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Found 3 results

  1. Hey everyone, I got a problem: I really wanted to try out getting some epic grenadekills with blindfire around corners or ledges, but it just doesn't work for me. Blindfiring my weapon works quiet fine, but if I try to blindfire a grenade with a quickthrow as well with a keybind out of my hand, it just doesn't happen. First I hold blindfire, it's a keybind on my mouse (but I also tried everything with the original keybindings), than I throw a quick grenade with G while still holding the blindfire key. But other than in the countless yt-tutorials I watched, as soon as I press G to throw the character doesn't stay in the "blindfire-stance", but gets to his normal stance first again and throws the grenade after that normally. I have no idea what I'm doing different, I tried to get all that to work for over 4h now, and I'm desperate ';D chucking grenades around corners and over ledges without exposing yourself would be so usefull and fun to play around with, so pleassseee if you have any ideas on why it doesn't work for me, tell me... one thing that I thought of for example would be to bind the blindfire-keys to press rather than continuous, but sadly there is no option to change the clickingmode of the blindfire keybindings. So either I'm doing something terribly wrong, or I just have to reinstall the game. But if you have any recommendations, tell me please. Those are two videos to prove my case:
  2. This may have already been suggested but Battlestate maybe you guys should include throwable lights for the community? An alternative to a straight up flashlight or night vision goggles. Road emergency flares or Chemical Lights that can fit into a 1x2 (flare) or 1x1 (Chemical light) Road Flare example Example Chemical Lights The flare being brighter than the chemical light but it would also add an extra layer to players playing the night sessions and scavs for night instead of just rapidly flashing the lights or trying to memorize every aspect of the map at night. (Seriously anyone remember Factory at night Pre-version 11?) jesus it was dark as hell that even cranking gamma way up didn't fix it. Anyways I digress, if we could have an alternative to these things it could make the game a little bit more friendly for new players who have night time related quests. Any community thoughts on this to help?
  3. Ayaku


    We need knife throwing like in Far Cry 4, but with no aim assist. You do the aiming, and then you throw it. You can't kill unless it's a headshot straight in the face. (Not on the sides if someone has a helmet) Knife throwing is so good, that'd be so rewarding when you suceed, It's probably not gonna be added, but please take notes !
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