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Found 22 results

  1. Got to LVL 15 about 10 hours ago, but I do not feel I've improved? Everytime I get into a gunfight with players I get one tapped more often than not and buying good ammo is way too expensive. Scavving wait times are way too long, even though I have Intelligence Center now. I still like the game though but thinking that I'm close to losing all my money in the next few hours (have to kill 5 more PMC in Factory office area) really makes me nervous everytime I get into a raid. I'm still a noob, so I'll appreciate any tips I can get. This post was just to vent out
  2. Heyo, I want to share some weapons that are good in my opinion for new player's to use or try. The AK series specifically AK-74M AK-74M is a really good weapon in general, you don't need to kit it out for it to be good. If you do not have allot of money you can just run the AK-74M with BT ammo. The recoil is not high and the gun is 5.45x39 caliber, with BT you should be able to kill anybody if you get the jump on them. If you have some money but still don't want to use allot of money on a gun you can edit the AK-74M with a bastion with a sight of your preference and use a PWS muzzle break. This will cost you overall normally around 80 thousand rubles. MP-133 shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun that I used in the beginning to kill chads and raiders. The MP-133 shotgun is normally not that good of a gun. After some testing I found a good budget way to have a gun that kill anybody like nothing. Normally the shotgun have a 4 round mag. After I realized that the 4 round mag was not enough for me because usually you have to put 3 to 4 shots in a armed player I chose to try the 6 and 8 round mag. The 8 round mag is better than the 6 round mag but it's not really necessary (It also cost allot more than the 6 round) The 6 round mag is the best in my opinion it cost around 2 - 8 k depends if you have the right trader level unlocked. I use flechette in my shotgun it got nice penetration's power and also dose a decent amount of flesh damage. The Mp-133 shotgun build will run you abut 30 to 40 k and you will have a good chance of killing chads. MP-7 Is not that cheap I know but I just wanna put it in here. MP-7 Is a good weapon because it got minimal recoil and got a good caliber, with the right bullets you can and will have the chance to kill multiple chads. It's not really that cheap but you don't have do kit it out as much as some player's do to make it good. Put on your type of sight and maybe a grip. (It's optional with the grip, it dose not make a big difference if you are not using expensive grips.) After you have putt on your sight and maybe a grip you only have one more thing to do and that's buying your ammo and magazines. To keep this a little budget I will recommend the 20 round mags because the other mags cost a poo ton. I usually go 3 mags of 20 round and use the weapon of the player I killed as a secondary if I got out of ammo. The ammo you should run is FMJ SX this is one of the more expensive ammo but It is worth it, it got good penetration power and will do the job. This was one of the more expensive builds and will run you about 150- 200 k depends how the market is atm. Feel free to add some of your favorite it budget gun's in the comments. Thanks. -Naxter
  3. Whaletorsk

