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Found 10 results

  1. Nordic_Beard


    You should make the thermal scopes Dark setting compatible with NVG. Currently running NVG on a nightmap blooms the thermal scope beyond use... watch @chunkiegaming recent stream on twitch 07/01/2018 for the effects of Thermal+NVG https://www.twitch.tv/chunkiegaming
  2. BSG and other forum users, I saw the moment when Klean suggested that you should add an injector to give the player "cold blooded" in the podcast late last year. Now you have implemented the concept at least to the data files of the game, thus it seems like you are actually considering it. While I dont think that it would ruin the game, I think it shouldnt make you completely invisible in the thermal, otherwise it stretches what is believable way too far and makes the injector too good of a counter. I suggest 3 different solutions for the problem: 1) As its known that the sight picture we see in thermals is due to change, as the temperature differences of the environment will be taken in to account later on as varying heat signatures in different objects. This will make the thermals more realistic and distinguishing targets a little bit harder. With that change coming in the future, the best way to implement this planned stimulant injector would be so, that it only makes your heat signature 50% dimmer. In essence this would mean that a moving target, especially out in the open, would still be spotted by a player with a thermal and good sight. However, someone moving from cover to cover in a concealed way would be significantly harder for the enemy to spot, just by using the thermal. 2) The stim makes you practically almost invisible, reducing your heat signature by 75-80%%, but if you run, your body temperature quickly rises even with the stimulant being active, thus revealing a slightly less visible (40-50% dimmer), but still somewhat visible heat signature to a thermal user with good vision. 3) Forget the unrealistic and silly stim injector, which was suggested to you with a COD term and implement clothing / accessories that prevent your heat from getting out or shield you from thermals. This way of handling the situation would require more effort in dev't, but would be considerably more realistic and would also add to the tacticoolness factor in many ways. It could be either clothing that is maybe level capped at 35-40, maybe reducing the signature with 50% or 75%, with the running penalty still there. If it was an item, it could be i.e. a cloak that would either take up your backpack slot, headgear slot, both, or a new slot thats meant for it. This new slot could be for example this "special gear slot", which could be used with a ghillie as well. Some ghillies have anti-thermal capabilities, but as with the other clothing/accessory options, some parts would always be at least partly visible in thermal (i.e. hands and eyes 50% dimmer, rest 75% if the PMC doesnt run). The thermal cloak (and ghillie too, why not?) could also have lesser visibility, something like the monocular NVG, thus giving it a downside. It could also have movement and head turning penalties and a hydration penalty of, i.e. 10% or 15%. If this was the case, this hydration penalty for a ghillie suit should be 30-50%. Here is a picture of the cloak we use in FDF, as an AT SL I can confirm that anti-thermal gear is absolutely essential during this age, especially when drones are getting more common too. To be clear: I understand that a counter for thermals is wanted, which is totally OK as pretty much all modern militaries are trying to actively develop such counter-measures too. I just wish it is done in a fashion, that doesnt make thermals obsolete and is a little bit more realistic than an injector that makes you Dr. Victor Fries for a moment. Nikita himself said, when talking about thermals: "Thermal is a game changer, its a life changer.. modern combat, modern war right now is all about drones and thermals, if you have them you have a superiority . . .in-game its kinda the same". To which Klean, whom I respect, responded with the suggestion about the stim. Also note, that everything and especially everything thats high-end, rare and very effective (thermals, best stims, best AP rounds) will be MUCH more scarce in the release ready EFT. This has been confirmed by BSG numerous times. So BSG, I know it would be a lot easier to just add this and call it a day, as Klean suggested, than implementing complex features like an anti-thermal cloak, but please be considerate about this feature and dont remove one part of the gameplay entirely with a single stim. All comments and critique would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I understand this is end of the wipe, price is currently irrelevant as people will buy it regardless to give them a go, fine. But for the sake of the next 6+months post wipe change something. We saw this wipe how early wipe issues (this time round it was the non limiting of buying from traders) meant that there were issues that could not be rectified fully, so please before people get their hands on them they need a nerf. Reserve is currently a joke, bullets pinging you when you pass any window and trying to get across east bunkers or west of pawn buildings is just a write off. When people actually value loot post wipe, it will really get on peoples tits being killed from a bush wookie who managed to get 1 thermal and can now clean up as he is virtually uncontested. I hope the market changes will help post wipe but also we dont want thermals being so good they just become another hatchling rush spot as they are an east 250 - 500k item. - Range limit - What was wrong with the 200m? - Only find in raid or buy from traders but for say 100 dog tags. So you actually have to earn it. - Fix the Gamma container / mount issue. Thanks
  4. Hi, All is in the title : I can't find the key to switch between white mode and black mode. Can somebody tell me what is default key and what is the corresponding action in the key configuration menu in game ? Thanks
  5. As the title states thermal imaging cannot see through glass in real life and shouldn't be able to in the game either. This would create a drawback to using thermals which currently have basically none. This would give the game a bit more balance, however, to me it's more about realism than balance.
  6. Moin Leute, auch wenn es momentan sehr umstritten ist und viele von euch es als "noobig" abstempeln oder als "skilllos" beschreiben würden, hab ich gestern Abend wohl die geilste Thermal-Scope Runde in Tarkov meiner bisherigen Karriere erlebt. Da mir aufgefallen ist wie groß das Thema um die Thermal Visiere ist frage ich mich, ob sie in Tarkov vielleicht einfach fehl am Platz sind. Ich hab passend zu dem Thema auch mal ein Video gemacht wo ich 7 Spieler in einer Runde kille, #noflex allerdings nicht beim Campen sondern im offenen Fight. Findet ihr das Thermal fair genug um es in einem solchen realistischen Spiel drin zu lassen? Oder würdet ihr eine Änderung der Betriebsdauer und Kosten als angemessen empfinden, um es weniger Spielern zugänglich zu machen? -videolink deleted-
  7. TeriyakiShark

