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  1. I have an updated guide for shorelines Village. For new players and old who are struggling to get out of the gate or struggling to even make a profit in 12.9. This guide will help you and show you the most underrated and under looted (everytime i go) Spot on shoreline. which should net new and old players around 500k-1mil a run. thanks for checking it out. thanks and constructive critcism is much appreciated. THE GUIDE IS HERE < Shoreline village Loot Guide - Escape From Tarkov (0.12.9)
  2. Terragroup labs is one of the pvpers most favourite map , In this guide we will be talking about the hotspots of the map , loot , raiders advantage and how to peak them , Hotspots are usually where the high tier loot is , 1 : Dome Has chance of spawning Ledx skin transilluminator (no keys required) : This spot is know as being very active early game since all players push this spot for the ledx , so always keep in mind you are not the only one there , Near the Dome there is black keycard spawn : Black keycard spawn on the desk in front of Dome : The keycard spawn on the Desk where the arrow is pointing , hard to miss it if you know what you looking for , 2 : Laboratory block (G22) AKA Green room (Require Green keycard to access the room) Black keycard spawn location (Click image for video guide) : Possible LEDX Skin Transilluminator in the metal container (Click image for video guide) : Possible Folder with intelligence spawn near the laptop (Click image for a guide that shows 15 spawn locations) : Remember this spot is always active and count as hotspot , there is always players around , 3 : Terragroup Lab Quarantine room AKA Blue room (require Blue keycard to access the quarantine) : Green keycard spawn location (can access without blue keycard) : Ledx skin transilluminator inside Quarantine room (Require Blue keycard to open the door to the quarantine room) : 4 : Recpetion AKA manager office : Green keycard spawn chance : Require manager Office key to unlock the door , contain high end tier loot (bitcoin,lion,vase,teapot) You can find bitcoin on the desk or the floor near the teapot shown below : This spot is very dangerous cause its located in the middle of the map on the second floor, Most raiders will shoot you from all across the map , if you want to go there, its better to go there at the start of the match or after you have cleared the area from raiders/players. 5 : laboratory security AKA red room (Security room require red keycard to open) : Inside of red room you can find Green keycard spawn (no key required to open the door): Security room require red key card to open the door (Has a lot of high end tier items): Very active spot be careful from this area . Now we come to the last part of the post , Raiders : These raiders are very dangerous , the way they work is very aggressive they Shoot on sight , at long range they nade you , close range they shoot only , they often have good type of ammo (armor piercing) My tips is always try to sidestep peak them don't lean since when you(Lean) you only show them your Head and they lock on that, Q / E (lean) Alt Q / Alt E (sidestep) This is an example of what raiders see when you lean peak them : They only see two parts of your body , arms and head , 90% chance you will get killed by head, they always shoot the part of your body they see , for example if they only see your head they will shoot that part , if they see your whole body they always lock for hands stomach and thorax less chances for them to one shot you on the head , Example of what they see when you sidestep peak : in this image the raider can see five parts of your body , less likely to get one tapped in the head , the raiders are very aggressive and sometimes even if you peak your full body they can still one tap you in the head that is cause of the box's/bushes covering the rest of your body and they only see your head , always try to peak them from close range with your full body, long range distance make sure if your peaking them there is nothing blocking/covering your body , Hope this is helpful for new players trying out labs , good luck out there ,
  3. The Lab is a top-secret underground laboratory facility built by the Terra Group underneath the city of Tarkov. It does not exist in any official records and its existence surfaced only after the Tarkov conflict escalated and personnel evacuation had to be carried out. Documents and data salvaged by PMC operatives suggest that the lab specialized in biological, biotechnological, physical, chemical, and high-tech areas. Moreover, the state of some of the work areas, their design, and equipment seems to suggest that many of the experiments that were carried out here were forbidden by law. Lore-wise The Lab is definitely one of the darkest and the most disturbing places in Tarkov as it shows the true face of the Terra Group corporation. Each Raid in the Lab lasts for 45 minutes and features from 6 to 10 players and multiple Scav Raider spawns. The Lab is a unique map with a ton of different extraction points, and it can be confusing for new players. This area contains high-end loot and valuable items all over the place. Ensuring items does not work on this map, so don’t waste your time trying. Scav Raiders spawn around the map when certain conditions are triggered. They may be hard to defeat and are often equipped with high tier armor, weapons, and ammo. Insurance DOES NOT work inside the Labs map of EFT. Regardless of which trader you purchase insurance from, they won’t be able to retrieve any items you may