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Found 3 results

  1. Why is this game so broken

    Hey, Just installed the update, we've all patiently waited for! I was trilled for the few new things, but then. Haha, then. I tried playing. There we were we got into a match, booted me for some error 500, got back in what felt like 10 minutes, Was shot dead while booted... Spawned into another match with the t0z AGAIN! We're in the office room of factory, my friend, he's armed with a pistol, I have the Toz, My friend gets wall banged, but out of the side of my screen, if you look at it just right. The upstairs room doors, will go invisible. It is so stupid. You can see through it, 100% He didn't get wallbanged. The guy used the invisible door to find and kill him through the door itself. Shortly after, the same man, Runs into the door and it just bursts tf open instantly, and I lose connection. I have perfectly fine internet speed, I'm the only one on, and I'm hardwired. This is your game, I payed for 1 $45 copy, and EOD $139 I expect more. I can't upload the video due to this file standard for some reason.
  2. MP-133

    So in factory i shot a guy from 4m. 3 times with mp-133. İ can see the bullet holes on his face then he start running to me,i shot him again and again but he didnt die, is this shotgun broken ?
  3. - Visual effects when killing people - Different levels of motivations to kill players, even though it's not nescessary (teamkills, and so on) - Mine spam, booby trapping bodies - Bad leveling ingame (not every window should be transparent/ throughshootable - Grenade/GL spam (high price for each GL round and not 100% accuracy would be optimal) - No reason for money (in some games we have seen that money is acting like paperweight) - K/D ratio shown (it would be good, that people would not focus on their k/d, but instead on objectives on looting)