    night raid recomendations

    Recently I've really gotten into night raids and I want to know other people's experience with them. I've had some great raids where I don't see a single pmc and loot until I'm full and leave; I casually kill scavs and traverse the map. Other times I'm creeping through the forest and I get one shot or killed very quickly by suppressed fire with no target in sight. I would like to know from those who have experience with night raids or have real stats: what is the safest map to do raids on at night (1) and how prevalent are thermals and NVGs (2)? 1) I've run shoreline 4 times and customs once at night. I had a great raid for both maps but many more bad raids on shoreline. I've heard customs is fairly safe at night as it's a lot of new players trying to get quests done. Have any of you found that to be true for nighttime? I would like to do night raids and avoid contact to loot up and build up cash. 2) I've run shoreline at night about 4 times and died 3/4 times. I know for sure 1 raid was a 3+man party with NVGs. The other times I never saw anyone and died while crouched in bushes or creeping. I'm wondering if everyone on night raids all run thermals or something and easily spot me creeping through bushes. Any thoughts? Also what do you prefer at night, NVG or thermal or both; like NVG goggles with a thermal sight? Trying to figure out how to play at night with visibility but not break the bank. I've tried all the NVGs and unfortunately died with all of them too. I found the GPNVG-18 to be best but I can't keep losing them or I'll have no money. I would seriously consider running a Reap IR if it raised my survival chance but idk yet.
  8. As per the stream just now, i agree that the thermal scopes adds an element to the game that is not constructive, however they do have their place. They just need to be implemented with more mechanics. Thermal Scopes: Why don't they instead of having a repair mechanic as Sacriel suggested - they run out of batteries? Either we purchase/raid batteries for them perhaps milspec or we can recharge them in our hideout with a special hideout mod? That would consume generator fuel and time. Therefor the way for use would be; find or purchase thermal scope -> enter raid and use, battery drains when thermal is turned on (new mechanic required to turn on and off thermals mid raid) -> similar to armour once the raid finishes you will need to charge the scopes batteries therefor you enter the Hideout and charge via hideout and the scope is stored within the hideout until charged. This would require generator to run. Other option would be to buy batteries or find in raid batteries for the scopes, this would then bring in a cost for running the scope similar to the above. Thoughts?
  9. neur0tix

    Thermal Is NASTY!

    It is getting dark and you cannot see s*it anymore. Map time limit is closing in fast! Train is honking in distance and will definitely leave soon with or without you! Could it possibly even get worse than that?! ... Here comes the Raiders Ambush! Without Thermal scope, we would possibly be all dead long time ago! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MDlkoEhnjU
  10. Hello, Escapers, We now present to you, screenshots and gif of a new upcoming thermal scope Reap IR. It will cost about 1,000,000 ingame roubles and it will have limited working distance. Time to take down your enemies with a superior tactical scope. They can run but they can't hide. Who was expecting this scope? Were you surprised? Enjoy! Gif Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Polish emissary @TheWay! Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Portuguese emissary @dimittri4gc! Dutch translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Dutch Emissary @iGoodLifeNL Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Hong Kong Emissary @Hazel!
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