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  1. Ill keep this short, feel like the stock akm should replace the aks 74u as the debute weapon unlock. Giving players an incentive to do early game quests, also switch ps 545 ammo with 545 pp round on ll1 prapor unlocks. This would give new players a cheaper alternative to sks, 136, adar and mosin right off the bat. Or at least give ll1 prapor fmj ammo as alternative to tracer ammo
  2. Cernorium

    Addition to Auctions

    I have read somewhere that Nikita said that flea market is running so well that he is thinks of not implementing the auctions tab in game (not sure if he really said this or not) but my ideia is as follows. When we insure some items we have a limited amount of time to get them back to our stash, after that the item is gone. But what if instead of Prapor (or therapist) just throwing the unclaimed items, what if they place that same items on the auctions section so that anyone can buy modded weapons and such? My ideia goes a little further actually and it would be something like:
  3. Não sei se foi mencionado isso, porém mesmo com ticket encaminhado já, é bom mencionar que os vendedores no server brasileiro tem os tempos errados dos resets, imagino que todos passam por isso, mas ao tentar comprar o combustível que nesse caso é o mais visado pelos jogadores, os vendedores resetam o stock 2 minutos antes para praticamente sendo assim, quando tentamos até atualizar o vendedor antes, não dá tempo de comprar, não sei qual é a intenção dos desenvolvedores de colocar stocks limitados, porém se for nesse caso pelo menos arrumem a questão do tempo, pois quando reseta 2
  4. The fact that there is so many bots on the flea market and the stock on the traders is messing up the game. Read someone mention that traders should not have a limited supply of something, for instance if you havent bought the "limited amount" of a certain item that you can buy, you should be able to buy it. Even if everyone else has bought their "limit" of it. Some of the items from the traders is out of stock within a minute of their "restock" and you have to wait another 2h+ to be able to get it, even after those 2h+, you might just get the error again because the stock is empty within
  5. So I can't buy this TOZ but as you can see I have around 100k roubles in my stash yet I cannot buy it. How come?
  6. Zombie9221

    Therapist Service

    Had an idea for a service for the Therapist which could refill your medkits for a certain amount of cash.
  7. With the game getting more and more attachments that come in all different colors, the traders will become more and more bloated with attachments. Here is an idea to reduce space on traders and not be afraid of adding different colors for attachments and clutter up the traders. You add a color palette icon to the buy screen as well and in the trader inventory so you can select what color you want. This feature would just be for items that have the same stats and you could see what you need to unlock the other colors like trader loyalty or not high enough level or its locked behind a task.
  8. MrPeebles

    Weapon Selling Bug?!

    Hi, first of all I can't enter the bug report section of the forum so I'm just posting this here. I just saw the patch released today and I must have missed something (I'm pretty sure I haven't but ok) because I can't sell any disassembled gun to any trader (aka any non functional weapon). What the hell is up with that? Makes no sense that I can't sell my guns by parts. Is this a bug or a new feature?
  9. Peekaboo90

    Found an exploit.

    Hey there, I found a sales exploit. Example: When you're selling a fully modded AK etc. without removing attachments to a vendor, you can actually de-mod it and still sell the AK for the same value as if it was modded and then sell the mods seperately afterwards. I dont have a screenshot of this at the moment, but maybe something to look into :)
  10. Newbieae01

    An idea for in game traders

    So I think it would be cool if when in game traders were added they were in a neutral place where you could not shoot others. Similar to the outpost in the survival game "rust". This would be a nice place to possibly meet and talk to other players if VOIP was added.
  11. deagle15

    Traders' Items Not Loading

    After the most recent update, none of the traders' items will load for me. I've sat for several minutes on the trader screen on several different occasions and none of their items will load. It's making it near impossible to play the game as I can't buy the meds and supplies I need. This error just came up after waiting on the screen for about 10 minutes.
  12. Durhnevir

    Some idea about traders

    I had an idea yesterday, I think it could be a good way to spice up the game. I'm sure i'm not the first to come up with it but I want to share it with you anyway. (First things first i'm not english so if i'm not clear enough tell me) My goal with this idea is to slow the game economy, and to maintain a high level of difficulty, even for high level players. First, traders disappear from the menu. Menu is your hideout and that's it. You can still receive/send messages to the traders for tasks and things that I will explain later. Traders would be accessible only in
  13. savvamon

    chat history with traders

    currently maybe after an update this happened, or it naturally occures every x days , or when your chat history grows longer, but for some reason my message history with traders cannot be scolled back to start of wipe time , maybe thats intentional , maybe not . That causes a small problem , with prapor specifically, drop inventory is not claimable when his message dissapears due to the reasons I stated above, for example as of 26-6 I could only roll back messages of prapor only back to 18-6 , missing all the other items before that time period . Do I care? meh I know how to earn money , what
  14. X_on

