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  1. Skalden1

    Please remove Fleamarket

    Dear Developers, please remove the flea market from the game. It ruins so much things. Hackers, and/or professional Farmers, a complete destruction of the balancing for the loot and the PvP/PvE and it creates a toxic comunity. In the first time I was exited, that we will be able to sell/buy things to/from other players. But, if you see, that you now can buy 5 million roubles for just 3,50 € it is a sign, ho much ingame money the farmers are grabbing out of the normal player base. I see no advantages for normal players in your current system. Best wisches Karotte
  2. EWRs are my love. They are small, they fill a good amount of water, give some energy too and are quick to use. But they are only FIR. Can we get a trade with Jaegar for it? Maybe locked behind the dehydration quest and trade for like, a silicone tube and a disposable syringe.
  3. Yesterday I completed my 25th Moonshine trade-in for the Scav Box in hideout. I was really hoping that there had been some tweaks to the formulae, but I was left wanting. Severely wanting. Here are the results. Sale price was the higher of the choice between vendor and flea at the time. 1) Moonshine- AK-105; Thermom; Ops-Core RAC headset; Military Gyro (Flea price of Moonshine listed first) 175k; 22k, 27k, 28k, 37k. (Total roubles from selling) 114k, net loss 61k 2) Moonshine- Usec cap; Pestily Mask; SLAAP Plate; Military Cable; Tool Set; Shr1mp 189k; 1k, 58k, 55k, 31k, 29k, 12k. 186k, net loss 3k 3) Moonshine- CPU fan; Shroud mask; Caiman helm; PB 9.18 pistol 181k; 20k, 26k, 90k, 13k. 146k, net loss 35k 4) Moonshine- Dvd drive; Add armour for Bastion; MP7; Paracord; Exfil Face Shield; MP9 177k; 7.5k, 105K, 43k, 62k, 31k, 15k. 263.5k, GAIN of 86.5k 5) Moonshine- AK-74m; PB 9.18 Pistol; Surv Lighter; Antique Vase; Vulkan Shield; Thermom. 179k; 13k, 27k, 11k, 43k, 33k, 21k. 148k, net loss 31k 6) Moonshine- AK-105; Gas An; Sac Tea; Sac Tea; UV Lamp; Xeno Foam 175k; 25k, 15k, 23k, 23k, 9k, 22k. 117k, net loss 58k 7) Moonshine- Cordura; WD-40 400ml; Sac Tea; SaS Drive; SR-25; Sac Tea 180k; 17k, 16k, 23k, 52k, 60k, 23k. 191k, GAIN of 11k 8.) Moonshine- Black Beret; FORT Redut; Folder of Intel; SJ1 Stim 180k; 27k, 105k, 200k, 40k. 372k, GAIN of 198k 9) Moonshine- Nippers; Slim Diary; Set of Tools; Fuel Cond 180k; 5k, 27k, 37k, 36k. 105k, net loss 75K 10) Moonshine- Blue Gunpowder; Nixxor lens; Set of Tools; FN 5-7; SLAAP armour; MULE 175k; 15k, 15k, 38k, 36k, 46k, 94k. 244k, GAIN of 69k 11) Moonshine- 3M Armour; Ronin Helm; Verit pick; Surv kit; Glock 18c; Rhys shield 180k; 14k, 102k, 33k, 27k, 25k, 49k. 250k, GAIN of 70k 12) Moonshine- Triton; Cyclon; SJ6 stim; Fuel Cond; Vulkan face shield 184k; 20k, 51k, 49k, 36k, 33k. 189k, GAIN of 5k 13) Moonshine- AK-191; ZSH-2M shield; Slim Diary; AKMN; Geiger; Pressure Gauge 180k; 25k, 19k, 27k, 38k, 10k, 48k. 167k, net loss 13k 14) Moonshine- CPU Fan; ZSH-1-2m Helm; M1A; Shattered Mask 180k; 14k, 39k 68k; 22k. 143k, net loss 37k 15) Moonshine- Dry Fuel; Shus; Zsh-1-2m; HAMR scope; Ophthalmoscope 170k; 26k, 27k, 36k, 47k, 100k. 236k, GAIN of 66k 16) Moonshine- Salewa; Pressure Gauge; HK 416; Thermom; Diary; Thermom 