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Found 8 results

  1. I planed to color calibrate my monitors using displaycal. It creates ICC profiles and uses a loader, because ... the windows one isn't great, I guess? Could this cause any issues with BattleEye? I mean it changes the colors a bit and I don't know reshade, but it might be similar because of this(?). Normally I use my colorimeter only on my laptop, but after lg repaired one of my two pc monitors (dead after 2 months -.-) their colors don't match anymore (hw rev changed) and it drives me crazy.
  2. bbcokeley

    Grim Internals

    Good Morning, Ive recently started playing Grim Dawn and its fantastic. Now there's a modding tool available called "Grim Internals" used for quality of life modding in the game. Will this tool (if installed on my machine) affect the "Anti Cheat" detection of Tarkov, as i'm not quite sure how it interacts/binds to the game. Anyone know or use this tool has any feedback or can confirm if its "detected" or banable, i don't want to have to install it and uninstall it every time i jump into Tarkov. Can a Dev confirm please? Thanks.
  3. Salut à tous, j'ai juste un soucis technique avec mon casque audio : Les bruit des pas sont très faibles, je suis donc obligé de monter le volume au max, mais quand il y a échange de coups de feu, je me retrouve à saigner des oreilles, donc j'avais idée de stabiliser tout ça avec l'aide d'un logiciel permettant de monter certains sons présent in-game, mais voilà, est-ce du cheat ? Si oui, comment puis-je régler mon problème ? Merci à ceux qui aurons pris la peine de répondre...
  4. We are in a beta state of the game and we (beta testers) need more tools on the field for us the beta testers for diagnosing a lot of fishy situations that we encounter. Otherwise, people trend to blame the wrongs things and that leads to subjective stories about what happened and we all know that as a report that would take more to process and digest into a clear technnical resolution of what is really happening. CSGO is a great example, they have tons of commands that display in-game visuals that helps players to test things or known bugs and provide a richer video evidence of what's happening under the game's hood in that particular moment. Here is a great example of a player from the community showing how to reproduce a bug using commands and visual tools in a short video. Here is a complete list of all the commands available in the game as a reference. Now I'd like to suggest the following features that would help beta testers on providing more concise evidence: Play "offline" with friends This would work as a basic sandbox to test the netcode, stress, scavs, items, in-game ui, etc. Even would help a lot for Sherpas with students with gear fear to overcome. The set of options for scavs/environment that is planned is really appreciated too. The possibility of adding scavs where the crosshair is pointing at would be awesome to create more specific scenarios and save us the time of finding scavs going to their known locations. Noclip to test boundaries/collisions would be amazing too. Black Squad practice mode with hotkeys for placing bots and toggle projectile Hitreg detection debugging tool This one is absolutelly neccesary. We need a command/that allow us to see bullet trayectory and hit registration to differenciate missed shots, flesh/armor hits xor missed hit by bad hitreg. When this options is enabled, lots of animations and situations can bring possible causes of known issues, like a hitbox missaligned when prone on a barrel while looting a bag ot shots that vissualy hit armor but flesh only take damage or not damage at all. At the moment, we're all speculating ("I dump a 60 mag on that PACA guy and he didn't die!") and it's hurting the perception of our firefights and the reports that come afterwards, covered in subjetivity instead of technnical facts displayed by the game itself. This would work in a similar way for grenades to test blast radius and damage taken on differents situations/gear/cover involved. Also, it would help a lot to test/practice sprays/recoil and sniping/zeroing when playing offline mode. CSGO with sv_showimpacts command enabled. This is just the main features I'd love (and need!) to see implemented on EFT to make testing less stressful and easy. I know I'm asking for a lot that possibly is not on your roadmap, but I strongly believe that this tool would ease a lot the testing process from both ends. Thanks and keep up the good work!
  5. andresto