    Headset for Tarkov

    Hello Tarkov forum, i need some input into wich headset (hardware for pc, no comtacs, sordins etc here ;)) that also would work nice in Escape from Tarkov? Looking at some studio headphones and the ones that catched my interest so far are the: "Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 32" Ohm and the "Audio Technica ATH-MSR7". Do you have any other recommendations or do you yourseld rock any of theese headphones? Best regards, Greetings from Sweden <3
  4. 1. Call-outs and situational awareness: A.All call-outs should be kept short, but descriptive. i.“over by that tree” this is not helpful or descriptive, especially when on maps such as woods, shoreline, or in any part of a map dense with trees. ii.“behind a tree, forward left of my position”. This is short, descriptive, but only really useful if all team members know your exact location. iii.“ridgeline, far side of (insert POI), left to right” this is a generally acceptable call-out. It gives both a point of interest as reference, which side of that POI the target is CURRENTLY at. And to what direction hey are progressing. B. Situations change rapidly in Tarkov, and a “go with the flow” mentality will only harm you in the end. There is a lot of information to process and remember, but it can be done.(edited) i.I often hear this call out, “who’s shooting?! Who’s shooting?!” when you hear a gunshot, or series of gunshots, who the shooter is, where, and at whom the shots were fired, can be deduced by asking yourself a few simple questions. 1. How far away was the shot sound? 2. Are all my teammates nearby? 3. Were there any call-outs about contact? 4. Was there a snap, whine, thunk, or any other identifying sound after the shot, that would tell me the shot was in my direction? ii. Different situations required certain concrete understandings to be in place in order for that situation to work to your advantage. iii. Let’s go over a few different understandings(edited) 1. Point man. If you have elected to progress up a staircase, or into a room, before any of your teammates, you have elected yourself to be the first responder to contact. When entering a rom, immediately clear the doorway, as this will become the main avenue for supporting fire from your team. 2. Second man. The job of the second man is to push the threat, once engaged and identified by the Point Man. The second man does not fire past the Point Man until that person has cleared the way and taken cover/firing position. A. I have been engaged on a stairway and killed by a teammate from behind as I sought to take cover on the right side of the stairway. B. Be aware of the available cover for the point man and wait for them to move to that cover. 3. Anchoring Pair. In a 5-man squad, the 3rd and 4th members progressing into a building, room, or stairway, have the responsibility to clear and hold the exit for the Point Man and Second Man once they become engaged.(edited) A. Nothing kills squads faster than clogging a doorway/stairwell/ or hallway. B. The anchoring pair only engages as necessary when the opportunity allows. Until then they remain passive and watch for any flanking threats or new situations. C. When the point man and second man retreat, the anchoring pair become the Point man and Second man. 4. Vanguard. The Vanguard is the designated risk taker/ flanker/ and suppressor. A. Not all situations call for risks outside the norm. B. But the vanguard should be aware of all situations where he/she might make a move to flank, take a risk, or suppress the contact from a different angle. C. The Vanguard often has the most freedom of movement, as the last in line for a group, the vanguard can easily break away from a bad engagement and take up a position of covering fire for a retreating team, or disengage and reengage from another, more advantageous, position.(edited) 2. Communications and chatter. a. Its normal and accepted to ask ONCE during a fight, “can you ditch my gear?” but beyond that, you are endangering your team and being a nuisance. b. Wait until the battle has ended to request for your gear to be hidden again. c. When someone calls for “Comms!” this is an indicator that that person needs to be able to hear, or make call-outs regarding a threat/potential threat. You should stop speaking immediately, you can finish your joke later. It probably wasn’t that funny anyhow. d. IF YOU ARE NOT PART OF THE SQUAD IN RAID, BUT YOU WISH TO SAY SOMETHING TO SOMEONE WHO ALSO ISN’T IN RAID AS PART OF THE SQUAD. SEE YOURSELF OUT OF THE CHANNEL FIRST. e. Be respectful of those in raid.(edited) 3. Conduct and handling mistakes. a. Kind of an off-topic moment here. b. If someone slips up and Hot Mics, or forgets to mute their discord while talking to their chat in stream. Don’t be a whiney 4-year old. Ask them to mute their mic and continue on with life. c. Often a simple call-out, “hey you’re hot Mic-ing” will suffice.(edited) 4. Gun Build, Ammo, and Shooting Methods. a. Recoil. For the average player, a reduced recoil build is all that is necessary in order for them to keep rounds on target. b. Due to the advanced modification system in Tarkov, and the effect of streamers/YouTubers. Many think that modding EVERY possible part of a weapon makes it GOD tier. But prior to my clearing of my inventory, my cases were full of such guns, taken from dead PMC’s who were dropped by a stock AK-74N with a CQB muzzle device. c. Ammunition is vital in this game. If you don’t understand your ammo choices, you are placing yourself at a severe disadvantage. i. When selecting ammo types. Consider the possible types of armor you MAY run into during your run. ii. Often, a mid range round will suffice when engaging PMC’s and Scavs. This will also help you not break the bank. iii. Find a reliable Ammo Guide that is up to date and keep it handy. I reference an ammo guide constantly. d. Shooting at the right places, and at the right times is critical. If I am 5-15 meters from a threat, and the threat is in the open. I’m going to attempt a thorax and face shot. e. When engaging an enemy at range when you have the element of surprise, shoot their legs first and then their body. This will often buy you a few extra seconds of clear target picture. f. When engaging at Medium range, short bursts or single fire, are your best options for sustained and accurate fire.(edited) 5. Armor and Gear. a. HELMETS RARELY MATTER. A face shield can sturdy helmet can save your life. In my experience, I have been saved by an FS and Helmet at a ratio of 1-20 engagements. This is a very optimistic ratio……. b. Often, the difference between tiers of armor is as simple as how many rounds of the same ammo it can take before being zero’d, or the type of ammo than can pierce the armor. i. In example SP-5 ammo for the VSS/AS VAL has an 80-85.7% chance to pen class 4-5 armor. But 0-8% chance to pen class 6. c. Download the Battle Buddy app for IOS and Android, by Veritas INC. i. This app allows you to run simulations of any type of ammo vs every type of armor in Tarkov. d. A Large BP isn’t always key to your survival. One of my proudest moments is when engaging a squad of 3 on woods, I tossed my BP in a bush and laid down in the grass as they ran by looking for me. If I’d had my Beta 2 on, they would have seen it sticking up above the grass. Instead I was able to then move to hard cover and drop 2 before repositioning and dropping the third. 6. Looting, and Scooting. a. We’ve all heard the term “Loot and Scoot”. But we rarely realize the potential of that term. b. When attempting to acquire loot that is in the open, scoot your gear into a bush or behind cover. Then quickly grab the loot and retreat to cover. i. This can be easily done by tossing all your gear into your BP and all theirs into their BP c. PRIORITISE AND DON’T HESITATE!
  5. This is my first wipe with my new PC (still running below 60 constantly) and I am not very good at the game. I have 16 out of 80 raids survived and although I can get kills, I usually die before I can extract. I was wondering if you guys had any useful tips about surviving longer (I am having a lot of trouble on customs). I do sometimes make it out and make big money but I just can survive customs (or any raid) lately. I'm level 22 and don't even have my pocket watch quest done. Most of my money I got from playing the stock market. Are there any tips you guys have to help me survive longer on raids or to help me make a steady income?
  6. Frappy

