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Found 65 results

  1. BloodyDuty

    Make Fence of use

    So the other day i was in the marked and looked over the Traders and i saw my lvl1 Fence and thought: whats up with you mate? Here is the Idea i came up with: What if Fence had a percentual chance of gaining the Gear players lost in raids wich was not insured or they missed an insurance. So instead of the Gear go lost people could buy some full attached weapons or hight tier gier at Fence for a price wich is a little bit highter than the original worth/price of the Equipment players payed for it. So it would be rentable for people to buy. I think especially new players may benefit from that kind of system within Fence because they mostly do not know how to mod Guns and what parts to use. So instead of grindig traders and maby struggle to achieve the ability to mod guns they can buy alrdy moddet guns. That would help em getting through the first early to mid lvls a little bit easier. Pls tell me your thoughts in comments below. PRO and CON would rly appreciate the community reviews about it. Thanks guys stay cheeky. (ps pls do not mention my grammars thanks.)
  2. deagle15

    Traders' Items Not Loading

    After the most recent update, none of the traders' items will load for me. I've sat for several minutes on the trader screen on several different occasions and none of their items will load. It's making it near impossible to play the game as I can't buy the meds and supplies I need. This error just came up after waiting on the screen for about 10 minutes.
  3. Last patches, even from last year I didn't need to do any quests to get to peacekeeper LL3 and LL4, only Spend the money and level my PMC, but now it requires 0.3 rep for peacekeeper to be LL3. Is it a bug or an unannounced change? If it is a change, then why it says I need to be level 18, when in fact you finish the skier quest line you will be already level 40 or smth.
  4. TTomcio

    Modding screen buy mods QoL

    What if we could buy mods directly from modding screen? It would greatly decrease time needed to find that one rail or adapter you are looking for. I posted it on reddit and most people liked the idea too. Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/9v24bk/modding_screen_qol/
  5. saibot0

    Level Rewarding system.

    Alright so i think we need to have something with every level up you get a little bit of roubles. lvl 1-5 you get 1000 RUB's per level, 5-10 2000 RUB's per level, 10-15 3500 RUB'S per level, 15-20 4000 RUB'S per level, 20-30 7000 RUB's per level - 30-40 10000 RUB's per level, 40-50 15000 RUB's per level, 50-60 25000 per level and so on. Would be nice to have something for lvl 40+ players
  6. SergeiVezlov

    The Forge

    "Well, aren't we gifted! All of these fancy guns lying around, from PDW's to ravaging nutcases with LSW's at that damn Mall. But, something has been gnawing at me recently. How did we just get an iconic bolt action that has spilled blood on these lands so recently, I mean. It would make sense these would be the first weapons of war used for these lawless lands. Hmh, think I found the answer, the MYSTERY... If you will. There are rumors floating around about some lads that use to work at some factory district, fenced off, cranking out crude classics for people to kill one another with. Seems even scrap metal can still give the punch it needs in the Motherland. Might want to head over there and give a looksee. Might be a special someone that could get you cheap kits to help ya survive." I introduce you, to a rugged man named The Forge. A metal worker that had a hobby of gunsmithing. With a crew and the right tools first snagged during the whole crazy debacle. Theyve been arming themselves with easily crafted guns of old. From freshly minted TT-33, Mosin rifles to maybe something special along the road like iconic world war 2 smgs and so on. A fun idea none the less with a little role play element to spice the idea up.
  7. Kaizer_Mate

    Leveling Ragman

    does anyone know the best way to level ragman( most efficient cause I need to level him really bad lmao).
  8. olegsia

    In Game Trader Lag

    Hello. My Traders Have been Recently Lagging.F.e i wanted to buy Something or Put Bullets in my Magazne but it takes much Longer than it should be(Mostly around 3-7 seconds, Sometimes Even around up to 10 seconds)! My question is why do I Keep having it even though i can Play with a Decently good connection without having any Problems at all.? Does anyone has the same problems and Solutions?
  9. di0nis91

