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Found 3 results

  1. Nickwise

    EFT Disocrd

    This is a discord for experienced players on EFT. We support all levels though. Come play this discord for some high tier raids. https://discord.gg/CRRMs6u
  2. Vanhorn420

    Dual monitor and Tier system

    I have an idea for the dual monitor support or possible companion app. I think we should have the ability to look at 3-5 tabs with a customized tab that you can edit on your second screen or phone, and also place a keybinding to switch through pages(for monitor). A tab with all of your status effects and health levels would be important for in raid healing times. It could also include further explanations on what your injuries are and their status(e.g. R. Leg: Bullet wound, deep, will be infected if untreated [time till limb loss:*:** ). OFF TOPIC a med book on how to heal certain wounds for newbies would be nice too. On the other tabs you could have a map and compass, with your saved markers. On the other tab you could have missions and notes that you can make yourself like a journal page. On the last set page you could have Raid timers, you're current accuracy, near deaths, critical hits to you, shots fired, exp earned so far, and even levels that you can favourite(in case you have one in particular you're trying to level up). The other 2 pages could be extra notes and trade status or market, maybe you want to have your inventory up the whole time. If you think this is a good idea, or if theres any little ideas to make this better please comment. thank you for reading my idea for Escape from Tarkov. Happy Hunting!
  3. Lynnette

    Some content question.

    Hello all! First off... Let's try to keep this as civil as possible. As I know how forums can get. Thank you! Okay. So I have a few question for EfT. On its current state of the game. Yes, I know it is currently a beta, and still little ways away from any sort of launch. As in, it has a way to go. So take anything that is considered "criticism" to be, constructive suggestive criticism, as I am not in any intent to insult or demean any comment, suggestion, question, or response in general! 1. So, I have a large group of friends that I talk with through steam. EfT came up. And a few were in the 7-day trial. As was i. But I got the EoD pack after realizing what kind of game this was. It seems to be a survival of the fittest game. Meaning for some people, if they are not high enough level or have level equipment such as a Fort and/or AR w/ silencer. what not, a "geared up player". then you will not survive long. vs. those who do. The concerns that we came down to is if there will be any sort of tier or level matching system in the game. This is due to that I myself being armed with an AKS-74U was able to defend myself from a level 2 player with the same weapon, I myself being level 10 at the time. Taking into account that the higher your level the most likely of that you would have better-progressed skills such as health, endurance, weapon handling, ect. over those who are below your level. I understand that the skills only give you a slim fraction most the time of what it improves, or negates from its endorsed effects from that skills level. But it does help in ways more than most. iv killed a level 22 player. but not after he popped my stomach, took my leg, and my chest. while I had to shoot him in the head, which this is a default win button when the character is not wearing a helmet. So my question to this is, Will there be level restrictions or groupings for players in any sort of form of matchmaking? 2. Timers. I have several friends recently complain that there is no longer a 10min warning counter in the game as of current game build/version. I had no idea such a thing existed as I was always checking my times, and have escaped with less than 4 min left on the clock before. So, I myself have not experienced such a warning before. Also about timing, is there a specific time that a Scav CAN enter a raid? Because it has been before when a Scav would enter a raid, and have no time to do much at all, while its only exits would be on the other side of the map. Shoreline for example. A good way to fix this is to add server browsers. Most would say that would conflict with the above statement, but locking servers are generally what a level restriction would do. So. What happens to the 10min warning counter and will there be a better way to bring Scavs into a raid? 3. Equipment, game modes, general tier system. This question sort of goes along with the first question, but more on equipment. Will there ever be some sort of indicator, or general tier system for players if the first statement of a level system, doesn't work? Because levels and skills don't do much, but a guy with an AK to kill scavs is going to lose a fight with a well-geared player 80% of the time. This goes to say, there are also grouped players, players that enter a raid of 5 people in all. taking shoreline as another example of this, 8-13 people. 5 people would be grouped together vs the rest. Though this doesn't happen all the time, it is a bit more difficult for anyone to survive that comes across such groups of players. As it is part of the "survival of the fittest" game style this game presents itself as. I'd suggests a tier system for this, run the tier system by the average tiers unlocked from the traders. that way those who don't have access to this equipment, in general, aren't penalized to go up vs. those who do have access to the equipment from traders. ... nothing ruins a persons day more, then running down the line with full storage taken up, to the extract, just to be killed by a camper by the exit with a silenced weapon, that you don't have access to, or don't have a gun you can get for the said silencers that you do have. This can also be fixed with a "king of the hill", "battle royal", "Deathmatch", or "Last man/group standing" style(s) game mode as well, of course, the game mode(s) would be separate from the current standard raids we have now. The mode(s) would generally be a 'higher-risk' system for players that are supposed to fully-kit-out in. with larger winnings/losses. Designed for hunting other players/NPCs instead of the current scavenging/raiding survival system. This system would not require any sort of level or tier system limits, as the players would know what they would be getting into, or it could be, depending on how such a demographic would respond to this system. To implement this in a more balanced way, current raids would have to have player kills reduced, and NPC kills raided in exp received. As you are raiding a location controlled by Scavs, not players. In general, the addition of a game mode designed just for killing, would put more emphasis on the current raid game mode to prevent 'player-hunters' that kill just to kill other players. not for their equipment or tags. So, Will there ever be a system or way to reduce 'player-hunters' in the game without actually penalizing them, or will such a thing have to be looked at after the USEC vs. BEAR system is actually implemented? == TLDR: 1.Will there be level restrictions or groupings for players in any sort of form of matchmaking? 2.What happens to the 10min warning counter and will there be a better way to bring Scavs into a raid? 3.Will there ever be a system or way to reduce 'player-hunters' in the game without actually penalizing them, or will such a thing have to be looked at after the USEC vs. BEAR system is actually implemented?
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