lose inside. In fact, they will inform you that they couldn’t find the location and that their men didn’t come back. Labs has 10 keys to track down scattered all over the map. The keys that give access to some of the best loot usually have to be found on other maps in the game. TerraGroup Labs access keycard: This keycard is probably the most important of all the lab keys. This key is required to access the map from the raid selection menu. This keycard can only be used once before another has to be found or purchased. In team play, every member of a squad needs to have this key to be able to enter the labs. You also need to gather three of these during a raid for the “Fishing place” questline given by Jaeger. This key can be found in Shturman’s stash and in the drawers on Shoreline and in The Lab itself. You can trade for the key with Mechanic at level three for six tubes of Poxeram Cold Welding and level four for two Physical Bitcoins. Therapist sells the key at Level four for 157,500 EFT roubles. It is also a possible loot item from every boss. It is possible to farm the key using scav bosses, particularly Shturman, as both the Scav boss and his nearby stash can spawn this item. If you are going to farm the key from Shturman, it is recommended to bring a small team to make it easier. Check our Woods guide for more information on the boss and his stash. Black keycard: This key unlocks the door to the G12 experimentation area on the first floor of the Lab. All of the possible spawn locations for this key are in the Lab. It can be found in the G22 laboratory block on the south end of the second floor sitting next to a computer. You will need the green keycard to enter the area. There are also two spawn locations in the large O11 room in the central area of the first floor. It can spawn on the large table of lab gear and on a computer desk across from the toxic waste spill covered by the orange dome. Green Keycard: This keycard unlocks the G22 laboratory block on the south end of the second level. The keycard can spawn on a shelf between two binders in the back hallway leading to the R23 arsenal on the north end of the second level. It can also spawn on the reception desk of the manager’s office in O21 on the second level, and a desk next to the quarantine zone G11 on the first level. Blue Keycard: This key unlocks the door to the quarantine zone G11 on the first floor. This key spawns on Reserve and Shoreline. On Shoreline, it can spawn in the West Wing in offices 104 and 112. It is located on a desk in 104 and on a low shelf next to a TV in 112. It can occasionally spawn in the passenger door of the ambulance in front of the resort on Shoreline. On Reserve, this key is dropped by the Scav boss Gluhar on his death. Red Keycard: This is one of the most sought after keys for the Lab because it unlocks the laboratory security arsenal in section R23 on the second level. The arsenal has a lot of loot, including weapons, ammo, and weapon mods. The Red Keycard is primarily found on Shoreline. It can be found in the East Wing of the resort in room 221 on a table with a laptop. In the West Wing, it is found in rooms 218, 203, and the basement. In the basement, the key can spawn in a gym locker that is missing the door. It is found on top of a water barrel in room 218 and on the floor in front of the nightstand near the balcony in room 203, It also has really low chance spawning on boss's Violet Keycard: This keycard unlocks the security post in R23 on the north side of the second level. This room can have weapons and weapon mods, as well as COFDMs and VPX storage modules. All of the spawn points for this key are on Woods in the lumber camp and the Scav checkpoint. The keycard can spawn in the trunk of the black SUV parked near the blue warehouse in the camp and on a table in the brick house just north of the camp. At the Scav checkpoint, the keycard can spawn inside the driver’s side door of the black SUV Yellow Keycard: This key is used to make extracting through the parking garage a bit easier. It unlocks the room needed to disable the parking garage alarm system. This key primarily spawns in the Lab in R24, O21, and O11. In R24 in the cafeteria on the second level, the key spawns on the center window table. In O21, on the second level, the key spawns on the table in the front area of the manager’s office overlooking the lab floor O11. Finally, it is also found in the central O11 section of the first level on one of the worktables. Arsenal Storage Room Key: This key unlocks the storage room door inside the R23 arsenal. This room can have some rare item spawns and weapon mods. The spawn locations for this key are on Customs in the three-story dorms, the new gas station, and the electrical substation. At the substation on the northeastern side of the map, the key can spawn on a chair in the shack. In the three-story dorms, it is found on a nightstand in room 215. Finally, it can spawn on the counter behind the cash registers in the new gas station. Manager Office Key: The Lk.MO key unlocks the doors leading to the manager’s office in O21 overlooking the O11 central lab area. The spawn locations for this key are all in the Lab in O13, O22, and the Y11 parking garage. In O13, the keycard is on a lit-up desk near the glass doors. In O22, the keycard is by the laptop in the conference room. Finally, in the parking garage, the key can be found on the passenger seat of an SUV with a weapon box in the back. Weapon Testing Area Key: The Lk.TA(w) key or Lab. Key. Testing area (wrap.) unlocks the door to the weapon testing area in the central