    Any tips for a beginner?

    Right, so I'm decent at FPS games. Back in the day when I played CS:GO, I used to carry my team almost every time. I've got good aim and stuff but I'm pretty poo at EFT. I've been wanting to play a game like this for YEARS but I keep losing motivation because I'm just really trash. When I have some shitty stuff laying around in my stash, I take them, hop into a game and get killed the first 1-2 Min in. Then I spend 500K on good gear and either encounter a 5 man PMC group or get 1 tapped out of nowhere. I used to be better but I'm just getting worse and worse. I keep losing money, and had a total of 2.5K roubles at some point. I was at 1.7M roubles a few days ago because I got extremely lucky in reserve and killed 2 sweaty bois. It was a combination of the guys teammate being stupid, allowing me to 1 tap him, and that the guy was using a terribly modded M4 which he was not able to hit me with, so there wasn't really any skill involved. I played away about 500K of that in a few hours. I'm lvl 17, over 120 hours into the game, but man I've been playing less and less because I'm simply very frustrated and I feel like I can only beat AI. When it comes to PMCs, I always feel like the other players are going to win, no matter what. I'd even say I'm starting to be scared of them. If anyone could give me any tips on how to get better at this game, I'd appreciate it a lot. I kind of know the maps. I can play customs without a map, still learning reserve but know where everything is and where to go. Best Regards Frappy
  7. What I've been doing is breaking down guns usually and selling the main piece on the flea market and then the other parts to whatever vendor will pay me the most for them. Is this the best way to maximize profits or am I doing it wrong? I'm only level 10 and don't use the vendors very often so I don't know if they pay you more in the future when you have better relations.
  8. I recently started playing Escape from Tarkov again and noticed a lot of simple questions from beginner players. With how much there is to learn about EFT, I made a list of tips with basic information and some less basic that beginners should know. I have a few of the tips below with the full list on my personal site here. The information below is built upon on the site, but I figured I'd give a little taste. You Lose Nothing in Offline Mode Offline Mode is a way to play EFT without losing any gear. It's only accessible with PMCs and solo currently, but you can use it to learn different maps. There are also custom options for changing the number of AI-SCAVs, difficulty of them, and more. This makes Offline Mode a good opportunity to learn the game despite not gaining any loot or experience. Insuring Your Gear Knowing how to insure your gear using the Dealers in EFT is super important. As long as your gear isn't looted by a player, that insured equipment will be returned to you within a day or two. This is nice early on when you cherish every piece of gear. Examine Items to Save Time Later Examining items in Dealer shops and/or on the Flea Market when you hit level 5 is a good way to save time in a raid. When you're looting containers and every item appears as Unknown, it makes it difficult to know what is worth taking. This is why it saves your butt in the long run by examining those unknowns in the shop beforehand.
  9. Mouchizz

