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Found 13 results

  1. Tada_Cheese

    hacks testing

    Hi, I wanted to ask you if is there any way to join the team of testers. The reason is that would like to run test of cheats and hacks to figure out how does hackers act and how to recognise them more easily. (If it would be possible then putting me in lobbies with players with suspicion of chaeting or players marked as cheaters would help me a lot.) (Even giving me new account with standard edition would help me a lot because i dont want to get my regular account banned or even get my IP adress banned because i would be usinh hacks too to help me figure out how the hackers act)
  2. Hello, is it possible to get some news about a Linux version? Maybe even possible to get the community involved in it by providing experimental Linux builds and collecting feedback and suggestions? We have been cut off since BattlEye has been implemented because it doesn't run on WINE, but it should natively support Linux. Or enabling the Vulkan or OpenGL renderer so people can try to port it manually themselves, as described here? It has been a while since we heard anything official about Linux, sadly, so any information or official word would be appreciated.
  3. Friends of Tarkov! After exploring the wiki I came across some interesting info regarding TerraGroup, most notably TerraGroup Labs PLC, and their activities within the Norvinsk region. I decided to dig a little deeper... So, what do we know? "The notorious Terra Group international corporation, is one of the many foreign companies responsible for the illegal activities and research within Norvinsk, and one of the key players in the scandal that turned the prosperous frontier into a collapsed war-zone. ...Officially deals in scientific research concerned with biotechnology applied in agribusiness industry and farming and is strongly implicated in illicit activities across Norvinsk and Tarkov. So, TG are up to some shady business, right? Lets have a look into how biotechnology is applied in agriculture... Keywords: Genetic engineering Vaccines Modify living organisms (including animals AKA humans?) Trans-species modification / trait transference Further evidence of human experimentation in-game can be observed via the numerous 'Combat Stimulants', many of which are acquired on location at the Lab itself. So what does this mean? What are/were TG actually up to? There is a substance named Blue Ice which can be found throughout the different maps, for example within the warehouse next to shortcut in the Customs location; here there are barrels upon barrels branding the label. If this substance is found, in bulk, at the region's primary import/export depot, this suggests shipping across the world... But who is buying and why? It could be argued that TerraGroup are/were illegally experimenting on humans with a focus on improving combat capability; genetically engineered soldiers. We already know the Labs Raiders have more 'health' compared with their player-controlled PMC counterparts (715 vs 435) - whether this is canonically accurate or merely a game design decision is yet to be answered. It could be that the Raiders were the first 'successful' subjects, however it is stated in their lore that they have some level of responsibility for the initial downfall of Tarkov. From their description: "Shady group of armed people, according to rumors, consisting of former PMC operators, local residents and others with obvious combat and tactical training. ...They are active in the Lab and are the starters of the chaos which is destroying Tarkov." So, what do you think? USEC were being paid good money to keep TG's activities under wraps, so there's definitely something fishy going on. Would love to hear your thoughts!
  4. We are in a beta state of the game and we (beta testers) need more tools on the field for us the beta testers for diagnosing a lot of fishy situations that we encounter. Otherwise, people trend to blame the wrongs things and that leads to subjective stories about what happened and we all know that as a report that would take more to process and digest into a clear technnical resolution of what is really happening. CSGO is a great example, they have tons of commands that display in-game visuals that helps players to test things or known bugs and provide a richer video evidence of what's happening under the game's hood in that particular moment. Here is a great example of a player from the community showing how to reproduce a bug using commands and visual tools in a short video. Here is a complete list of all the commands available in the game as a reference. Now I'd like to suggest the following features that would help beta testers on providing more concise evidence: Play "offline" with friends This would work as a basic sandbox to test the netcode, stress, scavs, items, in-game ui, etc. Even would help a lot for Sherpas with students with gear fear to overcome. The set of options for scavs/environment that is planned is really appreciated too. The possibility of adding scavs where the crosshair is pointing at would be awesome to create more specific scenarios and save us the time of finding scavs going to their known locations. Noclip to test boundaries/collisions would be amazing too. Black Squad practice mode with hotkeys for placing bots and toggle projectile Hitreg detection debugging tool This one is absolutelly neccesary. We need a command/that allow us to see bullet trayectory and hit registration to differenciate missed shots, flesh/armor hits xor missed hit by bad hitreg. When this options is enabled, lots of animations and situations can bring possible causes of known issues, like a hitbox missaligned when prone on a barrel while looting a bag ot shots that vissualy hit armor but flesh only take damage or not damage at all. At the moment, we're all speculating ("I dump a 60 mag on that PACA guy and he didn't die!") and it's hurting the perception of our firefights and the reports that come afterwards, covered in subjetivity instead of technnical facts displayed by the game itself. This would work in a similar way for grenades to test blast radius and damage taken on differents situations/gear/cover involved. Also, it would help a lot to test/practice sprays/recoil and sniping/zeroing when playing offline mode. CSGO with sv_showimpacts command enabled. This is just the main features I'd love (and need!) to see implemented on EFT to make testing less stressful and easy. I know I'm asking for a lot that possibly is not on your roadmap, but I strongly believe that this tool would ease a lot the testing process from both ends. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  5. Mister_Shaveher

