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Found 82 results

  1. Zombie9221

    Therapist Service

    Had an idea for a service for the Therapist which could refill your medkits for a certain amount of cash.
  2. Bug1372

    Reducing trader inventory

    With the game getting more and more attachments that come in all different colors, the traders will become more and more bloated with attachments. Here is an idea to reduce space on traders and not be afraid of adding different colors for attachments and clutter up the traders. You add a color palette icon to the buy screen as well and in the trader inventory so you can select what color you want. This feature would just be for items that have the same stats and you could see what you need to unlock the other colors like trader loyalty or not high enough level or its locked behind a task. The example here is for a grip and this could be applied to anything that has recolors that has the same stats
  3. MrPeebles

    Weapon Selling Bug?!

    Hi, first of all I can't enter the bug report section of the forum so I'm just posting this here. I just saw the patch released today and I must have missed something (I'm pretty sure I haven't but ok) because I can't sell any disassembled gun to any trader (aka any non functional weapon). What the hell is up with that? Makes no sense that I can't sell my guns by parts. Is this a bug or a new feature?
  4. Peekaboo90

    Found an exploit.

    Hey there, I found a sales exploit. Example: When you're selling a fully modded AK etc. without removing attachments to a vendor, you can actually de-mod it and still sell the AK for the same value as if it was modded and then sell the mods seperately afterwards. I dont have a screenshot of this at the moment, but maybe something to look into :)
  5. Newbieae01

    An idea for in game traders

    So I think it would be cool if when in game traders were added they were in a neutral place where you could not shoot others. Similar to the outpost in the survival game "rust". This would be a nice place to possibly meet and talk to other players if VOIP was added.
  6. deagle15

    Traders' Items Not Loading

    After the most recent update, none of the traders' items will load for me. I've sat for several minutes on the trader screen on several different occasions and none of their items will load. It's making it near impossible to play the game as I can't buy the meds and supplies I need. This error just came up after waiting on the screen for about 10 minutes.
  7. Durhnevir

    Some idea about traders

    I had an idea yesterday, I think it could be a good way to spice up the game. I'm sure i'm not the first to come up with it but I want to share it with you anyway. (First things first i'm not english so if i'm not clear enough tell me) My goal with this idea is to slow the game economy, and to maintain a high level of difficulty, even for high level players. First, traders disappear from the menu. Menu is your hideout and that's it. You can still receive/send messages to the traders for tasks and things that I will explain later. Traders would be accessible only in some places on maps (Exemple : Prapor in one of the closed building in Custom, Peacekeeper near an UNTAR checkpoint) accessible by pressing an intercom button, standing in front of a camera, opening a door. Thoose triggers would act as extracts, when extracted you would have acces to the trader's store. After your poo done, you would re-enter a new raid and have to extract with the loot you just bought. If you want to sell, you have to take your items with you and make it to the trader's location. You could also contact traders before entering a raid, buy an item and go pick it up at a "random" place on a map. This system would dynamize certain maps, maps with traders would be of great interrest for everyone. The fact that locations of pick-up are random would prevent from campers. At the exeption of the real traders location that could be protected by armed forces - like UNTAR faction for peacekeeper - that would open fire on nearby firefights (here I did not think it through). For Fence, the system would be different, he would manage the fleamarket. He would not have a specific location but you would buy/sell something on the flea and he would contact you via message telling you the location of the dropzone/pick-up zone. Your item would be on the flea/sold, only if you make it alive to the dropzone/pick-up zone. I have two other features that are more optionnal because they are very harcore : - Quests objects could be to bring (Ex : bronze watch) /pick-up (Ex : keys) directly to traders location, but that would highly up the difficulty of all thoose quests - For insured items, the same system could be applied, waiting you at a certain location/dropzone Consequences : - Much harder to have high tier stuff. For buy/sell stuff, you have to go through one entire map - Much lower progression because half of runs would be for buy/sell purpose, not a bad thing when we look at the speed of progression for this wipe - Looted stuff becomes much more important, you would re-use a lot more the stuff you looted instead of selling it instantly - High level player are less god mod cause high tier loot would be more difficult to acquire - As said before, dynamizing maps, more interests in certain maps The bad point I can see here is that it may incite some players to camp traders locations. That's it, once again if i'm not clear, feel free to ask me. Thanks for reading me !
  8. savvamon

