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Found 18 results

  1. I've managed to find stock a RX 6800 in stock and replaced my GTX 1080 Founders Edition with an AMD GPU for the first time ever! I uninstalled Nvidia Drivers with DDU and installed the most recent Radeon 21.x driver. Cyberpunk 2077, Control and Baldur's Gate 3 all run much better and at a much higher frame rate on my 1440p, 144Hz LG 27G850 which I'm super happy with. However, when it came to Escape from Tarkov I've gotten some really weird performance issues that seem specific to this game and I've seen instances of this on COD MW/CW too. On my GTX 1080, I could reach 60-70fps with M
  2. Ultimamente me eh percatado de que mis FPS en general bajaron bastante, senti que iba muy lageado el juego, Hoy decidi poner el RivaTuner con los stats para revisar como iba todo, me termine percatando que desde el Menu, hasta que extraigo en una partida, Mi uso de la CPU y la GPU no supera el 50%... Eh buscado por google cualquier cosa que tenga que ver y todos concluyen de que la CPU es Vieja, que la ram no es suficiente, etc... No me ayuda eso porque mi CPU es un i7 8700K y mi GPU una 2060, Tambien tengo 4 slots de ram iguales de 8GB, lo cual Ram me sobra, entonces ya no se que puede ser qu
  3. illegalheadshot

    Entire PC Freezing when switching windows

    I am having an issue where whenever I alt+tab or try to minimize the game my entire pc freezes and I am forced have to force shut down the whole system. My configuration is as follows: Gigabyte 3080, Ryzen 5900x and Corsair Vengeance Pro 32 GB 3600 ram. My game is currently installed on a secondary partition of my primary drive. If anybody has encountered this issue any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  4. sansa413

    Custom Map Loading Problem

    It's been a few days since I bought the game and I started playing it directly. My first problem with the game was that the game files were not verified after downloading the client and therefore I manually changed the location of the game files. After solving this problem, I started playing directly. I started playing the Factory map and everything was going well, the game was loading in a not very long time (about 2-3 minutes). However, when I entered the Custom map as PMC for the mission, the game started to freeze on the loading screen and then to overload when loaded. Then I was kicked ou
  5. i purchased an upgrade last night and havent gotten an email from bsg or anything regarding my upgrade. they took my money out of my account and i didnt get anything. please help
  6. TehDonFubar555

    Immediate server disconnects.

    I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right area, if I'm not please let me know. To make a long story short, recently purchased the game, everytime I try to play the game online it immediately disconnects me saying "server connection lost" even in reconnects and no matter what server I pick, u haven't been able to play the game once since buying it Monday, because every single match starts with immediate disconnects. If anyone knows how to fix this would be a huge help
  7. I run off of a LTE connection (phone Hotspot/ Tethering) and use this to play tarkov and browse the web etc... (don't have Wifi/ Broadband) I keep receiving the (NetworkError/SessionLostErrorMessage) message every time I attempt to log in to the main menu. The Launcher seems fine though the Connection to game does not. This being the IP address switches often due to the phone connecting to different towers at different times, based on if a tower is full or has a slow connection, or is under maintenance etc... Does the requirements to play Tarkov only consists of having a IP add
  8. Insomniscope

    Captcha not working?

    So me and my friend have tried to get into Tarkov, we have tried to change IP and weve also tried using different browsers but the Captcha wont let us through, does this mean the game will be unavailable for us both, or is there a way to fix it. We cant think of anything else to try Insomniscope
  9. I have been playing since January and have always had this issue on woods and sometimes custom's, every 5-10mins my game freezes however continues to run in the background for another 5-10 seconds in that time i can go prone and still walk around ( I can tell this by the game audio still running). This issue is so problematic is has made playing any game of woods nearly impossible, these are my errors in my Logs 2020.06.02_6-25-06_0.12.6.7526 errors.log 2020.06.02_6-47-00_0.12.6.7526 errors.log 2020.06.02_7-04-04_0.12.6.7526 errors.log Attempted fixes: I have reinstall
  10. I have been having trouble loading fast in EFT with massive spikes while loading and generally slow loading overall. My disk usage will spike to 100% a lot of the time, and for a good bit while loading. I also just bought a 2TB FireCuba Gaming 2.5 inch SSHD SATA 6Gb/s flash accelerated performance hard drive to combat this issue, but it didn't seem to improve my issue at ALL (I have noticed better performance in other games). Any tips? Only possibly thing I could think is my ram, but I know other people who load in fast with the same amount of ram. My graphics card also runs fine at 50% u
  11. Hi, This is a bit of a long shot but after forum surfing for a while i figured this is the best place to start a thread. In the last two weeks i have been running into my PC losing power when loading into raid, and then my PC will boot loop until it will randomly turn on again. This has NEVER happened with any other game, hence the post here. It is inconsistent, nothing to do with thermals, and continues to happen after: fresh install on NVMe, Sata SSD and HDD, checking loose connections and general troubleshooting. I was wondering if anyone would have any ideas or experience with this. Eve
  12. LootGoblin89