    Spremembe pri trgovcih

    Spremembe pri trgovcih v igri: Prapor: - AKS-74U premaknjen v LL1 (bil v LL2) - AKS-74UB (menjava) premaknjen v LL2 (bil v LL4) - AK-74M premaknjen v LL3 (bil v LL2) - AK-74N premaknjen v LL2 (bil v LL3) - AK-104 premaknjen v LL3 (bil v LL4) - PP-9 Klin premaknjen v LL2 (bil v LL4) - PP-91-01 Kedr-B premaknjen v LL2 (bil v LL3) - 5.45x39 мм PP strelivo premaknjeno v LL2 (bilo v LL3) - PBS-1 dušilec premaknjen v LL3 (bil v LL2) - TT dušilec in navojna cev premaknjena v LL2 (bil v LL3) - VAL držalni ročaj dodan v LL4 Skier: - B-33 prašno pokrivalo premaknjeno v LL2 (bilo v LL3) - Magpul gumijasta kapica kopita dodana v LL3 - .366 TKM Geksa strelivo dodano v LL3 (bilo v LL4) - DVL dušilna cev dodana v LL4 Peacekeeper: - MP5SD premaknjena v LL2 (bila v LL1) - MP5 premaknjena v LL1 (bila v LL2) - MF-UNTAR ščit premaknjen v LL2 (bil v LL3) - Tri-zip menjava premaknjena v LL2 Ragman Ragman: - dodan K1S vizir menjava za 1 zapestnico v LL1 - obrazni ščit za ZSh-1-2M (menjava) premaknjena v LL2 (bila v LL3) -obrazni ščit za ZSh-1-2M (nakup z rublji) premaknjen v LL3 (bil v LL4) - IOTV gen.4 popolna zaščita dodana v LL3 za 2 leseni uri. * LL = Leveli oziroma stopnje pridobljene pri trgovcih
  10. So my friend just gave me an interesting idea. What if traders had discounts on mass purchases... For example you buy 500 pp ammo for ak and get 50 for free because your such a good customer, maybe as you gain trader levels or buy same ammo all the time the bonus ammo could increase. Maybe not for all items but just for certain. Or it could change from day to day. The possibilities here are countless...
  11. I like the new barters for lower level access to the EBR, and M1A SASS. But please don't take away from us level 40s by entirely removing the money trades for the EBR and M1A SASS. It really discourages levelling up when you grind for access to LL4 and yet, only get a few more attachments and not much else. My opinion on this is add back the money trades to LL4, and keep the barters, best of both then, your rewarded for hitting LL4, and also still have access if your not quite there.
  12. To keep it as short as possible: I would like to see filters stay locked if I refresh the trader! At this point any other objects should disappear in traders stash... Several filters should be lockable. That should make it much easier to find the object you are looking for!
  13. Is anyone else experiencing their money spent with a trader being reset when selling things to them? I recently noticed this when selling stuff to Skier but I also noticed it with Prapor and Peacekeeper as well though I haven't experienced it with any of the other traders. I'm assuming there's some sort of bug in the code that causes certain items/values that are causing internal issues. I'm still experiencing this so if anyone has any tips for fixing or further knowledge of the issue then please share!
  14. machplatt

    Shopping list for weapon mods

    Hi, I would like to have the possibility to create a shopping list out of a modded weapon. With this shopping list I would like to be able to buy all parts needed for this weapon with a single click. If parts can be bought from different trader I would like to be able to select the wanted trader in the shopping list. If the weapon has parts that I can not buy, just leave them out. This would heavily reduce the time needed to buy the weapon I like to use, so giving me more time in the raids. Hope you like this idea
  15. you can see it on this picture....
  16. Hey Hey! Thanks for reading this. I really want to put in my opinion about the missions. Some of the missions for the traders is just silly & you don't need to have them. Once you have enough loyalty & a high enough level. They become OBSOLETE. For eg.. I'm MAXED level Prapor. I no longer really need to continue his missions, nor Therapist or Peacekeeper? SO here are my thoughts: *Make the missions more enticing, more experience from them. Experience is good, because faster levelling without having to go guns blazing at scavs & players. (Since you guys nerfed experience hardcore when you die ) *Remove timed missions from the equation: Whether it's 2 hours to kill scavs, 3 hours to kill players or 2 days to find armour. Think about this (Some people have hectic trades & just want to come home & game for a few hours & relax, why put so much effort to get little in return when you die.) *Like you guys have done with the shoreline kill cap. (kill 20 pmcs, NOT TIMED! Hallejuah) Because i don't know if you guys have played your game recently or at all. But trying to find players can be really hard to do sometime, especially on shoreline, factory or customs. Since your last patch, it's great to find dead players fully geared who have been one tapped by a scav who's facing the other way with a shotgun from 100m I love free gear ahahah. Likewise to my dead body.. Overall. DON'T give us timed missions for anything. Because trying to find players is good, NOT GOOD when they are all bloodied & dead from your OP as EFF scavs Come on BSG, Let me at the players
  17. Wulfyk