lab area of the first level. This area has a couple of weapon boxes, and possible weapon spawns. The key can spawn in the Lab in the R15 gym, the entrance to R23, and room B21 above the server room. The R15 gym is on the east side of the first level. The key can spawn on a stool in the gym. In R23, the key can spawn on the bottom of the shelves to the left of the entrance. Finally, the key can also spawn on the kitchen counter in B21 on the south end of the second level. Escape from Tarkov The Lab Extract (Images are clickable for a tutorial on Youtube) The Cargo Elevator: This extraction point can’t be used until power is restored to the elevators. To turn on the power, take the southwestern stairs down to the basement. Once in the basement, turn right and head to the powerplant (G1). To the right of the powerplant’s southern entrance is a fenced-in area with a switchboard that has an interactable switch on it. Flip the switch then head back up to the second floor to press the elevator button. The elevator is located in the southwestern corner near the stairs to the basement. Medical Block Elevator: From the southwestern stairs in the basement, turn right and head down to the end of the hall past the powerplant. The elevator will be on the right wall standing open but needs to be powered first. To power, the elevator keeps going to the end of the hall. There will be a door on the left that will need to be breached to open. Against the back wall is a switchboard with an interactable switch. Flip the switch, an announcement will sound, and the elevator can be used for extraction. Alternatively, there is a hole in the floor of the server room (B12) on the floor above. Players can drop down through this hole to access the power switch instead of breaching but may take some damage. Hanger Gate: This extraction point is on the eastern side of the main floor. Inside the warehouse is an elevated platform with an office sitting on it. The office looks like a white storage container with blue Cyrillic letters and a red outline. Enter the office and look out the window. Directly across from the office is a garage door between two trucks, that is the exit. Interact with the panel with the microphone on the table. It will take a little while for the door to open, and it makes a lot of noise attracting everyone in the area. Just past the now open door are two rooms filled with Scavs waiting for anyone that tries to exit. The dark corridor past the Scavs is the extraction point. Main Elevator: The main elevator is in the northernmost part of the basement between a bunch of blue barrels and some tall red gas tanks. Directly across from the elevator doors is a room with a bunch of switchboards. Pass through the switch room and turn left. Go down the hall towards the boiler room. There is a set of stairs with a switchboard right next to them. Interact with the switchboard and the elevator will be available. Parking Gate: This is one of the quickest extraction points, but also the most dangerous. The parking garage is located on the first floor on the northwestern side. There is an office overlooking the garage. From the center of the garage face east towards the main part of the building. Head through the door on the left with the sign flashing “error” above it. Go up the stairs, and the office will be through the first door on the right. Walk up to the panel with the microphone on the desk. Interact with it and run like hell. A large door on the far west wall of the garage will start to open. It will make a lot of noise, and there will be an announcement attracting every Raider and player on the map. The alarm for this extraction point can be disabled using the Yellow keycard. From the office where the garage door is opened go down to the opposite end of the hallway. There should be some big screens taking up the wall and displaying scenery. Past the screens on the right-hand side is another office. This office is accessed using the Yellow keycard. Once inside there is a grated area with some loot and a desk with a computer. Interact with the computer to shut off the alarm. Even though the alarm is off Raiders can still spawn when the extraction point is activated. This will only work for the Parking Gate extraction, the alarm and announcements will still sound for all other extraction points. Sewage Conduit: The sewage conduit is in the basement. This is the safest extraction point but also the most time-consuming. The entrance to the sewers is in the middle of the eastern wall of the basement. The entrance is down the center hall past the vent room (O1) and will have blue stripes and a large 02 on the walls next to the door. Once through the door, turn right and follow the tunnel. There is an open area with a water conduit in the center. Go to the far right side of the room and activate the switchboard, then head to the opposite side of the room and interact with the control panel on the wall. The water level will begin to sink. This makes a lot of noise and takes a little over a minute to empty, so Raiders and some players may come down to investigate. This extraction point cannot be used with a backpack. This point is in the basement. Go down the stairs from the second floor to the basement. From the bottom of the stairs, go straight to the end of the hall, then turn right and go through the door. There will be a dark hallway with a grated door. The shaft is high on the wall to the left on the other side of the grated door. This extraction point can be used without triggering an announcement. Hope this Helps out
  4. Skidvicious182