    chat history with traders

    currently maybe after an update this happened, or it naturally occures every x days , or when your chat history grows longer, but for some reason my message history with traders cannot be scolled back to start of wipe time , maybe thats intentional , maybe not . That causes a small problem , with prapor specifically, drop inventory is not claimable when his message dissapears due to the reasons I stated above, for example as of 26-6 I could only roll back messages of prapor only back to 18-6 , missing all the other items before that time period . Do I care? meh I know how to earn money , whats my question? Are the devs aware of these type of chat issues creating bugs?
  9. X_on

    The flow of raids

    There are a few things that i wish to see from EFT which I believe would greatly improve the feel and flow of raids. 1. Combine all maps to one; I don't know if this one was already confirmed or discussed and I'm a bit confused about the arena mode when stated that raids will be shorter, but maps need to be merged together as one tarkov map I think. 2. At the start of a wipe, have the player pick where they want their hideout to be and that's where they spawn and extract from; I haven't given this one much thought but wanted to throw it out there anyway. The point so far is to give players a reason to move all over the map with longer raid time and less chance of converging with other players at spawn and exit locations. I think it makes more sense with this next point. 3. Traders are stationed at specific locations on the map (for example, therapist is somewhere at the resort); This point is even highlighted by their description in the main menu. Players would need to travel the map to find traders. One Important thing I want to stress is the absurdity of leveling traders and what it does to the concept of survival when paired with small maps and short raids. I never liked this mechanic and I think this is what ruins the game (for me at least) because it becomes all about doing those chorey tasks to level up traders and then once they're leveled, everyone just sits on their ass buying everything their heart desires which throws the survival aspect right out the window from the start. I imagine it like this; Everything is "find in raid" and can freely be used for barter (bartering with a sense of approximation towards the value of something). Items you find in raid, like a weapon stock, need to have a greater level of importance, not just for its sale value. Trader stocks need to be way more limited (level 2 quality items, roughly, perhaps with some fluctuation). Tasks can be done if you want to, but it would only increase soft skills like "charisma" which improves your relationship with that trader for better barter options. That's it, pure and simple. Raiders and bosses are beautiful. Taking them out gives you exactly the satisfaction you want to feel when see their loot! Note; I'm not an expert in game design and thus don't know the implications for making development decisions, so please take my suggestions with a grain of salt. Thanks.
  10. While I am a newer player to the game, I was watching one of Pestily's streams and there was a short discussion about an unlimited labs keycard. I think it would be viable if there was a scientist type trader who sold, I don't know, radiation defense gear and other end game style barter trades (I know radiation isn't currently in the game, but why would it have a stat in game if it wasn't planned for the future?). This character could also have his own questline based inside labs, or any future radiated end game areas, and the final quest could lead to an unlimited, or multi-use (25?, maybe it's a repeatable quest once they card breaks?) labs card. Side note, stacking backpacks is weird to me from a physics standpoint. Instead, lets fold up empty backpacks to 1/4th the original size and THEN put it in another bag.
  11. Hello everyone Giribaldi here, bring to you and the Devs a more focused orientated post/suggestion which will include secure polls for you to take in order for the Devs to better understand the communities wants for the game they love, in hopes that a change will be made as swiftly as possible due to the large increase in player base and thus the cause and need for such changes. Please scroll to the bottom for the 2 respective polls. In Tarkov, we explain it as a game that is a "hardcore" fps, something like PubG but with worth and value in the continued playing and development of your stash and character; however, a serious issue we face right now is a huge problem with the market and influx of players abusing, and I say abusing because this shouldn't be a playstyle available, a certain playstyle mindset that is not limited to just the normal player but also RMT business's. What I suggest, and has already been tested and done before, is we reinstate the Pre-Wipe Secure Container rule where in we are no longer able to place items into a secure container when in a raid, nor put things back in that were in there before. This purposed idea would cripple the RMT business's by removing the certainty of extracting with loot and would force the community to extract if they want to gain anything. I dont know about you but my idea of fun isnt to load into a raid and find that 50-80% of the PMCs I find are their souly as hatchet runners to suicide right after getting there secure container full. This will also provide much needed content for the regular player base. Second proposal, and one you seen a lot, is a need to fix the Trader sold items to be an infinite stock system with buy limits that refresh at normal interval. Right now a plague to the community is the problem that within 5 seconds of Traders refreshing their stock, unless ample, quickly disappears and makes it so the prices are gouged sometimes as bad as 500%. This will also provide another way to hit the RMT business's and market bots by removing the ability to price gouge items that are highly used but very few stocked; essentially creating money by playing the market and marking up items that sell for significantly less. Links to polls: Trader Out of Stock Issue Loading poll... Secure Container - Hatchling issue Loading poll...
  12. Whats the point of Euros if we aren't able to trade them? We should be able to sell any and all items in the OPEN MARKETPLACE
  13. stAKato

