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Found 57 results

  1. Hi developers I would greatly suggest for you guys to create benefits and rewards for gaining level 50, level 75, and level 100,. There should be some items too rare to buy even at level 4 traders. That way people that have gained all the money they can want, and all the traders maxed out, and completed all the quests would STILL have future goals ahead of them to complete. And this is for the true hardcore Tarkov players that play more than 40 hrs a week..... And because I'm sure we're all going to be past level 40 at some time and I'm sure that we're all gonna have millions of dollars and multi millions of rubles and have all the quests completed, and not really have a reason to go in the raids anymore besides for fun obviously...... So I really suggest rewards and benefits for gaining level 50, level 75 and level a 100 because I know I will be playing this game for more than a couple years, and I want to always have some type of goal/task or mission to complete.... Love you guys at Battle state. You guys really make Triple A developers look lazy and mediocre....#LongLiveTarkov
  2. Traders' Level

    I got 2 of my traders' level increased to 2. However Raptor's (2Lv) level is decreased to 1 for some reason. I don't know what did i do wrong ? I don't want my other supplier to lose its level (One provides medical supply). Also I've done 2-3 quests of other NPC but It did not level up so I wonder If there is another criteria about levels of my traders.
  3. Hello my Loyalty isn't changing for fcking 3 hours.... Does anyone know why D:? Peacekeeper: Prapor:
  4. Hat jemand eine Idee, wieso die beiden bei mir nicht auf Level 4 hoch gehen? Alle Vorgaben sind erfüllt. Wenn ich irgendein Item kaufe, springen sie kurz auf Level 4, aber wenn ich dann auf das Level 4 Registertab gehe wird mir nichts angezeigt. Gehe ich dann zurück auf die Händlerübersicht, wird die Krone auch angezeigt. Wenn ich dann wieder in den Händlershop gehe, ist es wieder Level 3. Spiel neustarten hat nichts gebracht. Ist jetzt seit heute Nachmittag so.
  5. Trader Sorting options/ Filter

    One Thing i'm looking for is a sorting function, so that for example: sorting option 1: all ammo comes first, all mags, all scopes,, all scopemounts, all grips (main grips, frontgrips), all stocks, handguards, .... ect. sorting option 2: sort objects by trader level (lvl 1 items first, lvl 2 second, lvl 3 - 3rd, lvl 4 - last sorting option 3: by name... or just modify the filters already ingame... maybe the easiest option this option is just a modification of the filter already ingame... just modify it, that only those items selected are shown... Kind regards D3
  6. Can someone give me the low-down on Fence? I completely mis-understand this trader/part of the game and I can't seem to buy anything from him no matter how quick I am on clicking the item I want. Is he some type of multi-trader and is it worth gaining reputation with him? also what's the future going to be with him? thanks guys, please share you knowledge.
  7. While this may just be me, but I feel the time that the Traders hold the items received from raid is too short. While this wouldn't be an issue if I actually had time to come to my computer the day or two after I die but that's not the case sadly I have been using Prapor because I know his time to return takes longer, but I still usually miss the time by just a small amount and end up losing everything. So my suggestion would be to possibly add the option to get stuff insured by a third trader who takes even LONGER than Prapor to get your stuff back, then people like me who can't be at their computer for a couple days have a better chance to get their stuff back when they return. Either that or increase the time in which traders hold items by another 24 hours. Thank you and I would welcome any other feedback! Keep it up!
  8. Buyscript?