    Tutorial rapid pentru incepatori

    Salutare! In cazul in care mai sunt si playeri care abia s-au apucat de joc, am facut un tutorial rapid despre joc pe care il gasiti pe canalul meu de youtube. Tot acolo gasesti toate link-urile catre website-urile pe care eu le folosesc si care te vor ajuta mult in acest joc. Sper sa ajute! Cheers! https://youtu.be/F2BzMeneJv8
  5. FLP

    Guia completo para Iniciantes

    Olá, se você é novo no jogo e está com dificuldades acredito que esse tutorial vai te ajudar muito. Seja bem vindo a Tarkov. Primeiros passos(Conhecendo o Território) Primeiramente eu recomendo que você entre no modo offline sem bots e teste todos os atalhos e comandos do jogo. Ainda no modo offline eu recomendo que você ande bastante pelo mapas, para conhecer o mapa em si e todas as áreas de extração e loot. Para você não perder muito tempo procurando as extrações vou deixar aqui o link com todos os mapas editados direto da wiki oficial. No modo offline você também consegue treinar com bots e até mesmo enfrentar os bosses. Use tal modo também para você se familiarizar com o sistema de cura, energia e hidratação do jogo. Não tenha vergonha ou preguiça de jogar no modo offline, tenho certeza que vai te ajudar muito na sua progressão dentro do jogo. Recomendo que antes de você entrar pela primeira vez com seu PMC, você entre de Scav. O modo Scav ele é basicamente para você pegar apenas loot. Atualmente não existem missões e você também não pode completar as missões do seu PMC usando seu Scav(mas pode conseguir alguns itens). No modo Scav você meio que assume o controle de um Scav em um horário randomino depois que uma raid é iniciada. Seu Gear também é randomico, podendo conter dentro dos seus bolsos itens valiosos como Chaves ou Cartões de acesso ao mapa Lab's. Para jogar de Scav você precisa selecionar o personagem da esquerda e depois escolher o mapa : De Scav você não precisa matar outros Scav's. Mas tenha cuidado, geralmente Scav player mata Scav player.(para perceber a diferença entre scav player e scav bot, você tem que estar atento aos movimentos, o local que aquele Scav está e se ele possui 2 armas. O gear também, se estiver muito diferente de um Scav). Lembrando que os Bosses, atacam scav player's. Ao Termino da sua raid como scav você precisa transferir o loot para o seu Stash : Não podemos esquecer que em alguns mapas o Scav, escapa em um lugar diferente do PMC, antes de entrar como Scav verifique o mapa na wiki. Começando sua jornada Depois que você conhecer o básico dos mapas e estiver com confiança o suficiente para matar os bot's(Scav's) e talvez algum PMC(Player) que aparecer pelo seu caminho você ira começar a jogar no modo online. Recomendo que comece por mapas mais simples como a Woods e Customs. Depois tente Interchange e Shoreline. Sempre que jogar de PMC não tenha como foco o apenas o loot, as vezes não vale arriscar o que você já possui podendo perder tudo. Lembre-se também que não adianta entrar em uma raid sem um bom gear, você vai acabar morrendo mais fácil ou por besteira. O ideal é você entrar com um Body Armor de tier 3 ou superior(evite usar Body Armor tier 5 e 6 no começo seu personagem vai andar muito devagar). Evite usar pistolas em mapas grandes, você de pistola na Woods por exemplo tem mais chance de morrer para um Scav e não conseguir mata-lo. Em busca do Sucesso O começo em Tarkov é difícil, muitas vezes você acaba morrendo por besteira. Sendo assim é difícil ter um bom gear sempre. O modo Scav é ótimo para você farmar certos itens no mapa dos quais você pode vender e conseguir um bom dinheiro. Com a chegada do Hideout(Esconderijo) muitos itens que antes eram insignificantes agora tem um bom valor no mercado. Você precisa chegar no level 5 para desbloquear o mercado da comunidade. Nele você pode vender e comprar itens de outros jogadores. Recomendo que você de uma olhada no mercado para saber o valor dos itens. Isso vai te ajudar muito na hora de "lootiar" seja de PMC ou Scav. Não esqueça de guardar alguns itens que você vai usar para quests. Falando em Quests, recomendo que você comece o quanto antes. As quests te dão: EXP, Dinheiro, Reputação com os vendedores e Desbloqueiam itens. Para dar inicio a suas quests você tem que ir nos vendedores e procurar a Aba "Tasks" Para a galera que tem a versão Standard as missões ajudam muito, pois vão te dar um Secure Container maior. A progressão dos vendedores é muito importante para sua própria economia. Quanto maior o Level do seu vendedor, mais itens ele vende para você. Sendo assim você compra direto com o