    Leveled sales

    Dear BSG, Escapers, Since every traders should barter high end items in order to keep balance between high and low leveled players : Why not make traders make special offers (sales), randomly set, for each loyalty levels? Items brought to sales could be purchased, in limited amount, at a very low price (could be the price the trader would buy it). F. E. : an M1A is traded for X barter items by Peacekeeper LL3. During sales (that last the time traders need to restock), M1A could be bought ~500 USD, for a max amount of 2. Only players with LL3 Peacekeeper are allowed to buy it. On the other hand LL1 (and over) would be able to buy MP5 for ~200$ instead of 10 knives.
  14. I've been seeing the flora body armour which can only be obtainable through trading and i'm wondering how i'm meant to obtain the items required for the trade as i've not been finding any of these items in raid
  15. NOTE: This was originally posted in the Beta Testing Forum. I forgot that section is not open to all users, so I decided to move it here instead. Also, the original context of this discussion is a post I made on Reddit. The formatting is a bit easier to read there, so feel free to go that route if you prefer. Now, onto the show ----- What if the traders were to come to you from time to time and say, "Hey, I need you to run into Interchange for me and get a bunch of loot. Here, take this weapon, rig, backpack, and armor and put it to good use. If you come back with the goods, you can keep the gear. If you don't come back with enough loot, then I'm going to start thinking twice about giving you these types of opportunities going forward..." And from here, maybe the user must extract with a certain number of a particular loot item. Or maybe they can mix and match whatever loot they want as long as its value equals at least $X. The idea is that each success could open higher levels of gear sets for later offers. So let's say early on, you're given a nice pisltol or SMG with low-tier armor. If you bring back the value of loot requested, maybe next time he swaps out the previous gear he gave you with you a rifle, mid-tier armor, and larger backpack to come back with an even larger amount of loot from the raid. (EDIT6: To clarify this point, the idea being you always ever have ONE free gear set at a time that you immediately take in with you to a raid. You can't just collect the items, stash them, and use something else. You accept the task, are given the items, and boom, immediately moved to the lobby for a raid on the designated map. When you extract, the trader expects you to give him back the non-disposable/non-usable items in order to progress further. Thoughts?) There could also be requests that require more than one player. For example: "Hey, find a buddy willing to take the risk with you, and I'll give you both a Labs keycard and set you up with some good gear. But in return, I want every single Raider killed. Every. Single. One. Which means you need to make sure every alarm is triggered before you extract and then go hunting. And remember, if you turn on me once you get in there and run away like a coward, I will not forget. What do you say, want to give it a shot, cowboy?" The goal here is to give players a chance to use better gear than they currently have, while also facing penalties for "failing" the task at hand. This way, if they just spawn in and rush for extract in order to keep the gear, that decision will "stay with them". Maybe the trader demands his gear be returned to him upon extract, maybe his karma takes a negative hit, maybe his rep with that trader goes down quite a bit. Something to punish provide a disincentive* for "not even trying" (* See EDIT4). Think of it kind of like a "gun game" mode, but included through intermittent quests from the traders. Each success "levels up" your next gear offer. And if you fail badly, your next gear offer drops in quality, etc. And again, the key word here is INTERMITTENT. These wouldn't happen all the time or be available 24/7 like current uncompleted tasks. Players would still have to find and risk their own loot the majority of the time. But every now and then, maybe these types of tasks could pop up for the player. Thoughts? Improvements? ----- EDIT1: Or, maybe the offers keep coming back to back to back and you upgrade/exchange your gear sets as long as you stay on a "win streak"? I can hear the player reactions now: "The other day I got one of those 'free gear' questlines from Peacekeeper... I ended up going into six raids back to back and got all the way up to a tricked out ADAR with Level 4 armor. In my last one, I had to kill and loot an item from 10 different scavs and make it out with $X value of loot. I didn't make it out, but man, was those were some sweet runs! Have you received one of those quests yet? How far were you able to get? What kind of gear did they give you each time?" The balancing act for the devs, then, would be how quickly the gear progresses after each success and/or the in-raid requirements