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Found 4 results

  1. Magor57

    Edge of darkness bonuses

    The most expensive edition, 110€. Some ingame bonuses, more starting loot (don't need, we can loot), more cash (nice, but we still can loot), more reputation with trader NPCs (quite nice, but still, we can earn that ingame). Unique ID and the biggest stash are the only 2 ingame things worth getting imo. They last. Loot you will lose when u die. But why include Large field backpack nad Combat tactical tomahawk in the most expensive edition, if you lose them after first death (usualy 1 hour into the game). There are two options (considering they are lost on death and you dont spawn with them every time, which is the true meaning of "I paid more than you edition"). You make them into skins which can be applied any time any number of times, like in H1Z1, so the overpriced bonus becomes longterm instead of you die, there goes your 20 bucks, like in the game "one life".... OR!!! You put it in every edition, or you simply take it out and put something valuable in the edition that costs like 250% of normal game, not something that you will lose on the first death. Not to get me wrong, I am perfectly OK with losing all gear and loot on death, that's no problem form me, just the opposite. But if you go to the lenght of making a 110€ edition, why not put sometinh worth getting (ingame content)? And if you think megastash and unique ID is enought, take the items away and put in something better please :))
  2. I killed a player just now and when i tried to put his hatchet into my scabbard, it wouldn't let me. Then I tried putting the hatchet into my alpha container and that did not work either. Is there a way to pick up other players hatchets?
  3. https://gyazo.com/b5b3ba2f2bcf580b1409faa1ceec357d This guy was clearly nailed in the head with a direct tomahawk hit. You can see his head move. I'm just curious if the helmet he was wearing was supposed to provide enough protection to survive the hit. Thoughts?
  4. Kovacs

    The Tarkovian Tomahawks Club

    Hello everyone ! As you probably now, the Edge of Darkness edition provide us a Tactical Tomahawk (TT), which is not a simple skin but a true melee weapon. Developers also stated that the TT is a extremely rare weapon. That's why, I would like to create a confederacy to identify and follow all these TT. The Tarkovian Tomahawks Club ! To claim to belong to the club, you must provide a proof that you have buy the EoD edition (and when the game is released, prove you have loot and extract a TT). When your subscription was confirmed, you will be had to Our Valorous Active Members list. As an example, I join to this post a proof that I've buy the EoD edition. If you loose it, dont panic, you still belong to the club (your adhesion is lifetime) but you will be moved in the Our Honorable Retired Members list. If anyone loot your TT, he can pretend a subscription to the club and becoming one of our fellow brothers. After a subscription, all TT receive a unique ID to simplify the tracking. If, for whatever reasons, you lost your TT and if there is a reason to think nobody was able to loot it (example you died by time-out during a Raid) OR if nobody reclaim the TT in couples of days after your loss, the TT will be inscribed on the Lost And Regretted Memory Wall. When you belong to the club, there is no obligations to bring your TT always with you but since the objective is to record how TTs move between players during game life, I encourage you to take it with you as often as possible. Rules of the club are simple : Be Honest. Don't fool your fellow brothers by lying. Be Fairplay. If you loose your beloved tomahawk and someone loot it, keep your calm and keep in mind something : It's just a game. Be Nice. If the guy that looted you join the club, be nice and provide a warm welcome to your new fellow brother. IMPORTANT : If someone with a fluent russian would like to translated this project and manage a same topic on the russian speaking forum, do it ! We will do our best to synchronize both topics.
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