    Hi, I'm a web developer looking forward to create tools around EFT content. On a recent Q/A there was a response from Nikita that they have planned to provide an API for the community to build tools around the content of EFT. Is there an estimated time for this? It would come after the official release of the game? Not trying to rush anything, just wondering if there's an ETA because I'm really interested in the topic. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey friends, I wanted to put together a quick page to display the info in the ammo spreadsheet linked in this tweet. Mostly because I've been playing around with front end code lately and I really love the game (even though I'm a total noob lol). I know that there was another person that got banned for creating a third party site that used game data without authorization. I'd really like to avoid doing that because I want to support the game and the community. I have no plans on monetizing the site regardless of how popular it becomes. Is there an official stance on mining the game data, or a method for collecting data about the game? I would really like to be able to (in an accurate and supported way) be able to have a quick way to check armor load outs versus ammo types. As far as I know there isn't a way to collect this info without reverse engineering traffic or creating game packets, etc. Again, not interested in making money or doing anything to cause a problem with the dev team. I really would just like to create a tool to help the community understand some metrics about weapons. Thanks!
  7. justDreamless

    Escape from Tarkov Webdienste

    Hey Community, es gibt ja für diverse Spiele und auch EFT bereits Seiten und Dienste im Internet, die Spielern das Leben ein bisschen einfacher machen. Ich wollte euch nun mal fragen ob es euch momentan an irgendetwas fehlt oder ihr eine Idee habt für einen Dienst / eine Webseite die euch das Leben in EFT ein bisschen einfacher machen würde. Ich freue mich auf eure Ideen und vielleicht ergibt sich ja daraus für den ein oder anderen Entwickler ein privates Projekt von dem am Ende die Community profitiert. greetings Dreamless PS: Es geht hier nich um irgendwelche Bots oder Hacks
  8. Rex_Hilverstone

    Customization and tools

    The customization in EFT is crazy awesome!But I would have some ideeas to: Now,in Tarkov there are for sure workshops,garages and stuff like that,and there we sjould be able to find saws,hammers,maybe even drills,screws,glue,zipties,files,files,blots,nuts,screwdrivers,and those sould'n be that hard to find to,they are just tools,and i'm sure screw drivers and things like that sould be reallyu common,esspecialy in certain zones.Now,you might wander why we neet thoe,well,a lot of modes might requiere screws and nuts,maybe bolts,and tolls to use them,I don't espect a lot of numbers for screws and stuff like that,but i espect them to be at least,also,glue,duct tape,zipties,ropes,etc. would be use to make improvised items,like traps,and thing like that.We do have the multitool,that helps a lot,but some times,you might need a tool that isn't on the multitool or you don't have a multitool at all. Also they don't have to be carried necesary by the player,he could use it,mod its weapon,and then continues his job or whatever he is doing. I want to adress some moding as well:the sawing off stuff esspecialy,and i figured out in maybe intereting way how it could be handled,cause it think there is at least swing off guns: -first,you need a gun and a saw -then,instead of having:sawn off to medium lenght or short,or whatever would be,insted to select the exact spot to do that,sure,this adds a lot of variables,but i think is worth it;and we will have the full lenght of the bearrel a percent:full lengs have 100% lenght,and maybe 1 meter(ok,im pretty sure we won't have 1 meter barrel,not even a long hunting shotgun,but it will be a little easyer to explain),at that lengt and percent we have the full acuracy and range of the certain gun,we want to saw off maybe 30cm,the stats will go down with 30%(in case of 1m) untill we sw it of totaly(or at least how much is possible,this meaning the outer barrel),this will make the gun short enough as we want instead of generic predetermined lenghts,also with the lenght of the gun affecting it efectivity in close ranges,this would be useful,now for the guns where to cut off the stock to reduce weight and space,it can use a predetermined size,cause you won't use a half of stock anyway i guess.Also this should be for all guns,even if is not usefull,wanna sawn of and ak or a sniper,you should be able to doo it,even if is not a good ideea in soem situatins,if the player wants,why not(btw,sawing off a prt of the barell on a lot of guns will make in that way the front sight will be removed too,here the tools i said about ealier come in handy). I don't lknow how much of this can be acomplished but it would be interesting and realistic nevertheless. Also i know that alpha is so close,so i don't espect to see any of this at start for sure,or idk if it will be anyway but at least it should be considered! Thanks for reading!
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