    The flow of raids

    There are a few things that i wish to see from EFT which I believe would greatly improve the feel and flow of raids. 1. Combine all maps to one; I don't know if this one was already confirmed or discussed and I'm a bit confused about the arena mode when stated that raids will be shorter, but maps need to be merged together as one tarkov map I think. 2. At the start of a wipe, have the player pick where they want their hideout to be and that's where they spawn and extract from; I haven't given this one much thought but wanted to throw it out there anyway. The point so far is
  15. While I am a newer player to the game, I was watching one of Pestily's streams and there was a short discussion about an unlimited labs keycard. I think it would be viable if there was a scientist type trader who sold, I don't know, radiation defense gear and other end game style barter trades (I know radiation isn't currently in the game, but why would it have a stat in game if it wasn't planned for the future?). This character could also have his own questline based inside labs, or any future radiated end game areas, and the final quest could lead to an unlimited, or multi-use (25?, maybe it
  16. Hello everyone Giribaldi here, bring to you and the Devs a more focused orientated post/suggestion which will include secure polls for you to take in order for the Devs to better understand the communities wants for the game they love, in hopes that a change will be made as swiftly as possible due to the large increase in player base and thus the cause and need for such changes. Please scroll to the bottom for the 2 respective polls. In Tarkov, we explain it as a game that is a "hardcore" fps, something like PubG but with worth and value in the continued playing and development of y
  17. Whats the point of Euros if we aren't able to trade them? We should be able to sell any and all items in the OPEN MARKETPLACE
  18. stAKato

    Leveled sales

    Dear BSG, Escapers, Since every traders should barter high end items in order to keep balance between high and low leveled players : Why not make traders make special offers (sales), randomly set, for each loyalty levels? Items brought to sales could be purchased, in limited amount, at a very low price (could be the price the trader would buy it). F. E. : an M1A is traded for X barter items by Peacekeeper LL3. During sales (that last the time traders need to restock), M1A could be bought ~500 USD, for a max amount of 2. Only players with LL3 Peacekeeper are a
  19. I've been seeing the flora body armour which can only be obtainable through trading and i'm wondering how i'm meant to obtain the items required for the trade as i've not been finding any of these items in raid
  20. NOTE: This was originally posted in the Beta Testing Forum. I forgot that section is not open to all users, so I decided to move it here instead. Also, the original context of this discussion is a post I made on Reddit. The formatting is a bit easier to read there, so feel free to go that route if you prefer. Now, onto the show ----- What if the traders were to come to you from time to time and say, "Hey, I need you to run into Interchange for me and get a bunch of loot. Here, take this weapon, rig, backpack, and armor and put it to good use. If you come back with the goods, y
  21. Wiinter011

    Item útiles al intercambio

    Hola gente, mi idea es compartir con todos ustedes una pequeña lista de item que ayudan para el intercambio y beneficiarse. Espero que les ayude, iré agregando más mediante pase el tiempo.
  22. stAKato

    About Traders leveling

    Hello Escapers, dear monsieur Nikita and BSG developers, It is all about Traders (quest, item, loyalty, reputation, level) ----------------------------------------------------------- 1. There should be a task pattern influencing you max loyalty level with some traders. Based on faction (USEC, BEAR, UN peacekeepers npc), and rock, paper, scissors relations between traders. Ex: if you work for Skier, you should not be able to level max Therapist, Prapor (who supports BEAR) and Mechanic. PEACEKEEPER (who supports USEC) is OK with Mechanic and Skier but wants to get rid of R
  23. SNiAN

    Trader bugfix

    Going into traders with a mount or whichever with attached items, removing the attachment won't change the price shown on the mount. ex. Open Mechanic with a sprut full of Klesh tactical mods, remove all the mods and the sprut will still show the price if it had the attachments still on. Doesn't sell for that amount though.
  24. Last patches, even from last year I didn't need to do any quests to get to peacekeeper LL3 and LL4, only Spend the money and level my PMC, but now it requires 0.3 rep for peacekeeper to be LL3. Is it a bug or an unannounced change? If it is a change, then why it says I need to be level 18, when in fact you finish the skier quest line you will be already level 40 or smth.
  25. BloodyDuty

    Make Fence of use

    So the other day i was in the marked and looked over the Traders and i saw my lvl1 Fence and thought: whats up with you mate? Here is the Idea i came up with: What if Fence had a percentual chance of gaining the Gear players lost in raids wich was not insured or they missed an insurance. So instead of the Gear go lost people could buy some full attached weapons or hight tier gier at Fence for a price wich is a little bit highter than the original worth/price of the Equipment players payed for it. So it would be rentable for people to buy. I think especially new playe
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