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Found 9 results

  1. As the title says once clicked on the "Add Offer" button, if the game can't determine which item is going to be sold, NO ITEM should be selected by default. I made the same post on reddit and i'm creating it here in order to attract devs attention. Feel free to chime in to voice your opinion but please be respectful of other's opinions and avoid being toxic. Tank you for the attention. Original reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lwveny/add_offer_window_should_not_auto_select_random/ Digest of Flea Market improvements suggested:
  2. skullavengr

    Quest item inventory

    Please add a window that shows your quest item inventory in the insurance or lobby screen so you can see if you're still holding on to a quest item from the previous raid. I'm sure many people have accidentally went on to another raid with quest items that they forgot to turn in and then proceed to die and lose it.
  3. NaturalBornToka

    Will UI scaling return?

    As gamers and game developers alike, we all recognise that immersion is everything. When you're immersed you lose track of time and become involved in what the game is presenting. A major factor in what makes or breaks immersion is how easy it is for the player to convert an idea into an in-game action - that is to say, how intuitive the game's User Experience (UX) is and how well designed its User Interface (UI) is. A game hurts itself by providing too little information or too much, requiring too many inputs, confusing the player with unhelpful prompts or making it hard for a new player
  4. Hello, there are 2 small things that should have a easy quick fix that kind bugs me: 1. Objective(s) label width needs a bit more space on player Tasks view in English 2. On the dog tag add a space between Killed by and the player name By the way would be great to be able to see the rewards of the quests on this player Tasks view as well. Thank you.
  5. I wanted to make a mega QoL/UI thread of things that could be improved usability Market 1) “Add offer” covers prices of items https://i.imgur.com/knwDgDE.png 2) When you “Filter by item” search for an item on the market, and then “add offer” you should attempt to sell the similar item in your inventory https://i.imgur.com/0gDOyiC.png 3) When sending a captcha to block bots, send it AFTER the purchase not before. Often an item will be purchased if you get the captcha. 4) I am not sure what the MIN. is when you “add offer” on an item but it never makes se
  6. Hey - people! First post here - I hope I am doing okay! When creating a new offer on the Fleamarket some Item is preselected for selling. This preselection sometimes leads to selling the incorrect item if the user is doing things very swiftly. [Including myself] Since those actions create fees and influence the Flea Market reputation I think it would be a simple improvement to not have any Item preselected for selling when creating an offer. I hope you people agree - I attached a poll to this topic to see if I am the only one. Anyway thank you!
  7. bigbob556677

    Chat Menu Exit Issue

    The exit button for the game is conveniently positioned like it is the exit button for the chat window. Is there a way to disable this button so that you don't accidentally exit your game when trying to close chat?
  8. Blackadder70

    Tooltips in the stash

    Hey Would it be possible to implement these QOL changes for tooltips in the stash? Reduce the time for the tooltip to show to about 0.5 seconds If an item has a tag then show that in the tooltip as well, specifically as you can't see tags for single-slot items in the slot (such as "Keytool [Customs]" or "Wallet [Dollars]"
  9. Вот решил попробовать поделать концепт приложения игры Escape from Tarkov 1-ый скрин запуск приложения с меняющимися страничками в данный момент предлагающий варианты изданий 2-ой скрин авторизация в систему... после нажатия на кнопку ВХОД на первой странице. Пока так, если интересно могу продолжить.... Может и разрабам будет интересно P.S Если темой ошибся, извините не нашел подходящей.
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