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Found 8 results

  1. WHAT IS MY ISSUE? * The wording of the disconnect from raid button being, straigh-up a lie * not being able to reconnect to a raid (secondary issue) WHAT DO I PROPOSE? * Rewording the caution, when disconnecting from a raid message to something like: "Do not attempt to disconnect from raid, unless you have absolutely no intention of reconnecting, disconnecting from the raid will instantly kill your PMC, and you will NOT be able to reconnect" * Allow players to disconnect without leaving a raid permanently, because seriously there could be heaps of good reasons to do so CONTEXT: So i just, had an issue on Reserve, where i experienced major lag spikes(Not connection) i used my task manager to find out, what resources were being abused to cause this, i see that the issue is memory and or cpu, normally this isent an issue when i play, since i use the cpu, refresh option-thingy. That being as it is, it was suddenly an issue, to the point, that whenever a player was coming near me, i would get crazy stuttering. I thought that i could fix it, by closing down tarkov, and reconnecting to the raid, since in my mind, it would most likely just be a memory leak issue. In order to do this i find a hiding spot where i wont be 360 no-scoped in the next couple of minutes. I then press ESC, and press the disconnect button, here i get another screen with the caution and the text "Please do not try to leave a raid by disconneting. Ending a raid prematurely will give you leave status. You may reconnect to the raid for a limited time". Reading this, very clearly seems to indicate to me, that if i try to fully disconnect from the raid, and not reconnect i get the leave penalty, since my goal isent to end the raid prematurely, but instead to close down, and reconnect, this wouldent affect me, i thought. However this is not the case, and infact, upon pressing "confirm leave" you will instantly die, and be unable to reconnect(it took me at most 1,5 minutes to have tarkov up again, after closing it down). So needless to say, i felt that i got tarkoved HARD by some strange mechanic, that seems to make me unable to reload the game? having perushed the forums, i can see that alot of people are struggeling, with performance issues, and in general reloading the game seems to alliviate this, why would this not be allowed? Disclaimer: some might ask if maybe my character was just killed while i was disconnected, however upon clicking the "confirm leave button" i imediatly heard my PMC do a death-scream, when i reloaded tarkov again, i could see my pmc had dmg on all limbs equally, and if i remember correctly nothing like fractures, injuries etc. Looking at other threads seem to also suggest that pressing the "confirm leave" just straight up kills the PMC also sidenote: *abit wierd, to penalize players for disconnecting, since atleast to my knowledge it cant be used as an advantage, only losing loot.
  2. tarklol

    Improve crafting menu

    Hi, I would like to suggest an improvement for the crafting menu. As it is currently kinda slow to display and scroll I think it would be nice to have the "current crafting item" placed at top of the window, so you can click on "get item" faster instead of searching it by scrolling down the whole menu. Also it would be great to still have the information of the number of items required even when the craft is in progress. Thank you for reading.
  3. Accidentally bumped the escape key and left my low level friend stranded & killed on customs. Escape key shouldn't even activate the leave game button in my opinion... especially when you are teaming with someone an "are you sure you want to leave" prompt is very essential
  4. I would like to see an easier way to stagger rounds in mags. Or at least a way to split a stack into individual rounds. I love to stagger my shotguns with buckshot and slugs. I dont do it as often as I like because its a pain in the ass to split stacks. Imagine right clicking a magazine. Then having the ability to 'Stagger Ammo'. A new window opens up with available ammo for the mag. Then being able to check 1,2,3+ different round and it automatically staggers them for you with just a few clicks. You could even have a few different options for ratios.. 2:1,3:1,4:1, 5:3:1 and so on. Like using BS and BT ammo. Every 3 rounds is a BT tracer or every 4. This would be an additional feature that would not mess with any game systems. I don't see this hurting anybody. A simple addition to the game. I also don't think this would be terribly hard to implement since it would be mainly a UI addition. And you guys seem really good when it comes to UI changes. This is just an idea I had in another post. What do you guys think?
  5. Hey - people! First post here - I hope I am doing okay! When creating a new offer on the Fleamarket some Item is preselected for selling. This preselection sometimes leads to selling the incorrect item if the user is doing things very swiftly. [Including myself] Since those actions create fees and influence the Flea Market reputation I think it would be a simple improvement to not have any Item preselected for selling when creating an offer. I hope you people agree - I attached a poll to this topic to see if I am the only one. Anyway thank you!
  6. Expostech

    Weapon Display Name Suggestion

    Make it so the names of weapons built from presets are displayed and saved as: "<Weapon Display Name> - <Weapon Preset Name>" e.g. "M4A1 - Budget Build". Make it so the preset name is prefixed by the weapon display name when a preset is saved. e.g. A preset built for an M4A1 saved as "Budget Build" would be displayed and saved as "M4A1 - Budget Build". P.S Would also be pretty awesome if we could see the name of other players presets in raid as well. Top: New Design. Bottom: Old Design.
  7. -Cooking nades. -Ability to toss nades underhanded instead of full force pitching. -Smoke grenades that aren't trash. (M18 or other variants) -Strobes on LED lights for disorientation (I read so many people claiming "but what about epilepsy!) I have a screenshot I will attach from the Epilepsy Foundation that says on 3% of seizures are due to photosensitive reactions...besides the flash from a full auo firearms muzzle (especially at night) produces a similar effect...so that argument is moot. I can say that having been on the receiving end of those (long story - police were arresting me) that they are very disturbing, and if I were in a position to try and shoot at the police, it would make it very difficult. -I'd like to see some older guns personally. I'm a huge fan of WW2 stuff. -Make the UI more intuitive when it comes to A) what is compatible with what... so I don't have to constantly check a wiki and B) Allow me to tag any container (vests) so I dont have to waste time searching for which vest has M4 Mags, Ak mags, etc.) Just some suggestions...
  8. Would you like a digital version of the handbook that implemented on last patch? This design can be used on a website or a phone app maybe. So you can get all the info about all in-game items and you can buy them or learn about them while you are away from the game. (items delivered via in-game messenger.) Please do not share it without giving credit. Thanks.
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