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Found 5 results

  1. I don't get why there are time limits on collecting money or items from quests and stuff you sold on the market. I've lost out on so much stuff because of this. It doesn't help when the server wont refresh either. I was on a couple days ago to collect my insurance and no notifications came up about my items sold on the Market place, I even checked Ragman's messages. Nothing... I sold 4 filters for about 70,000 Roubles each, and lost out on all that cash. I don't play every day because I have a life and am not able to tend to Tarkov. It's ridiculous and makes no sense. Same with quest items. I've done so many quests and then timed out because, as I've stated before, I'm not able to be on every day. Plus I forget or the server doesn't refresh while I'm playing, even after a round. It's BS I guess my suggestion is to just take the time limit off. I get the games hardcore and I like it for that but this particular thing is driving me mad. The insurance is fine, no complaints there.
  2. antkneegee

    Flea market idea

    What if you could take an item (for instance say sugar) and have a option were when you right click to filter by item on the flea market, you could filter by trades? Meaning you could then scroll threw things on the flea market that are specifically looking for a trade for sugar? I like to do a lot of trading for things i need rather than spending thousands of roubles as im just starting out in the game and was just curious if there were any other traders with the same thought? Or if its a good idea at all really haha. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this and respond!!!
  3. Hello guys, I purchased 57 condensed milk for 5 ES Lamps and never received my items but I lost my lamps. I didn't find any support options under account so I'm looking for help in retrieval for my items purchased. Thanks. Edit: Forgot to add, I had space for all 57 items and the Lamps came out of my scav junk box.
  4. NA Server - Selling Shmaska - Propose your prices or trades - Factory Trades Only
  5. (DISCORD LINK) <------ JOIN THE DISCORD About us! We are a growing escape from tarkov community! We like to invite you to join us on discord and find others for you to play with and trade with or just even to ask for help! All players are welcome even then ones with no experience we'll help you out! What do you benefit from us? - On the discord we have many help options. Under [eft-map] on discord you have quick access to all the maps there extraction locations, the spawns for pmc and scavs. (also all the loot spawns and key spawns!) - on the discord there is always someone that is willing to help you run your task so you aren't alone or even the higher levels will give you what you need for task items! - on discord we will have the updates from eft straight to the announcement section on the discord. (such as bullet updates trader up dates) - We have a trade section on our discord! You can trade reliable players in the community and you will not get scammed! if you need a item just post in trade section! (scamming = ban) - We have many help options and information that we hand over to our community players that is at your hands. We are here to help each other out! What do we benefit from you? - The community is growing in a good way from just you joining and play with the community players! - Having more knowledge if you are a new player with all information given on the discord and the veteran players or guides. - Always having someone to squad with or teaming with! (just join looking for group channel) What do we need from you? - Envy has a set of in game rules and discord rules that should be followed at all times! resulting in breaking the rules will be banned from the server. We are here to have fun and help not troll. - Keep the text channels to there correct category - Have fun and happy hunting! What we are looking for! - creative people or people who use photoshop - We need guides(which is staff that help players in the discord with the game) - To grow and progress with players and information while escape from tarkov progresses - feed back!
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