that must be met for the tasks as they get progressively harder. ----- EDIT2: Maybe there could be an interesting interplay/reward for players who kill and loot a player currently on one of these questlines? For example, say you kill a player, and while looting him, you see he has a note or something (maybe a special flashdrive?) telling you to hand it in to Peacekeeper (or whatever trader the player was currently working with). Immediately upon extracting, the player automatically hands it over and receives a message from PK: "Ahh, you took him down did you? Or maybe you didn't, and you just found this on his body. Either way, I've got an offer for you. That player was on a mission for me. I set him up with some gear and in return, he completed certain tasks for me. Seeing that he's dead and you're alive, what do you say I extend similar offers your way?" And from here, the player is free to embark on a "free gear" questline of his own if he chooses to. Just like players can currently find Labs keys in-raid, this would essentially serve as a way for players to find a similar sort of "instant free-gear questline" pass, rather than having to wait for one as usual. ----- EDIT3: Rather than equip the player with one specific loadout each time, he could be given choices and/or allowed to choose from a limited subset of the items. "Hey it may not be pretty, but here. Grab whatever you want from this stash and make it happen." Later down the line, if the player "levels up" the gear offer, he could choose from an assortment of high level items. Mix and match attachments and items to fit how he wants to approach the next task. A sort of "gun game with options", if you will. The goal though would be to avoid pigeonholing players to a single play style while also keeping it short and sweet so they don't get overcome with analysis paralysis. For example, would you rather a decked out auto shotgun or really nice supressed pistol or mildly appointed MP5? Quick and to the point, keeping the player moving along. ----- EDIT4: As u/hanizen points out, it may be best to have any repercussions be limited to the "free gear" mini-quests, otherwise it may come across as unfair. The thought is to keep these fun and desirable -- "Yay, I got a free gear questline offer!", not "Crap, what if I die to a suspicious player or run into a four man squad? No thanks, I don't want it wrecking my trader rep!" ----- EDIT5: /u/delu_ has an interesting thought that I hadn't considered... Could something like this completely replace the Scav run? Especially once we have the hideout and multiple PMC characters, perhaps allowing these "supplied mercenary for hire" type raids from time to time could provide a more consistent experience story/lore-wise? Hmm... Interesting! (Though I have to say I really like "teaming up" with the AI as a Scav!) He goes on to say that certain tasks could "set up" the map in certain ways. The example he gives: "So, there's this asshole who keeps scaring my guys. Heard he sewn his name on his armor. Killa was it? Can you take him out?" which would make guaranteed killa spawn on your next interchange raid... Maybe even as an end of a longer series. Like first you gotta find a working gphone for Fence to arrange a fake meeting with killa, then you go clear and secure the place etc." Very cool! ----- EDIT7: Piggybacking a bit off of u/delu_'s idea of "setting up" the map... What if certain high-risk tasks provided some level of backup for the player in order to complete? For example Ragman: "Hey, I've got another one for you. This one is big. Very difficult. I need you to break into the Kiba store and place a tracking beacon on a shipment of supplies. You'll have to blow the door with this charge. Don't worry about Killa, we've already disabled the alarm. You've got ten minutes. I'll have my best guards on map providing support. We'll get you close, drop you off in a van in the parking garage, and provide some overwatch. After 10 minutes, though, all bets are off and my guys are pulling out. If for whatever reason you don't make it out, we never had this discussion and this whole deal never happened. What do you say?" And then, on map, certain blockades and/or flairs could be set in the mall, as a means of cordoning off the area (and hinting to others that something "special" is afoot). Maybe some high level scavs are stationed at certain areas to deter players (stationary machine gun mounts, possibly?). Upon map start, the player would spawn within the mall, in the parking garage, near a blacked out van. Other players, upon joining the raid, would receive a message from Ragman along the lines of, "Hey, I've got a guy running something important for me. Don't get in the way. Kiba's off-limits for the first 10 minutes. If you do kill him, though, bring me back his beacon and I'll clue you in." (See EDIT2) During the first 10 minutes, Ragman's guards would serve as a sort of "third-party" to the fighting. They'd engage both Scavs and PMC's while being friendly to you/your squad.
  16. Wiinter011