vendedor e não no Mercado da Comunidade e paga um preço justo. EFT possui uma mecânica de skills: Cada skill aprimora o seu personagem e algumas skins são necessárias para dar upgrade no Hideout e para missões. Hideout(Esconderijo) O Hideout chegou no patch 0.12 e rapidamente se tornou muito importante. Nele você consegue produzir itens que você pode usar em raid's como munições, bebidas, alimentos e medicamentos. E alguns itens que vão te ajudar em algumas quests. No Hideout você consegue por exemplo minerar bitcoin, produzir as melhores munições do jogo, o melhor kit médico do jogo e faturar uma dinheiro com a Scav Box. Nesse link da Wiki, você consegue ver tudo é que necessário para deixar seu Hideout no nível máximo e tudo que você consegue produzir nele. A galera que tem a Versão Standard pode usar o Hideout para aumentar seu Stash. Pequenos Detalhes Bom, creio que muita gente pode pular essa parte. Mas aqui vou explicar algumas coisas que muita gente pergunta quando é novo no jogo. Quando você entra em uma Raid Online de PMC, caso você morra, irá perder tudo que está com você, menos oque está no seu Secure Container: Então dentro dele você pode carregar oque quiser sem medo. Não confunda o Tactical Rig com o Body Armor : Lembrando que não podemos equipar um Body Armor e um Tactical Rig que de proteção.(Exemplo o 6B5-15) Faça sempre Seguro(O seguro não funciona no mapa Lab's): O seguro é feito para caso alguém não pegue os seus itens, eles vão voltar para você : O item precisa ser resgatado se não é perdido. Não podemos esquecer que no EFT é muito comum um jogador novato ficar bravo por acertar vários tiros em um outro PMC e morrer com um ou dois tiros. No EFT as munições fazem muita diferença e não adianta atirar com uma munição ruim em um PMC full gear, principalmente se ele estiver usando um colete tier 5 ou 6. Diferente dos outros jogos no EFT o Body Armor é capaz de segurar o dano de um projetil 100%. O ideal é que você também de uma olhada na tabela de munições na WIKI. Se mesmo assim você ainda estiver com medo ou com dificuldades de escapar de Tarkov, você pode solicitar um Sherpa. Os Sherpas são jogadores mais experientes que ajudam novos jogadores no EFT. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa Ao solicitar um Sherpa você ganha um Gear e agenda uma Raid, nesse Raid o Sherpa ira te explicar muitas coisas como movimentação, tática de combate, como modificar as armas,etc... Pretendo atualizar sempre esse post adicionando informações. Por enquanto é só. Se tiver alguma duvida estou aqui para ajudar. FLP 👑
  6. Hello, if you are new to the game and are having difficulties I believe this tutorial will help you a lot. Welcome to Tarkov. First Steps(Knowing the Territory) First of all I recommend that you go offline without bots and test all shortcuts and commands in the game. Still in offline mode I recommend that you walk around the maps a lot, to know the map itself and all the extraction and loot areas. So you don't waste a lot of time looking for the extractions, I'll leave here the link with all the maps edited straight from the official wiki. In offline mode you can also train with bots and even face bosses. Use this mode to familiarize yourself with the game's healing, energy and hydration system. Don't be ashamed or lazy to play offline, I'm sure it will help you a lot in your progression within the game. I recommend that before you sign in with your PMC for the first time, you sign in from Scav. The Scav mode is basically for you to take only loot. There are currently no missions and you also cannot complete your PMC's missions using your Scav (but you can get some items). In Scav mode you kind of take control of a Scav at random time after a raid is started. Your Gear is also random, and can hold valuable items like Keys or Cards to access Lab's map in your pockets. To play Scav you need to select the character on the left and then choose the map: From Scav you don't have to kill other Scav's. But be careful, usually Scav player kills Scav player. (To understand the difference between scav player and scav bot, you have to be aware of the movements, where that Scav is and if he has 2 weapons. very different from a Scav). Remembering that Bosses attack scav player's. At the end of your raid as a scav you need to transfer the loot to your Stash: We must not forget that on some maps Scav, escape in a different place than PMC, before entering as Scav check the map on the wiki. Starting your journey Once you know the basics of the maps and are confident enough to kill the bot's (Scav's) and maybe some PMC (Player) that comes your way you will start playing in online mode. I recommend that you start with simpler maps like Woods and Customs. Then try Interchange and Shoreline. Whenever playing PMC does not focus on just loot, sometimes it is not worth risking what you already have and you can lose everything. Also remember that there is no point in entering a raid without good gear, you will end up dying easier or for bullshit. The ideal is to enter a Body Armor of tier 3 or higher (avoid using Body Armor tier 5 and 6 in the beginning, your character will walk very slowly). Avoid using pistols on large maps, you with a pistol in Woods, for example, are more likely to die to a Scav and fail to kill him. In search of success The start in Tarkov is difficult, you often end up dying of bullshit. So it is difficult to have good gear at all times. Scav mode is great for you to farm certain items on the map from which you can sell and get good money. With the arrival of Hideout (Hideout) many items that were insignificant now have a good value on the market. You need to reach level 5 to unlock the community market. There you can sell and buy items from other players. I recommend that you take a look at the market to know the value of the items. This will help you a lot when it comes to "looting" whether it's PMC or Scav. Don't forget to save some items that you will use for quests. Speaking of Quests, I recommend that you start as soon as possible. The quests give you: EXP, Money, Reputation with Dealers and Unlock items. To start your quests you have to go to the Dealers and look for the "Tasks" tab For the guys that have the Standard version, the missions help a lot, as they will give you a larger Secure Container. The progression of dealers is very important to their own economy. The higher your seller's Level, the more items he sells to you. So you buy directly with the seller and not in the Community Market and pay a fair price. EFT has a skill mechanic: Each skill enhances your character and some skins are required to upgrade Hideout and for missions. Hideout Hideout arrived at patch 0.12 and quickly became very important. There you can produce items that you can use in raids like ammunition, drinks, food and medicine. And some items that will help you in some quests. In Hideout you can for example mine bitcoin, produce the best ammunition in the game, the best medical kit in the game and make money with the Scav Box. In this Wiki link, you can see everything you need to keep your Hideout at the maximum level and everything you can produce on it. The guys that have the Standard Version can use Hideout to increase their Stash. Small details Well, I think a lot of people can skip that part. But here I will explain some things that a lot of people ask when they are new to the game. When you enter a PMC Online Raid, if you die, you will lose everything that is with you, except what is in your Secure Container: So inside it you can carry whatever you want without fear. Do not confuse the Tactical Rig with the Body Armor: Remembering that we cannot equip a Body Armor and a Tactical Rig for protection. (Example 6B5-15) Always make insure(But never for the map called LABS.): The insurance is made in case someone doesn't take your items, they will come back to you: The item needs to be redeemed or you will lose. We cannot forget that in EFT it is very common for a novice player to be angry for hitting several shots on another PMC and dying with one or two shots. In EFT ammunition makes a lot of difference and there is no point in shooting a bad ammunition in a PMC full gear, especially if he is wearing a tier 5 or 6 vest. Unlike the other games in EFT, Body Armor is capable of handling the damage of a projectile 100%. Ideally, you should also look at the ammunition table at WIKI. If you are still afraid or struggling to escape from Tarkov, you can request a Sherpa. Sherpas are more experienced players who help new players in EFT. https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/sherpa When requesting a Sherpa you get a Gear and schedule a Raid, in that Raid the Sherpa will explain many things to you about movement, combat tactics, how to modify weapons, etc ... I intend to always update this post by adding information. That's it for now. If you have any questions I am here to help. FLP 👑
  7. Bonjour à tous, je me permets de poster ici ma vidéo qui explique comment débloquer ses fps sur escape from tarkov ! J’espère que ça vous sera utile ! Cordialement, Youss.
  8. Krashed