190k; 20k, 60k, 48k, 27k, 24k, 27k. 206k, GAIN of 16k 17) Moonshine- Blue Tape; M1A; Fast MT Side Armour; Grizzly 175k; 7k, 50k, 21k, 28k. 106k, net loss 71k 18) Moonshine- E-lamp, Paracord, Tool set, Bastion Helm, Vudu, WD-40 400ml 170k; 9k, 88k, 34k, 68k, 46k, 15k. 260k, GAIN of 90k 19) Moonshine- Beta bag, Shattered mask, Maska helm, Pressure gauge, Mil filtre 192k; 51k, 20k, 78k, 36k, 60k. 245k, GAIN of 48k 20) Moonshine- Round Pliers, Grizzly FAK, Xeno Foam, Red Gunpowder, Alu splint 190k; 2.5k, 30k, 10k, 58k, 14k. 114.5k, net loss 75.5 21) Moonshine- T-plug, LSHZ-2 shield, Thermom, VSS, AKMN 190k; 4k, 47k, 27k, 47k, 45k. 170k. net loss 20k 22) Moonshine- AKMS, xTG-12, GP Coin, Exfil Shield, Fuel Cond, SAS drive 198k; 22k, 37k, 36k, 23k, 36k, 54k. 208k, GAIN of 10k 23) Moonshine- ComTac 2, Mil Circuit Board, Fast RAC headset, Lupo's beans 180k; 26k, 60k, 29k, 31k. 146k, net loss 34k 24) Moonshine- aks-74u, Nixxor, Cyclon, NF 7-35x56, HK416, P22 stim 190k; 18k, 14k, 50k, 67k, 52k, 14k. 215k, GAIN of 25k 25) Moonshine- AK-74M, Vaseline, Wooden Clock, Gen4 HMK 197k; 25k, 38k, 37k, 120k. 220k, GAIN of 23k OVER 25 TRADES: Profit of 204,000 roubles. The cost of the materials to unlock the Scav Box, at the time, was 4.25m roubles. My paltry results means that I paid off exactly 45% of a single Bronze Lion statue. This is utterly and completely broken. The trade-ins, for the Folder of Intel or the Moonshine, both valued at 200k~ish on flea, should ALWAYS produce a net-positive gain. But, no. As it is now, I'm getting ducking T-plugs from a 200k trade. If you have multiple tiers of trade-ins to choose from, then the loot being drawn should REFLECT THAT. High-tier for high-tier, not just a 'chance' at such. Better yet, in addition we should have the ability to choose WHICH MAP our minion goes to, and thus granting an increased chance of the best-quality loot that is in the pool for those locations. Want a Military Battery for a quest? Feed a Folder of Intel or Moonshine into your Scav Box and send him to Reserve. Should be practically guaranteed to find one within 3 trades. Why three trades? Because the flea market price for that item is 450-600k, which is pretty much the cost of 3 moonshine/Intel folders. Want a higher chance of fuel cans? Feed your Scav Box 85k in roubles and send him to Customs. Why customs? Because there's 4 tanker trucks and two gas stations. OH, but here's the kicker for that. The fuel can might only be half-full. Want some random, low-cost crafting items? Feed your Scav box 1000 Dollars and send him to Interchange. You might get some T-plugs and damaged hard-drives. Want some random meds? Feed your Scav Box 500 Euros and send them to Shoreline. Anyways. You might see my point. Continuously trading a Moonshine or Folder of Intel into an EXPENSIVE hideout upgrade should enable the player to both pay off the COST of the UPGRADE and the costs of the TRADE INS within a REASONABLE amount of time. 'Cause at the rate this is going, I'd need to put in around 500 Moonshine before I actually see my first rouble of absolute profit. Perhaps next wipe I'll just rush for a max BitCoin farm instead. At least those are guaranteed returns. ~xoxo ~~Hammerstrike
  4. MBS606