    Item útiles al intercambio

    Hola gente, mi idea es compartir con todos ustedes una pequeña lista de item que ayudan para el intercambio y beneficiarse. Espero que les ayude, iré agregando más mediante pase el tiempo.
  17. stAKato

    About Traders leveling

    Hello Escapers, dear monsieur Nikita and BSG developers, It is all about Traders (quest, item, loyalty, reputation, level) ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. There should be a task pattern influencing you max loyalty level with some traders. Based on faction (USEC, BEAR, UN peacekeepers npc), and rock, paper, scissors relations between traders. Ex: if you work for Skier, you should not be able to level max Therapist, Prapor (who supports BEAR) and Mechanic. PEACEKEEPER (who supports USEC) is OK with Mechanic and Skier but wants to get rid of Ragman and Therapist etc... Some of them are faction Neutral (Therapist, Mechanic, Ragman, Jaeger) ---------------------------------------------------------- 2. Increase the amount of loyalty levels from 4 to wathever you want but at least 5, could limit the amount of stuff you can purchase at a time and increase the interest player have to level up traders. Items would not be obsolete as fast as they are yet (in particular for weapons and mods). ----------------------------------------------------------- 3. Some quests could be randomized - both in term of place in the quest queue and requirements. Quests requiring to find some items, mark places / objects or kill SCAV/PMC are not story driven, so they can be randomized. ----------------------------------------------------------- 4. Unlocking items should be as tied to reputation as loyalty level. (today, it's more or less only tied to taks and LL, which are a merge of player level, amount of money spent and reputation) - unlocking LL reveals some "basic" content but weapons and their mods would be unlocked at a certain amount of reputation (remember you can loose rep points) Variation: rep points unlock money transactions for barter transactions only item. This way, you have to choose traders you want to work with. ----------------------------------------------------------- 5. Add contextual tasks and events that rewards reputation, money or very rare items (the harder it is, the better the reward) Ex: for every player entering the raid on Interchange in which Killah spawns, Ragman sends a message : Kill Killah, bring me back his helmet and armor. Reward: choose from 3 class 4 / 5 armor or +1,00rep or 500000rub. Another one : Spawning on Shoreline, Mechanic sends : To every PMC in the area, I found a military grade emitter in the swamp village area, could you please retrieve it for me. And then Peacekeeper calls: Bring me the emitter and you'll be rewarded with some useful keys. Rewards : +0.75rep Mech, - 0.5rep PeaceK + 2 fully modded weapons + 150000rub OR +0.9rep PeaceK, -0.4rep Mech + 1 keycard (for the lab or some military base / harbor locked container/room) + 1000$ ----------------------------------------------------------- All of these tweaks, changes and additions would make the game less redundant after wipes, more rewarding, more punishing, add a choice system, make the player use some items, develop flee market and auction systems (no one would be ever able to purchase every traders items) IMHO. Merci pour reading this post. And désolé pour mon bad English. Ask for precisions, react, share.
  18. SNiAN

    Trader bugfix

    Going into traders with a mount or whichever with attached items, removing the attachment won't change the price shown on the mount. ex. Open Mechanic with a sprut full of Klesh tactical mods, remove all the mods and the sprut will still show the price if it had the attachments still on. Doesn't sell for that amount though.
  19. Boehkomat1336

    Now I need rep to get LL3 Peacekeeper?

