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Found 1 result

  1. SwordBlock

    Gear totally underpowered

    I have been playing EFT for a while now, basically since the .11 patch. I have heard from people that gear kinda got a nerf before this. I think gear should get a bit of a buff. Gear should get a buff because of the following reasons: There is a very bad risk reward ratio if you go in with the best or really good gear, people who only bring a pistol in a raid should not be able to kill a player who has the best gear (unless they find a weapon or something), having gear the way it is (too easy to lose) incentivises players to not take any good gear in raids, etc. There is a very bad risk reward ratio if you go in a raid with the best or really good gear, because a player with a pistol can kill you easily. When I go in raids with a pistol, I mostly go in with an aps. I can easily kill geared guys with an aps, just aim a bit for the head and unload your mag and easy gear. You can also just go in with an sks with some bp ammo and one-shot basically every helmet. Why would you go in with gear if it barely protects you, makes you move slower and makes you hear less. At least pistols should not be able to penetrate level 4+ armor class, because why would I wear a helmet when I would get one shot with a pistol anyway? Some people might say that this might be unfair to newer players and stuff, but this incentivises newer players to grind and go in with gear as well. Let's be honest: at least 80% of raiders are hatchlings or pistoleers anyway, this might help to incentivise players to take gear with them on raids and it actually gives use to a 200k helmet and a 100k fort armor. Pistoleers can easily kill players with an ops-core helmet with all the attachments for example, or just unload on a kiver or lszh with a face shield. Better and more expensive gear should actually make a difference of some kind. Why would I take 400k gear with me in a raid when a person who spends 10k can easily kill me? It is also pretty unrealistic that you can even shoot through a helmet, which was made for and used by military personnel. In the past people used to kill a scav get a vepr and kill players with that. There is nothing wrong with that method. It should not be impossible to kill geared players, but it should be harder. Instead of going in with just a pistol, you should take a weapon or find one, that is the least you should do to kill a geared player to be honest. And if you actually take an m4 or an rsass or something, then of course it should be possible to kill geared players with that, but as it is now you can kill people in the best gear in either 1 or 2 shots, that's all it takes. You can take 1 million rubles worth of gear with you just to get 1 or 2 tapped, by a naked dude who spent 20k on a gun at most. This is also a fair method to newer player because they will take gear and learn that going in naked has a huge disadvantage. So in conclusion, I can think of lots reasons of why to buff gear a bit. Make gear about 1,5x more powerful, make class 4 gear at least a 2 tap with guns that cost 50k roubles. And nerf pistols to not be able to shoot through class 4 armor and above at all. You can still shoot the legs or maybe the face hitbox, so it's still possible to kill geared player, but it should be just a bit harder. Because armor and helmets barely have any use at this point.
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