    Offline Testing

    There should be a way to have everything unlocked for offline mode. Like have to different stashes 1 online/ 1 offline.
  6. I have been playing Escape From Tarkov for a while now and have found myself often curious as to what and item does or how it performs in game. Sometimes when I first started the game I would buy a scope only to have it not be compatible a weapon. What I am suggesting is that when you select offline mode you get a menu where you can choose what you want to bring with you, similar to the normal inventory screen, except that has all the items in the game and you can pick and choose what you want to bring. This would be a good idea for bug testing because then the items that many people will never be able to get or play with because of its rarity can be tested for bugs by many more people. This would also allow people really interested in the weapon customization system like myself to test out different configurations before deciding what you like the best so you can make informed decisions when purchasing items. I think this would be a really amazing addition to the game. If not a system like the one discribed then you could implement a target range with different containers that contain all the items in the game, as a target range like that would, I imagine be fairly easy to implement as all that would need to be created is a small area for it to take place in, this area could even just be a section of one of the normal maps.
  7. Auvlen

    Dev Tools and trainers?

    So iv got into this topic on a few discussions already with no response from the developers and very mixed (very passionate) responses from other alpha testers and early access bambies. There is a clear devide between those of us who want to alpha test and those who just want early content. I am the former. I have no issue with people paying a rediculous price to support the game development in exchange for a peek at the content. I just hate that those who are not here to use alpha for what its ment for have been prioritised. I would like to see tools or content provided durring the alpha phase that promote bug testing. There are several topics posted about using the bug reports function but no encouragement to test anything unless you grind as if you are a player. It is important to test things as if you are a player but from a development standpoint the process becomes too slow if your play testers are limited in what they can test. IE: i played 20plus hours before finding my first saiga12g scav to be able to kill him and loot his body, shoot the gun enough to realise it was glitched, and spend the up until now finding what i can not be sure is all the available attachments for it to see how sights line up and what effects spread or damage... 20hrs to test something that in my projects i click on a menu and spawn a character in or run a script to add inventory. For those who are more math inclined than me it should be simple. That meens the proccess we are using to test is 200 times longer than it needs to be. And more so if you want to test the unicorn of an m4 or leprechaun of a dragnov svd. This makes no sense to me and i would appreciate a response that does not treat me like a tiny child as i have 14years of experience in the industry. I can honestly say this is a trend in the free testing model im starting to see ruin games and i want to keep it from derailing this great gem. Lets just say i have a bit of history with the survival franchise and this titles dares to do things i only wish i could have incorporated into my work. Just let us test and leave the grind for the final product. As i put it in another post "i already know the shotgun, knife, and handguns are all working fine." i havnt a clue what the damage model and grouping is like on an m4 yet because i havnt even got one to test in 2 days. Looking for one is not what im here to do. In here to pick it up right away and tell you if it works and if anything could be changed or bettered or giving feedback based off my real life experience with variation of the weapon and types of 5.56 cartidges iv tried through running through them. I cant do that if im restricted in time by things i get paid for and the only time i spend testing is repeatedly confirming the store is buggy and the scav weapons work fine with the exception of the saiga12 gauge. Iv replicated it dozens of times and im ready for you to give me something new after the patch that i can immediately test.
  8. AgonyRanch

