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Found 29 results

  1. AlienatedMax

    Factory Key for sale

    Hey guys, I've just found another factory key on a scav and as I have no use for a spare I was wondering as to whether anyone would be interested in purchasing the one I've found. Price is highest bidder. Happy bidding,
  2. F4113n


    hey there,some1 could help me and give or sell NF 34 RIS?for mechanic quest with dvl ingame nick -Devil-

    Key Bar for sale

    WTS KeyBar 400k Docs Case 100k
  4. xRejectz

    Shotguns for M4

    So usually I save my 153 shotgun receivers and trade 4 for an M4. Well I got to the peacekeeper screen and the option is no longer there. Any idea why?
  5. Nkd_K3v

    Trade for Dog Tags?

    The patch notes say something about a new trade barter for dog tags. Does anyone know what this entails? Do different levels of tags get you better stuff? Obviously after the wipe about 70% of the players are hatchlings trying to grab quest items and whatnot, which means I have quite a collection of < level 10 tags just sitting in my inventory. I don't know what the use is just yet, I just know that they're used for "something to trade". Anyone have any insight?
  6. SiRJaBs


    YO, im in need of gunpowder, i have 56 gold chain, 15 roler, 10 fort, 15 bitcoin all excess that i dont need. name you price for 3 gunpowder. hit me up!!
  7. afk-47

    player trade

    Is there a way to trade with other members of the community ? i accidentaly discard a scav vest in my inv wich had the factory key in it,now before people say im stupid it was in game and i guess the scav vest mustve fallen through the floor or something anyway is there a way too buy stuff from other memebers if so anyone selling factory key ?
  8. Hello! Im wondering where people go to sell their stuff. I want to trade away my 2 gm counters my 2 gas analyzers, 2 marked room keys and 1 factory key. Rn they are taking up to much space and i dont want to give them away or discard them since their some of the rarest items ingame. If anyone knows please tell me. If anyone is interested hit me up
  9. Hello! I would love it if anyone could contact me and sell me 30 tushonkas, im to lazy to get them for my therapist mission myself. Contact me at my discord for further agreements: https://discord.gg/2DvauDR Sincerely skybellrock
  10. postboote


    Servus beinander, ich würde gerne einen deutschsprachigen Marktplatz aufbauen. Das soll vorallem Spielern helfen, die nicht so gut oder gerne Englisch sprechen können. Ich mache mal den Anfang: ---- Verkaufe ---- -- 10.000 -- 10 x Morphium 10 x IFAK -- 25.000 -- 3 x Gas Analyzer 5 x Wallet 2 x Tushonka 2 x GMcount 1 x Filter -- 50.000 -- 1 x Pistol Case 1 x Marked Key 1 x San 221 Key -- 600.000 -- Beta container -- Spezial -- Ich kann euch auch Moneycases etc eintauschen, dafür übernehme ich aber keine Haftung
  11. raftermandk

    Looking to buy a helmet asap.

    Hi guys. This might be a long shot, but I am looking for someone who has Skier level 4 who is able to trade me a Kiver helmet. I accidentally initiated a quest with Skier and now i gotta show something for it. I already have 1 Fort armor, but no helmet. Is there anyone in EU who is able to help a PMC out?
  12. https://discord.gg/u9QYuVr kind and willing to work with anyone
  13. https://discord.gg/u9QYuVr Kind and willing to work with anyone
  14. kekkonn

    Shop prices

    Hello, for some reason now the shop prices are very cheap, I mean Prapor sells an ak74 for 225rubels. Not sure if this is a bug or some event going on.
  15. Does anyone else feel like the trade offers that litter the trader menus somewhat ruin the whole trader attitude level aspect? I just spent who knows how long acquiring the funds and EXP to get Prapor to crown level, and I'm greeted with three new guns to be my main reward. At first i'm stoked and ready to throw down all my cash I've been saving, but my excitement is crushed when I see everything is locked behind a trade wall. Literally all three new guns are locked behind trades that would take me day's upon days to complete. I would be fine with this if it wasn't so steep. In order to acquire a SV-98 (a weapon I have sought after since it's release) I am required to find 7 car batteries, and 6 rechargeable batteries. I would be perfectly fine with this if loot wasn't so barren in this game. I have seen maybe 3 car batteries in my entire playtime, and recharge batteries follow down a similar road. The SV-98 is a powerful weapon I understand, (But from what I've heard from other people, it doesn't even manage to strike that hard) but I find it really hard to believe it is worth all the time I will have to sink in to find this trade items. Items that I'm not even able to purchase from the fence like before. I much rather pay a massive sum of cash to get my hands on this weapon. I understand the trade aspect is there for balance, but I feel a cash alternative should definitely be put in place for most of the trade items. Please let me know in the comments if you feel the same, or if I'm just a little cutie
  16. BadgerIsBack

