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Found 9 results

  1. shury2323

    Trial Code for a friend

    Hi, im new to tarkov and im watching a lot of these friends hoping to get an trial code or something, so i can show the game for a friend and play with him. I dont like asking too much but if anybody has 1 trial key left or something and want to make 2 guys very happy, i would appreciate much, thank you
  2. lordace

    EU trial key request

    Dear EFT Team I would like to request a EU free trial key for my friend who lives overseas, I want him to try the game before he purchase it. So i wish you can Please issue me a trail key so he can try the game for at least a week. Best Regards.
  3. Dear devs, I would like to suggest bringing back some kind of trial keys, so you can invite your friends. I know you've had troubles with people trying to sell those keys as full product, so I came up with an idea: Every player, who got the full game gets a 1-use LINK (not a key, a link) that he can send to his friend. That link redirects user to your site, to the account creation menu where there is literally said in capital letters (glowin red if needed :D) that YOU HAVE BEEN INVITED FOR A FREE n-Days TRIAL blah blah and it lets you create an account and enjoy Tarkov for several da
  4. TheGoldenGod-OG

    Trial Keys

    I was wondering if there are any trial keys left? I am asking because I'm a solo Tarkov player who has fallen in love with the game (430+ hours), and I really want to experience it with my friends. I know for a fact that many of them would absolutely love EFT, although none seem interested enough to purchase it. I'm pretty sure that once they have a little taste, they'll defiantly buy into the beta. I don't mean to seem like I'm asking for pity or anything, I just really want to play the game with my pals. Thank you and good luck with your raids.
  5. Hello Escapers Celebrating the success of patch 0.12 I'll be giving away 10 14-day trial keys only for forum users who don't have the game yet. I know that the success of patch 0.12 has had a lot of repercussions and because of this success the number of new players has increased a lot. However some users have not yet become PMC, I'm here to make it happen. How to participate: To apply for a key you must create a forum account and post a Meme, Story or Fanfic about Escape From Tarkov in that topic. The 10 posts with the most UPVOTE/LIKE will win a 14 day key trial. R
  6. Payaca

    Trial Key request

    Hi guys, so i have a question if anyone of u have trial key? I have a friend who is watching me on discord stream when i play Tarkov and he is super hyped about this game. He didnt buy the game cuz he is worried that the game will not work properly on his computer :/. Send me pm if u willing to help :).
  7. EntwicklunG

    [Suche] Trial Key

    Hallo zusammen, mein Kollege würde unheimlich gerne mal EFT probieren, hat aber leider gerade kein Geld für eine Standart Edition. Hat vielleicht jemand aus der deutschen Community ein Trial Key (bitte per Nachricht) für Ihn übrig? Wäre demjenigen äußerst dankbar! Besten Dank im Voraus.
  8. EntwicklunG

    [Searching] Free trial code

    Dear all, I am searching for a 7 or 14 days trial code for my friend. As he currently don't have the money to buy the standart edition I would be very thankful to anyone who could share a key (please by message) with me. Please if someone hasn't a usage, help me to get my friend an awesome game on his pc. Much thanks in advance.
  9. Hallo deutschsprachiges Forum und Twitchcommunity von PIK_TV Wie ihr ja wisst spiele ich EFT nun seit fast einem Jahr mit sicherlich weit über 1000h Raidzeit, zudem bin ich seit geraumer Zeit auf Twitch aktiv und reichlich am Escape from Tarkov streamen. Dabei werden natürlich auch immer fleißig Fragen beantwortet und die neuesten offiziellen News verbreitet, im Rahmen meiner Tätigkeit als Emmissär für Escape from Tarkov. Soweit zur Vorgeschichte^^ Ich denke der Channel hat jetzt einen Punkt erreicht, an dem es lohnt auch mal aktiv Werbung zu machen und somit ein breit
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