    The game has a lot of depth, at least as it appears in clips. My suggestions is that in the game could bit Drugs but I do not think drugs like grass, cocaine and more like that. But more like cigarettes, alcohol, various pills,... how should it look like? Easy example for alohol is a cheap alternative for painkillars with its own side effects. you can imagine themselves what side effects are by alcohol. Now regular alcohol consumption may lead to addiction and the character can not work normal without drinking alcohol so you need to loot or trade for alcohol that the needs be content. and sorry for my English i am not so good at it
  5. Sopiker

    Bugs des échanges marchants

    les échanges contre les dogtag est casser : j'ai 142 plaques niv15+ , il en faut 140 pour l'échange mais -> erreur 228 - ItemsMoving: bad param scheme_iten [count] lors de l'échange. Je ne suis pas le seul joueur affecter par ce problème
  6. Hi Guys, is it normal to lose money if my rating in flea market decreased. cuz I lost about half of my money after my reputation decreased around 0.4 points. or is it a bug. and why is it decreased?! please help.
  7. ThatWasSimple

    Looking to sell/trade red rebel

    Dont know if there is a trading thread on here but couldn't seem to find one so im posting this here. Im looking to trade/sell a red rebel and am taking offers.
  8. qulky_

    Item-lock feature??

    You're about to go on a raid, but you need a bag. You scramble to the flea market and buy the first one. Quickly clicking through the process you buy your bag. But just as you press confirm you see the price (est. 56 ) youre heart sinks as you just bought 10 Tri-zip backpacks for your precious Red Rebel Ice Pick. Now you just dont feel like playing I know I am not the only one to have fallen for the "Remove Barter Items" filter not being activated when it displays above, or being in such a rush you forget to read the price of what youre buying. Can we get a "Item Lock" feature in an items drop down menu, that prevents it from being consumed in any regards (Barter, Hideout, etc.) A simple button where you enable it and to disable it, a player must right click -> unlock item -> confirm unlock. There is nothing more frustrating then seeing 6 mil go down the drain when i accidentally buy 320 wires. I know that it is pure player error and carelessness but i feel like this feature would only do positives regardless.. Cheers!
  9. MKev

    Flea Market Revamp

    Hello Developers, PMCs and Scavs. I love the flea market since its implementation, but it also has a bad aftertaste. In the Tarkov game world, we have a great build up background story, but it's completely ignored in the game design aspect of the flea market. So I would like to suggest some changes that have been mentioned and discussed by most of us streamers in the EFT scene and that were also covered in Jedi Redsevens podcast yesterday. I do not know if these suggestions have already been addressed here in the forum, so I am writing my suggestions here for your consideration. I would also be interested in what others think, maybe there are more good ideas that we can collect for the developers. Suggestions: Prohibit Sales of Items, that are sold from Traders in Tarkov. The Traders like Prapor would hunt you and shoot you down, if you would buy AK's from him and sale it for the double amount of money on the flea market. In the Tarkov Background Story it would look like you are trying to destroy the Market of the Traders. Alternative or additional option would be to only allow to sale "Found in Raid" Items like Guns, Gear and other Items on the Flea Market. Items Looted in Raid from PMCs should be marked as "Found in Raid" Items. To make it possible to sell Weapons and Gear on Flea Market. I hope we can get a better Trading experience in Tarkov with such suggestions for the developers. If more suggestions regarding Flea Market rise up, we might start a poll. At a later stage in the game's development, we may need to meet and greet the traders in the game world in order to trade, rather than pressing the menu button. Kind regards, MKev
  10. I'm looking for someone how is going to sell his epsilon container to fence. I want to talk about details of this transaction in pm. If you are interested dm me.
  11. Title says it all. I'm new, so don't playa hate too much. It seems it's not a horrendous amount that it hurts your reputation, but I was hoping someone had an equation as to how detrimental cancelling really is. I'm realllllly wanting 10+ rep as only 3 trades is fuckin brutal.
  12. How it works actually: When I trade with an NPC I need to select buy or sell option first, after then I can buy or sell stuffs only. How should it work: - Interact any NPC trader - If I want to sell i just simply right click one of my own items – The sell option should be selected automatically - If I want to buy, I just simply right click one of the trader items – The buy option should be selected automatically. - If I already in the „sell” mode and there is one or more items in the trading window and I want to buying instead of selling stuffs, then I just simply right click one of the traders item, the trading window should be reset and „buy” mode should be selected. Vice- versa. (Why right click? It is UX friendly because double left click should open the selected item info window)
  13. I think it would really be beneficial to allow for durability constraints to be added to flea market trades. Perhaps in 25% intervals or something like that. It would also be amazing if that were to extend to multi-use items.
  14. Wiinter011