    Jump Spots Series Guide

    Hi all, I recently started a YT channel in which I will upload video guides for the game. I'm making an effort to be as much to-the-point as possible and only show the good stuff. Full english commentary with a little joke here and there. The series I'm working on right now is called Jump Spots. In this series we'll go over all the best spots you can reach to give yourself the tactical edge, a big line of sight and be unpredictable for the enemy. So far I have covered the entirety of the Customs map, and recently uploaded the first part of the Interchange map, which will cover the outdoor area. I'm working on part 2 right now, which will take us indoors. More different future content on the way. Hope you find this interesting/helpful! Thank you!
  9. I think it would help if new players, lets say the ones that are under lvl 10 would get matched with players that are also under that lvl. I have had a couple of friends try to get into the game and they have been complaining about the fully geared squads that ruin their experience by either outplaying them or having more map knowledge etc. This makes it really rough for players that have just started playing and have few weapons or cash to spend. I think players should get those "close call" experiences fighting other newer players instead being mowed down constantly by high leveled squads until their stash is sucked dry by these hopeless missions. A lot of players that have just bought the game and are giving it a shot do not have someone holding their hand and guiding them through the early steps of the game. I would really love to see this or some other "tutorial" happen! I was lucky enough to participate in the closed alpha and have been amazed by the dedication of the BSG devs towards this game! Thank you for bringing us amazing updates, one after another!
  10. I've noticed since I just got the game I had no clue what i was really doing nor the key binding items such as ammo check or round in chamber ( neither of which work), Even though i read through all the tutorial pop ups which kind helped when it came to figuring out how to do a load-out and insure my items but when it came to the part that mattered such as combat environment i knew nothing about the mechanics or how the scroll wheel makes your paces slower so PLEASE MAKE A TUTORIAL VIDEO OR WALK THROUGH OF ALL MECHANICS AND KEY BINDINGS.- Thanks
  11. Hi all, for all the beginners out there, I created an overview which trader has which items for sale and, more important, which items you can trade for what at which level (yes, lots of which's and what's :)). Skier: Sells OP-SKS (can use 4x scope) already at level 2, sells bigger backpack at level 2, sells big backpack at level 3, sells Fort armor at level 4. Sells weapon case at level 4 (needs 10 slots, gives 50 slots in stash). Peacekeeper: Levels up only by revenue, no tasks/missions needed. Sells the M4A1 and MP5. At level 4: sells best helmet, Beta container and Grizzly First Aid Kit. Prapor: Sells 4x scope for OP-SKS at level 2, sells silencer for AKM at level 2. Trades AK-74N for tool sets at level 3. Silencers for all weapons except the M4A1. Therapist: Sells Car First Aid Kit at level 2. Sells Salewa first aid kit at level 3. Sells container at level 4. Fence: Currently you cannot level Fence up. Also he sells only stuff, that players sell to him, so no fixed loadout to post.
  12. Destava

    Game Guides/Tips

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting on the EFT forums. I just wanted to share some 'fan-made' content I've created over the past few weeks. I'll only be sharing some guides here, if you want some non-guide video's, check out my YouTube channel itself Be sure to give me some feedback!
  13. saltyleon

    M4 Modding Tutorial (Patch 0.6)