    In raid collection of Intel

    Sneak up on and listen in on groups of scavs conversations to get tips on where good loot has been spotted, or the route prapors dogs are using to return recovered insured items or planning an attack on therapist's medical warehouse. You can either choose to radio in the tip to concerned parties who can either ask you solve the problem for them for a small consideration or whatever, or you can decide to take it all for yourself...eg ambush a convoy and take the loot. Survivors of your little raid could report to the relevant traders which in turn will affect your reputation with them, helping them will also boost your reputation.
  10. I've been getting into Escape from Tarkov and I'm ok at it. I win 1v1's 90% of the time but most of the time I am not that lucky. I keep getting cuck'd by duo's trio's and squad's. I have watched a lot of tips but I was wondering if anyone had any tips you don't see in videos. Sorta anecdotal but tested a lot by you please!
  11. Destava

    Game Guides/Tips

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on the EFT forums. I just wanted to share some 'fan-made' content I've created over the past few weeks. I'll only be sharing some guides here, if you want some non-guide video's, check out my YouTube channel itself Be sure to give me some feedback!
  12. "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to think like abandoned ex-PMC fighting for survival and you feed him for a lifetime." - Nikita 'Big Boss' Buyanov Welcome players, old and new. We have all have noticed a huge influx of duplicate questions lately around the forum, which is not only unsightly, but makes it very difficult for players with genuine issues to be helped. This handy step-by-step guide should give you all the information you need in order to learn how to learn, to then effectively play and improve at the game. Now, that's not to say this guide has 100% of your answers; in fact, it probably contains around 7%, although it does aim to give you the knowledge and tools you will need to help yourself. Think of it as foundation level knowledge, if you will; it will help you to develop a solid foundation, on which your Tarkov career will develop from. If you wish to delve deeper into the ever-expanding world of Tarkov, please feel free to follow the link in my signature (can also be found under 'Planned Features 2018 (unofficial)'. So, let's begin.
  13. Hi everyone I bought the game 2 days ago and i really like the concept. But i didn't found any way to make some Roubles/Dollars/Euro without really risking my life or precious gear. I lost some gear and have around 230K roubles left. If anyone has any tips, feel free to answer. Thank you mates and good luck !
  14. Lilbuhs

    Things to do for newbs?

    Just need general tips on what to do when first starting out, forums are to large to find every tip, thanks in advance
  15. bailsdeep

    Any Beginner Tips?

    My game question is... What are some in game tips I should know before playing my first match?
  16. Just in case this helps anybody in any way.
  17. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/escapefromtarkovint/discussions/0/2592234299554363063/
  18. Thanks to everyone for the awesome feedback over the past few weeks. I've decided to give away a key for you or a friend to participate in the EFT Alpha. I hope you enjoy!
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