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Found 11 results

  1. Simonr22

    testing the game

    Is there any way for tester to get into a map offline with all the elite skill , infinite HP/No timer and infinite ammunition ? I love testing game but as a normal player account i can't test properly tarkov map and texture. Dev did correct some invisible wall i've found on custom but not the out of bound issue . i'm sure there could be more to discover with the proper tool over more map .elite skill should be a requirement to test map THEN if an out of map bug is found/unreachable spot not intented they could be tested with lower skill. Infinite timer because every spot on every map need to
  2. So essentially some red dots have weird sighting issues. I put some effort into representing this with a test that took me a long while. I executed this test with all sights ranged down to their lowest range to ensure that it wasn't the problem, and in fact, it wasn't! As you may see, the difference in the sights are quite minuscule, however, these problems make the MPX obsolete in ranges above 100 meters. Some may say that this isn't an issue because nobody uses the MPX, but with the upcoming additions to MPX modding, this issue needs to be addressed (if not already). So down below, I took a
  3. Hej, idąc za ciosem mam dla was propozycję, która będzie wymagała waszego zaangażowania również Mianowicie Insider Project, już piszę Zasadą takiego czegoś jest wydawanie poza oficjalnymi patchami, patch niestabilnych - experymentalnych Pytacie jakby miało to działać ? opiszę takie QA 1. Co to jest insider i jak to działa - BSG wybiera pewną pulę graczy, która najczęściej i najlepiej wyłapuje błędy i je zgłasza, następnie zaprasza ją do projektu Insider (tutaj być może będzie wymagane podpisanie elektronicznego NDA). W tym celu otrzymujecie sekcję kanału experimental w swoim l
  4. Im playing EFT since Alpha and im playing a lot. I had always a feeling that there is no big difference in terms of recoil between stock weapons and fully modded ones. So I did some test to check it out. But first overall look on recoil in different weapons. Link with all the pictures from test: https://imgur.com/a/Akdni Pic. 1 - you can see recoil test shooting from a distance about 80 meters (so most common in EFT battles) - the weapons are stock models: PP 19 (left) and MP 5 (right). PP 19 has a quite big initial kick when MP 5 has actually all the bullets in the same area. P
  5. KarolusP

    Pierwsza fala ruszyła!

    Pierwsza fala zaproszeń do beta testów Escape from Tarkov właśnie się rozpoczęła! Za parę minut niektórzy właściciele preorderów będą mogli zobaczyć na własne oczy to, o czym marzyli przez tyle miesięcy, w tym: pierwszą część największej lokacji w grze, mapy Shoreline, pokaźny arsenał uzbrojenia i ekwipunku, ekonomię gry, oraz system ubezpieczeń. Powodzenia w walce debiutanci!
  6. funboy

    La Closed Beta è iniziata !

    Escape from Tarkov è adesso in una nuova fase di sviluppo: CLOSED BETA TEST. L'accesso CBT verrà fornito a tutti i proprietari di pacchetti con accesso anticipato. L'ammissione dei giocatori sarà effettuata ad ondate, non appena ragionevolmente possibile. Entro una settimana, ogni proprietario del pacchetto acquistato anticipatamente riceverà un'email di invito. I giocatori che hanno acquistato il game pack con accesso anticipato prima di altri, saranno ammessi al prima al test. I nuovi utenti potranno aderire ad altri beta test successivamente la fine dell'ultima ondata. Con l'inizi
  7. Torivo

    How fast are you?

    I was really bored and decided to test my typing speed. Can you win me? Sure you can. Post your result below Site is: https://10fastfingers.com/typing-test/english Have fun!
  8. Cari amici! Vorremmo condividere con voi quello a cui stiamo lavorando in modo che possiate capire cosa sta succedendo all'interno del team, e sapere quali sono gli scopi e gli obiettivi che ci siamo prefissati. Ottimizzazione Il progetto è in continua evoluzione ed i contenuti sempre più ricchi, così per la preparazione della Closed Beta abbiamo deciso di dedicare la massima attenzione alla ottimizzazione del progetto. Abbiamo identificato i principali problemi e stiamo lavorando per migliorare ed ottimizzare i sistemi di animazione, le infrastrutture e i moduli del sistema interno. In
  9. Hello guys! I have little surprise for you, i will post below key with hidden letters and during the weekend i will be revealing some letters until whole key will be visible for you. First person who will guess missing letters and will activate key HERE- will gain access to alpha test. Good luck and have fun! ------------------------------------------- Cześć Wam! Mam małą niespodziankę dla Was, poniżej zamieszczę kod z ukrytymi znakami następnie przez weekend będę odkrywał kolejne znaki, dopóki cały kod nie będzie widoczny. Pierwsza osoba która odgadnie braku
  10. Just wondering why it isn't allowed for people to share content about the game? I run a blog and am interested in posting my thoughts and opinions about the game... But I saw the disclaimer and have no particular interest in getting banned lol.
  11. When will we be able to see a alpha/beta test out?
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