    Hey, vor ca. 4 Monaten habe ich ein Modding-Tutorial für die M4 erstellt. Seither hat sich "Escape from Tarkov" deutlich weiterentwickelt und es gibt zahlreiche neue Attachments, sodass es deutlich mehr Möglichkeiten und vor allem sich noch bessere Ergebnisse erzielen lassen. Daher gibt's heute eine aktualisierte Fassung meines Tutorials.
  14. Buona sera a tutti, ho comprato EFT giusto 10 giorni fa e mi sta piacendo molto, pero' sto avendo un po di problemi nel trovare loot di qualita'; per questo vi chiedo qualche consiglio su come iniziare veramente a giocare questo fantastico titolo. Ps. se qualcuno avesse voglia di giocare un po in duo o team mi contatti visto che mi piacerebbe molto cooperare con qualcuno ed imparare cose nuove !
  15. Questo thread nasce con lo scopo di raccogliere varie risorse presenti sul forum che possono tornare utili ai novizi del gioco. Raggruppate in un unico thread e suddivise per argomento saranno di più facile accesso. SETTAGGI DI GIOCO (impostazioni grafiche, controlli, ecc) Guida alle impostazioni grafiche: Graphic settings guide Lista dei controlli di gioco: Controls [Help] Lista dei controlli di gioco in italiano in formato PDF (download): link 1 - link 2 MAPPE & LOCATION (mappe, punti d'interesse, chiavi, ecc) Guida alla mappa FACTORY: Guide for Factory (Map with Exit) Guida alla mappa WOODS: Map of Woods (Optimised for Teams & GER) Guida alla mappa CUSTOMS: Guide for Custom (Map with Exit) Guida alle Chiavi ed alle Exit: Knowledge base about the keys and exits ARMI & GAMEPLAY (modding armi, statistiche per arma, ecc) Lista armi e relative modifiche: My knowledge base about the modifications of weapons Lista proiettili e relative statistiche: Link esterno a Gamepedia Foglio elettronico con statistiche degli utenti su danno ecc: Link al foglio elettronico - Link alla discussione Guida al riconoscimento del selettore di fuoco Auto/Colpo singolo: Guide - Auto / Single shot fire slector # Aggiornato alla Patch
  16. Klosteinmann

    Link to a control guide video?

    Hi I just got done with my first game as SCAF. And I'm still pretty newby to the controls and instead of looking them up in-game i wanted to know if someone could link me to a good guidance video on general controls inside of EfT.
  17. Hi all, I started to do some screens to easily compare the scopes and optics in EFT. Please let me know, if you find this useful (links lead to more screens, but I think this is enough to decide). or is this one more useful? http://www.bombrats.com/eft-scopes/
  18. dark47killer

    Factory Run Tutorial

    I know this video is not the best but I just wanted to make this video to a few friends of my that always said that. It's almost impossible to go from noting to guns doing factory runs. Hope you guys enjoy the video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8i4S7z3q6I&feature=youtu.be
  19. Bei so einfachen Sachen wie dem Nachladen seiner Waffe, kann in EFT so einiges schief gehen. Daher hier eine kleine Hilfestellung für Einsteiger. Ich hoffe, ihr findet es hilfreich.
  20. TrasherGER

    Ein paar Spielfragen

    Hallo Leute, besitze das Spiel seit gestern und muss sagen, dass es mich schon reizt. Hab nun allerdings ein paar Fragen zur generellen Spielmechanik, Antworten habe ich auf die schnelle nicht gefunden. - Macht es überhaupt einen Unterschied, ob ich BEAR oder USEC bin. Bin BEAR und werde regenmäßig von anderen BEARs gekillt. - Was bringt mir SCAV? Werden die Stats von meinem SCAV mit meinem Main-Char verknüpft oder sind es "zwei verschiedene Spielfiguren". Zumal ja der Stash der selbe ist. Durft zumindest die AK und die Pumpe von dem erfolgreichen SCAV Raid mit meinem Main-Char benutzen. - Gibts reine SCAV-Runden oder sind alle Raids gemischt mit BEAR, USEC, SCAV und NPCs? - Wenn ich einen Server joine, sehe ich davor da kurz eine Spielerliste. Sind das dann die aktuellen Spieler im Raid oder wozu kann ich da Gruppen erstellen? Hoffe die Fragen sind einigermaßen verständlich formuliert. Grüße
  21. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/escapefromtarkovint/discussions/0/2592234299554363063/
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