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Found 2 results

  1. Tarkov Artwork

    Here's some EfT artwork that you might not have necessarily seen before on this forum. Some may be re-posts however I tried to choose pictures I hadn't seen before, the highest fidelity or just interesting in general. use the zoom Straight from commander comrade Nikita himself:
  2. - Visual effects when killing people - Different levels of motivations to kill players, even though it's not nescessary (teamkills, and so on) - Mine spam, booby trapping bodies - Bad leveling ingame (not every window should be transparent/ throughshootable - Grenade/GL spam (high price for each GL round and not 100% accuracy would be optimal) - No reason for money (in some games we have seen that money is acting like paperweight) - K/D ratio shown (it would be good, that people would not focus on their k/d, but instead on objectives on looting)