    Servus Escaper =) Irgendwie hab ich echt langsam das Gefühl,dass es Leute gibt, die einen Buyscript nutzen. Nachdem ich zum beispiel beim Händler aktualisiere und dort ein Key angezeigt wird versuche ich echt schnell nicht mal 2 Sekunden diesen zu Kaufen. Doch schwupp Trader out of Stock. Selbes hatte ich auch grad bei einem USB Stick. Er war gerade da in Dokumente ich klicke ihn an fill items und abschließen doch Trader out of Stock wie kann das sein in so einer kurzen Zeit Oo Also in so kurzer Zeit würde ich schon fast sagen Buyscripts sind mit in Tarkov Oo
  9. Hi all, for all the beginners out there, I created an overview which trader has which items for sale and, more important, which items you can trade for what at which level (yes, lots of which's and what's :)). Skier: Sells OP-SKS (can use 4x scope) already at level 2, sells bigger backpack at level 2, sells big backpack at level 3, sells Fort armor at level 4. Sells weapon case at level 4 (needs 10 slots, gives 50 slots in stash). Peacekeeper: Levels up only by revenue, no tasks/missions needed. Sells the M4A1 and MP5. At level 4: sells best helmet, Beta container and Grizzly First Aid Kit. Prapor: Sells 4x scope for OP-SKS at level 2, sells silencer for AKM at level 2. Trades AK-74N for tool sets at level 3. Silencers for all weapons except the M4A1. Therapist: Sells Car First Aid Kit at level 2. Sells Salewa first aid kit at level 3. Sells container at level 4. Fence: Currently you cannot level Fence up. Also he sells only stuff, that players sell to him, so no fixed loadout to post.
  10. Searching for a item in trades is something that i would think and many others would just assume will be added down the line but what about filtering for attachments for weapons like right clicking on the weapon from your inventory and clicking "filter attachments" or something like that. Unlike you guys not all of us are weapon experts. PS. I thought of this while having a broken computer so I haven't played in a while and won't be able to for at-least 3 more weeks.
  11. Next Loyalty Level

    I have aquired all the things for the next loyalty level up. Everything but this. What is it? (in red circle)
  12. Ammo Issue

    Anyone notice when you purchase new ammo that you can't merge it with your existing ammo stacks until you play a game? Not a big deal, just curious if I'm the only one.
  13. I've read a couple of posts and have personally experienced issues regarding the suspected use of macros with traders, namely Fence. I understand the use of macros is hard to detect so maybe the following system will help keep people happy and reduce the number of 'Trader out of stock' messages people are receiving because they can't click fast enough to buy an item. When players enter the trader's store page they are presented with the current items in stock, let's say there is a single wallet there and 20 people are looking at it. Those 20 people want to buy it so they go through the purchase process and receive their wallet, the player's page refreshes and the wallet is gone from the trader's stock (any purchase completely refreshes the trader's stock so if they saw the wallet and wanted to buy it but bought something else, the wallet will be gone). The trader is now at a deficit of 19 wallets so any player entering the store at this point will not see a wallet in stock. The wallet or wallets will only appear again if 20 or more are sold back to the trader, this will keep the rare items rare.
  14. Trader with the hood

    Why anytime i go to the trader with the black hood my game stuck...i cant do anything...only my mouse moves without i can do trades or go back...i have to press alt-tab 2 times and then all back to normal. Anyone have the same problem or know what i can do ?
  15. Handed in all my guns

    So I was completing the Skier quest "friends in the west" (or something similar) that requires you to find/hand in 2 MBSS backpacks. Now for space purposes in my inventory my icase that is part of the "extra gear" was in an MBSS and after completing a raid I had a total of 4 MBSS's. Scared to hand in the one with all my gear I move the MBSS-MBSS-icase onto my character inventory to separate it. I return to Skier to see only 2 bags available for hand in... AWESOME! hand them in..... somehow it was the 2 MBSS's on my character and now every modded gun I had is gone. Now I'm not making this post to be like "wut gimme my stuff back". I would just like to maybe suggest not allowing you to hand in items that have things in their inventory (same with Traders for selling bags/vests with items inside)
  16. Hi alle, hier eine Auflistung, welche Gegenstände und Waffen welcher Händler bei den jeweiligen Leveln freischaltet. Die Angaben unten sind gezielt für Anfänger gedacht. Da ich erst Level 24 bin, kann ich die höchste Stufe noch nicht Screenshotten, mache ich dann asap, wenn ich den jeweiligen Level freigeschaltet habe. Randinfo: Fence kann derzeit nicht gelevelt werden: dieser Händler bietet fast nur die Sachen an, die andere Spieler ihm verkaufen, daher sind viele Dinge schneller weg, als man klicken kann: Es gibt trotz anderer Angabe oben rechts keine Möglichkeit, mehr Items/Level freizuschalten. (Stand Januar 2018 ;)). Skier: Peacemaker Fence ...geht nicht, siehe oben. Prapor Therapist Ab Level 3 könnt ihr die Saliva-Packs hochleveln. Also seid doch eifnach nett zu Anfängern und verteilt die Dinger wie Sand am Mehr, kosten fast nix und machen es neuen Spielern leichter. Bei Fragen einfach hier posten.
  17. Question Trader

