une autre manipulation que celles citées plus bas, je vous invite à me la faire partager. Ce sujet étant dédié au support technique, les problèmes liés aux paiements
  8. Dodebebop

    Checksum file does not match

    When I try to install the game it gives me the error "checksum file does not match" and if I go to check the file that I downloaded it in the folder only has a file named "lock". I've tried restarting my pc, reinstalling, reinstalling without antifvirus on, and still nothing. Any idea on how to fix it?
  9. ketchumkid

    Game entirely messed up

    Not sure if this is the right area to post this, but seemed like the only spot I could find. I've contacted support, but i'm not sure how long it'll take to respond or if they'll even have answers for me. So i'll list all my problems within the last 24 hours below. 1) Running the game as administrator or not. I cant seem to find out whats happening here. I run the game as admin and sometimes the launcher works and sometimes it doesn't. its %50 chance whether the play button is available or not on the launcher when I run this. Also, if I don't run as admin, then the game deletes my EFT f
  10. Every night around 1030ish when I am trying to run factory It takes fivever to find a match. My internet is completely fine and I can find other matches on other maps instantly, this only happens with factory... anyone know why? -edit- This pic is from while I was typing this post... -edit 2- 18 minutes later we find a game
  11. To @TarkovEscaper, @Claus & Other Dev Team Member, Can The Community Help DEV With Solving Technical Problems? There are lots of extremely technical and savvy members within gaming communities, and some players already work within large computer organizations with extremely high computer skills, qualifications, and/or experiences solving all types of Computer/Netcode issues. For example, the AMD Community frequently post very technical problems to see whether the community can help solve them. It goes without saying that you will need to be careful to properly vet proposed
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