    Item útiles al intercambio

    Hola gente, mi idea es compartir con todos ustedes una pequeña lista de item que ayudan para el intercambio y beneficiarse. Espero que les ayude, iré agregando más mediante pase el tiempo.
  15. lightflow

    OVERTURE Trading, P.M.C.

    OVERTURE TRADING is dedicated to retrieving desirable product for sale at the best reasonable price to our customers. We provide un-matched trading services such as: Reliable middle-man "trade+deliver" Supplier of On-order custom weapons Flea Market (USD) Customers expect quality, so the training of individual Operators/Specialists match that. Experienced Operators/Specialists hired by OVERTURE TRADING ensure high success rates on missions and scavenging runs. If you are interested in expanding the Marketspace, or a career, contact OVERTURE TRADING.
  16. Would love to have the ability to send items to my friends. Got a lot of mates that are buying the game and I would love to help them out. I wanna send gear to my noob friends so they can be equipped to the same level as the rest of my squad. This would also be helpful with completing quests. "Hey anybody got any spare graphics cards and Wilson Cigarettes?" "Yeah I do, here you go". Escape from Tarkov is about survival right? Make friends and you'll prosper. Lets be honest people drop-trade stuff at the beginning of a raid anyway, this will make things more enjoyable not having to mess around at the start of the raid plus we won't have to worry about items falling through the map. I don't know if this idea has been mentioned before so please be merciful.
  17. Hello, I suggest to tweak the flea market and the in-game trade so delivering goods or money in industrial quantities is painfully slow. The goal being to reduce the shady market that occurs in parallel of the game, while keeping the ability to trade normally and between teammates. 1. Put a price cap on every item in the flea market, to prevent IRL sellers to buy a bandage for X million roubles from their IRL customers. 2. Put a quantity and time cap on what can be exchanged in raid between teammates, or alternatively put a similar cap on how much value can be brought in raid (e.g. no more than 2 millions worth of goods per 30 minutes). 3. Prevent any special container (e.g. ammo crate) or stacked container to be brought in raid. p.s.: I tried to post this before but for some reason the thread I posted in became inaccessible.
  18. Po tym cudownym patchu mam problem ze skalowaniem ikon u Traderów. W stashu jest ok. Support mi odpisał żeby wszytko poaktualizować i tak zrobiłem. Również wyczysciłem, foldery temp w grze oraz systemowy. Efektu zero! Może ktoś spotkał się z tym samym problemem i go rozwiązał. Proszę o pomoc.
  19. HellcatPL

    Rosnące ceny. Jak to jest?