    So,does anyone know how to buy a rsass from a peacekeeper,i completed almost half of his quests and i still can't buy it.Does it unlock from quests,and what quest,or you cant buy it now?
  18. Why do i have to find all the new visors but the fast MT one is sold by Peacekeeper? do i have to be loyalty level 4 with mechanic and ragman to finally get them? Even the kolpak one?
  19. Prapor trades a "AK-74N Damaged" for one Blackrock rig, and I was just wondering what about it is damaged and whether or not it can be repaired. I've noticed that if I remove the gas tube, more specifically the foregrip, the rifle no longer has "damaged" in the name. Of course this renders the rifle useless as it's a vital part. The rifle has 100/100 durability, and no mods have any durability themselves, so I'm just confused. Is there a part missing? Should I be looking for a new gas tube/foregrip?
  20. I'm purchasing 7.62 ammo from traders and it's then showing up as 5.45 in my charcter loadout screen and further more, I bought a magazine for to house 9*19 for a sub mac and it doesnt show up my end after purchasing. Wasted alot on money on these items.
  21. Hello, Escapers. While players are eagerly waiting for the next major update, the Escape from Tarkov dealers have decided to cash in on that! Starting now, all loyalty levels are unlocked, and the stock of goods is unlimited, but of course, the traders won't make it too easy so the prices went up, too. Hurry up to burn that hard-earned money! TRANSLATIONS: French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of France @YuD Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Poland @TheWay Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Spain @MrXavito Swedish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Sweden @tobiassolem Turkish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Turkey @Dimitri468 German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Emissary of Germany @hakunamavodkatv Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Czech Emissary @PugMonk Romanian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to the Romanian Emissary @BelliniVirgil Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby Dutch translation can be found here. Thanks to Dutch Emissary @iGoodLifeNL
  22. Arth0u

    Scav Recruitment

    Current problems with scavs: Your scav becomes useless after you gain a certain level of loot. Scavs are severely unarmed compared to players. Why is your scav working for you in the first place? SOLUTION: A trader or something that allows you to recruit scavs for currency. More expensive scavs would have better gear, skills, ect. You could keep your scav after a raid, but once it dies it dies forever. Leveling up your scav's skills during raids. I'd like to see a system like this implemented some time in the future but feel free to suggest any changes to it.
  23. Quick summary of Traders Greed (in short) unlock all the trader levels and put all items at very high prices but anything the player sells very low (20% as of this moment) thats all the event was. PROBLEMS with said "event" (it hurts calling it an event) 1. Raids are barely worth going out for now to make money cause well 5 runs to make up what you could make in one run 2. If you didn't have the money for said items before now you definitely wont until this farce is over (note: farce is a much better term for it than event) 3. For players who saved heavily and were enjoying having the objective grinds to unlock traders and spend their hard earned cash... well thats out the window 4. For long term players who have got everything unlocked this farce (love this word) makes all their hard work and dedication to the game pointless I'm on quite a few Tarkov group discords and at least 50-60% of people there have decided to drop the game over this farce (<3 that word) and the sad thing is there is no way to balance out the issues it has caused except for a wipe for even if the "event" ended right now too many players have seen their end goals, grinding put to waste, money burnt and game play ruined and have no want to return due to this. I myself love this game but even I'm having doubts about playing now if this farce is going to be repeated in future.
  24. Hey all, after a raid, I noticed all my traders were ranked to level 4, despite the fact that I'm only level 20, very below the minimum spend amount, and not enough reputation. I've sold and bought from them, restarted my game, and kept the items I've bought from them. In any case, I'm not complaining with the upgrades Thanks - GLHF
  25. Vandeno

    Trader's capped?

    So I logged in just now and my traders most lvl 3 and they are all max lvl now. Is that something BSG just did? Or is my game just bugged? lol Im so confused so much stuff now. Am I good to grab it or what?