    Last patches, even from last year I didn't need to do any quests to get to peacekeeper LL3 and LL4, only Spend the money and level my PMC, but now it requires 0.3 rep for peacekeeper to be LL3. Is it a bug or an unannounced change? If it is a change, then why it says I need to be level 18, when in fact you finish the skier quest line you will be already level 40 or smth.
  20. BloodyDuty

    Make Fence of use

    So the other day i was in the marked and looked over the Traders and i saw my lvl1 Fence and thought: whats up with you mate? Here is the Idea i came up with: What if Fence had a percentual chance of gaining the Gear players lost in raids wich was not insured or they missed an insurance. So instead of the Gear go lost people could buy some full attached weapons or hight tier gier at Fence for a price wich is a little bit highter than the original worth/price of the Equipment players payed for it. So it would be rentable for people to buy. I think especially new players may benefit from that kind of system within Fence because they mostly do not know how to mod Guns and what parts to use. So instead of grindig traders and maby struggle to achieve the ability to mod guns they can buy alrdy moddet guns. That would help em getting through the first early to mid lvls a little bit easier. Pls tell me your thoughts in comments below. PRO and CON would rly appreciate the community reviews about it. Thanks guys stay cheeky. (ps pls do not mention my grammars thanks.)
  21. TTomcio

    Modding screen buy mods QoL

    What if we could buy mods directly from modding screen? It would greatly decrease time needed to find that one rail or adapter you are looking for. I posted it on reddit and most people liked the idea too. Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/9v24bk/modding_screen_qol/
  22. saibot0

    Level Rewarding system.

    Alright so i think we need to have something with every level up you get a little bit of roubles. lvl 1-5 you get 1000 RUB's per level, 5-10 2000 RUB's per level, 10-15 3500 RUB'S per level, 15-20 4000 RUB'S per level, 20-30 7000 RUB's per level - 30-40 10000 RUB's per level, 40-50 15000 RUB's per level, 50-60 25000 per level and so on. Would be nice to have something for lvl 40+ players
  23. SergeiVezlov

    The Forge

    "Well, aren't we gifted! All of these fancy guns lying around, from PDW's to ravaging nutcases with LSW's at that damn Mall. But, something has been gnawing at me recently. How did we just get an iconic bolt action that has spilled blood on these lands so recently, I mean. It would make sense these would be the first weapons of war used for these lawless lands. Hmh, think I found the answer, the MYSTERY... If you will. There are rumors floating around about some lads that use to work at some factory district, fenced off, cranking out crude classics for people to kill one another with. Seems even scrap metal can still give the punch it needs in the Motherland. Might want to head over there and give a looksee. Might be a special someone that could get you cheap kits to help ya survive." I introduce you, to a rugged man named The Forge. A metal worker that had a hobby of gunsmithing. With a crew and the right tools first snagged during the whole crazy debacle. Theyve been arming themselves with easily crafted guns of old. From freshly minted TT-33, Mosin rifles to maybe something special along the road like iconic world war 2 smgs and so on. A fun idea none the less with a little role play element to spice the idea up.
  24. Kaizer_Mate

    Leveling Ragman

    does anyone know the best way to level ragman( most efficient cause I need to level him really bad lmao).
  25. olegsia

    In Game Trader Lag

    Hello. My Traders Have been Recently Lagging.F.e i wanted to buy Something or Put Bullets in my Magazne but it takes much Longer than it should be(Mostly around 3-7 seconds, Sometimes Even around up to 10 seconds)! My question is why do I Keep having it even though i can Play with a Decently good connection without having any Problems at all.? Does anyone has the same problems and Solutions?
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