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Found 27 results

  1. Time Spent Playing Tarkov?

    Is there anyway to see how many hours I have spent in game? I searched but I didn't see anything. Thanks
  2. Time is glitched

    If i were to load into a raid in customs/woods/shoreline and I select 13:00 hours, its pitch black. But if I select 01:00 Hours its day. The times are reversed and I think its just my client as I still see people bringing in flashlights/NV to 13:00 since it is set to night. AnyOne else having this issue?
  3. While this may just be me, but I feel the time that the Traders hold the items received from raid is too short. While this wouldn't be an issue if I actually had time to come to my computer the day or two after I die but that's not the case sadly I have been using Prapor because I know his time to return takes longer, but I still usually miss the time by just a small amount and end up losing everything. So my suggestion would be to possibly add the option to get stuff insured by a third trader who takes even LONGER than Prapor to get your stuff back, then people like me who can't be at their computer for a couple days have a better chance to get their stuff back when they return. Either that or increase the time in which traders hold items by another 24 hours. Thank you and I would welcome any other feedback! Keep it up!
  4. Game start time questions.

    Hello everyone Curious of a few things, as I'll try my best to explain them. And, as a disclaimer, I've kind of searched the forums to these specific questions to no avail. 1) I noticed when selecting "Woods" from the map selection screen, it says, "6-12" players and "25:00" time. But when I spawn into the game, It's usually around a "35:00" time limit. Is this the actual start of the raid for Woods map? And, if so, what is the purpose behind the "25:00" time at map select? Most of the material I see on the forums say that maps have like a 1 hour Raid time. Which is kind of strange because it's neither 35:00 nor 25:00. 2) Furthermore, when and if all 12 PMC's spawn on the map, can any more spawn in if they spawn within the threshold of maximum PMC spawn time? 3) And if so, what is the maximum spawn time for PMC's to spawn in? If, in fact, game start is "35:00" then can no more spawn in after, let's say, "25:00", meaning a "10:00" threshold? Thanks, let me know if there are concrete answers on this! Cheers, __Jester__
  5. Raid Time not accurate

    Hello, i know recognized several times, that the raid timer gets manipulated or is not accurate. especially on shoreline i had it about 4-5 times now. The timer shows me a certain amount of minutes, like for example 3 minutes, and after 30 seconds again pressing 'o' it then shows 1.30 minutes (1.30 less)... that is really bad. because sometimes i time myself so close to exit that i nearly have 10 seconds or so left. but since i lost several minutes on the raid time know. i often see me leaving with 10minutes left, just to deny that missing in action because of a false raid timer. Are u aware of this problem?
  6. Que times

    Developers of Tarkov, I love your game, but the matching times are way too long. I've been sitting for over 30 min on a loading screen and still didn't get any match, please fix that and thank you.
  7. ** Server Matching Times

    Dear, Escapers! We wanted to give you a quick update: Matching time in EU and US are still long during the rush hours. Factory has the longest matching times. New servers are being prepared!
  8. Long Time Connecting a game

    We are a group of 8 Chileans buddies which can't seem to be able to connect at all, been waiting from 15 to 25 minutes before giving up. Are there any solutions? This always happens at night and it's irritatting. Please any fix for this?
  9. Server times??

    Ok, I know you have heard about this a lot.............but, I rant and rave about how good this game is.. only to have a few*(yes a lot) of people try this game out. and I dont know what is going on right now, but if you are still doing load testing, it is a very very very very very bad time to be doing load testing. I gave out 2 codes to friends... so did my brother, and so did a couple friends. All of them now think that this game is garbage because we had to wait 20+ minutes to join a server. I really hope it gets fixed because I now look like a drunken liar to quite a few people. comments like this " wow man, this is really exciting" (while waiting 16 mins to join a server ***for their first time only to die and lose the only AK they had...) buy more servers, or optimize, or you will lose players in mass. Not me because I know whats good with this game, but the people that are now starting will never be back. as was the case with me and pubg.
  10. Time limit alert

    I feel like there should be a simple warning at 15, 10, 5 minutes left on the raid timer, because I've been caught out so many times while looting that I've only have 2 or 3 minutes to run to an extract on the other side of the map.
  11. what happens if you stay in the raid until the time runs out, i am currently stuck between two dumpsters with nice gear and want to know if i will loose it when the time is up
  12. what happens if you stay in the raid until the time runs out, i am currently stuck between two dumpsters with nice gear and want to know if i will loose it when the time is up
  13. Will i loose rep with the traders? If i loose for a certain times, i won't be able to reach the 4th/king level with that trader ever, only if i reset my profile?
  14. Why the Looooong LOADING time?