    Key Bar for trade

    I'm trading a keybar, tell me what you are willing to trade.
  17. Tortoisetanks

    Trader Prices

    I am somewhat new to the game, as I have only had it for a week. I know how to trade, but I haven't yet learned everything about the trading system. Hello, and thank you for taking your time to read this. I had a few questions about the trade system and the game in general. 1) What is the best standing you can have with the traders 2) When your trader's level increases, does the price of goods go down? 3) When I level up my trader, will items I sell be worth more? 4) Does a gun's quality affect the price? 5) Where can I learn more about modding weapons and what attachments to own? 6) Can the gamma case's storage space be increased? 7) Are there any reccomendations for ideal inventory management? My stash is somewhat organized but I keep adding stuff and the system is not able to adapt as easily as I had hoped. I don't mind videos, pictures, etc but I would like to know the ideal system for easy storage and efficient use of all spaces available. Thanks for reading, and if you have any answers, I kindly ask you to let me know. Thanks!
  18. Hey guys, i would like too see some "quick buy buttons"!!! (Shortcuts for some stuff from traders) For example: For a raid i wanna buy 2 AI kits, 2 painkillers, 50rounds for my TT, a backpack, and a vest. Thats my basic equipment when i'm out of weapons. Is it possible to get some buttons on a trader, where i can simply click on it and get my 50 TT rounds? another one for new AI kits and so on? Just for the most important stuff i need each round. I Think these buttons could be on the trader, where i get the stuff from, or in the inventory. Cheers, keep it up Glokta
  19. Suggestion: Sell directly from Scav inventory after Scav run. This would be extremely to those looking to make cash, after a Scav run you have the option to sell your inventory to the traders before deciding whether to transfer any of the loot to your stash or ditch it. i feel like this fits the lore of the scav, since this is what i imagine "scavengers" to be doing is looting Tarkov to sell items and make cash - after all isn't this what a scavenger does?
  20. Hey guys, [EU SERVERS] now i've been grinding a good bit for certain items in the game and i would like to instead share my other loot in exchange of following items: Factory Key - because its needed for a quest Skier quest items: usb flash drives 2x And that's it! I've farmed lots of money and all traders are on tier 3, so i can offer you lots of stuff in exchange. With that said, I'm of course willing to overpay you by lots, but please don't be greedy. I'm hoping for some help here you fine gentlemen!
  21. Has anyone ever stopped a trade from happening? I just intercepted a Tri-zip, Black rock FULL of medkits. I'm thinking someone was purchasing those. lmao
  22. puumanteri

    Trading with friends

    Hello all, I'm not sure if someone has suggested this before, but the thing is; it would be great to be able to trade with your friends like guns, ammo, attachments etcetera. At the moment only way possible to do this is in game by dropping things on the ground which is stupid in my opinion. I think the game needs a way to do this in lobby/menu without bringing the stuff in game. Sorry if this is already being developed or so. Please share your opinions. Best regards.
  23. Vakorian


    Hi. Wollt mal hier etwas versuchen und zwar etwas zu handeln,es geht zwar nicht gut aber es ist möglich.! Ich suche Helme,Airfilter, Was ich euch anbieten kann? ist alles was in einen Gammacontainer reinpasst.! Regel.1 Ihr geht immer first (heist ihr droppt euer item zu erst!!!!) Regel.2 Ihr sagt mir was ihr für die sachen haben wollt!!!!! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wo der Trade Ablaufen soll kann man dan zusammen klären (Mit Pns oder gerne auch teamspeak,Discord) Bitte spamt den thread hier nicht zu wie scheise die idee ist, wer intresse hat einfach per pn oder hier posten. Mit freundlichen grüßen Vakorian
  24. Emn

    Trade with friend option

    hello I'd like to ask if there will be (in beta or finished game) possibility to add friends on game for example to play together later? In reference to this - have you ever thought about adding possibility to "trade" between friends? for example, i have 2 bags, my homie has nothing and i want to give it to him (as a support).
  25. Es heißt ja bei der *Edge of Darkness*-Version "Von Beginn an gute Beziehungen zu allen Ingame-Händlern". Aber wodurch zeichnet sich das aus. Kriege ich dann einen gewissen Prozentsatz Rabatt auf meinen Einkauf oder bekommen ich mehr Geld für verkaufte Ware? Denn bisher konnte ich dort noch nichts erkennen oder sehen. Bedanke mich im Voraus über eure Antworten. LG Nimo