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Found 15 results

  1. Hey, I'm trying to convert my friends from PUBG and CSGO to Tarkov. They are good players, and they are interested in the game, but they think it's too complicated with all the parts, loot, etc. I used to think that too until I tried it for myself. Let me know if anyone has a spare trial key. I know at least one of them will buy it once he tries it and sees how fun it is. Thanks guys!
  2. Dear devs, I would like to suggest bringing back some kind of trial keys, so you can invite your friends. I know you've had troubles with people trying to sell those keys as full product, so I came up with an idea: Every player, who got the full game gets a 1-use LINK (not a key, a link) that he can send to his friend. That link redirects user to your site, to the account creation menu where there is literally said in capital letters (glowin red if needed :D) that YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED FOR A FREE n-Days TRIAL blah blah and it lets you create an account and enjoy Tarkov for several days. In this case ppl can't sell those keys as those are not keys. A link is ofc 1-time use. You can give more links to higher editions (like eod etc.) or just give everyone an equal amount of links. So basically people can invite their friends to try the game during the hard #stayathome times and I am pretty sure this will bring many new players and also will let people play with their friends for a while. If you'll like the idea, you can make some sort of "refer a friend" feature with some little rewards once the invited one upgrades for a normal acc, gets certain level in the future or so on, but this is just an general idea of spreading the love of tarkov. Regards, Swistak
  3. TheGoldenGod-OG

    Trial Keys

    I was wondering if there are any trial keys left? I am asking because I'm a solo Tarkov player who has fallen in love with the game (430+ hours), and I really want to experience it with my friends. I know for a fact that many of them would absolutely love EFT, although none seem interested enough to purchase it. I'm pretty sure that once they have a little taste, they'll defiantly buy into the beta. I don't mean to seem like I'm asking for pity or anything, I just really want to play the game with my pals. Thank you and good luck with your raids.
  4. Salve galerinha Então, resolvi criar esse tópico para deixa-lo fixo aqui no fórum devido a quantidade de mensagens que recebi no privado e alguns tópicos que foram criados e revividos nos últimos dias. Aos players que ainda não possuem o jogo e tem interesse em testa-lo antes de comprar. As keys para test ou como o nome diz Key trial geralmente aparecem em eventos, seja eventos dos Devs na Twitch, Twitter,Facebook,VK ou aqui no fórum. Então recomendo que siga todas as redes sócias do EFT e BSG. Lembrando também que existem eventos criados pela BSG onde cada player ganha uma quantidade de chaves X para compartilhar. Esse tipo de evento é surpresa e acontece em datas comemorativas. Não adianta perguntar para nos emissários, não podemos divulgar algo sem a permissão dos devs e no caso se fosse para divulgar já teríamos feito isso. Emissários, Moderadores, Sherpas entre outros membros da Staff também recebem keys para sortear, cada um sorteia de uma maneira diferente. Alguns emissários são streamers então geralmente o sorteio é feito na stream do mesmo. Outros usam o Facebook(grupos),discord ou aqui mesmo no próprio fórum. Alguns Streamers também ganham keys para sortear, no entanto nem sempre é algo oficial, sendo assim a responsabilidade do sorteio fica diretamente com o streamer Então não adianta criar tópicos pedindo keys e peço que isso não aconteça. Caso volte a acontecer algum evento do qual players recebam keys para compartilhar um tópico, será criado para que players que ainda não possuem o jogo solicitem keys de forma organizada. FLP
  5. 0.12 will soon be upon us and with that comes a wipe, with everyone going back to their edition gear. With the upgraded Unity Engine, a lot of new content and a brand new map 0.12 will be the biggest patch to date, to say the community is hyped is an understatement. There has never been a better time to take a stand, BEAR or USEC, and see if YOU can Escape from Tarkov! Prize x1 Standard Edition Key (Full game, not trial) x4 14 day trial keys (One per person, 4 in total) How to enter What are you most looking forward to in 0.12? How long have you been following Escape from Tarkov? Why is this the game for you? It would be great to hook up some people that have been following the development of EFT and would make the most of these keys, tell us why you should win and you could be getting one of the four fourteen day trial keys, or a full standard edition key! The giveaway is open to all, so even if you have EFT and want to try and win a key for a friend, share your thoughts and who knows, you could be one of the winners! Rules One entry/post per person, you can edit it as long as the function is still available. The winners will be picked and announced as the servers go down for the installation of patch 0.12. Sherpa Squad (Optional) As you will know Escape from Tarkov can be very punishing, especially for new players, if you would like some assistance in learning the basics and have someone to watch your six, you can request the Sherpa Squad, we are here to help you get the most out of EFT! Good luck, and may the best operator win!
  6. I'm looking for a 14 day trial key for a friend so he can try out the game. I heard the keys exist so if anybody has one they won't use then let me know. :)
  7. StereoEel54

    14 Day Trial Code Giveaway

    Happy New Year! Because all of my friends already own Escape from Tarkov, I have been left with two 14 day trial keys with no one to give them to. So I've decided to give one of my keys away as a New Years gift! First person to respond to this thread will get one of the trial keys I have. The winner will be PM'd the key. Happy Hunting, StereoEel54
  8. Hello, I have 3 more 14 day trial codes to give away, for these codes there is only one condition, you must have registered BEFORE December 2018, the first 3 to comment that meet this requirement will receive a trial key via PM. See you in Tarkov! Madiakz
  9. liontamer32

    14 day trial error

    I gave a friend the 14 day trial and he activated it but he still has 9 days left and i want to give him the free standard edition but the website says he cant activate the key because he already has the standard version of the game
  10. bbcokeley

    Free trial codes

    Got 2 free trial codes to give away, if anyone knows some one who wants them let me know. None of my friends are interested (whom haven't already purchased it) EDIT EU.
  11. Hello, I have 14 Trial Code and would like to make sure someone gets to try EFT out! First comment that hasn't got a code already can have it. Madiakz
  12. So I have been checking my account and I still have not received my 7-day trial keys. I bought my EOD version on jan 4 2017, so I should be eligible. From what I've seen on the forums they are supposed to show up in the profile page, but they are not there. Any help would be appreciated as today is the last day to activate them and I have some friends that would really like to try the game. EDIT: I purchased the game in the United States region if that makes any difference.
  13. Kurze Frage: Hab das Spiel genau am 28.7 gekauft, noch bevor die ersten Closed-Beta Waves ins Spiel gelassen wurden. War Teil der dritten und letzten Welle. Werde ich trotzdem nen 7-Tage Trial Key erhalten? Ein Freund meinerseits würde EFT gerne ausprobieren aber ich bin mir nicht sicher, ob ich ihn überhaupt mit nem Key versorgen werden kann. Vielen Dank im Vorraus, -Toeli
  14. I got friends who are interested on playing EFT but they are not really sure about buying the game before trying it. They are registered already, but they have not received any email confirming the opportunity to try the Beta. They don't have the option in the site neither. I my account, I do have an option to install the game. The reason why they want to try it first is because in the past we all had some bad experiences with other purchased games. The games were left there and it was just a wasted of money. Can I send an invite to them fro my account? If yes, please advise how. Thanks in advance guys for any useful information provided.
  15. hakunamavodkatv

    Beta-Key Giveaway's

    Hey, Leute habe gerade im Forum folgendes gefunden: Klingt ziemlich nice, und bin sehr gespannt!
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