    Unable to load into Reserve

    Hello, recently as a new player me and my friend wanted to try out reserve for ourselves, unfortunately every time i tried to load into reserve it did not want to work at all. It either froze while loading and i was forced to ALT F4 or the game loaded me in but i could not see any scavs or PMCs moving ( they could see me moving but on my screen they just stood still). I have the game on a ssd so i doubt its becouse of that. Over the past few days i have suspected that the reasoning for my stuttering freezes and being unable to load into certain maps was becouse i only have 2400mhz 8gb of ram.
  13. judgie247

    Technical Issues

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone cold help. I recently started playing again after a couple years, been back playing for about 4/5 weeks, everything ran fine. Couple days ago I try and load into a game with a squad on this server and the game goes into meltdown. Ranging from 1 to 60 fps laggy, choppy, unplayable. The guys I loaded in with almost completed the raid before I could even move. Can play factory, only tested woods and customs and they're unplayable. Nothing has changed with my rig, which ran the game fine a couple days ago. 4ghz cpu, gtx 970, 8gb ram, ssd. Any help/advice would be gre
  14. Tarkelson

    Game Refund?

    Hi there! So a friend of mine recently bought me this game because he "thought I would like it". Me being a tactical multiplayer action FPS fan, I can understand why he thought I enjoy this game. I've heard about Escape From Tarkov for awhile now, lots of YouTubers and Twitch streamers cover this game quiet extensively, so I definitely know the hype surrounding the game. But this is not without its flaws.... -Its been in development forever, a eternity long NDA-restricted Alpha....then only recently a half baked "Beta" -The game has a difficult meta, very inconsistent loot tables, ba
  15. Hey guys I just go into Tarkov and I am loving it but my game keeps "Not Responding" when I click "Play". It will show the spinning loading circle for my mouse and show my desktop but locks me down to where I cannot close the game even if I use task manager. I have to restart my PC from the Ctrl Alt Del screen. I only recently started having this issue, till now its been fine. If someone knows how to fix this please let me know. To help figure this situation out here is what I have done so far: Uninstalled and reinstalled to my SSD restarted my PC multiple times and tried playi
  16. Jim_Got_20_Inch

    Launcher bugged Help

    Please help me. Everytime I launch I get the error message in the photo. Any ideas? ive already reinstalled and deleted temp files, ive checked for updates ive checked the integrity of games files.
  17. No puedo jugar en los servidores de sao paulo. Lo que realmente me afecta, ya que juego desde argentina. Tengo conexión por 3 minutos y se pierde. Ya me pasó multiples veces en la última semana, perdí un monton de roubles a causa de estas desconnexiones. ___________________________ I can't play on sao paulo servers. Which kind of afflicts me, since I play on Argentina. I have connection for 3 minutes and then it disconnects. Happened multiple times in the last week, lost a lot of roubles due to this.
  18. So I get a lot of stuttering and such when I play, pretty much any map, on either AUS or USA servers. Looking for help as to why it happens, and if there are any good solutions. When I look at MSI Afterburner, it seems like my frames drop to 0 while simultaneously my GPU and CPU usage also drops to basically nothing... I don't know what that could mean. I will screen shot and post here momentarily. Link to video of what it looks like, it stutters at the beginning and again at the 15 second mark (sorry the video quality is meh) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_z9752m9gSU&in
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