    Hi devs after your new patch today it seems like it actually got worse. It takes me anywhere from 7 minutes to 20 minutes just to load a map. Before the patch it would take me maybe 30 seconds to a minute and a 1/2...PLEASE fix it.... This is my favorite game ever,. please fix. and hopefully the next wipe will be before the game is released..Fingers crossed
  15. Raid end time?

    I' wwondering what happens to my gear and loot if I can't reach extraction by raid end time, today I was in customs and got lucky finding a couple of rifles and good gear, but I realized there was only 7mins left so I panicked and tried to run to extract and got scaved! If I would have let time end and just hid would I still have everything?
  16. Punisher part 3 suggestion/issues

    Hey, So I recently bought this game and have been having a blast playing it. However, when I have been trying to do the tasks for prapor, mainly the 3rd punisher one in which you have to kill 25 scavs in customs within an hour, I find the time limit to be a bit excessive and frustrating. Not only that, but once I finally managed to get all 25 kills done in the 1 hour limit, on my way to the extraction I was greeted by a notification reading that I failed the mission shortly after having got the 25 kills because I ran out of time and didn't turn in the task before the one hour was up. If the time limit was just increased a little bit, maybe another 30 minutes or so, and made it so the timer would stop once you got the kills, I think it would be balanced better since nothing is more frustrating than sitting down and just running through customs for hours killing the few scavs I can find just to fail the mission because i didn't turn it in in time. Thanks
  17. Day/Night times not correct?

    Hey guys, I run into this issue often enough to write about it and since I didn't find anything by using the search function. The problem is that the day/night times actually don't correspond to the "in raid"-time. For example I go to Customs at 16 hours that is or should be 4pm, but when I spawn it's dusk/dawn or plain and simple night time. The same happens with other times like 10am and so on. So either I don't understand something about this specific 24h cycle or it doesn't work. I would appreciate it if someone could shine some light on this.
  18. I don't get the chance to play very often. I am not sure why I should be penalized for having obligations other than this game. Besides it doesn't make sense. You hire a guy to do a job paying up front if you are late to pick something up, you don't just not get what you paid for.
  19. New scav system

    If your lvl1 your scav time be 1h lvl10 - 50min lvl 30 - 30 min 30 min is max time you can get.
  20. Factory player times

    Is it intentional that I be spawned into a 4 minute old factory game, 3 games in a row?
  21. Confused over the raid time limit

    On shoreline and Woods so is the raid time limit 100 minutes. 100 minutes is 1 hour and 40 minutes. But when i look at the timer when i spawn in it says something along like 00:01:57 Dosen't that mean 1 hour and 57 minutes? That's more than 100 minutes...
  22. which time raid option is day or night?

    I just recently opened a topic about how to know if it is day or night ingame before jumping in. It got closed down because a moderator THOUGHT that just because he shows me the time options so will i know if it is day or night. It dosent say PM or AM after them so i still dont know what is which.
  23. Knowing time if PM or AM before raid

    This is probably a stupid question but is it possible to know if it is daytime or nighttime before i jump into customs, woods, or shoreline?
  24. Don't dare to step in the woods at night? Hope this helps schedule when the next daytime in Tarkov happens. 1-minute in Tarkov = 24s (real time) therefore 60-minutes (1h) in tarkov = 60x24s = 1440s / 60 = 24-minutes real time (x-hours) x 24 = minutes (real time) example: 6h (in tarkov) x 24 = 144min (realtime) (144min / 60 = 2,4h = 2h (0,4 * 60 = 24min) = 2h 24min Needs confirmation
  25. Add Day/Night Time Phase Select

    I would like to point out that many people feel restricted by the current fixed day night cycle. I am just suggesting that devs place day/night time phase selection in high priority. Especially with the NDA lifting soon, there will be a very large influx of players online. During server nightime hours it places a huge stress on factory because nobody is playing customs or woods. Most people simply just play factory or logoff if its nighttime in server. Please add time phase selection asap! It will keep people happy and playing much longer!