    Beta Timeline

    Does anyone know if there is a new timeline planned for beta? I know they just added new waves for Alpha testing, but I haven't seen a 2017 timeline for expected progress dates. There was a 2016 version but since then there has been no revised table. Would be nice
  9. hanjeta

    Alpha testing begin ?

    hello, so i checked the FAQ and there it says the aplha will start late feb. so i contacted escape from tarkov and the send me this 07.02.2016 0:04, Escape from Tarkov Forum пишет: is the alpha testing still comming this month or is it changed ? Alex Alpha will start in the first quarter of 2016. so alpha testing is maybe feb or later
  10. As the title suggests, this is a theory about online multiplayer...Just a theory. This is not my work this is from an anonymous source who did not want to post this. Even though AbsolutSoft, and Battlestate are separate, their projects live in the same world. It only makes sense that they would utilize each others best practices, and innovations. That being said... My Theory: Hired Ops is using the same server COMPANY EFT is using, and planned to release Early Access before EFT released multiplayer in order to take what they learned, and apply it here. This would drastically remove any unforeseeable issues. I imagine that AbsolutSoft has helped the EFT Team, and came to the conclusion that the whole image of CW needed to change, and have some small, but significant similarities that CW did not have, and neither would CW:SA. We hear nothing about CW:SA, and then all of a sudden, they change their name to Hired Ops, the website goes up, and shares a common feel, and design, like they were done by the same person, or group. Hired Ops announces Early Access, and proceeds to flood us with information, and I started telling everyone I know that it would drop by the end of Oct, while suprisingly, a good few said Nov, and the rest ofc said Dec/Never. I thought it would be Oct, because EFT was going dark, and we were thinking that another patch should have dropped, and that there was no news on multiplayer. Then, wouldn't you know it, Nikita drops that bomb of screenshots, announces a graphic overhaul, AND let's us know they have been, and still were on schedule for multiplayer... "At this stage, we are preparing several game modules, among them - a large-scale online testing and performance optimization update. In other words, we are losing no time in bringing the start of the beta-testing closer! At Gamescom the Devs said they planned Beta in November, and people doubted it, and they didn't think it would be released in early 2017 either! So after Nikita made his announcement ^^^ Hired Ops just drops the next day?! I mean, c'monnnn. My final prediction is that the online testing will start around Nov 14th, [JUST A GUESS!] and open beta at the end of Nov. This will go on through Dec, and release in Jan, possibly Feb depending on how it goes....but that's my point...they would KNOW that they could release in early 2017 because they utilized the findings of the Hired Ops test, and knew what they would be in for, and how to fix it quickly. Again, this is only speculation and not my work, this was from an anonymous source who asked me to post this for him.
  11. Since the weapon customization is such an important feature of the game, I think it is important to allow some ability to test all kinds of weapon modifications without needing to loot them somewhere. Otherwise you would need to find all the parts (some could be really rare) and then test it in a environment where you could potentially die and lose your gun. This could be a solo (or group with friends) shooting range that has most or all of the weapons and weapon parts you can pick up and test. You enter with an empty character so nothing can be brought in or taken out of the area. If being able to test all the modifications is too much, then some form of progression can be added where at least guns/parts you have encountered and some that you have never seen (rotated every day) can be tried.
  12. swiftyyy23

    Alpha/Beta illegal pic takings!

    you guys talk about no photos being taken about Alpha and Beta testing or they will be punished (how ever you guys want to punish them) Also there may be a auto system in alpha beta that tells you guys who took a snip of screen etc. But how are you going to catch people that use their phones or camcorder to record footage of Alpha and Beta testings? and how do you suggest to catch them? i myself cant think of this as it is outside the whole game and cannot be traced.
  13. ThommyGunz93

    Guarenteed Alpha testing

    Simple question really, if you're guaranteed an Alpha testing spot... How would you obtain the code? via email? Also, when will Alpha testing begin? I know it says 1st quarter of 2016 in the FAQs so does that mean Alpha is taking place right now? As really, "1st quarter of 2016" isn't exactly an accurate estimation in my opinion. Can anyone shed any light on this? Would appreciate it, Thanks.
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