    Bonjours, voila je cherche a savoir ce que représente Le ou les petits point Orange que l'on peu parfois voir dans les inventaires ou traders. Merci
  18. How do i fix this? Its been its like this for days
  19. Skier level 2 bugged?

    Hey guys I am new To EOT but am thoroughly loving the games ups and downs. I am having an issue with a Skier right now.. I'm stuck at loyalty level 1. I am level 15 I am .69 of the required .15 reputation and i have spent well over a million roubles the requirement is only 600k. What am I doing wrong here?
  20. Moin, sagt mal, kann das sein, dass die Händler ständig irgendwie die Reputation verlieren? Prapor droppte ohne ersichtlichen Grund von 60 auf 54, Therapist runter auf 24, etc. Oder gibt es Quests die das Level senken, ohne darüber Auskunft zu geben? Normalerweise steht da ja genau ...-0,7 Skyer oder so. Steht das in den späteren Quests nicht mehr dabei? Lg Karotte
  21. Balancing of trader tasks

    Today I finally completed the first task for therapist, finding the 5 salewa med kits. Those who own LB or PFE editions start with salewa so it's a little bit easier but for all others it's a really hard task for the first one. It might take lots of hours of pure farming (no fun at beginning of the game), even days for completing the first mission. I don't mind about hard tasks but why is it the first one? After that there are tasks like gaining access to room 206 in dorms or finding one gas analyzer (one one compared to 5 Salewa!). That's much easier so why isn't one of these tasks the first one in order? Would do thinks easier for the very beginning. Also the first task of skier can be very hard, finding one fort armor and also the kiver helmet. So you need to find the best armor in game? And also only 3 days time? As first task this is kind of hard. Why not starting with something smaller, like paca and kolpak? For those with PFE and EOD it's pretty easy since they start with kiver but where to get one as being level 1 and after a wipe almost nobody is wearing one? I did not find any kiver since the last wipe, only kolpak and one fort armor. So for the first quest this is too hard and stops the total progress of leveling and applying tasks. I'd like to have an easier start task for beginning (also after wipe) and then harder tasks. Maybe just the order of the tasks need to be changed? Or one or two beginner task added to the very beginning of therapist and skier, where you have easy things to do and gain only little reputation and reward?
  22. Traders loyalty

    Hello Guys I wanted to ask you how you guys handle the whole mission stuff. is there a "best way" to do it? specially about those missions which are decreasing loyalty by other traders (skier mission 2 lowering prapor and therapist 0.25 loyalty). so my question is, how you guys doing it? do you dont care about it and just rush the missions or you have a tactic? greetz
  23. Hallo, mir ist seit dem patch aufgefallen, das wenn man bei Fence refreshen will es nicht fiunktioniert, erst wenn man Fence neu aufmacht oder auf sell wechselt kommen andere items rein/raus.. bin ich der einuzige mit dem problem?
  24. Edge of Darkness Trader Level 1?

    So before the most recent update I had all traders apart from Fence at max level when I reset my profile, now they're all at level 1. Is this a bug or is it the case for everyone now until the game goes into Open Beta in January or something? I'm not too fussed about this, just a bit concerned as to what is happening is all
  25. Hi Devs....I noticed all the traders have cut their prices more than 90%.... Is that by accident, glitch, or on purpose because of the holidays?? Thank you