    Mam pytanie. Jak to jest, że ceny u handlarzy rosną i rosną. Dwa dni temu mogłem kupić mosina za 16 k, a teraz za 30k. Podobnie jest z kałachami. W przypadku innych broni ceny nie urosły znacząco. Czy lvl handlarza ma znaczenie?
  20. For instance the altyn visor trade for 6 level 20+ dog tag trade is gone. Where'd they go?
  21. dinosamir

    Modifiche ai Traders 21/08/2018

    AGGIUNTE AI TRADERS: Aggiunti pacchi di munizioni (BT, BS, BP) acquistabili da Prapor Livello 1 e Livello 2, (Lucky Scav Junkbox) Contenitore di Cianfrusaglie e' disponibile da Therapist al Livello 2
  22. Attenzione! Nuovi cambiamenti nei Traders: - AK-101 spostato al Livello 2 Meccanico (era al Livello 3) - AK-102 spostato al Livello 3 Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - Elmetto Sfera spostato al livelloo3 (era al Livello 4), lo scambio invece e' cambiato a 3 bottiglie di Perossido di Idrogeno e 1 Bleach (candeggina) - Aggiunto Alpha Rig al livello 2 di Ragman per 7 nastri bianchi e 2 Alkali - Aggiunto Caricatore da 50 per MP5 al livello2 del Meccanico in cambio di 1 Alimentatore PSU - caricatore da 50 per Glock spostato al livello 3 del Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - Aggiunto Hybrid silencer al livello 2 del Meccanico per 4 banchi di RAM ed 1 T-plug - Aggiunto SKS dovetail mount al livello 1 di Skier per 1 chainlet - Aggiunto Elmetto blu UN al livello 2 di Ragman per 5 occhiali ballistici - Aggiunto pistol case al livello 2 di Therapist per 2 Oftalmoscopi - Aggiunto il portachiavi al livello 3 di Therapist per 12 bottiglie di perossido di idrogeno e 12 bottiglie di soluzioni saline - Aggiunto ICase al livello 3 di Therapist per 15 Oftalmoscopi - Aggiunto Ammo case al livello 3 del Meccanico per 5 gunpowder - Aggiunto T H I C C container al livello 4 del Meccanico per 30 bitcoins - Aggiunto armatura MF-UN armor al livello 2 di Ragman in cambio di 3 armature MF-UN (dando 3 danneggiate ne ricevi una nuova) - Aggiunto Tactica Tula mount al livello 1 di Skier per 1 statuina del cavallo - Aggiunto PSO scope al livello 1 di Prapor per 2 candele della macchina - Aggiunto zaino Attack-2 al livello 3 di Ragman per 3 pacchi di zucchero e 3 lattine di Saury -Aggiunto 260mm M4 barrel al livello 2 del Meccanico per 8 pacchetti di sigarette Marlboro - Aggiunto standard M4 charging handle al livello 2 del Meccanico per 1 pacco di sigarette Wilston - Aggiunto AK-74 dustcover al livello 1 di Prapor - Telaio Archangel per M1A spostato al livello 3 del Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - ottica RMRe tutti i mount relativi spostati al livello 2 di Peacekeeper (erano al Livello 4) - possibilita' di comprare gli Euro spostata al Livello 2 di Skier (era al Livello 3) - Aggiunti Painkillers al livello 1 di Therapist per 2 pacchi di fiammiferi - Aggiunto Automedkit (AI2) al livello 1 di Therapist per 1 nastro bianco - Aggiunte Comtacs al livello 2 di Ragman per 5 pacchi di fiammiferi - Aggiunte cuffie GSSH-01 al livello 2 di Ragman per 2 risme di carta - Aggiunto rail gas block Windham Weaponry al livello 3 del Meccanico -Aumentate le possibilita' di spawn di gunpowder e caffe' English version here:
  23. AlienatedMax

    Factory Key for sale

    Hey guys, I've just found another factory key on a scav and as I have no use for a spare I was wondering as to whether anyone would be interested in purchasing the one I've found. Price is highest bidder. Happy bidding,
  24. F4113n


    hey there,some1 could help me and give or sell NF 34 RIS?for mechanic quest with dvl ingame nick -Devil-

    Key Bar for sale

    WTS KeyBar 400k Docs Case 100k
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